“To make one exception means to make them all.” - Clothing such as the Muslim headscarf, hijab, burqa... is a political cultural statement and informs adherence and respect for the ideological constructs attached to it which hold tragic consequences for women.

“To make one exception means to make them all.” The same Islamic Construct of Women informs both outcomes as it must - Own it.
The lies Muslim women in the face of absolute infamy assure each other, even as they suffer tragically from their delusion: 
“Excuse me, Islam to me is the most feminist religion, right. We got equal rights well before the Europeans.” Ms Abdel-Magied and added ““In Sharia it says you follow the law of the land on which you are on.”

"PEW-TEMPLTON Global Religion Futures Project in 2010 94.9% of Egyptians are Sunni Muslim, 5.1% are Christian, and less than 1% are Jewish, Buddhist, or other religions."

“In a UN survey in 2013, 99% of Egyptian women reported that they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. Cairo was described as the “most dangerous megacity in the world for women” in a 2017 Thomson Reuters Foundationpoll.

Egyptian woman Amal Fathy jailed for sexual harassment video, Ruth Michaelson, Sat 29 Sep 2018

“An Egyptian film star has been charged with public obscenity after she attended the Cairo Film Festival wearing a sheer dress that revealed her legs, according to state media.”

Indonesian policewomen measured through 'purity and beauty', subjected to virginity testing, ABC, By Tasha Wibawa, 20-10-2018

“Excuse me, Islam to me is the most feminist religion, right."?

Muslim women do the facts bare comparison? "
Excuse me, Islam to me is the most feminist religion, right. We got equal rights well before the Europeans." compared to Cairo 2013 "94.9% of Egyptians are Sunni Muslim" the “most dangerous megacity in the world for women” in a 2017". 

"Cairo was ranked as the most dangerous megacity for women from a U.N. list of 19 cities. The Egyptian capital, with an estimated population in 2016 of 19 million, fared worst when it came to harmful cultural practices for women such as female genital mutilation and forced marriage and was named the third worst city when respondents were asked if women were at risk of sexual harassment and violence."

"Sajid Javid has ordered an investigation into why members of sexual grooming gangs are disproportionately from a Pakistani background.
It comes after Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, was criticised last year for claiming the UK “has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.”
Home Secretary orders investigation into ethnic origin of sexual grooming gangs, Independent, Joe Watts Political Editor, 26-7-2018

Why? When there are significant systemic numbers of a particular Culture Ideology complex system informing evil in the space relative Other in the same space this emergent behavior are not deviance outliers to be found across all cultures, this evil is created by the Culture Ideologies many categorisation development codex process imbuing the adherents with the motivation, justification and authorisation to commit tyranny.

“..pundits are quick to blame Islam itself, instead of noticing the army of Muslim women who are fighting for their rights within the faith, and defending women – and themselves – at all costs.”

As usual YassminAbdel-Magied’s logic again gives truth to the “pundits” “quick to blame Islam itself” because the “faith”, morals-ethics-values-beliefs-motivation social/political method are fought against “within” the Islamic (faith) categorisation of women which equals “the difference in how this violence is discussed is stark, depending on where (Muslim dominated or otherwise space) and by whom (Muslims) it has been perpetrated.”. The "faith" (Islam) within which Muslim women exist and also Muslim women can be shown to enforce themselves, otherwise such behaviour would cease to exist, creates the behavioural relationship rules which determines “A Sudanese teenager killed her rapist, and Muslim women are fighting for her life”.
Yassmin Abdel-Magied resides in an Other dominated space where although Muslim behavioural variance is suppressed it still exists to inform the same outcome of subjugation of women in Australian space. What will happen regards the position of women when the Islamic/Muslim social/political power increases what is happening? Change the Architect and Builder or change nothing. Yassmin Abdel-Magied  fails to mention how the non-Muslim women subject to Muslim-Islam categorisation leading to enslavement and denigration by Muslims are to fight for justice - "within the faith" which justified and authorised their continuing enslavement and rape since the seventh century?

““This is a practice from many centuries ago and at this stage in Malaysia’s growth and development, child marriage is not acceptable,” said Charles Santiago, a lawmaker with the governing coalition.

