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Nothing to Fear? Muslims Follow an Evil Codex Evil Will Follow. Muslims-How many more children are you prepared to consume before you choke? Defect.

Nothing to fear:

Eiffel Tower installing bulletproof glass walls to protect monument from terror attacks, ABC News, PAUL PRADIER, Jun 14, 2018
Parliamentary fence an unfortunate symbol of a changing Australia, By The Canberra Times, 11 August 2017
Tighter security the new reality at Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill, The Globe and Mail, CHRIS HANNAY, OTTAWA, JUNE 15, 2018

“The temporary concrete blocks that have been used across the city as anti-terror bollards will finally be replaced with permanent, reinforced street furniture to protect Melburnians from vehicle attacks.”
From ugly concrete blocks to street furniture: Anti-terror bollards to be replaced, The Age, By Erin Pearson, 12 June 2018

Muslims even the landscape has to change as Western societies fortify as Other had to fortify enclaves in Damascus, in..... you cannot see the affect of your so called 'peace' is always bloody broken bodies in humanities streets and the inevitable fortressing leading to much worse to…

"Betrayal of Trust": in a frontless war as it must be with a Very Violent Muslim Biology/Culture Ideology and the Western elite under the Islam Islamist Dichotomy Paradigm lie willing to sacrifice citizens in the trenches of a foreign land and in the streets at home. Spike Milligan Realising there is more to a Muslim Mosque than "looks bloody awful" it is the inevitable "bloody" twisted bodies and schism as a result of what walks from a Mosque floor-'bowed unfathomable grief clutching desperately to memory in the streets'-For Humanities Sake If you’re a Muslim it is time to seriously consider defection, ...Muslim Own it all and defect unless you want those blank eyes of the living and the dead looking back at you for eternity.

"More Spike Milligan letters: 1984
Spike wrote a letter to Private Eye objecting to the mosque in Regent’s Park. He received a reply from Helen Slyomovics and Barry Wilkins saying he was a racist. His answer to their accusation was his opinion on racism. He never altered his views.

To Helen Slyomovics and Barry Wilkins,  23rd August 1977

Dear Helen and Barry,
I am not a racist, the word is used to easily these days, one can blaspheme at the English (Pommie Bastard), at the Irish (Irish jokes about them being stupid), etc. etc. – no one says racist, but it becomes almost an automatic reaction shout racist to anybody who says anything about Pakistanis, or negroes, etc.

Well, absorb very carefully what I’m about to write, and you may understand my letter in Private Eye.
So, I object to a mosque in Regent’s Park, to you this means I am a Racist, O.K. I also object to Gothic churches have been built in India, does this mean I am a racist as well, if so, then I also hate the English. I…