Saudi crown prince promises 'return to moderate Islam'=Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany promises 'return to moderate Nazism'. The Terror-Genocide Continues. A Muslim cultures dissimulating soft power in full swing despite the obvious contradiction.

Muslims is it not time for your sake and the rest of humanity for you to Defect?

In life it can only be a matter of relativity when determining threat-if the Say in our codex regards the inevitable derogatory construct of Other out-groups actually systemically informs a Do of violence-terror and social/political tyranny consistency, intensity significantly differing from Other Biology/Culture ideologies. If it is, is it worthy of our continuing adherence?

“Our own view is that this variation suggests that Islam is not a sufficient, condition for violence, but it does not refute the claim that, under a certain configuration of enabling conditions, Islam is more likely to lead to violence than are other religions.” (Anastasopoulos, Masoud, & Zeckhauser, 2016)
Anastasopoulos, L. J., Masoud, T., & Zeckhauser, R. (2016). Thou Shalt Kill? Measuring Political Violence in the Bible and the Quran.

Please, is not just one child’s life worth doing so? Just one?

Muslims have you not consumed enough human flesh, misery and grief and the world’s scarce resource better spent on flourishing lives than wasted on erecting ever increasing security enclaves which only ever delay the inevitable Muslims always have informed against themselves as well as Other.

"themselves" as each Muslim is determined "
kafir [non-believer]" by other Muslims even in their own Muslim major sectarian grouping, and simultaneously a True Muslim Believer regards self, and possibly viewed as such by other Muslims they perceive to be in their same Muslim sectarian cluster, or as close enough to it so as not to be a threat.

The reality is a Muslim can never be sure that their own perception of their self-derived view they are a "ordinary" True Muslim, and True Muslims 
'are just ordinary Muslims, and the ordinary Muslims are good people,' will be a guarantee of their or theirs safety. Because the Moral Shift capacity enabled by the Muslim-Islam construct of "kafir [non-believer]" and the inherent violent recommended methodology for dealing with "kafirs [non-believers]" determines Muslim safety fluid-unstable, and it is meant to be such-as it is a jackboot method of control utilised by very violent Biology/Culture Ideologies.

“Top Saudi officials considered using private companies to assassinate political enemies at a time when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was consolidating power.”
Saudis Close to Crown Prince Discussed Killing Other Enemies a Year Before Khashoggi’s Death, NYT, By Mark Mazzetti, Ronen Bergman and David D. Kirkpatrick, Nov. 11, 2018

“The C.I.A. made the assessment based on the crown prince’s control of Saudi Arabia, which is such that the killing would not have taken place without his approval, and has buttressed its conclusion with two sets of crucial communications: intercepts of the crown prince’s calls in the days before the killing, and calls by the kill team to a senior aide to the crown prince.

The C.I.A. has believed for weeks that Prince Mohammed was culpable in Mr. Khashoggi’s killing but had been hesitant to definitively conclude that he directly ordered it. The agency has passed that assessment on to lawmakers and Trump administration officials.

The change in C.I.A. thinking came as new information emerged, officials said. The evidence included an intercept showing a member of the kill team calling an aide to Prince Mohammed and saying “tell your boss” that the mission was accomplished. Officials cautioned, however, that the new information is not direct evidence linking Prince Mohammed to the assassination, which was carried out in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.”

C.I.A. Concludes That Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killed, NYT, By Julian E. Barnes, Nov. 16, 2018

“The consular staff, he assured them, “are just ordinary Saudis, and the ordinary Saudis are good people,” recalled one of his lunch companions, Azzam Tamimi.”
Jamal Khashoggi Disappears, a Mystery Rattling the Middle East, NYT, By David D. Kirkpatrick and Ben Hubbard, Oct. 7, 2018 

“Do this outside. You will put me in trouble,” 'the ordinary good Muslim' consular staff member said, as the ordinary
“top Muslim doctor of forensics brought along for the dissection and disposal of the body" did his Muslim prescribed work on the "kafir [non-believer]" who was delusionally sure of his Muslim safety despite the evidence of Muslim horror being perpetrated, or enabled by silence of the 'good' Muslim Moral Shifting all around him, historically and in the present.

“After he was shown into the office of the Saudi consul, Mohammad al-Otaibi, the agents seized Mr. Khashoggi almost immediately and began to beat and torture him, eventually cutting off his fingers,…..
But the consul was present and objected, the official said. “Do this outside. You will put me in trouble,” Mr. Otaibi told the agents,
“If you want to live when you come back to Arabia, shut up,” one of the agents replied..”
Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says, NYT, By David D. Kirkpatrick and Carlotta Gall, Oct. 17, 2018

“They severed his fingers and later beheaded and dismembered him, according to details from audio recordings”
Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says, NYT, By Carlotta Gall and David D. Kirkpatrick, Oct. 17, 2018

Quran: Surah 8 Al-Anfal - The Spoils of War
12 "Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): 'I am with you: give firmness to the believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them. '

38 "Say to the unbelievers, if (now) they desist (from unbelief), there passed would be forgiven them; but if they persist, the punishment of those before him is already (a matter of warning for them)."

55 "For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah of those who reject him: they will not believe."

Muslims ethical-moral-value-beliefs-motivation social/political method codex(Quran)-template(Hadith) have been proven within the Modern not Medieval time and space to enable the emergence into reality of vivisection, trucks, cars,...throwing babies, children, women and men into the air to their deaths, dropping humans from buildings, burning humans alive in cages, or in backyards, or in streets, or simply prevent them from exiting burning buildings, lining humans up in pits to be shot down, or in dormitories to be shot down, or in streets to be shot down, removing heads with swords, exploding devices in public and private space; inclusive of political tyranny, oppression and control of women including their sexuality informing ultimate control and degradation female genital mutilation.

Muslims as you know, Yemen is only one time and space of Muslim inter-Religion-Faith war/civil war combined, due to the Muslim-Islam construct of Other-out-groups; pretenders, hypocrites, 
kafirs [non-believers] "the worst of beasts", this is the Muslim-Islam Muhammad legacy to humanity, with blood-horror on Muhammad's hands and cause for infamy blamed on the victim, not the Muhammad-Muslim person who carries out the horrific acts against humanity, templated again and again throughout history. Defect.

“In 2015, the prince sent Saudi warplanes to bomb Houthi rebels who had seized control of northwestern Yemen and whom he saw as a proxy of Saudi Arabia's regional rival, Iran.

 Originally a movement of Shiite guerrillas from the mountainous northwest, the Houthis rose to power in the turmoil that followed the Arab Spring in 2011. After capturing the capital, Sanaa, in 2014, they soon controlled Yemen's three largest cities. Iran aided their advance with supplies of military equipment, including missiles.

 Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have led a military coalition in a war aimed at ousting the Houthis and restoring an internationally recognised government. But early promises of a swift victory have given way to a bloody stalemate, while the war has inflicted a catastrophic toll on Yemenis that includes widespread hunger and the worst cholera epidemic in history.”

The front line of Saudi Arabia's invisible war in Yemen, SMH, 21 October 2018

"We are Muslims, they are kafirs [non-believers]," the man says. "We will destroy them with a strong and guerrilla-style attack, inshallah [God willing]."
Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten to avenge military parade attack that killed 25, abc, 24-9-2018

Muslim-Islam Biology/Culture Ideology codex(Quran) Template (Hadith) family, community and institution development birth to death process = Ethics-Morals-Values-Beliefs-Motivation Social/Political Method = War, Civil war, insurgency, terror, genocide, sex slavery, rape, torture, destroyed homes, infrastructure, livelihoods, mass migration of the terrorized and homeless, hunger-famine, disease = unfathomable ocean of grief, smashed societies, broken dreams, broken bodies, broken minds. Muslims you know this to be Truth, self-evident as to what walks from your development family, community and institution floors, it is time, it is now you must Defect for all our sakes.

Please, is not just one child’s life worth doing so? Any Culture Ideology with none of the above, you must be already able to see from your windows, if only you would lower your necessitated Biology/Culture Ideology imbued cognitive defense wall ‘Its Them not US shutters.’ to see finally what the rest of humanity has always known to be the reality of your Muslim legacy-horror and the Question ‘Convert, be exiled or be killed’ if Other be so fortunate to hear such an offer.
Defect your Muslim rationale system is proven dangerous shite.

Muslim cultures dissimulating soft power in full swing:

“Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Tuesday (24 Oct 2017) said Saudi Arabia would "return" to a "moderate Islam that is open to all religions"”
Saudi crown prince promises 'return to moderate Islam', Al Jazeera Media Network, 25 Oct 2017

A Muslim cultures dissimulating soft power in full swing despite the obvious broken bodies and lives contradiction which always precede and follow from such a profound denial of reality.

“They severed his (
Jamal Khashoggi 17 Oct 2018) fingers and later beheaded and dismembered him, according to details from audio recordings”
Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says, NYT, By Carlotta Gall and David D. Kirkpatrick, Oct. 17, 2018

Seventy Years of the New York Times Describing Saudi Royals as Reformers, NYT, Abdullah Al-Arian, Nov 27, 2017

U.S. Spy Agencies Are Increasingly Convinced of Saudi Prince’s Ties to Journalist’s Disappearance, NYT, By Julian E. Barnes, Matthew Rosenberg and Gardiner Harris, Oct. 17, 2018

“The crown prince “has definitely established a climate of fear inside the kingdom, and the Khashoggi killing has only reinforced that,” said Bruce Riedel, a former American intelligence official specializing in Saudi Arabia.”
Prince and President Escalate Battle Over Khashoggi Killing, NYT, By David D. Kirkpatrick and Carlotta Gall, Oct. 23, 2018

“Lotter testified that in 1941, he witnessed Dr Aribert Heim butcher a prisoner who came to him with an inflamed foot. Lotter provided more gruesome details about how Aribert butchered the 18-year-old prisoner. Lotter stated that Aribert gave the prisoner anesthetic and then proceeded to cut him open, castrate him, and take out one of his kidneys. The prisoner died, and his head was cut off, boiled and stripped of its flesh.”

“Aribert Ferdinand Heim, the notorious SS doctor named Dr Death by his Nazi ... where he converted to Islam in Cairo's famous Al Azhar mosque.”
Aribert Heim: the senior Nazi known as 'Dr Death', By Bruno Waterfield, The Telegraph, 05 Feb 2009

“He disappeared just eight days later, with many pointing to his critique of Prince Mohammed and his policy as the reason behind his disappearance and alleged murder.

"As of now, I would say Mohammed bin Salman is acting like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. He is imposing very selective justice," Khashoggi wrote in The Post last year after he fled the kingdom.”

Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi journalist 'murdered and dismembered' after going to consulate to collect wedding papers, ABC, 8-10-2018

“Mohammed al-Bajadi held along with women who campaigned for right to drive…
Most of those arrested in recent days by the Saudi authorities are women who had campaigned for the right to drive, a reform that is due to come into force on 24 June and which has been touted by its leaders as a symbol of a country that is modernising its economy and social sphere.”
Saudi Arabia arrests key activist in human rights crackdown, The Guardian, Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor, 25 May 2018

“SAUDI ARABIA’S glossy blueprint for modernization, Vision 2030, pledges that the regime will “listen to citizens’ views, and to hear all insights and perspectives,” and wants “to give everyone the opportunity to have their say.”

The truth is not so pretty. Speaking out in Saudi Arabia can lead to death by beheading.

Case in point: Israa al-Ghomgham, a 29-year-old Shiite rights activist who was arrested, along with her husband, Moussa al-Hashem, in December 2015 and has been in pretrial detention ever since without legal representation. She had been a leader of anti-government protests in restive Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia since the Arab Spring of 2011, calling for an end to discrimination against Shiites and for the release of political prisoners. Saudi Arabia is majority Sunni Muslim, as is the monarchy.

The kingdom has been engaged in a sustained crackdown on dissent and protest. Saudi authorities imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi for suggesting the kingdom needed moderation and his sister Samar Badawi for advocating on behalf of human rights. Was their advocacy really that dangerous? Vision 2030, the blueprint of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, pledges that the “values of moderation, tolerance” will be “the bedrock of our success.” The document says Saudi Arabia’s principles include “being conscientious of human rights.” Perhaps the king and crown prince ought to read their own brochures and take them to heart. As it is, they behave as despots from a darker era."

Saudi Arabia’s barbaric price for protest, Washington Post, By Editorial Board, August 25, 2018

Another worthless David Kilcullen Muslim cultural dissimulating "extremely important step", along with Kilcullen's determination one phrase contained in Surah al-Baqarah: 256 determines Islam informs no compulsion despite the fact the statement is qualified immediately by the rest of the sentence and what exists clearly elsewhere. David Kilcullen needs to understand the damage he is doing, either for a lack of research, or simply such gets in the way of a false paradigm that is acclaimed by the 'right' hierarchy or peer group. It's the 'Not to be asked question.' which gives clarity and the most likelihood of stopping fellow citizens being run down in their streets, shot in the back of the head,.......

Quran: Surah 9 At-Tawbah The Repentance
1. "A (declaration) of immunity from Allah and his messenger, to those of the Pagans with whom ye have contracted mutual alliances 

2. Go ye, then, for four months, backwards and forwards, (as ye will), throughout the land, but know ye that ye cannot frustrate Allah (by your falsehood), but that Allah will cover with shame those who reject Him.

3. And an announcement from Allah and his Messenger, to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great Pilgrimage – that Allah and His Messenger dissolve (treaty) obligations with the Pagans. If then ye repent, it were best for you; but if ye turn away, know ye that ye cannot frustrate Allah. And proclaim a grievous penalty to those who reject Faith.

4. But the treaties are not dissolved with those pagans with whom ye had entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided anyone against you. So fulfill your engagements with them to the end of their term: for Allah love of the righteous.

5. But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war). But if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is oft Forgiving, Most Merciful."