But ever since outrage over Ayu’s case erupted on social media in Malaysia — after Mr. Che Abdul Karim’s second wife posted pictures on Facebook of the marriage ceremony with a sarcastic “happy wedding” message to him — critics say the new government, under the guise of religious freedom, has done too little to protect minors.”

11 and Married: Malaysia Spars Over Child Brides, NYT, By Hannah Beech, July 29, 2018

If a behaviour occurs in the present it is of the present not only centuries ago  it has been occurring for centuries  since Mohamad’s own actions  in obtaining underage girls as he did from a community he had slaughtered. This behaviour including the slaughter of Other by Muslims has occurred right in front of us in the Middle East on a scale which cannot be excused as an outlier belief behaviour. Humanity either gets rid of the Islam/Muslim codex development process which will always contain such behaviour justification and authorisation or the practice will continue in the present that is humanities choice otherwise the false platitude of “This is a practice from many centuries ago” continues along with the inevitable infamy.

"In the past 24 hours, the photos have gone viral. Young women standing tall and proud on the streets of Iran with their hair uncovered, defiantly waving their discarded headscarves on the end of sticks and in direct violation of the country's strict laws that force women to cover their hair.

"They are risking their liberty, they are also exposing themselves to torture and other ill treatment at the hands of police and other paramilitary forces in Iran that enforce compulsory veiling against women," Raha Bahraini, Amnesty international's researcher on Iran, who has been closely following the spread of the powerful protest images, said"
Iranian women remove their veils in defiant viral protest, ABC, 
Sophie McNeill, 31/1/2018

So importing more Iranians with the Muslim biology/culture ideology as the German socialist Minister (Katarina Barley) wants to do will reduce attacks on women? So importing more Afghans with the same Muslim biology/culture ideology having women kicked to death as infidels in the Afghan streets as the German socialist Minister (Katarina Barley) wants to do will reduce attacks on women? 

If a Muslim biology/culture ideology informs behavior in one space how is it the exact same Muslim biology/culture ideology will not inform it in another even though they already are?

Logic of German socialist Minister is More of the same Biology/Culture Ideology = less violence oppression against women. Reality Truth Check-Does the regression-correlation on the relationship between human security variables (Human Security Variables minimalist definition and most expansive definition) and the nature of women's condition-relative independence as the proportion of Muslim Biology/Culture Ideology rise or fall in any space. What is the significance of this data telling you relative to almost every Other Biology/Culture Ideology? Have a look at the actual data where more of the same Muslim Biology/Culture Ideology exist what is the data telling us will happen if more of the same arrive in your space?

“A politically incorrect point must be noted here. Of the countries where women are held back and subjected to systematic abuses such as honor killings and genital cutting, a very large proportion are predominantly Muslim. Most Muslims worldwide don’t believe in such practices, and some Christians do – but the fact remains that the countries where girls are cut, killed for honor, or kept out of school or the workplace typically have large Muslim populations. To look at one broad gauge of well-being, of 130 countries rated in 2008 by the World Economic Forum according to the status of women, 8 of the bottom 10 were majority Muslim. Yemen was in last place, with Chad. Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan right behind it. No Muslim country ranks in the top 40. Kazakhstan ranks highest, at number 45, followed by Uzbekistan, at 55.” (Kristof & WuDunn 2010, pp. 162-3)

The Global Gender Gap Report 2016 is published by the World Economic Forum Source: Table 3: Global rankings, 2016 – 9 of Bottom 10 were majority Muslim Countries, Yemen was in last place, with Chad. Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan right behind it, with Côte d'Ivoire 39% Muslims being the largest religious group. No majority Muslim country Ranked in the top 50, Kazakhstan 70.4% Muslim ranked 51 landed in the 157th spot (out of 180) in RSF’s 2017 World Press Freedom index. China came in at 176th.

"I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. Not to play by someone's rules, not to wear abaya, not to be accompanied getting outside, and altogether not to feel myself a secondary creature."
- Two-times world chess champion Anna Muzychuk, DW, 7-1-2017

“Sajid Javid has suggested there could be “cultural reasons” men from a Pakistani background become involved in grooming gangs.

The home secretary said it was “self-evident” there are a high proportion of men of Pakistani heritage involved in recent cases and that it would be wrong to dismiss the possibility just to be sensitive.

