Dear Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin cc Dr Kerryn Phelps

Dear Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin cc Dr Kerryn Phelps

"The use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children espoused. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford 2016
"Pathological altruism is found in any pattern of altruistic behavior that results in severe harm to oneself or others. However, the pathological altruists thinking is also irrational and distorted. That is to say, his or her thinking appears to be characterised by a suspension of logic and reason and respect to the outcomes of their actions.
Pathological altruism victimizes the altruists themselves, as well as those in their path."
Pathological Altruism, Oxford University Press, 2012

Do you believe the Nazi elite, be they the 'good' 'moderate' or o…

Jewish Holocaust Centre - Dangerously Slow Learners of what a Biology/Culture Ideology Terror-Genocide Construct is and its inexorable connection to what lays broken and bloody in their very own streets.

"If horses had gods, their gods would look like horses." Xenophanes of Colophon (sixth century BCE)

“The Jewish Holocaust Centre is one the institutions taking part in this important initiative – holding workshops to train people to react effectively, yet safely when they witness antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks.”
Jewish-Muslim initiative tackles racism, Jewish News, December 19, 2018

Clearly violence as a conflict resolution method is wrong but Islamophobic? Phobia against a Muslim terror-genocide construct seriously? Alas it is inevitable as the elite refuses to stop terror-genocide walking from Muslim floors Other will react in kind as it always has against Muslim developing terror-genocide. How many more victims will convince you Norman Hillson-Jewish Holocaust Centre, do you want added to the pile how many more Australian babies run down and thrown into the air to their deaths do you require Norman Hillson-Jewish Holocaust Centre? There is real rational fear driving …

Allies Denounce Nazi Plan to “Exterminate” the Jews, December 17th, 1942, History Unfolded- "broken-down officers were concerned." 1920s History Unfolding "New details of Melbourne terror attacker’s troubled life emerge" 2018

Allies Denounce Nazi Plan to “Exterminate” the Jews, December 17th, 1942, History Unfolded, US Newspapers and the Holocaust.

We must continue to be alert to existence of Biology/Culture Ideologies, be they secular or religious, building terror-genocide momentum, and never excuse the 'good' the 'moderate' from whose development codex exemplar-template process systemic terror walks, for without the 'good' the 'moderate' families, communities and institutions, for which we initially falsely determine as better than the systemic 'extreme', "Things could be worse if it were not for the 'good' and the 'moderate'."  they assure us, and we become dangerously assured - What will always happen, and worse what is already happening?

Lest we forget our fallibility and false belief based on the 'good' and the 'moderate' assurance of a Culture Ideology with a terror-genocide construct of Other inherent in their codex ex…