The Surah al-Baqarah: 256 no compulsion phrase is simply a restatement of an already determined Quran construct it is God-Allah who determines who is a Muslim or not, and prior and following determines Other and apostates are destined for grievous harm and severest penalty, even determining it is a test of faith to visit violence against Other later in the Quran text, all to simply keep the Islam Islamist Dichotomy Paradigm churning out victims and securing the Security Complex’s future into the next century. Islam-Muslim-Quran 'No Compulsion' as well as the well worn 'Innocents' are so circumscribed to determine them meaningless under a Western Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; therefore Muslim terror-genocide it is not as Kilcullen reminds us "rocket science". 

What is the use of "No Compulsion" when the very recommended methods of elimination-subjugation which surround it mean compulsion is the result.

Kilcullen's so called "unanimous agreement" of Muslim elites such as those Muslims participating in the Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam Three Points Declaration, to supposedly 'outlaw' Muslim terror, have terror and genocide simultaneously and subsequently walking from the signatories Muslim cultural floors into geographic space surrounding and within the very Jordanian space the Three Points Declaration was signed, which means Kilcullen has again skimmed the surface reading into pure albeit heartfelt belief contained within King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam Message “True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism” despite the fact this is recommended in the Quran as a political weapon by Muhammad himself to make clear to not only those present, but stipulates the need to perpetrate extreme violence as a message for those yet to be confronted with Muslims as to what happens to those who reject Islam. Have Muslims and Other not seen enough of their own broken in the streets across time to know with relative certainty a cultural ideology script must exist for systemic Muslim terror-genocide behavior across time and space to exist? Not enough for you, then today and tomorrows?

Not only does the Quran stand, as well as the behavior it systemically motivates across generations, as a contradiction to the King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam Message, the very three-point Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam communique signed by 552 Muslims from 84 countries contains no such declaration, “True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism”, nothing at all to support the existence of a Muslim elite determination of “freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims.” also contained within King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam Message.

The three-point Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam communique signed by 552 Muslims from 84 countries was all about Muslims, defining what a Muslim is and is not, attempting to prevent Muslim intersectoral conflict, whilst within the very nature of the communique in its attempt to define the True Muslim determined intersectoral conflict “wanton aggression and terrorism” would continue for at the end of point 1 of the communique an apostate is a person who “does not deny any necessarily self-evident tenet of religion” which is the very reason Muslim intersectoral war continues as each Muslim belief system determines the other Muslim groups as Not-True Muslims "kafir [non-believer]" deniers of “self-evident tenet(s) of religion”.

Clearly these gatherings of so called Muslim elites do not represent the "universal" as claimed as the broken bodies and lives clearly attest of both Muslims and Other, along with the fact claiming real or true Muslims are not terrorists as the Muslims Kilcullen speaks to, have other Muslims Kilcullen has not spoken to, or ignores clearly claiming-representing the reverse. 

Worse the Muslim elite meeting, Kilcullen utilises to provide evidence of the Muslim determination to prevent terror in its final communique had nothing to say about stopping terror in fact left that door open for the declaration of a Fatwa based upon the contents of the Qur'an and the Sunnah/Hadith which are the actual codex template justification and authority motivation drivers of “wanton aggression and terrorism”. Kilcullen's foundation for not holding the Islam-Muslim cultural ideology whole to account is in shreds, Kilcullen has lost the golden thread and is wandering about hearing applause from those following in admiration of his confident stride not quite muffling the screams of the victims who meanwhile continue to be sacrificed year after year to the unslain beast.

”The time comes where silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King

“The enemy is no longer closer to victory” Lyndon B. Johnson, January 1966

“Strategy is producing results. The enemy is no closer to victory.” General Westmorland, March 1967

“My bitterness about the political powers at the time was, first of all, the lying. I mean I can understand policy error that is incredibly, incredibly painful and kills a lot of people out of the mistake if they made that with noble hearts. That was when Eisenhower and Kennedy were trying to figure things out. And you read that McNamara knew by ‘65, it was three years before I was there that the war was unwinnable. That’s what makes me mad. Making a mistake people can do that but covering up mistakes then you’re killing people for your own ego. And that makes me mad.” Karl Marlantes, Marine

“Rolling thunder was the dumbest campaign ever devised by a human being. The normal human thing to do is to think that your enemy thinks like you. There is the old story, apocryphal, then when McNamara wants to know what Ho Chi Minh is thinking he interviews himself. What the problem then becomes that you keep trying to send messages that are rational based upon your judgement of rationality but have nothing to do with the definition of rationality on the other side. So what is irrational to us is totally rational to the other side. If you have decided that you are going to reunify the Vietnam’s no matter what it takes no matter how many casualties.” James Willbanks, Military Adviser

”The time comes where silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King

It is sickening is the word to view from the outside claims of acting against the culture delivering the terror-genocide sets up a cycle of unending violence when not holding the culture to account informs the exact same outcome with clear evidence doing the later risks your cultural worldview in time being crushed under the same cultures well evidenced tyranny as Muslims will jump the 'Democracy.. streetcar' whilst your culture suffers the social schism the Muslim culture always informs elsewhere.

''Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.''
Erdogan The Erdogan Experiment, NYT, By DEBORAH SONTAG, MAY 11, 2003

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the believers our soldiers." Erdogan, December 1997

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan understands the truth Islam is Islam, there is no 'moderate' Islam and claiming it is so, or one can move Islam to 'moderation', 'a person (or persons) voicing this concept thinks it (Islam) belongs to him (them)', "No, it does not belong to you,” as the effect of the 2005/2006 Ammam Message clearly provides ample proof.

Erdoğan also understands 'moderate' Islam is a Western symbolic invention, a reality "falsely imagined" for political-cognitive reasons to justify retention of failed constructs such as Freedom of Religion delivering broken bodies and lives increasingly into Western streets, along with the justification for an ever expanding Security Complex whose role of managing a Muslim cultures terror-genocide into humanities streets will move increasingly to managing-silencing 'blasphemous' objections for the need for the Security Complex to exist and expand exponentially with its failure to protect due to a lie the Islam-Muslim(moderate-spiritual) Islamist(extremist-religion) Dichotomy Paradigm.

Politically Erdoğan played the West particularly the European Union, NATO, and the Turkish constituency for fools with the usual assurances before coming to power enunciating the Western definition of 'moderation' back to them. As in Iran, as in Egypt, as in Turkey, as in Malaysia... this dissimulation is on-the-historic-record Muslim-Islam is as with any culture with significant ethic-value-belief social/political difference worldview aspirations than Other cultures in the same space which cultures utilise when they cannot immediately dominate, exclude, subjugate, delete.

“An uptick in religious controversies coincides with premier Najib Razak's bid to rally Muslim majority voters ahead of new polls”
Islamic intolerance rising in pre-election Malaysia, ASIA TIMES, By Nile Bowie Singapore, October 12, 2017

“Political Islam will be a big factor in upcoming elections in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Candidates are aligning with fundamentalist parties in order to win over conservative voters.

Increased influence of radical groups could hit democratic freedoms and polarize society.”

The Chinese Communist party is a perfect exemplar, as Western Democracies allowed their economic base to be destroyed-shifted, and therefore their capacity to defend themselves, into the Chinese Communist space under the dissimulating promise of Chinese Communist reform they have used since their beginning, is a perfect example of how Western Elites are pathological altruists, deluded dangerous fools albeit with Love in their hearts, gold gleaming in their eyes, claiming the moral high ground as they lead their cultures into the dust of history.  

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized the recent vow by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to make Saudi Arabia a bastion of “moderate Islam”

“Islam cannot be either ‘moderate’ or ‘not moderate.’ Islam can only be one thing,” Erdoğan said in a speech at a program hosted in Ankara by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on women’s entrepreneurship on Nov. 9.

“Recently the concept of ‘moderate Islam’ has received attention. But the patent of this concept originated in the West,” Erdoğan said.

“Perhaps the person voicing this concept thinks it belongs to him. No, it does not belong to you,” he added, noting that he was “asked about ‘moderate Islam’ at meetings in the European Parliament many years ago.”
Erdoğan criticizes Saudi Crown Prince’s ‘moderate Islam’ pledge, Hurriyet Daily News, November 10 2017

One person, One Saudi crown prince will achieve what 552 religious and political elite signatories of the 2005/2006 Ammam Message, from 84 countries including the Saudi King, could not achieve when King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein proclaimed "True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism, enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims, it is also a message of good news, friendship and hope to the whole world.".

David Kilcullen is right though in the complete reverse he intends regards the 552 Muslim religious and political elite signatories of the 2005/2006 Ammam Message, from 84 countries in that the 2005/2006 Ammam Message is an "extremely important step" given the process provides actual evidence as to the ineffectual nature of any claim made by self-proclaimed Muslim elite religious and political  "True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism, enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims, it is also a message of good news, friendship and hope to the whole world." for clearly what preceded the statement back to the 7th century and followed the announcement makes a complete mockery of such claims being existent in reality.

One can understand Kilcullen’s mistaken view of the importance of the Muslim 2005/2006 Ammam Message and also at the same time its complete lack of affect, given the Christian Treaty of Westphalia which had similar aims, the ending of a violent Christian sectarian war, where the same gathering of large numbers of political/social elites secular and religious came together to espouse peace and sign off on a treaty, a message if you like, where another’s Christian religion were to be tolerated (for this was a Christian peace after all) albeit initially in most cases religious freedom was circumscribed in ones defined sovereign State; where the template for future conflict resolution, forgetting of past demeanours-sunk costs, endeavour to resolve conflict by the rule of law, peaceful means, and if not after three years subsequently by States coming together to advance the cause of the injured State and force the oppressor to align to the Westphalia treaty. Bit like what was hoped for with the League of Nations and United Nations – trouble is there is no emperor to be the enforcer of the public peace as there was for the Westphalia treaty. This obviously did not last long in terms of each State sticking to the Westphalia script but actual Christian agreement could be arrived at which could never be with the same meeting of the Muslim social/political elite. I do hope Kilcullen in no way saw some parallel between the authority-force-motivation of the 2005/2006 Ammam Message and the treaty of Westphalia and understands why his logic is flawed though Kilcullen’s misdiagnosing history particularly Roman history would indicate an error of such sort may have occurred. For one must base ones view of the efficacy of a political/social event on a similar event prior. Trouble is such false hope underwrites the deaths of thousands as policy predicated on such claims by such experts presents a hope for the impossible, terror-genocide continues and the cost in lives and wasted resources increase.

The 2005/2006 Ammam Message complete lack of affect also determines the Islamic/Muslim theology must contain justification and authority for terror, there is no misunderstanding, we see Muslim terror before us, it is not imagined individuals claiming to be of a culture utilising terror a political act to advance and protect as they themselve claim the culture they adhere to, which is the Muslim culture must therefore provide the terrorists with the worldview cause and motivation to carry out acts of violence otherwise Muslim terrorism would not occur.

Note: There can be no return to "moderate" Islam as it has never existed, as it cannot be defined in the first instance and more pertinently whatever Muslim behaviour exists the veracity is measured against the ethical constructs, as they always have integral to and subject to Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template.

The Islam rationale model has never been "open to all religions" so it cannot be claimed Islam is returning to such an ethical construct as it never existed, nor can Islam be "open to all religions" without removing more than half the discourse in the Quran, determine Mohammed deviant, and then have the whole of the Muslim culture accept the Quran deletions and admonishment of the Prophet.

There tends to always be ethical-belief clusters in any ideological construct but importantly adherents are still all constrained within the non-contradictory precepts set within the sacred text and messianic exemplar behaviour, otherwise an adherent can no longer claim to be a member of the culture, nor be seen as such. The question is does your culture still inform terror-genocide walking from your social/political floors if so claims 'I am a moderate.' 'I love my country.', 'I am not a terrorist.'  or 'They are....' are meaningless as your-their networked participation provides support for the continued delivery of terror-genocide even across generations.

"The father of an Egyptian suspected of being the machete attacker in Paris's Louvre museum said Saturday his son showed no sign of radicalisation and he believed in his innocence.

Reda El-Hamahmy, a retired police general, told AFP he had been constantly in touch with his son who worked as a sales manager in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates.
"I can show you pictures where he has no beard," he said, referring to beards grown by some devout Muslims.

"Our household is a moderate household and mind our own business," he added."

No better example of the worthlessness, 'importance' of Islam/Muslim claims to moderation and their ineffectual affect upon the Islam/Muslim culture is the “the Ammam Message initiative of King Abdullah II of Jordan” “bringing together (Muslim) religious and political leaders from across the Islamic world” condemning the Islam/Muslim method of terror-genocide against fellow Muslims with Jordan's King determining true Islam "enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims".

What intensified across the Jordan border in Iraq, Syria-Middle East in Africa, Asia and increasingly appeared in Western streets terror-against Other inclusive of Muslim apostates, not only based upon a Sunni takfiri ideology claimed by the Jordan Ammam Message group assembled to be ‘heretical’-not true to the Islam/Muslim religion, but also Shiite terror-genocide against Other.

“..the Ammam Message initiative of King Abdullah II of Jordan is an extremely important step, bringing together religious and political leaders from across the Islamic world to condemn AQ's heretical takfiri ideology. .. they are much more powerful and credible than Western initiatives.."
'The Accidental Guerrilla' - David Kilcullen, 2009

"True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism, enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims, it is also a message of good news, friendship and hope to the whole world." King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan 2005/2006 Ammam Message.

The signed off Amman message three points, responses to three questions set by the Jordan King (1) Who is a Muslim? (2) Is it permissible to declare someone an apostate (takfir)? (3) Who has the right to undertake issuing fatwas (legal rulings)? had nothing at all to say about Other cultures, the reflections on the success of the Amman process did not end with  "freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims" it ended with:

"We call for casting aside disagreement between Muslims and unifying their words and stances; reaffirming their mutual respect for each other; fortifying mutual affinity among their peoples and states; strengthening the ties of brotherhood which unite them in the mutual love of Allah. And we call upon Muslims to not permit discord and outside interference between them. Allah, Glorified be He, says "The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and fear Allah that perhaps ye may obtain mercy. (Al-Hujurat, 49:10). Praise be to Allah Alone.: 2005/2006 Ammam Message

Calls for a Islam/Muslim moderate whole of culture without violence and subjugation, by certain Muslim leaders, are not new they have been espoused at various times throughout Islam/Muslim history, the point is did such calls to be 'moderate' or claims Islam/Muslim culture was one of peace and justice make any difference-the answer is in humanities streets.