His intervention comes after he was criticised for tweeting in October about “sick Asian paedophiles” in a Huddersfield gang, who were found guilty of the rape and sexual abuse of girls as young as 11.”
Sajid Javid suggests there could be ‘cultural reasons’ for Pakistani grooming gangs, Joe Watts Political Editor, Independent, 27-12-2018

Those who wish, demand Muslim women and therefore all women's potential to come under or remain under Man's authority and abuse, including the possibility of being denoted in the name of any cause determine those opposed to the Muslim construct of women is a obsession with Muslims women's bodies rather than the Muslim paradigm affect causing the Muslim effect. Is Anna Muzychuk two-times world chess champion obsessed with Muslims bodies of the effect of the Islam-Muslim culture-ideology effect on women's minds and bodies?

"Newspapers quoted neighbours, friends and acquaintances who remembered Aït Boulahcen as a vivacious, if somewhat vulnerable, young woman, often seen in jeans and a cowgirl hat or cap before her decision to begin wearing various forms of hijab in recent months. It was later reported that Aït Boulahcen did not in fact detonate her own vest, indeed she may not have been wearing a suicide vest at all, but that the force of a blast, detonated by a male suicide bomber, scattered her body into the street. Widely circulating accounts of her spine, her head, or other parts of her body landing on the police car outside were corrected later still by reports asserting that her corpse had in fact been delivered intact to a local hospital. Unlike the initial reports, the corrections have been released quietly and have been far from front page news. At every stage, her body and its fate have been central to representations of her, and of the siege of Saint-Denis."

The argument contained in this document seeks to expose the reality of the Muslim women's construct not what we would hope it represents what it is in all its horror.

"fixation on the body of Muslim woman"? Such a view is intellectual drivel determining the reverse of reality reality. The fixation is not on the body of Muslim women but the physical and psychological violence to which Muslim holistic woman's bodies are inevitably subject i.e. "Hasna Aït Boulahcen, aged 26, of Moroccan origin, was killed in an explosion in Paris." Does it matter that in the end if Hasna Aït Boulahcen was an innocent bystander as claimed or integral to a suicide bombing of Other in both cases the result is the same, bodies subject to Muslim construct of bodies inclusive of women and Other. To excuse a cultures systemic terror-genocide and subjugation of women to a specific Mans cultural defined authority and punitive justice is indicative of severe mortality shifting of the worst kind for it leaves us subject to more of the same.

 “To make one exception means to make them all.” Blaming the Victim: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech By Nicole Gelinas, January 18, 2015 New York Post

15 If any of you are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of poor (reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death to claim them, or Allah or ordain for them some (other) way.

Quran Surah 33 AL-AHZAB The Confederates
31 And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye Members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.
36 It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when the matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and his Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong path.
59 O Prophet! Although wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

She said: 'From the moment I sat down he was making these remarks: "You dress like this during Ramadan? You should feel ashamed to be dressed like that"."No body helped her."

Results: Findings reveal differences between women in polygamous and monogamous marriages.Women in polygamous marriages showed significantly higher psychological distress, and higher levels of somatisation, phobia and other psychological problems. They also had significantly more problems in family functioning, marital relationships and life satisfaction."

"Swiss-born Ramadan, whose grandfather, Hassan al Banna, founded the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, is a controversial figure who has both been praised as a reformist and denounced as a radical for his theories on Western society -- namely how modern Islam will shape Europe, which he claims is in decline."
"I will not give precise details of the acts he has done to me. It is enough to know that he has benefited greatly from my weakness,” Ayari wrote.

She said in her book that when she rebelled against him at one point he screamed at her, insulted her, slapped her and treated her violently.

“I confirm today, that the famous Zubair is Tariq Ramadan,” Ayari published on Facebook.

"In recent years, debate in the West, and subsequently in Muslim-majority countries, has focused on the more visible aspects of the “status of women in Islam.” This is indeed an essential issue, but reducing it to a passionate, oversimplified debate about a list of “problem practices” has led to evading the heart of the matter. The issue of “Muslim women” is being bandied about today as if it characterised the irreconcilable relationship between Islam and the West, the opposition between a universe of submission and another holding the promise of freedom, with, of course, the leitmotiv of the contrast between patriarchal traditions and western modernity said to be an increasingly feminine viewpoint.

