IF IT DOESN'T ADD UP SPEAK UP: The Threat to the Security of Australia are the very citizens given the task to formulate and implement security policy based upon a lie Muslims in general are not a threat to humanity inclusive of Muslims themselves

Children at a summer camp in Erdogan's Turkey: "Death to Jews".

"We now live in an age in which attempts to separate “nature” from “nurture” or “biology” from “culture” are long discredited. Countless experimental studies show how genes take cues from environments, how learning relies on gene expression, and how all development is a dynamic interplay between internal and external factors."
Foreword: On Culture and Biology, Kevin N. Laland, St Andrews, UK, September 2016

"The perception of bodily states in others can activate similar bodily states in the self, and this is taken as evidence that our representations of our own bodies and those of others can partially overlap. These shared body representations are thought to form the fundamental basis of empathy and our understanding of others’ emotions and actions."
Changing bodies changes minds: owning another body affects social cognition, Lara Maister, Mel Slater, Maria V.Sanchez-Vives, Manos Tsakiris, Tr…