Such 'moderate' hopes of individual Muslims and of Other cultures although well meant and even believed simply do not align with the actual precepts contained within Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template, therefore the terror-genocide continues with only lulls in proceedings - Other whatever is stated by Muslim elite or ordinary adherents, dependent on social and political context i.e. whether it is possible to do away with Other immediately or not, swiftly or gradually disappear as they are increasingly subject to violence to force Other to be subject to Muslim precepts - this is reality this is what is occurring as it always has right now even in our own Western Streets. Of course we have a great need to believe surely this time but it is not going to happen for the exact same reason it has not happened in the past despite stated aims, claims of select Muslim elites - what always happens around them or even through them?

"The existence of the Jewish colony in China was discovered by the Jesuit Fathers in the seventeenth century, if not earlier; Kaifung, some four hundred and fifty-miles south-west of Peking, being the headquarters of the colony. When Martin visited the place in 1866, he found the synagogue, supposed to be built in 1164, in ruins; the Jews had dispersed, some having become Mohammedans, and not one being able to speak a word of Hebrew. In 1850 certain Hebraic rolls were recovered from the few remaining descendants of former Jews,.."
China in Transformation, A. R. Colquhoun, 1898

"Haroun, 63, is the youngest of the six women remaining in a community that once numbered 75,000 when the first Arab-Israeli war broke out in 1948."
In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue, Religion News Service, By Jacob Wirtschafter, July 27, 2017

“. children are sharp eyed, lacking in empathy, and willing to commit atrocities their elders would shrink from.”
Kilcullen, D 2010, Counterinsurgency, Oxford University Press.

We saw how the 'good' of the Nazi ideology convinced us through their soft power persuasion, the Nazi were only "looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else” despite being fully aware of the Nazi violence-terror of the Nazi 'few' resulting in the "disappeared" and 'communities that once numbered in the thousands' reduced to fearful remnants, yet we see the exact same Muslim ideological erroneous victimisation complex, predicated, as with the Nazi, on Others inevitable negative reaction to being terrorized-subjugated, resulting in the exact same "disappeared" of Other, with Muslims utilizing the exact same soft power persuasion, Muslims are only looking for “peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims … friendship and hope to the whole world.”, utilizing in complete contradiction in the same time frame the exact same method as the Nazi, terror-genocide, and yet we do not act against the Muslim cultural whole, as we would and understand why we have to against the Nazi cultural whole. 

“...the Germans that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else”. ...In fact, if the extremist’s elements had prevailed. I have not the least doubt that disruption would have been more drastic and that we should have real reason by now to fear German aggression from both a military as well as political point of view.”  Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937

The like minded: How Nazis courted the Islamic world during WWII, DW, Nastassja Shtrauchler, 13.11.2017. The important point is the Nazi succeeded. The cultural ethics, method regards Other cultures drive both behaviors-actions, still do and will.

David Kilcullen, as others, believe erroneously cultures are individuals be they in the elite or otherwise and as individuals they can have sway over the 'morality equilibrium' of their culture, this only occurs if the internal cultural ethics-morals-beliefs social/political method align with these individuals views otherwise such influence is negated by cultural group dynamics which could care less as we know even in Western streets for the individual, elite or otherwise, moving against a cultures normative rationale model-cultures survival inclusive of its institutions is paramount.

“Pakistani Islamists who clashed with police at the weekend have called off national protests after the resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid.
They have been blocking a main road in the capital for weeks saying Mr Hamid should be sacked for blasphemy. He apologised for what he called an error.
At least six people are believed to have been killed when clashes erupted on Saturday and some 200 were injured.”
BBC, 27 November 2017

"Apparently, considered to be more tolerant and accommodative of other faiths and sects, the Barelvi groups in Pakistan have been asserting themselves politically since the 2016 hanging of Mumtaz Qadri, who was the self-righteous assassin of former Punjab governor Salman Taseeer.

The recent wave of protests by the Barelvi extremist group, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR), was triggered by government's decision to amend country’s electoral laws to abolish the separate electoral rule for the heterodox Ahmadiyya community. The protests in the capital Islamabad ended after an agreement was struck between the government and TLYR, which resulted in the resignation of law minister Zaid Hmaid. This development marks a new low in Pakistan’s history of appeasing its religious-political groups. The state and society have paid an astronomical price in blood and treasure for this appeasement. Yet, the folly continues."
New Extremist Religious Groups Are Wrecking Pakistan, The National Interest, Abdul Basit, December 24, 2017

What is 'moderate' is therefore a subjective perspective of Muslims behaviour as it relates to Other cultures behaviour, from an individual perspective from within and without the Muslim culture which can be and are quite different. Also what a Muslim cluster is "considered to be more tolerant and accommodative of other faiths and sects" today will not be tomorrow, in fact 'extremist', the Muslim cultural moral shifting schema therefore contains, as history clearly provides evidence, the justification authorisation to shift from a friendly chat and a cup of tea, BBQ to terror not only at the individual level, but at the Muslim cluster level. 

And more pertinently such Barelvi groups extremist acts are taken seriously in cultural negotiations and therefore a valid Muslim conflict resolution method otherwise there would have been no agreement to cave into 'extremist' demands, for are not extremists deviant and are to be shunned, clearly not under a Muslim construct therefore Barelvi groups are not extremists. The Government itself recognises them as included within the political construct otherwise there would be no negotiation regards what are Muslim religious cultural based political demands.

The following quotes clearly states the reality of a claim one is moderate, what one may hold as moderate from one perspective may not be from another either regards individuals, communities or institutions. Also as the quotes clearly infer claiming you are moderate does not mean it can be taken for granted you are being honest or in fact you actually know you are not, nor does your culture allow you to see sacred precepts of exemplar behaviours as deviant; one contradiction to far.

"US diplomats' in Canberra expressed concern that moderate Australian Muslims could be harbouring extremist views." (BBC US & Canada 2011)

"I did not see it coming," said el-Wafi. Her son remains the only man convicted in the U.S. over the 9/11 plot" (Wilkinson 2011)

"The mother of a Sydney terror plot ringleader has broken down as she told 9NEWS that her son's ordinary upbringing at Regents Park gave no hint of his jihadi ambitions."

"THREE years ago, an Indonesian Islamist extremist, Pepi Fernando, was arrested by the police after he had sent book bombs to institutions that speak on behalf of liberal Islam.

For Pepi is a graduate of Dr Jamhari’s own university, widely considered moderate." (Callick 2014)

“The Houthis began as a theological movement preaching peace…
The movement turned to arms in 2004 on grounds of self-defence…
.peace deal brokered by the UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar. .. Houthis ..did not comply, as their fighters pushed into other provinces, taking over the strategic port city of Hodeida on the Red Sea.”
Who are the Houthis in Yemen?, Saeed Al Batati, Al Jazeera, 30 Mar 2015

Yemen's Houthis fire ballistic missile at Riyadh, by Faisal Edroos, Al Jazeera, 6-11-2017

"Some argue that religion is by its nature irrational, and therefore religiously motivated violence must also be irrational (Smilansky 2004). Stern (2003) argues that religiously inspired violent groups consistently begin with utopian aspirations, even if that is not often where they end. While the goal of ‘purifying the world of injustice, cruelty, and all that is anti-human’ is not in itself irrational, Stern (2003: 281) argues it may be motivated or accompanied by a ‘spiritual calling’, which is irrational."

Islamist Violent Extremism: A New Form of Conflict or Business as Usual?, Andrew Glazzard,  Sasha Jesperson ,  Thomas Maguire, Emily Winterbotham, 2017

“Control of Fallujah was eventually turned over to a local Iraqi militia known as the "Fallujah Brigade." This move seemed to fit hand-in-glove with the more nuanced Marine approach, the idea being to let the locals do their own policing. However, almost immediately after the Fallujah Brigade stood up, reports began to emerge that the force was little more than a conglomeration of the very gunmen and criminals that the Marines had been trying to kill in the first place.”(Morris 2007, p. 148)

"Khan says his faith promotes peace, and was the reason he studied for a masters of social work. “I consider anybody who oppresses or kills innocent people to be a terrorist; I don't care what religion you're from.

Hezbollah, he (Khan) says, are in favour of justice and peace, unlike many other groups that claim to be Islamic but contradict the faith."
Arif's story of love and hate in Wollongong GEMMA KHAICY Illawarra Mercury, April 25, 2014

"Joseph Hakim is a Lebanese native and President of the International Christian Union (ICU). In Hakim’s view, the jihadi forces within the Syrian opposition and Hezbollah on the other side, have used the conflict in Syria to ethnically cleanse the Christians.”

“I feel that I am being accurate in calling what is happening genocide.” Syria, Lebanon and Christian Genocide July 16, 2013 by Joseph Puder FRONTPAGE MAG

"Hezbollah was able in past decades to impose a status quo in Lebanon through its weapons directed at the chests of Syrians and Lebanese," he said. "I declare my resignation from the premiership of the Lebanese government, with the certainty that the will of the Lebanese is strong," Hariri said. Lebanese PM Hariri Resigns Over Tensions With Hezbollah, Vows Iran's Arms 'Will Be Cut Off', Jack Khoury and The Associated Press, Haaretz, Nov 04, 2017

"Arms 'Will Be Cut Off'" A Muslim ocean of 'moderation' and not a drop of peace to drink.

Arif’s Muslim derived cognitive state is not what Mao Zedong termed a problem of contradiction, it is a Muslim cognitive state which enables a contradiction under a Western perspective, a professed adherence to a Muslim rationale model which promotes justice-peace therefore moderate behaviour to be the same as, Other knows by evidence interpreted through a Western worldview to be not justice-peace – terrorism. If terrorists walk from your cultural space or you support organisations delivering terror-genocide you adhere to a terror-genocide ideology not a peace and justice ideology. Claim to moderation under a Western definition is forfeit.

Arif is the quintessential example of why a Muslim claiming to be moderate peaceful just cannot be taken as espoused, this is apart from the terror-genocide Muslim culture informs in the streets. This does not mean 'good' Muslims do not exist, friendly, professional, kind, they have and do, it is the fact their existence makes absolutely no difference to whether or not in the end-game your culture will be subject to terror-genocide, or subjugation if you’re lucky, despite what is promised by either the 'good' or the not so good, as history reveals they cannot be trusted, and for good reason, in essence Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template does not provide the 'good', from a Western perspective, with powerful enough justification and authority to override the Muslim altruists walking from the 'goods' very floors achieving the required silence "for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community”.

“If the religious leaders compete with the extremists (religious leaders) on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute...." CHINA LOSING BATTLE AGAINST EXTREMIST ISLAMIC TEACHINGS, SAYS MUSLIM OFFICIAL MARCH 30, 2015

"• Parents do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community." Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair Patrick Wintour, Political editor The Guardian, Wednesday 23 July 2014

Tranquillity of Silence. How a culture deals with inherent problems of contradiction is a measure of threat not only to adherents but Other.

“For months, Mr Bhakti and his team have sat in mosques and Koran reading groups under the cover of being like-minded worshippers and documented the discussions and sermons.

Mosque accused of preaching the IS (Sunni) ideology denies claims.

"The local police chief came and checked out this place, we're just a regular boarding school."

But according to Mr Bhakti, the school is training future terrorists.

And he is concerned that as the larger mosques are exposed, the groups are splintering using smaller less obvious prayer groups to spread the dangerous IS message.

At the Al Jihad mosque in the town of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra, the ABC had been told preaching has moved to a nearby home after the caretaker was arrested for sending people to Syria.

"They moved to smaller mosques or smaller Koran reading groups, which we call satellite mosques or satellite places," Mr Bhakti said.

"So the number [of mosques] could be bigger."" Islamic State: Indonesian mosques accused of supporting radical group's ideology, ABC, By Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley and Ake Prihantari, 31-7-2017

To claim movement from an extremist worldview cluster to a 'moderate' worldview cluster within what is a non-contradictory cultural rationale ethical bounded schema which holds as sacred text justifying authorising others extinction subjugation as did the Nazi sacred text and exemplar behaviour, is the same logic as Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 claiming moderate Nazism exists and from now on Nazis will be moderate - Nazi terror-genocide will be no more.

It also determines an almost impossible whole of culture cognitive
'moral shift' which has already been embedded in adherents psyche, one would expect very high levels of power both soft and hard will be required just in Saudi Arabia to contain what would be expected, a violent reaction, violence as we know is a Muslim cultural method for dealing with deviance. As the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a Muslim Sunni he has no relative power to bring to bare to turn Muslim Shiite terror, Iran, or Hezbollah for instance to his own or a Western definition of 'moderate'. 

Saudi Crown Prince’s Mass Purge Upends a Longstanding System, DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, NTY, NOV. 5, 2017

It is good to see the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has started his power play, but alas he is trying to weed his own garden where the weeds are considered by others as exquisite perennial flowers requiring the utmost care - the purist of Allah's poetry that insult of any kind, even of the most wistful, will be met with already imbued aggression for just a cultural scripted occasion. Having to weed the Saudi palace vicinity in itself has dangers but the whole Muslim culture - where each Muslim has been granted by Allah the special insight to sniff out apostates and once done the apostates continuing existence as detailed in the Quran is a test of a true Muslim's faith.

“When news broke of a possible breakthrough in an impasse that has pitted Qatar against its Arab neighbours for the past three months, one of Saudi Arabia’s most well-known clerics expressed his support for reconciliation in a tweet to his more than 14 million followers. “May God bring their hearts together for the good of their people,” Salman al-Ouda wrote, garnering 15,000 likes, 13,000 retweets and nearly 2,000 responses.
Within hours of his post on September 9, the cleric was detained, sparking the start of a crackdown in which at least 30 people have been rounded up in recent days as apparent Islamist sympathisers and critics of the crown prince, according to Saudi rights activists. Among those reportedly detained was Awad al-Qarni, another popular cleric who was banned from writing on Twitter in March 2017 on charges he spread content on social media that could jeopardise public order and provoke public opinion.
Saudi Arabia’s council of state-backed Wahhabi clerics said on Twitter after the arrests that the country was founded on the Quran and the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad “so there is no place for political parties or ideologies”.