Then the list of discriminations related to dress, polygamy, violence, inheritance, and other issues. is repeated again and again. Aside from the fact that the substance of the claims presented here is open to debate (while of course, the nature of the discriminations Muslim women may face today must not be understated), it seems imperative to broaden the scope of the debate and return to the sources and fundamentals of representations and discourses"
Addressing the subject of women in Islam, by Tariq Ramadan, 30 Oct 2013

"Emine, has praised the harem as an "educational establishment" during a speech. Her husband had also made controversial remarks on motherhood on International Women's Day."

AlJazeera, by Rothna Begum, 24 AUGUST 2017

“Gender-based violence in Afghanistan can take myriad, often less-than-subtle forms, particularly in the most remote regions of the country. When human rights worker Sadia Ekrami tried to speak about basic rights to a crowd of men in a village in northern Afghanistan, she was threatened with death, and forced to flee for her life. “Fortunately, I talked my way out of them killing me, but it is an example of how women in Afghanistan who speak out can end up dead,” she said.”
In Afghanistan, a Struggle to Leave No Woman or Child Behind, The Diplomat, By Tadamichi Yamamoto, December 04, 2017
To determine such legislative acts as colonial inspired (Other inspired) is a sickening indictment of the intellectual decrepitude which infects our Marxist inspired Western intellectual elite. Muslims do not need any outsiders to subjugate women to terror exploitive constructs as they have done so since that madman Mohammad walked out of his cave and started to have timely selfish visions as to how he could subjugate women to his own desires on his terms. Allah BS.

What is the left image above determining regards the status of women and women sexuality, and how is the image on the right not connected to the left even though we can clearly see such symbols exist worn by the 'victim' in the image on the right? Are your political hands and conscience as clean as you desire to believe? The following will provide evidence they are not, but of course despite the clarity it will be of no surprise if you become even more convinced you have no need to judge yourself so harshly.

"Women around the world face online abuse, but in Pakistan, with its entrenched culture of discrimination and violence against women, the threats are not idle. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, about 500 Pakistani women are killed each year by family members who believe their honor has been damaged if a female relative refuses an arranged marriage, socializes with men or even claps and sings at a wedding."

"A famous Iranian television presenter, known in Iran for holding strong conservative positions on things like women wearing the full veil, was snapped not only not wearing the veil, but also drinking a beer. People on Iranian social media criticised her virulently for her hypocrisy."

Asieh Amini is an Iranian activist for women's rights. She lives in Norway.

"Wearing the hijab or not drinking alcohol is not a choice in Iran: it's a legal obligation. It's a very symbolic aspect of life in Iran, showing how the political class controls daily life in public spaces [Editor's note: the punishment for someone drinking alcohol in public can be up to 72 lashes]. 

This is why, very often, Iranians have two parallel lives: a public life, which follows the law, and another life that is more private, where they can behave like they really are. What we see in these photos, is the reality of these two parallel lives."

“..the paradigms tells us what is real and how it works, to question the paradigm is to question the structure of the world itself, according to those within the paradigm that leads to nonsense, to think about the paradigm rather than through the paradigm is not to engage in science but philosophy.

Occasionally, however, anomalies pop-up....."
Professor Steven Gimbel, Professor of Philosophy. Gettysburg College, 2015

"As one Arab scholar observed, Muslim patriarchy considers female sexuality as extremely powerful but subversive to the social order (Mernissi, 1975). Women are taught from childhood that their sexuality is the inalienable and permanent property of the Hamula (extended family) rather than their own (Al-Krenawi & Graham, 1998). “Sexual purity and lineage honor are seen as inseparable” (Haj, 1992, p. 764, cited in Al-Krenawi & Graham, 2003), and a woman’s sexual identity is of concern to all. Awoman who is perceived to have strayed from the strict norms of sexual conduct, even if she is a victim of sexual abuse as a child, may be ostracized and even murdered to preserve family honor (Shalhoub-Kevorkian, 1999). Accordingly, women’s sexual integrity is maintained by ubiquitous forms of family and community surveillance and control."

