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'our democratic scheme is at stake Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Prime Minister of Denmark), Duncan Lewis (Director General of ASIO),..' - Imagine for Yourself the Images a Society Has Informed or Will Inform when a Society Accepts Blasphemy as a Normative Paradigm Within its Midst.

"..I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion." Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis
Terror alert: Australia’s top spy chief warns rift with Muslims could weaken national security December 13, 2015 Samantha Maiden,National Political Editor, The Sunday Telegraph

“Power assertion/authoritarian parenting refers to the use of physical punishment for the exercise of material power over the child (e.g. threatening loss of privileges) ……..Numerous studies indicate that the frequent use of power assertion is associated with increased aggression by children whereas the frequent use of induction is associated with internalisation of self-guiding moral principles and display of altruistic (good) behaviour (see the reviews by Brody and Schaefer, 1982; my copy and Martin, 1983). Sigel, I. E., McGillicuddy-DeLisi, A. V., & Goodnow, J. J. (2014). Parental belief systems: The psychological consequences for children: Psychology Press.

BHA (British …

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." - That we have morons running our security policy making process.

The structure of online social networks mirrors those in the offline world, R.I.M. Dunbara, Valerio Arnaboldia, Marco Contib, Andrea Passarellab, 2015

You attempt to change-prevent cultural derived behavior by restricting online networks what still remains to continue to inform the same?

We are all faced each day with terror in our streets and when I say our I mean humanities.
It is not a new phenomenon and I assume stems from radicalism - "political orientation of those favoring revolutionary change". My perception is radicalism under a Democratic system does not necessarily need to lead to the utilisation of violence as a methodology for achieving change unless the very construct of Democracy is the significant value difference.

"The West can no longer afford to play the compassionate democrat when it faces an enemy which respects no ethical rulebook whatsoever."
Comment: Western kindness is killing democracy JP, By RICHARD KEMP, ARI HAROW 11/23/2015

Colonel Richard…

No culture has a right to visit terror-genocide against another culture in the same space - be it perpetrated by the 'few' sourced from the 'many' or the 'few' in time as elsewhere becoming the 'many'.

No culture has a right to visit terror-genocide against another culture - be it perpetrated by the 'few' sourced from the 'many' or the 'few' in time as elsewhere becoming the 'many'.

"He said it was obvious Abdeslam was part of a bigger network."
Paris terror attacks: Fugitive likely getting help from others, says Belgium NOVEMBER 27, 2015

How quickly the 'few' turn into the 'many' when allowed the space to flourish. When will it become clear there can be no 'few' without the 'many' and the 'few' are of the 'many' as they always have been and have to be otherwise they would never exist.

"We have to grow with the threat, and we have to do it in a confident manner,” Professor Siracusa said.
Two Sydney schools in lockdown as police unions call for support against extremists SBS 20 OCT 2015

"We (the Australian people) have to grow with the threat (Muslim cultural derived terror)"…