No going back:

“Now, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is curbing their power as part of his drive to impose his control on the kingdom and press for a more open brand of Islam.
Before the arrests on Saturday of his fellow royals and former ministers on corruption allegations, Prince Mohammed had stripped the religious police of their arrest powers and expanded the space for women in public life, including promising them the right to drive.
Dozens of hard-line clerics have been detained, while others were designated to speak publicly about respect for other religions, a topic once anathema to the kingdom’s religious apparatus…..
“They did a pre-emptive strike,” one cleric said of the arrests. “All those who thought about saying no to the government got arrested.”
He acknowledged that many conservatives have reservations about the new direction but would go along, in part because Saudi Islam emphasizes obedience to the ruler.
“It’s not like they held a referendum and said, ‘Do you want to go this way or that way?’” he said. “But in the end, people go through the door that you open for them.”
The clerics have long been subservient to the royal family, but their independence has eroded as they became government functionaries and have been forced to accept — and at times sanction — policies they disliked, like the arrival of American troops, whom they considered infidels, during the Gulf War in 1990.
Human rights groups say the kingdom’s textbooks still promote intolerance, and conservatives in the education ministry pass their views along to students.

Rubicon once crossed no going back Mohammed bin Salman goes West and to a certain future:

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — In a mysterious trip last month, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, traveled to Saudi Arabia’s capital for consultations with the hard-charging crown prince about President Trump’s plans for Middle East peace. What was said when the doors were closed, however, has since roiled the region.
According to Palestinian, Arab and European officials who have heard Mr. Abbas’s version of the conversation, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented a plan that would be more tilted toward the Israelis than any ever embraced by the American government, one that presumably no Palestinian leader could ever accept.”
Talk of a Peace Plan That Snubs Palestinians Roils Middle East, NYT, ANNE BARNARD, DAVID M. HALBFINGER and PETER BAKER, DEC. 3, 2017

If Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is true as to his intentions, forcing the Muslim whole of culture to accept Other religions in the same space and stop Muslim terror-genocide in reverse of what Islam sacred codex advises Muslims to do, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is no longer a Muslim and should request exile as an atheist or at least an x-Muslim, obtain a new identity, in a safe house keeping chickens, or have an incredibly enduring, skillful and faithful to the Crown not Faith security service - that is if Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to survive past the next three months. 

Holding a position of power with ideals is one thing driving change from the top requires either the elite are weak enough, your security-military are all with you rather than behind you, the people can be soft power cajoled with a shadow of hard power if required, or like Henry the Eighth the elites and religious establishments lead roofing and wealth can be divided between the elite and your security-military who are all with you rather than behind you, the people are willing to participate in sharing whatever is left over and be soft power cajoled with a shadow of hard power regards imbued sacred precepts being turned on their head. Vervent Cromwell and Lenin willing to utilise-mesmerise the vervent masses with divine imagery of that which must be above reality with heavy enthused ideologically infused altruistic hard power against those enemies within and without, coalescing an effective brutal security service-military willing and able to weed out newly defined apostates. But staying alive, in power this is only the start, instruments of power to keep power now have to be redesigned, rebuilt and enforced child, family, peer group, community, institutions from the cultural ground up.

The whole educative development process which enables a Muslim to inform terror will require deleting, and reforming in a Western model discourse framework to inform non-violent dialogue dealing with conflict. History and more pertinently Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template does not contain sufficient power of justification and authority, as we know from what we see before us, to move to a Muslim 'moderate' culture which does not inherently inform terror-genocide, social/political exclusion and subjugation of Other, and a continual search for Muslim apostates in Muslim ranks to be subject to the same or worse. 

Shifting to what is perceived as the Other culture determination of what is moderate i.e. no more Muslim exclusion social/political subjugation of Other and terror-genocide as a conflict resolution tool, it is now not only a matter of who can bring enough violence to bare but more importantly if the Quran justification and authorisation for terror-genocide can be removed from the text and Muhammad's violent behaviour regards Other can be determined deviant, otherwise nothing changes, repressed Muslim prescriptive normative values unedited will reappear.

“In the worst violence since Hosni Mubarak was ousted, armored vehicles sped into a crowd late on Sunday to crack down on a protest near Cairo’s state television.

Online videos showed mangled bodies. Activists said some people were crushed by wheels.

Tension between Muslims and minority Coptic Christians has simmered for years but has worsened since the anti-Mubarak revolt, which gave freer rein to Salafist and other strict Islamist groups that the former president had repressed.”
Egypt Christians vent fury after clashes kill 25, Tamim Elyan, Shaimaa Fayed, Reuters, OCTOBER 10, 2011

Worse there is no Islamic/Muslim existent sacred discourse able to justify and authorise such a 'morality shift' to not determine Other as evil etc. - what has changed nothing - the Muslim normative precepts still remain to provide the necessary cultural force back to Muslim normative behaviour away from Western constructs of 'good' behaviour regards resolution of significant cultural differences. If Muslims want to renounce terror, exclusion and subjugation of Other they will have to renounce Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template there is no other way out. This is going to happen? 

"THE Lakemba Mosque has issued a fatwa against Christmas, warning followers it is a ''sin'' to even wish people a Merry Christmas.
The fatwa, which has sparked widespread community debate and condemnation, warns that the "disbelievers are trying to draw Muslims away from the straight path".
No merriness here: mosque puts fatwa on Christmas, smh, Natalie O'Brien, DECEMBER 23 2012

“'You have to reject them and not only do you have to reject it but you have to disassociate yourself from it,' he said.”

To be a Muslim requires adherence to Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template, a Muslim cannot be 'moderate' under an Others cultural ethos as the Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template requires explicitly Other cultures exclusion, elimination or at least initially subjugation as in the case of Christians and Jews (and as we see in reality even with these two groups they are so circumscribed in Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template as to be destined eventually for elimination). Atheist and other religions well the script is clear. 

"In the past Christians were the majority in Iraq, today we are minority but without us Mosul will never be the same."

He expressed hope that Christians who fled persecution in Mosul would be able to return to their homes now Islamic State militants had been driven out.

"They are not going back because their houses are destroyed or burnt and the church is restoring all of the houses," Patriarch Sako said."
Mosul cathedral holds Christmas Eve mass for first time since Islamic State is driven out, ABC, 25-12-2017

"29 Coptic Christians, including children, were killed by masked gunmen in Egypt last week."
Coptic Christians killed by militants in Egypt, ABC, 31 May 2017

"Haroun, 63, is the youngest of the six women remaining in a community that once numbered 75,000 when the first Arab-Israeli war broke out in 1948."
In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue, Religion News Service, By Jacob Wirtschafter, July 27, 2017

Flinders Street car attack: two men still fighting for their lives, The Age, Melissa Cunningham, DECEMBER 26 2017

'Moderate' is a Muslim soft power-play to avoid being held accountable for the terror-genocide Muslims have committed and will continue to do so because the justification, authority even a demand Muslims do so remains within the Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template.

Best of intentions are meaningless if Muslim terror continues to manifest itself albeit in lulls of so called peace which are simply spaces to build to the next Muslim terror-genocide threshold which it will.

Cultures Worldview cause is why insurgents-terrorists exist:
“The insurgent must, of course, be able to identify themselves totally with the cause or, more precisely, with the entire majority of the population theoretically attached by it.”
Counterinsurgency warfare, theory and practice, David Gulula, 1964

Ethics-Morals-Values-Beliefs-motivation social/political method as per the social-political precepts contained in Muhammad's Quran and Muhammad's life exemplar template. 
“The cleansing is continuing, and we remain very determined,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech late Wednesday. He described a “virus” within the Turkish military and state institutions that had spread like “cancer.”
Turkish authorities granted emergency powers amid ‘cleansing’ after failed coup, wp, By Erin Cunningham and Hugh Naylor, July 21, 2016

''My sacred brothers whose hearts beat with the excitement of a big future Islamic conquest''
In a news conference, he said that his government would not interfere with anyone's way of life.
''Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.''
Erdogan The Erdogan Experiment, NYT, By DEBORAH SONTAG, MAY 11, 2003

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the believers our soldiers." Erdogan, December 1997

"Words are dangerous weapons." New South Wales Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton, 2015.

"words matter" Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin 2015

Strategies founded upon Patience and Pathological Altruism enables enemy cultures to Dissimulate, Adapt, Discover, Improvise to Overcome. Culture’s worldview matters, cultures will tell you what you want to hear, it is what cultures have done and are doing which are the true measure of a culture's word, and threat, not your hope the future will be different, it will not.

The Three Points of The Amman Message V.2
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his pure and noble family
(1) Whosoever is an adherent to one of the four Sunni schools (Mathahib) of Islamic jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi`i andHanbali), the two Shi’i schools of Islamic jurisprudence (Ja`fari and Zaydi), the Ibadi school of Islamic jurisprudence and the Thahirischool of Islamic jurisprudence, is a Muslim. Declaring that person an apostate is impossible and impermissible. Verily his (or her) blood, honour, and property are inviolable. Moreover, in accordance with the Shaykh Al-Azhar’s fatwa, it is neither possible nor permissible to declare whosoever subscribes to the Ash`ari creed or whoever practices real Tasawwuf (Sufism) an apostate. Likewise, it is neither possible nor permissible to declare whosoever subscribes to true Salafi thought an apostate.
Equally, it is neither possible nor permissible to declare as apostates any other group of Muslims who believes in God, Glorified and Exalted be He, and His Messenger (may peace and blessings be upon him), the pillars of faith (Iman), and the five pillars of Islam, and does not deny any necessarily self-evident tenet of religion.

(2) There exists more in common between the various schools of Islamic jurisprudence than there is difference between them. The adherents to the eight schools of Islamic jurisprudence are in agreement as regards the basic principles of Islam. All believe in Allah (God), Glorified and Exalted be He, the One and the Unique; that the Noble Qur’an is the Revealed Word of God preserved and protected by God, Exalted be He, from any change or aberration; and that our master Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him, is a Prophet and Messenger unto all mankind. All are in agreement about the five pillars of Islam: the two testaments of faith (shahadatayn); the ritual prayer (salat); almsgiving (zakat); fasting the month of Ramadan (sawm), and the Hajj to the sacred house of God (in Mecca). All are also in agreement about the foundations of belief: belief in Allah (God), His angels, His scriptures, His messengers, and in the Day of Judgment, in Divine Providence in good and in evil. Disagreements between the ‘ulama (scholars) of the eight schools of Islamic jurisprudence are only with respect to the ancillary branches of religion (furu`) and some fundamentals (usul) [of the religion of Islam]. Disagreement with respect to the ancillary branches of religion (furu`) is a mercy. Long ago it was said that variance in opinion among the ‘ulama (scholars) “is a mercy”.

(3) Acknowledgement of the schools of Islamic jurisprudence (Mathahib) within Islam means adhering to a fundamental methodology in the issuance of fatwas: no one may issue a fatwa without the requisite qualifications of knowledge. No one may issue a fatwa without adhering to the methodology of the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. No one may claim to do unlimited Ijtihad and create a new opinion or issue unacceptable fatwas that take Muslims out of the principles and certainties of the Shari`ahand what has been established in respect of its schools of jurisprudence.

