The Australian Election is a choice between an increasing utilisation of the Islam Islamist dichotomy blasphemy paradigm as a weapon to silence and punish or Abraham Lincoln's vision of what a real Democracy represents.

“..I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion." Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, Terror alert: Australia’s top spy chief warns rift with Muslims could weaken national security December 13, 2015 Samantha Maiden, National Political Editor, The Sunday Telegraph

“From reports by eyewitnesses, it appears that their target was the 34-year-old Burkinabe priest, Father Simeon Yampa, in charge of interreligious dialogue in his diocese. When he tried to escape, the terrorists chased and killed him. Returning to the church, they forced the faithful to lie on the ground, picked out five of them and shot them. Dablo mayor Ousmane Zongo told Reuters the attackers then burned the church, looted a pharmacy and some other stores, and left.”
Priest was target of Burkina Faso attack, Aleteia, Peter Hermes Furian | Shutterstock, May 13, 2019
Liberal hopeful sacked for anti-Islam rant, Daniel McCulloch, The Young Witness, AAP, May 1st 2019

Jessica Whe…

Why those determining Muslims are a Danger to humanity are neither far-right far-left or even between, it is because being against biology/culture ideologies delivering terror-genocide be they religious or secular based does not require any superficial label.

If we Australians wish to have the best chance for a secure and flourishing lives for our children and ourselves, firstly is there enough evidence to determine Muslims are a threat  not only to humanity in general, but also themselves, if so is it dangerously stupid to enable more to cross our borders and secondly is it also dangerously stupid to enable the very Muslim codex and template development process to continue to inform the same terror and schism Muslims always have elsewhere in time and space to be enabled to continue to do so in our Australian space?
The refugees ... will not be accepted into Turkey because previous experiences have shown that with such migrant waves, the entrance of radicals and terrorists into Turkey have been too much," the security official said. "We will keep the refugees in Syria for the safety of both Turkey and European countries."
Turkey reinforces military in Syria's Idlib after ceasefire call fails, September 12, 2018, By Reuters

Waleed, Sonny Bill Williams, ... You are no different than a Nazi adherant standing outside the gas chambers denying culpability. 

The image above is a prime example of the absurdity of utilizing race as a variable in any discussion for it can be stretched to include any number of internally disparate numbers of Biology/Culture Ideologies which informs the true inherent threat of groups of peoples rather than hiding them behind an unrelated constructed absurdity.

SMH comment:

The Sri Lankan attacks are uniquely senseless, Waleed Aly, April 25, 2019

"Sonny Bill Williams has fired back at Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, in the wake of anti-immigration comments made by the Australian politician on Twitter."
Waleed, Sonny Bill Williams, ...  busily working at reducing their cognitive dissonance, having to face once again their adherance to a codex and development process always in time and space=terror-genocide.

Of course it makes sense if you pick up the Qur'an from it's very first pages seeks to condemn non-Muslims and particularly Muslims determined as pretenders and as anyone who has …