Two men accused of kidnapping a teenage make-up artist who was raped and murdered in an alleged “honour killing” will stand trial in January next year, the Old Bailey heard today.

"Mujahid Arshid, 33, and Vincent Tappu, 28, allegedly snatched 19-year-old Celine Dookhran from a shower, tying her up with duct tape and rope and bundling her into a car.

She was allegedly raped by Arshid, who is also accused of murdering her and dumping her body at a house in Kingston. He and Tappu are also accused of kidnapping a second woman in the same incident.

At a previous hearing, prosecutor Binita Roscoe told Wimbledon magistrates Ms Dookhran was in a relationship with an Arab Muslim, which was disapproved of because her family are Indian Muslims."
Celine Dookhran 'honour killing': Two men to stand trial, Evening Standard, TRISTAN KIRK, 26-7-2017

"Experiences of polygamy in this sample of American Muslim women were intertwined with abuse. All women reported feeling that they were treated unfairly in comparison with other wives, and all women perceived this as emotional abuse and religious failure on the part of husbands. Also significant was the presence of cowives, who sometimes were witnesses to abuse by husbands and sometimes acted as perpetrators themselves."
POLYGAMY AND WIFE ABUSE: A QUALITATIVE STUDY OF MUSLIM WOMEN IN AMERICA, Dena Hassouneh-Phillips, PhD, School of Nursing, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2001

"There is no positioning of media toward women whose husband practice polygamy. This is symbolic violence because the programs created conviction to men that polygamy is not forbidden. The program thus educates men to practice polygamy, and in a covert way, encourages psychologically violence toward women."

"..video, posted on Facebook by Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, showed two women discussing men "disciplining their disobedient wives" by striking them with a short stick, coiled scarf or piece of fabric."
Leaders condemn domestic violence video, DANIEL MCCULLOCH, Australian Associated Press, April 13, 2017

"Abdullah Rashid, 22, a Georgia native who moved to Cedar-Riverside (USA) last year, has been making the rounds in the Somali-dominated neighborhood, telling people not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex. If he sees Muslim women he believes are dressed inappropriately, he approaches them and suggests they should wear a jilbab, a long, flowing garment. And he says he's recruiting others to join the effort."
Minneapolis Muslims protest 'sharia' vigilante in Cedar-Riverside area, By Faiza Mahamud Star Tribune, APRIL 13, 2017

"From the perspective of Saudi women, Western women are not a good role model. In Saudi Arabia, Bedouin culture means it is a sign of respect and dignity to cover yourself. It protects the woman from the evil eye, and especially from a man’s desire and sexual fantasy."

Logic: Saudi women have no sexual fantasies, are responsible for men's behavior, and therefore need to be subject to cultural control, Saudi men as they do not cover themselves from head to toe have no self-respect and are deviant sexual provocateurs.

""Female Genital Mutilation has serious implications for the health and well-being of girls and women," Daniel Lemisch, acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, said in a statement. "This brutal practice is conducted on girls for one reason, to control them as women. .."
Detroit-area doctors indicted in 'brutal' mutilation case, Samantha Schmidt The Washington Post, 30/4/2017

And the Muslim cultural logic to move from controlling women's sexuality by covering them in a sack under Mans direction and blaming women for inciting Man enables what to inevitably be analogised into reality?

"Indonesia's official Commission on Violence against Women reported that, as of August 2016, the number of discriminatory national and local regulations targeting women had risen to 422, from 389 at the end of 2015. They include local laws compelling women and girls to don the hijab, or headscarf, in schools, government offices, and public spaces. While many of these laws require traditional Sunni Muslim garb both for women and men, research by Human Rights Watch indicates they disproportionately target women.

A local bylaw implemented in August in Sumedang, West Java, forbids anyone with an “eye-catching appearance” from going out alone at night. The municipal government justified the regulation on the basis that it would help discourage sexual activity.
Human Rights Watch, Indonesia, Events of 2016

"MOROCCO is banning the production and sale of Muslim full-face veils amid fears over terrorism, according to local media.
The North African country’s interior ministry is said to be cracking down on burqas due to reports that terrorists have been wearing them when carrying out attacks.
But lawmaker Nouzha Skalli, a former family and social development minister, heralded the ban as “an important step in the fight against religious extremism”."