The Grand List of Endorsements of the Amman Message and Its Three Points

(July 2005–July 2006)
Total number of signatures: 552 *
from 84 countries
True Islam and Its Role in Modern Society Conference, Amman (July 2005) [THREE POINTS VERSION 1]
signed 201
Forum of Muslim Ulama and Thinkers, Mecca (September 2005)
endorsed 42
Islamic Schools of Jurisprudence Conference, Aal Al-Bayt University, Jordan (November 2005)
endorsed 33
9th Session of the Council of Ministers of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Kuwait (November 2005)
endorsed 7
3rd Extraordinary Session, OIC, Mecca (December 2005)
endorsed 54
Moderate Islamic Thought and Culture, Amman (April 2006) [THREE POINTS VERSION 1]
signed 55
International Fiqh Academy Conference, Amman (June 2006) [THREE POINTS VERSION 2]
signed 68
Muslims of Europe Conference, Istanbul (July 2006)
endorsed 157
* Many of those who endorsed or signed did so more than once, on separate occasions. Hence the discrepancy in the total number vis-à-vis the sum of the numbers of the conferences.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
1.  H.E. Mr. Hamid Karzai
2.  Amb. Nusair Ahmad Nour §
Afghani Ambassador to Qatar
Islamic Envoy of the Government of Afghanistan
Republic of Albania
1.  H.E. Mr. Florent Celiku
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  Mr. Tahir Zenelhasani π
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
1.  H.E. Mr. Abdel Aziz Belkhadem
Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  H.E. Lakhdar Ibrahimi §
Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations;
Former Foreign Minister of Algeria
3.  Prof. Dr. Abd Allah bin al-Hajj Muhammad Al Ghulam Allah §
Minister of Religious Affairs
4.  Dr. Mustafa Sharif §
Minister of Higher Education and Former Algerian Ambassador in Cairo
5.  Shaykh Yusuf bin Mahdi
Professor and Member of the Fatwa Committee in Algeria
6.  Dr. Sa‘id Shayban §
Former Minister of Religious Affairs
7.  Prof. Dr. Ammar Al-Talibi §
Department of Philosophy, University of Algeria
8.  Mr. Abu Jara Al-Sultani § ≈
Head of the Algerian Peace Society Movement
9.  Dr. Ammar Jaydal *
Batina University
10.              Dr. Muhammad Zurman *
Batina University
Commonwealth of Australia
1.  Shaykh Salim ‘Ulwan al-Hassani fatwa §
Secretary General Darulfatwa, Islamic High Council
2.  Ms. Maha Karim Abdo
Republic of Austria
1.  Prof. Anas Al-Shaqfa § π
Head of the Islamic Commission
2.  Ayman Aly π
Federation of the Islamic Organizations in Europe, Graz
3.  Mr. Tarafa Baghajati § π
Initiative of Austrian Muslims
Republic of Azerbaijan
1.  H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliev
2.  Shaykh Al-Islam Allah-Shakur bin Hemmat Bashazada §
Grand Mufti and Head of the Muslim Administration of the Caucasus
Kingdom of Bahrain
1.  H.M. King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
2.  Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Sutri §
Minister of Justice
3.  Dr. Farid bin Ya‘qub Al-Miftah § ¶
Undersecretary of the Ministry for Islamic Affairs
4.  Mr. Mansour Al-Jamri
5.  Dr. Ibrahim Fadil Al-Dibbo
Professor, Faculty of Humanities, University of Bahrain
People’s Republic of Bangladesh
1.  H.E. Begum Khaleda Zia
Prime Minister
2.  Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Hasan Sadiq §
President of the Asian University of Bangladesh
3.  Prof. Shamshir Ali
President of the Academy of Sciences
and University Vice-President
1.  Mr. Ismail Batakli π
Professor of Islamic Studies
2.  Mr. Mohamed Boulif π
President, Islamic Executive Council
3.  Mr. Ahmed Bouziane π
4.  Dr. Karim Chemlal π
Pasteur Institute, Lille
5.  Mrs. Malika Hamidi-Hosseinpour π
Coordinator, European Muslim Network
6.  Mr. Ibrahim Kocaoglu π
7.  Sheikh Yacob Mahi π
Professor of Islamic Studies, Athénée Royal Léonardo da Vinci
8.  Dr. Abdelmajid Mhauchi π
Professor of Islamic Studies
9.  Mr. Khallad Swaid π
President, Forum of the European Muslim Youth
and Student Organization (FEMYSO)
Republic of Benin
1.  H.E. Mr. Dzulkifli Salami
Senior Minister of Planning, Economy and Development
2.  Shaykh Fathi Shitu
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1.  Prof. Dr. Shaykh Mustafa Ceric § π
Head of the ‘Ulama’ and Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2.  Prof. Hasan Makic §
Mufti of Bihac
3.  H.E. Professor Enes Karic
Professor in Faculty of Islamic Studies
4.  Prof. Anes Ljevakovic §
Researcher and Lecturer, Islamic Studies College
5.  Dr. Ahmet Alibasic π
Lecturer, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Sarajevo
6.  Mr. Amer Bukvic π
Islamic Development Bank
7.  Imam Senaid Kobilica π
Vice President, Islamic Council of Norway
8.  Mr. Mirnes Kovac π
Journalist, Preporod Islamic Newspaper
9.  Dr. Sukrija Ramic π
University of Zenica
Brunei Darussalam
1.  H.M. Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah
2.  Prof. Suhaili bin Hajj Muhyi Al-Din
Deputy Mufti of Brunei
Burkina Faso
1.  H.E. Mr. Youssouf Ouedraogo
Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  Dr. Abu Bakr Dakuri ¶ ◊
Member of the Executive Council, ISESCO
Federative Republic of Brazil
1.  Shaykh Ali Muhammad Abduni §
Representative of the International Islamic Youth Club in Latin America;
Accredited Religious Representative of the Dar Al-Fatwa of the Republic of
Lebanon in Sao Paolo
Republic of Cameroon
1.  H.E. Mr. Marfa Hamidou Yaya
Minister of State
2.  Shaykh Mahmud Malbakri
Imam, Grand Mosque and President of the Council of ‘Ulama’
1.  Shaykh Faraz Rabbani §
Hanafi Scholar,
2.  Mr. Fouzan Khan π
Reviving the Islamic Spirit Organization
Republic of Chad
1.  H.E. Mr. Idris Derby
2.  Shaykh Dr. Hussein Hasan Abkar §
President, Higher Council; for Islamic Affairs
Imam of Muslims, Chad
3.  Mr. Tijani Sabun Muhammad
Union of Comoros
1.  H.E. Mr. Kub Mohamed Lisharti
Deputy President
Republic of Cote d’Ivoire
1.  H.E. Mr. Hamza Salleh
Ambassador in Riyadh
1.  Imam Fatih Alev π
Danish Association of Cybermuslims
Republic of Djibouti
1.  H.E. Mr. Ismail Omar Gulleh
2.  Shaykh Abd Al-Rahman Sulayman Bashir
Member of the Higher Judiciary Council
Arab Republic of Egypt
1.  H.E. Mr. Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
2.  H.E. Grand Imam Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi fatwa
Shaykh al-Azhar
3.  Prof. Dr. Mahmud Hamdi Zaqzuq § ∞
Minister of Religious Affairs
4.  Prof. Dr. Ali Jumu‘a fatwa § * ∫ ◊
Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt
5.  Prof. Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyib §
President of Al-Azhar University
6.  Prof. Dr. Kamal Abu Al-Majd §
Islamic Intellectual; Former Minister of Information; Attorney in the Court
of Cassation and International Specialist in Judiciary Affairs
7.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi Abu Al-Nur § *
Former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt;
Professor in the Faculty of Islamic Law, Yarmouk University, Jordan
8.  Prof. Dr. Fawzi Al-Zifzaf §
Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Noble Al-Azhar for Dialogue
Among the Heavenly Religions; Member of the Academy of Islamic Research
9.  Prof. Dr. Hasan Hanafi §
Researcher and Islamic Intellectual, Department of Philosophy,
Cairo University; Fellow of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
10.              Prof. Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Al-Kahlawi §
Secretary of the General Union of Islamic Archaeologists;
Dean of the Faculty of Antiquities, Fayyum Branch, Cairo University
11.              Prof. Dr. Ayman Fuad Sayyid §
Former Secretary General, Dar al-Kutub Al-Misriyya
12.              Shaykh Dr. Zaghlul Najjar §
Head of the Committee on The Miraculous Nature of the Qur’an in the Higher
Council for Islamic Affairs, Egypt
13.              Shaykh Moez Masood §
Islamic Missionary
14.              Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Dasuqi *
Researcher and Member of the Forum for the
Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Jurisprudence
15.              Mr. Amr Khaled π
Islamic Missionary
16.              Mr. Bara Kherigi π
Director, Awakening Records
17.              Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat π
Department of Political Science, Cairo University
18.              Dr. Ja‘far Abdussalam
President of the League of Islamic Universities
19.              Dr. Shawqi Ahmad Dunya
Dean of the (Womens’) Faculty of Commerce, Al-Azhar University
20.              Dr. ‘Umar ‘Abd Al-Kafi
21.              Dr. Huda ‘Abd Al-Sami‘
22.              Eng. ‘Amr Faruk Farid
23.              Mr. Muhammad Al-Samman Lutfi
24.              Eng. Abu Al-‘Ala Madi
25.              Dr. ‘Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Masiri
26.              Dr. ‘Abd Al-Halim Oweis
27.              Mr. Ahmad Sha‘ban
28.              Mr. Husam Tammam
29.              Mr. Muntasir Al-Zayyat
30.              Dr. Raged al-Sirjani §
31.              Dr. Muhammad Hidaya §
32.              Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Mun‘im Abu Zayd
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, Department of Islamic Economics,
Yarmouk University
Republic of France
1.  Shaykh Prof. Dalil Abu Bakr §
Chairman of the France Supreme Council of the Islamic Religion
and Dean of the Paris Mosque
2.  Dr. Husayn Rais §
Director of Cultural Affairs, Paris Grand Mosque
3.  Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Majid Al-Najjar *
President of the Islamic Centre, Paris
4.  Dr. Fouad Alaoui π
President, Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF)
5.  Ms. Fatiha Ajbli π
6.  Ms. Siham Andalouci π
Member, Présence Musulman
7.  Dr. Ahmed Bakcan π
Representative, Milli Görüs
8.  Mr. Abdelwaheb Bakli π
President, Muslim Youth of France
9.  Shaykh Khalid Adlen Bentounes π
Alawiyah Sufi Order; Honorary President of the International
Association of the Friends of Islam
10.              Mr. El Hadji Babou Biteye π
President, Muslim Students of France (EMF)
11.              Mr. Laj Thami Breze π
Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF)
12.              Mr. Haydar Demiryürek π
Secretary General, The Islamic Council of France
13.              Dr. Boubaker El Hadj Amor π
Treasurer, Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF)
14.              Shaykh Ounis Guergah π
Head of the Fatwa House, Paris
15.              Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Harman π
DITIP, Germany
16.              Mr. Fouad Imarraine π
Collecive of Muslims of France
17.              Dr. Ahmed Jaballah π
Member of the European Council for Fatwa and Reseach, France
18.              Mrs. Noura Ben Hamouda Jaballah π
President of European women forum (France)
19.              Dr. Zuhair Mahmood π
Institute for the Human Sciences (IESH), Paris
20.              Dr. Mohamed Mestiri π
Director, International Institute of Islamic Thought, Paris
21.              Mr. Abdelmajid Najar π
22.              Ms. Nora Rami π
Free Community Organization, Paris
23.              Shaykh Zakaria Seddiki π
24.              Dr. Muhamad Bashari
President, Federal Society for Muslims in France
Republic of Gabon
1.  H.E. Elhadj Ali Bongo Awadamba
Minister of National Defence and Chairman of Supreme Council
for Islamic Affairs and Special Envoy of the President
Republic of Gambia
1.  H.E. Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh
2.  Mr. Samba Fall
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Youth, Sport, and Religious Affairs Gambia.
3.  Prof. Dr. Omar Jah ¶ ◊
Former Deputy Assistant to the President for Special Assistance Programs
at the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah
Federal Republic of Germany
1.  Prof. Dr. Murad Hofmann §
Former German Ambassador to Morocco; Intellectual and Researcher
2.  Shaykh Salah Al-Din Al-Ja‘farawi §
Assistant Secretary-General of World Council for Islamic Propagation
3.  Mr. Ridvan Çakir π
President, Turkish-Islamic Union of Germany
4.  Shaykh Bashir Ahmad Dultz π
German Muslim League
5.  Mr. Belal El-Mogaddedi π
6.  Mr. Ibrahim F. El-Zayat π
Head of Public Relations, Federation of Islamic Organisations
in Europe (FIOE)
7.  Dr. Sabiha El-Zayat π
Centre for Islamic Women Studies, Institute for the Human
Sciences (IESH), Paris
8.  Mr. Mesud Gülbahar π
IGMG President of Youth Organisations, Germany
9.  Mr. Ali Kizilkaya π
Head, Islamic Council of Germany
10.              Dr. Eyüp A. Köhler π
11.              Mr. Michael Muhammed Abduh Pfaff π
German Muslim League
12.              Mr. Celal Tüter π
IGMG President of University Org., Germany
13.              Mr. Recep Yildirim π
Europe Association of Turkish Cultural Centers, Germany
14.              Mr. Osman Yoba π
15.              Mr. Nabil Chabib
Republic of Guinea
1.  H.E. Mr. Cellou Dalein Diallo
Prime Minister
2.  Mr. Al-Husayni Diallo
Inspector General, Ministry of Justice
3.  Prof. Dr. Qutb Mustafa Sanu
Department of Usul al-Fiqh, International Islamic University of Malaysia
Republic of India
1.  H.E. Maulana Mahmood Madani § π
Member of Parliament; General Secretary, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hindi
2.  Prince Ja‘far Al-Sadiq Mufaddal Sayf Al-Din §
Islamic Intellectual
3.  Prince Taha Sayf Al-Din §
Islamic Intellectual
4.  Prof. Dr. Sayyid Awsaf Ali §
President of Hamdard University
5.  Prof. Dr. Akhtar Al-Wasi §
Head of the Bureau of Islamic Studies, Dean of the College of Humanities
and Languages; Director of the Dhakir Husayn Centre for Islamic Studies
Republic of Indonesia
1.  H.E. Dr. Alawi bin Shihab
Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare
and Special Envoy of the President
2.  Dr Muhammad Maftuh Basyuni
Minister of Religious Affairs
3.  Dr. Tutty Alawiyah §
President, Al-Shafi‘i Islamic University
4.  Amb. Rabhan Abd Al-Wahhab §
Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
5.  Shaykh Al-Hajj Ahmad Hashim Muzadi §
Chairman of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia
6.  Shaykh Rozy Munir §
Vice-Chairman of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia
7.  Mr. Muhamad Iqbal Sullam §
International Conference of Islamic Scholars, Indonesia
8.  Dr. Muhammad Masyuri Naim
Professor, Islamic University
9.  Prof. Dr. M. Din Syamsuddin π
Chairman of Muhammadiyah
Islamic Republic of Iran
1.  Supreme Spiritual Leader Grand Ayatollah
Al-Sayyid Ali Khamenei fatwa
2.  H.E. Dr. Mahmood Ahmedinejad
3.  Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Muhammad Ali Al-Taskhiri fatwa § ¶ ◊
Secretary General, Forum for the Proximity of the Islamic
Schools of Jurisprudence
4.  Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Fadil Lankarani fatwa
5.  Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Waez-zadeh Al-Khorasani § ◊
Former Secretary General, Forum for the Proximity of the Islamic Schools
of Jurisprudence
6.  Grand Ayatollah Prof. Dr. Al-Sayyid Mustafa Mohaghegh Damad §
Director of the Academy of Sciences; Justice in the Ministry of Justice;
Head of the Inspectorate General
7.  Hujjat Al-Islam Dr. Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraqi §
Chairman of the Cultural League and Islamic Relations in the
Islamic Republic of Iran
8.  Dr. Al-Sayyid Mahmoud Mar‘ashi Al-Najafi §
Head of the Grand Ayatollah Mar‘ashi Al-Najafi Library
9.  Dr. Muhammad Ali Adharshab §
Secretary-General, Arab-Iranian Friendship Society
10.              Mr. Murtada Hashim Bur Qadi §
Secretary-General, Bureau for International Relations, Great Islamic Encyclopaedia
11.              Shaykh Abbas Ali Sulaymani §
Representative of the Supreme Spiritual Leader in Eastern Iran
12.              Mr. Ghulam Rida Mirzai §
Member, Consultative Council
13.              Dr. Syed Muhammad Rida Khatimi §
Political leader; Former Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament
14.              Shaykh Muhammad Shari‘ati §
Former Advisor to the President of Iran; Member of Parliament
15.              Amb. Muhammad Kazem Khuwansari
Permanent Representative of Iran to the Organization of the Islamic Conference
16.              Mr. Ma Sha Allah Mahmoud Shams Al-Waithin §
Journalist and Writer
17.              Dr. Ruqayya Rustum Yurmaki *
Imam Sadiq University
18.              Dr. Mojgan Sakhaei *
Imam Sadiq University
19.              Shaykh Ahmad Mablaghi
Professor, Qom Seminary
20.              Dr. Gholam Reza Noor-Mohammadi
Director, Centre for Islamic Medical Research, Imam al-Sadiq University, Qom;
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tehran
21.              Shaykh Hassan Jawahiri Zadeh
Professor, Religious Seminary, Qom
Republic of Iraq
1.  H.E. Mr. Jalal Talabani
2.  Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Ali Sistani fatwa
3.  Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Ishaq Al-Fayad fatwa
