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"Kuhn’s View of Scientific Theories" meets David Kilcullen's...Malcolm Turnbull's Paradigm of Certainty "Our best allies are Muslim leaders.'’..."It is only the few."

"We must not be fooled by its (Islamic State-IS) hype. Its ideology is archaic, its use of the internet is very modern. ISIL (IS) has many more smartphones than guns, more twitter accounts than fighters." Malcolm Turnbull, 2015

Firstly Islamic State members are Muslims who have invariably walked from innocent, peaceful, law abiding, moderate Muslim cultures codex(text and exemplar ( messianic) template) and birth to death development process, are altruistic enforcers/punishers/aligners - sociopaths from an Other cultures perspective if this Other culture intends to survive-which the Muslim culture has always created to maintain internal discipline and subjugate Other.

Clearly the statement by Malcolm Turnbull above determines him a dangerous fool for it proves he does not understand cultures do not care if you think their ideological constructs are 'archaic' or 'modern' they simply are as they are, any cultural entity seeking to progress to the next generation …

What was the most important insight I had regards Laura Berman’s ‘Real Sex For Real Women: Intimacy, Pleasure and Sexual Well-being’ (2008).

As I journeyed through Laura Berman’s text, imbued with a hope for enlightenment on the fraught complexities and promise of female-male sexuality, I traversed familiar territory of hurt feelings, trepidation, fear, mistake, regret, guilt, rejection, pressure, acceptance, forbearance, shame, opportunity, joy, excitement, and hope. For contained within were examples of the commonality of faltering human experience, down to the disconcertingly familiar fine detail driven by our inherent human natures, desires and needs, combined with what appears, at first reading, the knowledge with prescriptive do’s and don’ts for couples to able to navigate successfully to sexual fulfilment. This book provides a compass pointing the way to the knowledge of and delightful appreciation of self, body and mind as well as that of the partner. It also shows that communication is the wind in the sails.

Laura Berman’s contribution to the realm of human sexual happiness is to seek to broaden the boundaries, to…

"It does not mean the destruction of the Muslim people, but it does mean the destruction of the Muslim philosophies which are based on conquest and the subjugation of other people.”

London feels 'surprisingly normal' in aftermath of terror attack - France 24

"Terrorism networks are resilient and will persist" A Strategy for Australian National Security, 2013

'Do not be alarmed.' Sadiq Khan mayor of London

Simply a Muslim cultures terror-genocide having been normalised as an inherent part of Western Democracies day to day activities.

Now for the inevitable counter-terror such a policy of 'normalisation' brings with it.

London mosque attack: Suspected terrorist revealed as 47-year-old dad Darren Osborne Staff writers and wires, News Corp Australia Network, June 20, 2017

German anti-terror police uncover hidden paramilitary training camps for far-right extremists, Independent, Lizzie Dearden, 20,6,2017

The Damascus, Lebanon, Egypt,.... fortressing and enclaving continues.

Therewas a time when a culture delivering terror into Western streets was determined as completely unacceptable.

“Although religious hostilities affect countries througho…

London Bridge will continue to Fall. Strategy to control the internet to stop Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide against Other will fail as the prejudice, motivation = Muslim terror-genocide occurs before the internet is accessed and reinforced by Muslim non-internet development rituals

London Bridge will continue to Fall.

Strategy to control the internet to stop Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide against Other will fail, possibly slow terror in the streets initially but as the Islamic/Muslim culture adapts terror will again increase in intensity. Why?

May’s social psychologist advisors must know the following, and therefore nothing will change, except the Islamic/Muslim culture will adapt. Determining the internet is to blame is a logic which determines the internet existed in the 7th century-19th century. As prejudice has been found to be developed at approx. five years of age (yes five years of age) where it peaks (do not give a five year old a kalashnikoff) and only marginally declines then stays relatively stable neigh impossible to change underwriting behaviour regards Other throughout a lifetime, controlling the internet when all a Muslim has to do is pick up a paper copy of the Quran with its justification and authority to inform terror-genocide against Other and t…

London Bridge is Falling Down: 'I'd rather associate with the large number of delightful Muslims'. Even though as with any 'delightful' adherents of a ideology secular or religious the 'delightful' will, not may, deliver terror-genocide to your societies?

London attack: Seven killed in vehicle and stabbing incidents, BBC, 4 June 2017

The root cause is not the USA nor Britain nor ... for one has to explain why Muslim terror-genocide against Other cultures occurred over time in just one space Alexandria Egypt, let alone all the others where the Islamic/Muslim delightful, moderate, peaceful and law abiding culture has taken up residence where there has been a significant diminution of Other cultures, where subsequent to the Muslim arrival in that great city Alexandria the Jews where informed convert, be exiled or be killed. Did the US exist then? No it did not. The cause of any cultures terror-genocide against Other cultures is their inherent construct of Other which can be found quite easily in their codex = behavior otherwise there would be no, I repeat no terror against Other.

Time to be honest with ourselves and with other citizens the construct of Other inherent in the delightful moderate, peaceful and law abiding culture Islamic/Musli…