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To whom it may concern: Time for a Royal Commission to determine if it is possible for the Islamic/Muslim culture to ‘reconcile itself with modernity' so as to prevent terror-genocide against Other cultures

To whom it may concern: Time for a Royal Commission
Disturbed - "The Sound Of Silence" Conan O'Brien 3/28/2016

"The case carries monumental importance for Indonesia, and sends a worrisome signal about the political and social trajectory of Australia's most significant neighbour."
Indonesia tested by the raging mob, The Age, DECEMBER 17 2016

I am here to disturb the silence to share the voices that no one dares to share not of right-wing fanatics, an inevitable reactionary symptom of the current political/sociological paradigm utilised to achieve the impossible of having cultures with significantly different political/social ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology exist in the same societal space despite clear historical and current evidence to the contrary, but of the voices of millions upon millions of ordinary us, the professionals even in our psychology fraternity who know the truth but dare not speak it for fear of what we can all see happen…