4.  Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Muhammad Sa‘id Al-Hakim fatwa
5.  Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Bashir Al-Najafi fatwa
6.  Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Shaykh Hussein Isma‘il Al-Sadr fatwa
7.  Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Husayn Al-Mu‘ayyad § *
Knowledge Forum, Baghdad
8.  Grand Ayatollah Ahmad al-Bahadili §
Islamic Missionary
9.  Shaykh Dr. Harith Al-Dari
Head of Ulema organization
10.              Dr. Muhsin ‘Abd Al-Hamid
11.              Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Ghaffur Al-Samara‘i §
Head of the Diwan of the Sunni Waqf
12.              Al-Sayyid Abd al-Sahib Al-Khoei §
Secretary General, Imam Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation
13.              Al-Sayyid Muhammad Al-Musawi §
Secretary General, World Islamic Ahl Al-Bayt League
14.              Shaykh Dr. Mahmoud Muhammad Dawud Al-Sumayda‘i
15.              Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Duri §
Researcher and Historian, Department of History, University of Jordan;
Fellow of Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
16.              Prof. Dr. Bashshar Awwad Marouf § *
Researcher and Editor; Fellow of Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
17.              Shaykh Abbas Ali Kashif Al-Ghita §
College of Islamic Studies, University of al-Kufa
18.              Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Najdi §
Islamic Intellectual
19.              Shaykh Walid Faraj Allah Al-Asadi §
College of Islamic Studies, University of al-Kufa
20.              Shaykh Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Kubaysi § ≈
Missionary and Islamic Intellectual
21.              Prof. Ghanem Jawad §
Director of Cultural Affairs, Khoei Benevolent Foundation
22.              Mr. Muhammad Allawi §
Assistant Director General, World Islamic Ahl Al-Bayt League
23.              Prof. Sa‘d Al-Malla §
Islamic Intellectual
24.              Dr. Mustafa Abd Al-Ilah Kamal Al-Din §
Islamic Intellectual
25.              Prof. Dr. Adnan Ali Al-Faraji *
Islamic University
26.              Dr. Aziz Rashid Al-Dayini *
Islamic University
27.              Dr. Abd Al-Qadir Mustafa Al-Muhammadi *
Islamic University
28.              Mr. ‘Ala’ Al-Din Al-Mudarris *
Researcher and Historian
Republic of Ireland
1.  Mr. Nooh al-Kaddo π
Director, Islamic Cultural Centre of Irelands
Italian Republic
1.  Mr. Yahya Sergio Pallavicini § π
Vice President, Islamic Religious Community of Italy (CO.RE.IS.)
2.  Dr. Ali Abu Shwaima π
Head, Islamic Centre of Milan
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1.  H.M. King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein
2.  Prof. Dr. HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad § π
Personal Envoy and Special Advisor to HM King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein;
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for
Islamic Thought
3.  Shaykh Izzedine Al-Khatib Al-Tamimi §
Islamic Affairs Advisor to HM the King; Chief Justice
4.  Prof. Dr. Abdul-Salam Al-Abbadi § ¶ ∞ ◊
Former Minister of Islamic Affairs; President, Aal al-Bayt University
5.  Prof. Dr. Shaykh Ahmad Hlayyel § ≈
Advisor to HM the King and Imam of the Royal Court
6.  Shaykh Said Al-Hijjawi § ≈
Grand Mufti of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
7.  Mr. Akel Bultaji §
Advisor to HM the King
8.  Prof. Dr. Khalid Touqan §
Minister of Education; Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
9.  H.E. Shaykh Salim Falahat §
Director General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan
10.              H.E. Shaykh Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Khayyat § ◊
Former Minister of Religious Affairs
11.              Shaykh Nuh Al-Quda §
Former Mufti of the Jordanian Armed Forces
12.              Prof. Dr. Khalid Al-Karaki §
Deputy-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Aal al-Bayt
Institute for Islamic Thought; President of Jerash Private University
13.              Prof. Dr. Ishaq Al-Farhan §
President of Zarqa Private University;
Former Minister of Education
14.              Prof. Kamil Ismail Hamdan Al-Sharif § ¶
Secretary General, International Council for Islamic Propagation and Relief
15.              Dr. Abd Al-Latif Arabiyyat §
Former Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament;
Chairman of the Consultative Committee of the Islamic Action Front
16.              Shaykh Abd Al-Karim Salim Sulayman Al-Khasawneh §
Grand Mufti of the Jordanian Armed Forces
17.              Prof. Dr. Adel Al-Toweisi § *
Former President of Aal al-Bayt University; Minister of Culture
18.              Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Ghaydhan §
Dean of the University Faculty of Religion, Balqa’ Applied University
19.              Shaykh Hasan Al-Saqqaf §
Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Aal al-Bayt
Institute for Islamic Thought; Director of Imam Al-Nawawi Publishers and Distributors
20.              Eng. Marwan Al-Faouri § ≈
Chairman of the Forum for Moderation in Thought and Culture
21.              Mrs. Nawal Al-Faouri § ◊
Educator and Islamic Intellectual
22.              Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Nasir Abu Al-Basal § ◊
Former Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Law, Yarmouk University
23.              Mr. Bilal Al-Tal § ◊
Editor-in-Chief, Liwa’ Newspaper
24.              Prof. Dr. Azmi Taha Al-Sayyid §
College of Jurisprudential and Legal Studies, Aal al-Bayt University
25.              Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hisham Sultan *
Vice-President for Islamic Studies, Aal al-Bayt University
26.              Prof. Dr. Ziyad Al-Daghamin *
Dean of the College of Jurisprudential and Juridical Studies,
Head of the Preparatory Committee of the Internal Islamic Conference
27.              Dr. Rashid Sa‘id Shahwan
Faculty of Islamic Propagation and the Fundamentals of Religion,
Balqa Applied University
28.              Prof. Dr. Qahtan Al-Duri *
Aal al-Bayt University
29.              Prof. Dr. Sharif Al-Shaykh Salih Al-Khatib *
Aal al-Bayt University
30.              Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Majid Al-Salahin *
Dean of the College of Islamic Law, University of Jordan
31.              Dr. Hayil ‘Abd Al-Hafiz
32.              Shaykh ‘Abd Al-Karim Al-‘Akor
33.              Mr. Haytham Al-‘Amayreh
34.              Dr. Muhammad Al-Khatib
35.              Mr. Hatim Al-Manasir
36.              Dr. Malik Al-Moumini
37.              Dr. Muhammad Al-Qada
38.              Dr. Fayez Al-Rabi‘
Republic of Kazakhstan
1.  H.E. Mr. Askar Mussinov
Ambassador in Riyadh and Special Envoy of the President
Republic of Kenya
1.  Shaykh Abdullahi Abdi π
Chief Executive Officer, Northern Aid
State of Kuwait
1.  H.H. Shaykh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah
Prime Minister
2.  Dr. Abdullah Matuq al-Matuq
Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs
3.  Prof. Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Al-Ghoneim §
Head of the Kuwaiti Centre for Research and Study
4.  Dr. Adel Abdullah Al-Fallah §
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs
5.  Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghaffar Al-Sharif
Secretary-General, Secretariat General of Religious Affairs
6.  Dr. Muhammad Abd Allah Ja‘far Al-Sharif
Undersecretary of Waqf Foundation
7.  Dr. Khaled Madhkour Abdallah Madhkour
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, University of Kuwait
8.  Mr. Mutlaq Rashed Al-Qarawi
9.  Shaykh Dr. ‘Ajil Jassim al-Nashami
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, University of Kuwait
10.              Dr. Ahmad Raja‘i al-Jundi
Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, Kuwait
Kyrgyz Republic
1.  H.E. Mr. Dastan Sarygulov
Secretary of State
Republic of Lebanon
1.  H.E. Mr. Fouad Sinoura
Prime Minister
2.  Prof. Dr. Hisham Nashabeh §
Chairman of the Board of Higher Education
Dean of Education at Makassed Association
3.  Al-Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah fatwa
4.  Shaykh Muhammad Rashid Qabbani
Grand Mufti, Republic of Lebanon (Mufti of the Sunni Muslims)
5.  Prof. Dr. Sayyid Hani Fahs § ≈
Member of the Higher Shi‘i Council
6.  Shaykh Abdullah al-Harari fatwa §
Head of the Habashi Order
7.  Prof. Dr. Ridwan Al-Sayyid §
Faculty of Humanities, Lebanese University; Editor-in-Chief,
Al-Ijtihad Magazine
8.  Prof. Muhammad Al-Sammak § ¶
Secretary-General of the National Council for Islamic-Christian Dialogue;
Secretary-General for the Islamic Spiritual Summit
9.  Ja‘fari Qadi Shaykh Asad Allah Al-Harashi §
Higher Islamic Shi‘i Council
10.              Shaykh Khalil Al-Mays § ◊
Mufti of Zahleh and Western Beqa‘
11.              Shaykh Abd Al-Emir Qublan §
Deputy Head of the Higher Shi‘i Counci
12.              Prof. Dr. Zakariyya Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Misri *
Imam Al-Awza‘i University
13.              Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Sahmarani *
Imam Al-Awza‘i University
14.              Dr. Muhammad ‘Assaf
15.              Dr. As‘ad Al-Sahmarani
16.              Shaykh Abd Al-Naser Jabri
17.              Shaykh Jamil Muhammad Husseini fatwa §
18.              Mr. Hasan Farhat §
State of Libya
1.  H.E. Mr. Abdel Rahman Mohamed Shalqam
Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  Prof. Ibrahim Ali Abu Al-Qasim Al-Rabu § ¶
Secretary of the Office of Conferences, International Islamic Propagation Society
3.  Dr. Al-Ujaili Farhat Al-Miri §
Official for Dialogue in the International Islamic Popular Leadership
4.  Dr. Muhammad Al-Ziyadi
President, International Islamic Call University
5.  Prof. Dr. Hamzah Abu Faris *
Al-Fatih University
6.  Mr. Abd Al-Salam Muhammad Al-Sharif Al-Alim *
Al-Fatih University
Republic of Macedonia
1.  Mr. Rufat Sherifi π
1.  H.E. Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
Prime Minister
2.  Dr. Anwar Ibrahim § π
Former Deputy Prime Minister
3.  Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman §
Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister
4.  Prof. Dr. Kamal Hasan
President of the Islamic International University, Kuala Lumpur
5.  Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali § π
Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation
6.  Mr. Shahidan Kasem §
First Minister of Perlis State, Malaysia
7.  Mr. Khayri Jamal Al-Din §
Deputy Chairman for the Youth Sector, the United Malays
National Organisation
8.  Dr. Salih Qadir Karim Al-Zanki *
International Islamic University
Republic of Maldives
1.  H.E. Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
2.  Dr. Mahmud Al-Shawqi §
Minister of Education
3.  Shaykh Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim
President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs
Republic of Mali
1.  H.E. Mr. Amadou Toumani Toure
2.  Mr. Sidi Mohamed Youssouf Djire
General President of the Islamic Foundation for Production
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
1.  H.E. Mr. Al Ould Mohamed Fal
2.  H.E. Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah fatwa π
Former Vice President of Mauritania;
Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars
3.  Mr. Al-Hajj Wuld Al-Haji Ahmad
Advisor to the Minister of Education and Islamic Guidance
4.  Mr. Cheikhna Bin Bayyah π
Republic of Mauritius
1.  Shaykh Ghulam Muhammad §
Chairman and Secretary General of the Blue Crescent Society
Republic of Moldova
1.  Mr. Abdulraheem Aljabari π
Kingdom of Morocco
1.  H.M. King Mohammed VI
2.  Prof. Dr. Abbas Al-Jarari § ¶
Advisor to HM the King
3.  Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Hadi Bu Talib §
Former Advisor to HM the King
4.  Amb. Al-Makki Kawan
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Kuwait,
representing Dr. Ahmad Al-Tawfiq,
Minister of Religious Affairs, Kingdom of Morocco
5.  Prof. Dr. Abdelhadi Al-Tazi §
Fellow of the Royal Moroccan Academy; Former Ambassador
6.  Prof. Dr. Mohammad Farouk Al-Nabhan §
Former Director of Dar Al-Hadith Al-Hasaniyya
7.  Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shawqi Benbin §
Director of the Hasaniyya Library
8.  Dr. Hamdati Chbihanna Malainine
Member, Supreme Constitutional Council;
President, Regional Scientific Council, Al-Qunaitra
9.  Prof. Dr. Najat Al-Marini §
Department of Arabic Language, Mohammed V University
10.              Dr. Abdul Filali Ansary §
Director, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations, Aga Khan University
11.              Dr. Abdel-Kabeer Al-Madghari
Former Minister of Waqf and Islamic Affairs
12.              Dr. Maryam Ayat Ahmad
13.              Mr. Muhammad Al-Amin
14.              Mr. Muhammad Tullabi
15.              Dr. Sa‘d Al-Din Al-‘Uthmani
Republic of Mozambique
1.  H.E. Mr. Aris Ali
Minister of Education and Culture
The Netherlands
1.  Mr. Zakaria Hamidi π
Director, New Horizon
Republic of Niger
1.  H.E. Mr. Hama Amadou
Prime Minister
Federal Republic of Nigeria
1.  H.E. Mr Ibrahim Mousa Kazawari
Ambassador in Riyadh
2.  H.H. Prince Haji Ado Bayero §
Emir of Kano
3.  Mr. Sulayman Osho §
Secretary General of the Islamic Conference for Africa
4.  Dr. Ahmad Limu
Head, Organization of the Islamic Endowment for Education and Guidance
5.  Dr. Al-Khidr Abd Al-Baqi Muhammad *
Researcher and Writer
Kingdom of Norway
1.  Mr. Brahim Belkilani π
Journalist, ITRI
2.  Dr. Lena Larsen π
Coordinator, The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief,
Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo
Sultanate of Oman
1.  H.H. Al Syed Asaad bin Tareq Al Said
Special Envoy of the Sultan
2.  Shaykh Ahmad bin Hamad Al-Khalili fatwa § ¶ ◊
Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman
3.  Shaykh Ahmad bin Sa‘ud Al-Siyabi § ◊
General Secretary in the Office of the Grand Mufti
4.  Dr. Abd Allah Mubarak Al-Shanfari
University Professor, University of Dhofar
5.  Shaykh Dr. Kahlan bin Nahban Al-Kharusi * ≈
Jurisprudential Advisor in the Office for the Issuance of Fatwas
6.  Mr. Aflah bin Ahmad Al-Khalili *
Researcher in the Office for the Issuance of Fatwas
7.  Abd Al-Latif Al-Humaym
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
1.  H.E. General Pervez Musharraf
2.  H.E. Ambassador Muhammad Aslam
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Kuwait
representing Dr. Muhammad I‘jaz Al-Haqq, Minister of Religious
Affairs, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
3.  Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani fatwa ¶ ◊
Deputy Chairman, Islamic Fiqh Council, Jeddah;
Vice President, Dar al-Ulum, Karachi
4.  Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri § π
Director General, Centre for Islamic Research, Islamabad
5.  Prof. Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari §
Director General, Centre for Islamic Research, Islamabad
6.  Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi § π
Researcher and Islamic Intellectual
7.  H.E. Ambassador Arif Kamal §
Ambassador of the Republic of Pakistan to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
8.  H.E. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Ghazi §
President, Islamic University, Islamabad;
Former Minister of Religious Affairs, Pakistan
State of Palestine
1.  H.E. Mr. Ahmed Qorei
Prime Minister
2.  Shaykh Dr. Ikrimah Sabri § ≈ ◊
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and All of Palestine;
Imam of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque
3.  Shaykh Taysir Rajab Al-Tamimi § ≈
Chief Justice of Palestine
4.  Dr. Mustafa Mahmud Yusuf Abu Suway
Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy
and Islamic Studies in Al-Quds University
5.  Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Salibi *
Al-Najah University
6.  Dr. Marwan Ali Al-Qaddumi *
Al-Najah University
Republic of Poland
1.  Dr. Samir Ismail π
Portuguese Republic
1.  Mr. Abdool Magid Vakil § π
Chairman, Banco Efisa
2.  Mr. Sohail Nakhooda § π
Editor-in-Chief, Islamica Magazine
State of Qatar
1.  H.E. Shaykh Hamad bin Jassem Al Thani
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  Prof. Dr. Shaykh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi fatwa § π
Director of the Sunna and Sira Council;
Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars
3.  Shaykh Thaqil bin Sayer Zayd Al-Shammari ◊ ¶
Justice, Court of Cassation, Member of the Supreme Judicial Council
4.  Prof. Dr. Aisha Al-Mana‘i §
Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Law, University of Qatar
5.  Shaykh Abd Al-Rahman bin Abd Allah bin Zayd Al Mahmud
Member of Prominent Persons Committee,
Organization of the Islamic Conference
6.  Dr. Ali Muhyi Al-Din Qaradaghi
