Sydney council to cancel Australia Day celebrations -The same logic would have the US cancel the 4th of July, Independence Day. I ask Australian Aborigines to reflect on their own sacred myths, and accept the truth about themselves before they go rubbing fellow Australians sacred myths in their face.

“...the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions" IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America
For the US war of 'Independence' was a war in major part to decide who would control the resources-land, Indian land.
Some Indians thought the English King was the lesser of two evils as the King wanted to restrict access to Indian lands-at that time.
The Patriots massacred Indians simply because they were Indians, a case in point Indians converted to Christianity who had lost their previous homeland and wanted to stay neutral, after the first Patriots savage massacre of course no longer neutral these particular Indian’s teamed up with the British the Patriots were in turn savaged.
Indians did not achieve Independence on the 4th of July, in fact, the reverse, the Indians as the African slaves did not obtain Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, nor the right to pu…

Terror-genocide is 'an other form of protest' utilised by Muslims in Australian streets so it’s OK? Australian Labor is either for 'peaceful protest' or the utilisation of violence for conflict resolution in a Democracy. Democracy the invention which seeks to remove violence from the social/political process. Australian Labor is either for Democracy or violence as a decider, clearly Australian Labor are sending a dangerously equivocal message of violence as a valid method.

"Labor legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus said Mr Morrison was trying to "distract attention" from the government's failures on energy and climate change.

"Labor strongly supports the right of people in a democracy to take part in peaceful demonstrations and other forms of protest, and we will treat any proposal to limit the rights of Australians to engage in those activities very sceptically," he said."
Morrison's boycott plan sparks free-speech furore, SMH, By David Crowe, November 2, 2019

So what happens:

"The broadcaster has received complaints about the program, which included a comment by Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy, who appeared to suggest killing rapists might be needed to prevent rape.

“How many rapists must we kill until men stop raping us?” she said on the program.

When asked to answer accusations she was “promoting violence” Eltahawy told host Fran Kelly: “I’m saying violence has been owned by the state, given by t…

'ISIS are no friend of Muslims' Susan Carland - Muslims are not only friends with ISIS, Muslims are ISIS only group members, being a Muslim is a necessary qualification for being in ISIS.

'ISIS are no friend of Muslims' Susan Carland

Muslims are not only friends with ISIS, Muslims are ISIS only group members, being a Muslim is a necessary qualification for being in ISIS.

Susan Carland's claim is the same logic as saying the 'Nazis SS are no friend of Nazis' when all the members of the Nazis SS have to be Nazis.

ISIS are all Muslims walking straight from Susan Carland’s Muslim development floors into every altruistic Muslim terrorist group committing terror-genocide past and present.

Muslims in ISIS are brought up within the same 'good' Muslim families, communities and institutions Susan Careland is networked within.

Susan Careland has been socialised, as all Muslims are, to know the Muslim scripts and roles justifying and authorising Muslim altruists taking up terrorist-genocide roles against Other.

As research determines most adherents of Culture Ideologies choose not to take up these altruistic roles because of the obvious cost, and the c…