Of course such a view [...] could not possibly apply to such an advanced race of beings as ourselves.

"The Taliban takeover was supposed to bring an end to war, the new government promised. But a growing insurgency is upending security and raising alarms for the international community." ISIS Poses a Growing Threat to New Taliban Government in Afghanistan , NYT, By Victor J. Blue, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Christina Goldbaum, Nov. 3, 2021 Power structures are created based upon biology/culture ideology templates developed by humans, being social animals, to obtain resource advantage inclusive of generating the next generation. Their power is energised by specific belief systems which may appear irrational from another biology/culture ideology social grouping, yet these beliefs however dangerous to themselves and Other are held as truth or a truth it is dangerous not to present as your own without the protection of Other foolish enough to believe the good of such a rational system are not the creators of the evil from an Other perspective in their midst. Each biology/culture

Hi Rob

Hi Rob Great talking to you regards Hitlers Mein Kampf, it is important to try and understand the driving political forces in our societies religious and secular. Although some claim religion is not political the reality is all behaviour has political connotations. I went to university to try and understand how we come to believe what we believe to be truth and once engrained neigh impossible to change our worldview despite the evidence before us. Fascinating if not disturbing journey continues for me as each day as I find out how our behavior in many ways are dictated by influence of our own local-micro, global-macro biology/culture ideology imbued ethics-morals, scripts, roles and categorisations. Due to imbued common understanding of how, why and when we should act within/with a variance of ideologies in our own behavioural biology/culture variance clusters and react to Other biology/culture ideologies. My perspective is we assume roles already assigned to us in a process whic

China: Rule of Law Free Zone-China frees 2 jailed Canadians after the U.S. agrees to release a Huawei executive.

  China: Rule of Law Free Zone China frees 2 jailed Canadians after the U.S. agrees to release a Huawei executive. , The New York Times, Ian Austen, Sept. 24, 2021 Citizens from Democracies particularly from the US, Australia, India, Japan,. any Nation State or person who have determined China a threat or denounced their tyranny must not travel to China as they very well could become a Chinese hostage.

"La tolérance atteindra un tel niveau qu'on interdira aux personnes intelligentes de penser pour ne pas offenser les imbéciles." (Dostoïevski)

  "La tolérance a atteint un tel niveau qu'il est interdit aux personnes intelligentes de penser afin de ne pas offenser les offensivement dangereux, ainsi que les imbéciles qui ont déterminé une telle pensée raciste-blasphème." Smith 2021 — RationalFearOfTerror (@FearOkEvilNotOk) September 16, 2021 "Transport Secretary and rising Democrat star Pete Buttigieg returned from two months’ paternity leave in October amid a crippling shipping crisis at US ports to wax lyrical on the racism embedded in American roads." Joe Biden’s Democrats most wealthy and woke in history , The Australian, ADAM CREIGHTON, NOVEMBER 15, 2021 Bias and prejudice based upon invalid assumptions rather than reality is harmful to societal harmony and security and must be confronted with immediacy and deviance paradigms. But groups development processes are the informers of  negative outcomes and the locus of control remains with the group itself informing these nega

"But now we face an enemy that is stronger, better armed and embolden" due in no small part to you David Kilcullen

September 11: Back to square one 20 years after , The Australian, DAVID KILCULLEN, 2:25PM SEPTEMBER 11, 2021  "But now we face an enemy that is stronger, better armed and embolden" due in no small part to you David Kilcullen.  "..the Ammam Message initiative of King Abdullah II of Jordan is an extremely important step, bringing together religious and political leaders from across the Islamic world to condemn AQ's heretical takfiri ideology. .. they are much more powerful and credible than Western initiatives.." 'The Accidental Guerrilla' - David Kilcullen, 2009  "petite young officer wearing a hijab on the front line went viral last year, with senior colleagues calling her inspirational-an exemplar of multiculturalism-Words are Dangerous-the ugly face of Western Democracy delusion. "A Muslim police officer hailed as a role model for bravely confronting anti-lockdown protesters was facing an urgent investigation last night after it was revealed

Dear Peter Dutton, General Angus Campbell:Australian defence force chief surprised/‘Everybody got it wrong’ on Taliban strategy, says UK defence chief/New Zealand police shoot dead 'extremist' ... in Auckland/Insider killings continue-to surprise, where ‘Everybody got it wrong’- What does it take?

  Dear Peter Dutton, General Angus Campbell The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other. © Maryam EL HAMOUCHI  Map showing zones of influence by armed groups in the Sahel. A Islam-Muslim Biology/Culture Ideology Behavioral Variance in Action ALL sourced from the same moral codex This is a visual depiction of the danger Muslims hold for humanity it is their inherent behavoral variance as a group not their individual behavoral variance which must be the basis for policy. “Tribune. While the United States is preparing to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, in France, the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 begins. "War" in the respective collective memories. While in September 2001, neither the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac, nor the Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, had used this term to designate the fight against terrorism, in 2015, semantic caution did not survive to tragedy. The "war&quo

"ISIS-K: Biding its time, the ISIS offshoot that thinks the Taliban is too soft" - Too soft you say? Not Extreme enough you say? Afghanistan just wasn’t worth it you say? Clearly the philosophy-policy paradigm dealing with Muslim behavior is dangerously flawed.

  "Deeply saddened by the deaths of US military personnel and Afghans in the horrific terrorist attacks in Kabul. We mourn your tragic loss.  Australia condemns these heinous and barbaric attacks. ...." Twitter, Scott Morrison, 27-8-2021 Time for new adjectives for Muslim terror against themselves and Other. Clearly Obama's 2016 "violent, radical, fanatical, nihilistic" has become conservative along with the Taliban once so described. ISIS-K: Biding its time, the ISIS offshoot that thinks the Taliban is too soft , The Australian,  CATHERINE PHILP, AUGUST 26, 2021 "ISIS-K, a vowed enemy of the Taliban – believing its adherence to sharia law is not extreme enough – has also claimed responsibility for other attacks in the Afghan capital including rocket attacks and bombings targeting the Kabul university, prisons and hospitals." Who is ISIS-K, the group behind the Kabul terror attack? , The Australian, JACQUELIN MAGNAY EUROPE CORRESPONDENT, 28-8-2021 Too