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How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

“There are no safeguards provided by nature against employment of thoroughly inappropriate concepts by communities who are self-harming, apparently wilfully, but actually without realising it.”
The Future of Strategy, Colin S. Grey, 2015

Allowing terror free reign as the Western political/social elites are, as well as at the same time enabling the very culture delivering terror-genocide to cross in their millions over Western societal borders means the cultural method terror will work slowly then gathering pace to determine previously normative beliefs-behaviors-process to be subverted to a cultures aggression and the acquiescence of failed cultural gatekeepers to protect their citizens.

391 AD
"The result of this attack on the Serupium and museion was that classical Alexandria was essentially destroyed and Christian Alexandria emerged. Scholars and popular writers have viewed this destruction as a turning point, and there is a good reason to do so, the pagans that witnessed it, witn…