There are two reasons given by Moroccan officials for banning the burka, firstly security as men terrorists are posing as women to elude detection and secondly as “an important step in the fight against religious extremism”. The first reason security overlooks the fact Muslim girls-women are terrorists and the lack of a burqa makes no difference to the appearance of bloody piles of victims, and the second reason “an important step in the fight against religious extremism” appears to be a recognition the burka is a symbol of attachment to so called Muslim extremism, whereas this may have some truth, the fact women are wearing such a garment, as an article below reveals, may be more to do with appearances forced upon some Muslim women utilised to protect themselves from Muslim men and women altruistic enforcers/punishers enforcing Muslim rules of 'purity'. The point is do these ethics-rules of girls-womens 'purity' disappear, along with the Muslim construct of Other or do they continue, as they have since the seventh century, to deliver terror-genocide and tragic misogynistic outcomes from Muslims dressed in Western skirts and suits. What has really changed? The Muslim development process-infant-adult combined with the Muslim categorisation-methodology systems for both women and Other? Result equals?

"Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American Muslim racial justice and civil-rights activist, told The New York Times, "If you want to come to the march you are coming with the understanding that you respect a woman's right to choose.""
What the Women's March was missing, By Salena Zito, January 23, 2017

The absolute absurdity and tragic irony of a Muslim woman determining women who support women being 'free' to choose, women who are also against abuse of power economic political sexual predatory behavior are not 'free' to choose to participate in a march to protect women's right to say yes or no, as the contents of the argument in this document attempts to prove beyond reasonable doubt, the very core Islamic codex construct of Muslim women, and the cultural development-control process to which Muslim infant-child-adolescent, adult females are subject to determines Muslim women's 'free' choice as existent only within a subjective state of Mans leadership and control of a woman's sexuality, alleviated only to the degree Muslim women exist in an Other cultural ethical-belief social/political space which enables access to increased relative independence. Yet even in Others space the reality is many Muslim women remain firmly under a Muslim paradigm of negligible agency.  

Cultures particularly regards women inform significantly different outcomes if allowed to do so, supporting such cultures as a 'good' when what they systemically inform consistently across space and time from their adherents behavioral variance is terror-genocide and misogyny determines you as what - not a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe - really how nice for you. What do you not see, yes your own bloody hands and culpability.

"Sharia law is bad, obviously. But nowhere in the Quran is there any mention of Female Genital Mutilation".= "Nazi ethics are bad obviously. But nowhere in Hitlers Mein Kampf is there any mention of Gas." The point is the respective codex enable both outcomes to occur and therefore the constructs of females the Quran and Other in Mein Kampf have to justify and authorise in analogy, inference such acts as normative.  

Western and other cultural constructs will be subject to change, even the nature of women's clothing-linked to so called 'purity' an excuse for Mans actions inclusive of rape, relative to the terror the Islamic/Muslim culture can and does in time bring to bare - India is a case study on how this occurs as the Muslim dominance terror-rape as cultural social engineering tool over time has had differing regional effect. Kush Kahn in responding to the question Is the Hindu culture against women wearing short dresses? on Quora has an insightful response on how cultural constructs of Indian women are affected regionally by acceptance imposed or otherwise by external cultural constructs of women.

Your view of course the Muslim construct of women can be, will be changed in time with the obvious Western definitions-categorisation benefits and 'rightness' of women's equality and autonomous control of women's own bodies will be realised - wrong as the Muslim cultural constructs-rituals inform continuing raised levels of male aggression and women's acceptance of their condition as normative, taking outliers as indication this is not true in a Western ideological dominated space ignores the statistics as the Muslim population grows and globalisation enables altruistic enforcers/punishers to operate effectively across nation borders the ideal state from a Western developed ideological perspective is diminished and the Muslim normative state for women increasingly manifest - reality 

“Things are getting worse and worse.”.

"On Thursday, Captain Rahmani revealed that she had applied for asylum this summer, saying she felt unsafe in Afghanistan, where she and her family have received death threats. For the last 15 months, she has been training at air bases in Arkansas, Florida and Texas.