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, University of Qatar
7.  Dr. Ali Ahmad Al-Salus
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, University of Qatar
8.  Shaykh Mohammad Haj Yusuf Ahmad
Imam, Doha Mosque
Russian Federation
1.  Shaykh Rawi Ayn Al-Din §
Mufti; Head of the Muslim Religious Administration
2.  Prof. Dr. Said Hibatullah Kamilev § ¶
Director, Moscow Institute of Islamic Civilisation
3.  Dr. Murad Murtazein §
President, Islamic University, Moscow
4.  Mr. Rushan Abassoof §
Director of External Affairs Department of Council of Muftis, Russia
5.  Mr. Yakupov Valiulla π
Assistant to the Chief Mufti of Tatarstan
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1.  H.M. King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud
King of Saudi Arabia; Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
2.  Dr. Abd Al-Aziz bin Uthman Al-Touaijiri § ¶
Director General, The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)
3.  H.E. Shaykh Abd Allah Sulayman bin Mani‘
Member, Council of Senior ‘Ulama’ of Saudi Arabia
4.  Dr. Hassan bin Mohamed Safar
Professor, Islamic Studies Department, Faculty of Humanities
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah
5.  Mr. Abobakr Abdelfatah π
6.  Shaykh Ali Baddahdah π
7.  Dr. Salih Al-Wuhaibi
8.  Shaykh ‘Abd Allah Yahya
9.  Mr. Nabil Abd Al-Ilah Nassif
Assistant to the President for Assistance Affairs, IDB, Jeddah
10.              Dr. Muhammad Jabr Al-Alfi
Professor, Higher Judiciary Institute, Department
of Comparative Jurisprudence, Riyadh
11.              Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya bin Hasan Al-Najimi
Associate Professor, King Fahd Defence College
12.              Dr. Ahmad Abd al-Alim Abd Al-Latif
Researcher, Department of Studies, The International
Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah
13.              Dr. Abd Al-Qahir Qamar
Researcher, Department of Studies, The International
Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah
14.              Shaykh al-Habib Muhammad bin Abdurrahman al-Saqqaf §
15.              Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Bar
King Fahd Centre for Medical Research
Republic of Senegal
1.  H.E. Mr. Abdoulaye Wade
2.  Mr. Al-Hajj Mustafa Sisi § ≈
Special Advisor to the President of Senegal
3.  Prof. Abdallah Bah §
President of the Union of Volunteers in Islamic Education and Culture
4.  Prof. Abadir Tiyam
University Press and President of the National Society, Dakar
5.  Prof. Ahmad Mukhtar Embo
Former Director General, UNESCO, Paris
6.  Prof. Rohan Mbaye
Director, Islamic Institute, Dakar
Republic of Sierra Leone
1.  H.E. Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah
Republic of Singapore
1.  Dr. Yaqub Ibrahim §
Minister of the Environment and Water Resources, and Muslim Affairs
Republic of Somalia
1.  H.E. Mr. Abdullah Youssef Ahmed
Republic of South Africa
1.  Shaykh Ibrahim Gabriels §
Head of South African ‘Ulama’
Kingdom of Spain
1.  Mr. Mansur Escudero π
Spanish Islamic Commission
2.  Mr. Ali Boussaid π
Islamic League for Dialogue and Conviviality
Republic of the Sudan
1.  H.E. General Omar Hassan Al Bashir
2.  Abd Al-Rahman Sawar Al-Dhahab §
Former President of the Republic of Sudan
3.  Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi
Former Prime Minister of Sudan
Head of ansar movement
4.  Dr. Isam Ahmad Al-Bashir § ¶
Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs
5.  Mr. Tariq Ali Bakhit
Director in the General Secretariat and
Head of Cultural and Islamic Thought Committee, Khartoum
6.  Prof. Dr. Izz al-Din Umar Musa §
Lecturer in the Department of History, Malik Saud University, Riyadh
7.  Dr. Muhammad Mahjub Harun
Journalist and University Professor, University of Khartoum
8.  Dr. Ahmad Ali Al-Imam
Advisor to the Sudanese President
9.  Dr. Mustafa ‘Uthman Isma‘il
Former Foreign Minister of Sudan
Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the Arab League
10.              Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Uthman
Secretary General, Supreme Judiciary Council
11.              Dr. Ahmad Khaled Babacar
Secretary General of the Islamic Fiqh Academy of Sudan
Kingdom of Sweden
1.  Mr. Mahmoud Khalfi Driri π
Swiss Confederation
1.  Prof. Tariq Ramadan § π
Islamic intellectual
Syrian Arab Republic
1.  H.E. Mr. Farouk Al-Sharaa’
Minister of Foreign Affairs
2.  Shaykh Dr. Ahmad Badr Hasoun §
Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic
3.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sa‘id Ramadan Al-Buti § ≈
Head of the Religion Department, Faculty of Law, University of Damascus
4.  Prof. Dr. Shaykh Wahba Mustafa Al-Zuhayli § ≈ ¶ ◊
Head of Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and its Schools,
Islamic Law Faculty, Damascus University
5.  Dr. Salah Al-Din Ahmad Kuftaro §
Director General, Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro Academy and Islamic Intellectual
6.  Dr. Muhammad Tawfiq Sa‘id Al-Buti §
Professor of Shari‘ah at Damascus University
7.  Dr. Mahmud Al-Sayyid
Academic Researcher in the Centre of Islamic Studies,
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
8.  Shaykh Abdallah Adhami § π
Islamic missionary and scholar
9.  Dr. Muhammad Habash
10.              Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Latif Saleh al-Farfur
Secretary General, International Scientific Academy
11.              Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Sattar Abu Ghuddah
President of the United Shari‘ah Council of the Baraka Group, Jeddah
Republic of Tajikistan
1.  H.E. Mr. Imam Aly Rahmanov
Kingdom of Thailand
1.  Mr. Wan Muhammad Nur Matha §
Advisor to the Prime Minister
2.  Amb. Wiboon Khusakul §
Ambassador of Thailand in Baghdad
Republic of Togo
1.  H.E. Mr. Zarifou Ayéva
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Tunisia
1.  Mr. Mohamed Al-Ghanousi
Prime Minister
2.  Prof. Dr. Al-Hadi Al-Bakkoush §
Former Prime Minister of Tunisia
3.  Dr. Abu Baker Al-Akhzuri §
Minister of Religious Affairs
4.  Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Shabi §
Chairman of the Higher Islamic Council;
Former Minister of Islamic Affairs
5.  Prof. Ibrahim Chabbouh §
Advisor to the Higher Chairman of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought;
Director of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
6.  Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Al Habib ibn Al Khojah
Secretary-General of the International Islamic Fiqh Council, Jeddah
7.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir Al-Buzaydi
Director of the Higher Institute for the Fundamentals of Religion, Zaytuna University
8.  Mr. Ahmad Al-‘Ujaymi
Advisor in the Office of the Secretary General of the
Organization of the Islamic Conference
9.  Shaykh Dr. Rachid Ghannouchi π
Leader of Ennada
10.              Prof. Habib Shaybub §
Writer and Historian
11.              Dr. Amir Al-Zamali §
Advisor of Islamic World Affairs, International Committee for the Red Cross
12.              Dr. Shaykh Mohieddine Gadi
The Higher Islamic Council, Tunis
13.              Shaykh Al-Tayyib Salama
The Higher Islamic Council, Tunis
Republic of Turkey
1.  H.E. Mr. Bulent Arinc
President of the Grand Turkish Assembly
2.  Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu § π ◊
Secretary-General, Organisation of the Islamic Conference
3.  H.E. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin π
Minister of State, Government of Turkey
4.  Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoglu
Head of Religious Affairs Directorate
5.  Prof. Dr. Ali Auzak π
Head of the Endowment for Islamic Scientific Studies, Istanbul
6.  Prof. Dr. Mualla Saljuq §
Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Law, Ankara
7.  Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çagrici § π ≈
Grand Mufti of Istanbul and Professor of Islamic Philosophy
8.  Prof. Ibrahim Kafi Dönmez §
Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence at the University of Marmara
9.  Dr. Ali Ihsan Bala *
Yüzüncü Yil University
10.              Mr. Ufuk Gökçen π
Advisor to the Secretary General of the OIC
11.              Mr. Mustafa Akyol π
Writer and journalist
12.              Dr. Muhammet Aruçi π
Turkish Religious Endownment (Diyanet Vakfi)
13.              Prof. Dr. Akif Aydin π
Marmara University
14.              Mr. Kurtulu Aykan π
15.              Dr. Savas Barçin π
16.              Ms. Selin Bölme π
Marmara University
17.              Prof. Ali Dere π
Foreign Affairs Department, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ankara
18.              Mr. Muammer Dumanli π
19.              Mr. Ahmet Hakan π
20.              Dr. Ibrahim Kalin π
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, College of the Holy Cross, USA;
Director, SETA Foundation, Ankara
21.              Prof. Recep Kaymakcan π
Assistant Professor of Religious Education, Sakarya University
22.              H.E. Ambassador Fazli Kesmir π
Counsellor Turkish Embassy and Permanent Representative of Turkey
to FAO, Rome
23.              Dr. Abdülhamid Kirmizi π
24.              Mr. Fehmi Koru π
Journalist, Yeni Safak
25.              Dr. Ali Köse π
Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, Marmara University
26.              Mr. Talha Köse π
27.              Prof. Talip Küçukcan π
Centre for Islamic Studies, Istanbul
28.              Ambassador Ömür Orhun π
OCSE Personal Representative on Combating Islamophobia
29.              Mr. Taha Özhan π
30.              Prof. Mehmet Paçaci π
Faculty of Theology, Ankara University
31.              Mr. Ali Sarikaya π
President, Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation
32.              Prof. Bülent Senay π
Professor of Comparative Religion, Uludag University, Bursa
33.              Dr. Nazife Sisman π
34.              Dr. Ismail Taspinar π
Faculty of Theology, Marmara University
35.              Mr. Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu π
SETA, Anakara
36.              Dr. Nuri Tinaz π
Centre for Islamic Studies, Istanbul
37.              Mrs. Ümare Yazar π
38.              Professor Ali Murat Yel π
Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology, Fatih University
1.  H.E. Mr. Rashid Mirdov
Minister of Foreign Affairs
1.  Mufti Shaykh Ahmad Tamim §
Mufti of Ukraine
Republic of Uganda
1.  Mr. Anas Abdunnoor Kalissa
Director of Research and Shari‘ah
United Arab Emirates
1.  H.H. Shaykh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
2.  H.H. Ambassador Nasir bin Abd Allah bin Hamdan
3.  Mr. Ali bin Al-Sayyid Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hashim §
Advisor to the President for Judiciary and Religious Affairs
4.  Shaykh Muhammad Al-Banani §
Judge in the Supreme Federal Court
5.  Dr. Abd al-Salam Muhammad Darwish al-Marzuqi §
Judge in the Dubai Court
6.  Dr. Muhammad Abdulrahim Sultan Al-Ulama
Deputy-Dean of Scientific Research Affairs, United Arab Emirates University
7.  Dr. Hamad bin Al-Sheikh Ahmad Al-Chibani
Director, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf
8.  Shaykh Mansur ‘Etah al-Minhali
Secretary-General, Bureau for Islamic Affairs and Charitable Works, Dubai
9.  Dr. Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al-Haddad
Chief Mufti, Bureau of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Works, Dubai
10.              Shaykh Talib Muhammad Al-Shehi
Preacher, Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs
11.              Dr. Mahmud Ahmad Abu Layl
Professor, Faculty of Shari‘ah, Al-‘Ain University
12.              Dr. Khalid Sulayman Al-Fahdawi
13.              Dr. Ali Muhammad Ujla
Managing Editor, Manar Al-Islam Magazine
14.              Dr. Muhammad Al-Zuhaili
Dean, Faculty of Shari‘ah, University of Sharjah
United Kingdom
1.  Dr. Abbas Mahajarani §
Member of the Imam Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation
2.  Dr. Hassan Shamsi Basha
Expert, The International Islamic Fiqh Academy, Jeddah
3.  Mr. Shams Vellani §
Director, Special Studies, The Institute of Ismaili Studies
4.  Dr. Farhad Daftary §
Associate Director, The Institute of Ismaili Studies
5.  Shaykh Yusuf Islam §
Islamic Missionary
6.  Dr. Fuad Nahdi §
Editor-in-Chief, Q-News International
7.  Shaykh Wanis Al-Mabrouk *
Representative of the Union of Muslim Organisations of UK & EIRE
8.  Mr. Sharif Banna π
Co-Founder, Awakening Records;
President, Union of Muslim Students in the UK
9.  Mr. Sami Yusuf § π
Islamic singer
10.              Mohamed Abdul Aziz π
Director, Faithwise
11.              Dr. Manazir Ahsan π
Director, The Islamic Foundation
12.              Mr. Khurshid Ahmed π
British Muslim Forum (BMF)
13.              Mrs. Fareena Alam π
Editor, Q-News International
14.              Dr. Anas Shaikh-Ali π
Director, International Institute of Islamic Thought, London
15.              Mr. Ahmed Al-Rawi π
President, Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe
16.              Mr. Ismail Amla π
17.              Mr. Iqbal Asaria π
Finance Director, Muslim Council of Britain
18.              Dr. Mehmet Asutay π
Department of Economics, Durham University
19.              Mr. Yasar Çolak π
Counsellor for Turkish Religious Affairs in London
20.              Mr. Said Ferjani π
Muslim Association of Britain
21.              Dr. Sophie Gilliat-Ray π
Cardiff University
22.              Mr. AbdelRahman Helbawy π
23.              Mr. Dilwar Hussain π
The Islamic Foundation
24.              Mrs. Sarah Joseph π
Editor, Emel Magazine
25.              Mr. Wakkas Khan π
President, FOSIS
26.              Mr. Mustafa Köker π
Chief Editor, Haber Newspapers (Turkish)
27.              Ms. Maleiha Malik π
Department of Law, King’s College
28.              Ms. Unaiza Malik π
Muslim Council of Britain
29.              Mr. Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed π
30.              Dr. Mohamed Mukadam π
Association of Muslim Schools
31.              Mr. Ahmed Musawi π
32.              Prof. Farhan Nizami π
Director, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
33.              Mr. Habibur Rahman π
34.              Sir Iqbal Sacranie π
Former Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain
35.              Shaykh Haytham Tamim π
Utrujj Institute
36.              Mr. Ahmed Versi π
Editor, The Muslim News
37.              Mr. Shaukat Warraich π
Community leader
38.              Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad / Tim Winter § π
Lecturer, University of Cambridge
39.              Mr. Haider Ali π
Book distributor
United States of America
1.  H.E. Prof. Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr §
Author and Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University
2.  Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson § π
President of the Zaytuna Institute
3.  Shaykh Faisal Abdur Rauf §
Imam of New York City Central Mosque
4.  Prof. Dr. Ingrid Mattson §
Professor of Islamic Studies, Hartford Seminary;
President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
5.  Prof. Dr. Suleiman Abdallah Schleifer §
Director Emeritus of the Adham Center for Television Journalism
6.  Mr. Nihad Awad § ≈
Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations
7.  Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller § π
Islamic Missionary and Intellectual;
Fellow of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought
8.  Sheikh Suhaib D. Webb π
Islamic Missionary
9.  Dr. Caner Dagli π
Special Advisor for Interfaith Affairs, Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan;
Professor of Islamic Studies, Roanoke College, USA
10.              Prof. James Morris § π
Univesity of Exeter
11.              Mr. Radwan Al-Masmudi
12.              Prof. Joseph Lumbard §
Former Special Assistant to H.M. King Abdullah II for Interfaith Affairs
Republic of Uzbekistan
1.  H.E. Mr. Shawkat Sirdayev
Prime Minister
2.  Shaykh Muhammad Al-Sadiq Muhammad Yusuf §
Grand Mufti of the Republic
3.  Prof. Yusufov Ortoqbek §
Islamic Intellectual
Republic of Yemen
1.  H.E. General Ali Abdullah Saleh
2.  Shaykh Muhammad bin Muhammad Isma‘il Al-Mansur fatwa
3.  Shaykh Humud bin ‘Abbas al-Mu‘ayyad fatwa
4.  Shaykh Ibrahim bin Muhammad Al-Wazir fatwa §
Secretary General of the Islamic Unification and Works Movement
5.  Shaykh Habib ‘Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz §
Principal, Dar al-Mustafa, Tarim
6.  Shaykh Al-Habib ‘Ali Al-Jifri §
Islamic Missionary and Intellectual
7.  Shaykh Muhammad Abduh Umar
Head, Bureau of Direction and Guidance, Permanent Committee
of the General People’s Conference
8.  Prof. Dr. Husayn Al-Umari §
Member of the Consultative Committee, Member of the UNESCO
Executive Committee; Professor of Modern History, University of Sana‘a’

