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The Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm has failed as it was destined to as Cultures justify and authorise terror the individual adherent 'Few' as individuals or in groups deliver it.

The 'Few' will increasingly keep coming to create mayhem as the culture is allowed to continue to flourish in the Public Square. The 'Few' are products of the cultural codex the codex changes or nothing changes..

Freedom of Religion has failed to deliver what its proponents promised inter-cultural harmony and security.

A new paradigm is required to provide protection for the vulnerable, inter-cultural-harmony, and security to Western Streets.

"No Victim is the Price of a Cultures Admittance to the Public Square."

Our behavior is driven by the models, and schema - cultural 'rational' model our culture imposes upon us - if anyone are determined as less and subject be they women, children or Other to the dictates of Man and his ethical constructs via religious or secular codex such a codex must not be allowed to enter the Public Square to inform as it must evil.

The source of ethical constructs which drive systemic behavior come from our codex playing with symptoms derived from such codex and not removing the codex constructs of women, children and Other which enable such evil to occur will change nothing.

Those citizens who put forward the view the impact of the Muslim 'few' is overblown now have nowhere to hide.

Is the loss of just a single child and the unfathomable grief it tragically brings to a mother, to a father, to a sister, to a brother, to a nation, worth 'managing' a cultures terror in our Public Square to enable terror to escalate rather than confronting it and holding to account the cultures 'many' responsible for the 'few' continually being derived from their families, communities, educational and religious institutions?

If such families, communities, educational and religious institutions were really adherents of a cultural codex of peace there would be no terror, no codex construct of Other able to form mental schema of hate, bigotry to be analogized into reality to chase down our children in school yards, to chase down our children in university dormitories to be mercilessly murdered.

Is the loss of just a single child worth having such a culture in our Public Square?

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other. The radicalisation that breeds terrorism is not conducted in the bush at night. It occurs in the full glare of day in homes, in madrasas and in mosques with rogue imams. We must ask the question — where are the parents and families ( communities, education and religious institutions) of those who are being radicalized?" said Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president "Our task of countering terrorism has been made all the more difficult by the fact that the planners and financiers of this brutality are deeply embedded in our communities,"

"A Garissa-based official said the government was aware Abdullahi, a former University of Nairobi law student, had joined the militant group al Shabaab after graduating in 2013."
Kenya says son of a government official was among gunmen in Garissa attack 
by EDITH HONAN GARISSA, Kenya — Reuters Published Sunday, Apr. 05 2015

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." - Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing.

Have I sinned? What is a Genocide Construct of Other and Why it is formed?

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