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"Muslims Hate Terrorism" "Islam is a Religion of Peace" Your claims of assumed innocence need to be challenged. The Islam Islamist Dichotomy Paradigm the Ignoble lie

Your claims of assumed innocence need to be challenged.

"The existence of the Jewish colony in China was discovered by the Jesuit Fathers in the seventeenth century, if not earlier; Kaifung, some four hundred and fifty-miles south-west of Peking, being the headquarters of the colony. When Martin visited the place in 1866, he found the synagogue, supposed to be built in 1164, in ruins; the Jews had dispersed, some having become Mohammedans, and not one being able to speak a word of Hebrew. In 1850 certain Hebraic rolls were recovered from the few remaining descendants of former Jews,.." China in Transformation, A. R. Colquhoun, 1898
"Haroun, 63, is the youngest of the six women remaining in a community that once numbered 75,000 when the first Arab-Israeli war broke out in 1948." In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue, Religion News Service, By Jacob Wirtschafter, July 27, 2017
“. children are sharp eyed, lacking in empathy, and willing…

You Learn from History or you’re Buried in it.

“The lessons here are:
…. (c) That peace cannot be brought by appeasement; that it is far better in the long run to challenge at an early stage rather than allow an aggressor to go on from strength to strength until the inevitable war begins with the defender at a dangerous disadvantage.…

If you make the deductions from your intelligence reports fit your preconceived notions about what the enemy is or ought to be doing, you are almost bound to be surprised.” MIDDLE EAST 1939-43, DIRECTORATE OF MILITARY TRAINING, Military Board Army Headquarters, Melbourne, 31/8/1959
Being surprised by your own assumptions is too late

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie has commended the courage of Uighurs in Australia - with family and friends facing ‘systematic persecution’ in China’s Xinjiang province., ABC, BY TOM STAYNER, 24-10-2019

Since the very beginning not only in China but elsewhere across the earth Muslims under whatever label inform 'systemic persecution' of Other. China is acting in a rational man…