Alas culture determines there are no innocents there are no ‘moderates’ simply a systemic behavioural variance transmitted generation to generation. Although it may be hard for some to accept or even attempt to test the truth of, children do start wars and mothers have been found to have a significant role in imbuing their children with the necessary aggression to continue them. Research is starting to find propensity for violence against Other is transferred across generations culturally and even possibly genetically. Adults are children simply larger versions with a prejudice and motivation to do harm. Research has found cultural prejudice and motivation to do harm to Other exists long before children have the physical wherewithal to run about the battlefield, about five years of age cultural derived prejudice peaks (yes five years of age) and marginally decreases to underwrite motivation for violence and has been found nigh impossible to reverse (despite all the claims to the contrary)=failed deradicalisation programs.

This inconvenient truth for many of the non-existence of child innocents is born out of experience on the ground in conflict areas such as the one in the image above, dependent underline always dependent on the actual culture you’re interacting with. Not all cultures inform the same level of systemic cultural prejudice violence in their altruist enforcers/punishers/aligners the so called 'innocent' families, communities and institutions create to make sure the cultures 'innocent' stick to the cultural message and Other cultures submit via fear of what the culture can and will do.

"Humans are social animals in that they are dependent on one another for connectedness, self-esteem, and knowledge/understanding of the world (which exists only in the context of one’s culture that establishes norms, expectations, attitudes, and values/morality)."
Nelson, Todd D. Getting Grounded in Social Psychology. Psychology Press, 2017-07-06.

"..meta-analysis summarizes 113 research reports worldwide (121 cross-sectional and 7 longitudinal studies) on age differences in ethnic, racial, or national prejudice among children and adolescents. Overall, results indicated a peak in prejudice in middle childhood (5–7 years) followed by a slight decrease until late childhood (8–10 years)."
Development of ethnic, racial, and national prejudice in childhood and adolescence: A multinational metaanalysis of age differences, T Raabe, A Beelmann - Child development, 2011

“. children are sharp eyed, lacking in empathy, and willing to commit atrocities their elders would shrink from.”
Kilcullen, D 2010, Counterinsurgency, Oxford University Press.

"Just as cultural variation clearly dictates the language children eventually speak, cultural variation exerts significant and differential influences over mental, emotional, and social development of children. Every culture is characterized, and distinguished from other cultures, by deep-rooted and widely acknowledged ideas about how one needs to feel, think, and act as a functioning member of the culture. These beliefs and behaviors shape how parents rear their offspring. Culture helps to construct parents and parenting, just as culture helps to define mental health. Culture is also maintained and transmitted by influencing parental cognitions that in turn shape parenting practices. Whether culturally universal or specific, controls are in place to ensure that each new generation acquires culturally appropriate and normative patterns of beliefs and behaviors."
Parenting and child mental health: a cross-cultural perspective, Marc H. Bornstein, 3 October 2013

“When people learn exactly how to be moral from their cultural environments, this starts with the family.
...the specific rules we internalise from our parents and peers are culturally maintained by local groups, rather than being firmly encoded in our genes. "
Moral Origins, The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame, Christopher Boehm, 2012, p 98

“Culture, defined as the meanings we carry in our heads but also the physical objects we use to express and embody them..” (Jasper 2017)

"..politics provides the enabling mechanism for community action. Violence organised or other, always everywhere has some political meaning."
The Future of Strategy, Colin S. Grey, 2015 (Gray, 2015)

‘What have we done except our normal duty?’
“The centre of gravity of an insurgent movement – the source of power from which it derives its morale, its physical strength, its freedom of action, and its will to act – is its connectivity with the local population in a given area.” (Kilcullen, D 2010)

Again Kilcullen fails to understand the centre of gravity, the source the cause of significant conflict informing terror, war, civil war 
a political action between groups of humans is the Biology/Culture Ideology codex template driven development process. For very violent Biology/Culture Ideologies the development process only differs in form not substance the outcome will be 'bafflement' on behalf of the victims, perpetrators and non-interfering observers ‘What have we done except our normal duty?’

“Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is suspected of orchestrating the murder of the 59-year-old Saudi journalist, was reportedly baffled by why his abrupt disappearance sparked such a backlash around the world.”
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince couldn’t understand why Khashoggi’s killing was so outrageous,, Gavin Fernando, OCTOBER 23, 2018

“The conditions of the German prisoner of war camps in Russia baffled all description.
(Russell, 1954, p. 60)

”…from the very moment Hitler came to power he and the Nazi party began to put into execution the common plan or conspiracy whose aims had already been set out in Mein Kampf and which included the commission of crimes against peace, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity.
From the Fuhrer at the fountain source, through Gauleiter, Kreisleiter, Ortsgruppenleiter, Zellenleiter, and Blockwart the stream of Nazi doctrine flowed into every home.
(Russell, 1954, p. 5)
”...during the early stages of the trial of major German war criminals at Nuremburg there appeared in the columns of a local newspaper an account of a visit made by some journalist to a camp in which SS prisoners were interned. All had asked him but one question: ‘What have we done except our normal duty?’
(Russell, 1954, p. 7)

 Nazi SS (Schutzstaffelon) mission:
”… Without pity we shall be a merciless sword of justice to all those forces of whose existence and activities we know, on the day the slightest attempt is made be it today, after a decade, or a century hands.”  
(Russell, 1954, p. 8)

“In other days Jews were always prominent in the streets of the banking city (Frankfurt Germany) but on this occasion I saw none. There were none in the few night bars, there were none in the cabarets. Nor in the waking hours did I see but half a dozen Jews in the course of a whole day. They seem to have disappeared from the city.
(Hillson, 1937, p. 59)

"…the Third Reich are moulding the German people into the most unified race in Europe. In that great unified people are looking for peace and friendship with Britain a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else. A close cooperation with France at the expense of Germany can only serve to exacerbate a situation which may soon grow desperate. And it is worth it? Must we forever go on backing the wrong horse?
(Hillson, 1937, p. 296)

“When it suits their defence, they say they had to obey; when confronted with Hitler’s brutal crimes which are shown to have been within their general knowledge, they say they disobeyed. The truth is that they actively participated in all these crimes, or sat silent and acquiescent, witnessing the commission of crimes on a scale larger and more shocking than the world has ever had the misfortune to know.”
(Russell, 1954, p. 4)

Defect as the t
he experience of Other has been what, the similarity, contiguity, contingency, frequency, contrast, intensity of systemic Muslim negative stimuli physical and psychological should cause Muslims and Other to rationally do what? To learn what? You have done what? Do it know.

Here we have 24-10-2018 again we fall on the sword "It could be worse." as some of us, too many of us accept the diabolical of the exact same Culture Ideology source informing heinous behavior of 
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "cleansing", violently kidnapping people in other countries, threatening Europe with terror by unleashing Muslim refugees across their borders if the EU did not give Erdogan what he wants, Iran involved in attempting to set off explosions in France, as 'conservative even 'moderate' now because look now when we thought the Muslim-Islam culture Ideology could not inform worse they do as they always have-'It could be worse.' and it will be if the Muslims do not defect to another less violent Culture Ideology and/or we do not act to remove the Muslim Culture Ideology codex(Quran) template(Muhammad) family, community and institutional development  process from humanities midst.

That is the Muslim choice and Others choice continue to say 'It could be worse.' and it will, or say 'Doing the same has not worked, We can be/do much better than this under a new paradigm.' 


Hillson, N. (1937). I Speak of Germany. London: George Routledge & Sons, LTD.

Russell, B. E. F. L. R. (1954). THE SCOURGE OF THE SWASTIKA: A short history of Nazi war crimes (First Australian Edition ed.): CASSELL & COMPANY LTD.


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