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Cute. Truth becoming less important by the minute. 'Make Christmas great again': Hobart's Anglican Dean parodies Trump in anti-pokies message

'Make Christmas great again': Hobart's Anglican Dean parodies Trump in anti-pokies message, ABC, Rhiannon Shine, 25-12-2017
Cute. Truth becoming less important by the minute.
Trumps delivery leaves a lot to be desired but the 'Truth' is in terms of the threat facing Western civilisation as we argue as to who owns the better moral rationale system Western Civilisation is being systematically taken apart and as with the Roman/Greek Platonists convinced of their rightness and clear civilising moral framework which surely must prevail are left in the dust of history.
I suggest the Hobart's Anglican Dean actually climbs down from his pulpit into the real world and confronts the precarious nature of his present capacity to make fun, which ironically is why Trump was able to be elected in the first place to preserve the opportunity to do so. The fact is if your ideological labyrinth fails to determine other cultures could care less for your worldview despite the many ‘mo…

Melbourne Australia=State Failure=Compromised Public Peace=State loss of Legitimacy: The Culture? The Biology? The Priming? The Mimicry? The Long-term Socializing effects? The Observational Learning of Cognitions Supporting Aggression? The Aggressive Scripts? The Beliefs? The Hostile World Schemas? The Culpability? The Policy? The Complicity?

"When the work is done, Everyone says We just acted naturally" Tao Te Ching

True Facts are important and it therefore follows we must not let our social imagination frame fantasy which seeks to propose a lie as truth, that the culture-ideology family, community, institutions conception to death biological/cultural development process from which one originates has nothing or little significant connection to one’s behavior. Policy based upon a lie rarely leads to positive outcomes as the increasing number of dead bodies in our streets attest.
“Severe violent behavior is almost always the product of transactions between predisposing individual differences (dispositional or socialized) and precipitating situational influences (see, e.g., Anderson & Huesmann, 2003; Guerra & Huesmann, 2004; Huesmann, 1998). Exposure to violence is one important experience that contributes to predisposing a person to behave more violently in the long run and to precipitating violent behavior …

Australian Defence Force: “There are no safeguards provided by nature against employment of thoroughly inappropriate concepts by communities who are self-harming, apparently wilfully, but actually without realising it.”

So what values are you ADF sending our soldiers to die for, when they join in a Muslim civil war, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Democracy, Freedom? How is one side in the beginning, middle and end any different than the other in effect?

"The official who spoke on Saturday said one of the three students who attended the dinner party hosted by the attacker recorded video outside the classroom building while the shooting was taking place. Two other Saudi students watched from a car, the official said.

Ten Saudi students were being held on the base while several others were unaccounted for, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity after being briefed by federal authorities."
Florida naval base shooter showed mass killing videos at dinner party, ABC, 8-12-2019

''Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.'' Erdogan, December 2003; Hegemony of Islamic/Muslim Culture; Legitimate Religious control of violence "The mosques …