Captain Rahmani said that her Afghan male colleagues in the air force treated her with contempt and that she felt at risk.

“Things are not changing” for the better in Afghanistan, Captain Rahmani said in an interview on Friday. “Things are getting worse and worse.”

Gunmen in Afghanistan Kill 5 Female Airport Employees, NYT, By TAIMOOR SHAH and MUJIB MASHAL, DEC. 17, 2016

"The use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children espoused. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford @2016

Sociopathy groups of people who adopt belief systems which cause them to behave in a similar fashion.

"Barnett Pearce and Stephen Littlejohn, two well-known communication scholars, point out that our values tend to be embedded in clusters and are essential to our sense of order and function in the world, essential to holding communities and cultures together. ... A challenge to any one value in such a cluster threatens to unravel the whole."
Moral and Cultural Conflicts, Michael Dues, Senior Lecturer in Communication University of Arizona

"Every set of beliefs introduces its own logic and its own constraints."

Distinguishing Spiritual from Temporal Power, Inventing the Individual, The origins of Western Liberalism, Larry Siedentop, 2014

“When we describe one of our friends as rational, we often want to imply that they are dispassionate, logical, thoughtful, and in control of their actions.

However, to a decision scientist, “rational” means “consistency with some model.” Rational decisions are not necessarily dispassionate, nor well-reasoned, nor selfish. They aren’t even necessarily good decisions, from others’ perspectives. They simply are consistent.

Rational choice models do not assume anything about what a decision maker prefers; they only state that those preferences consistently lead to choices.

Rational does not mean that a decision was generated by a conscious or logical or reasoned process. Instead, rationality refers to the outcome of decisions."
Behavioral Economics: When Psychology and Economics Collide, S. Huettel, 2014

"Culture is not only what people think, it is also what they do. Ideally, cultural explanations would also strive to be mutually non-contradictory ...

Culture, although it cannot ‘do’ anything on its own, provides a framework through which people are motivated to act. Subsequently, incidents of violence are individually and socially understood through narrative, that is, through the stories which are developed by participants, observers and the institutions which deal with them (such as the courts and media). These narratives, in turn, can express motivations or justifications for further violence or, alternatively, for its avoidance or suppression.”
Wood, J. Carter (2007). Conceptualizing cultures of violence and cultural change. In: Carroll, Stuart ed. Cultures of Violence: Interpersonal Violence in Historical Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan.

"Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.

…..every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities"
SURFACES AND ESSENCES, ANALOGY AS THE FUEL AND FIRE OF THINKING, Douglas Hofstadter (American professor of cognitive science), Emmanuel Sander (French Psychologist-Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology), 2013

What does this mean, it means what social psychologists know for a fact, cultures infant-child-adolescent-adult development process via a cultures families--communities-institutions based upon their not your ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and political-social methodology will, not may form adherent behavioral variances potentially significantly different than your own and inform inherently tragic consequences for women and Other.

"..children raised in religious households, who are perceived to be more empathetic and sensitive to justice, are in fact less altruistic to their own class mates .... children from religious households also differ in their ratings of deserved punishment for interpersonal harm (F(2, 847) = 5.80, p < 0.01, h2 = 0.014); this was qualified by significantly harsher ratings of punishment by children from Muslim households than children from non-religious households (p < 0.01). There were no significant differences between children from Christian households and non-religious households.".
The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World, November 05, 2015

"This value (or lack of) assigned to women and their bodies, although entrenched in social systems, is a product of power structures that revolve around the sex-role socialization of males and females that shape understanding of acceptable interactions between the two sexes. Therefore, it is the administration of the violence that is gendered as the types of harm perpetrated against women take on different forms than those suffered by men."
State, Crime, Women and Gender, Victoria E. Collins, 2016

The "types of harm perpetrated against women take on different forms than those suffered by men." as necessarily will the outward signs of symbolic acceptance of women of the culpability for the "cultural harm perpetrated against women take on different forms than those suffered by men.". The nature and degree of the delineation symbolism being necessarily relative to the degree cultural "power structures" ethics-beliefs-rules-systems determine women as subject to man's leadership, sexual control and responsible for man’s behavior towards them. By accepting in your presence without objection the outward signs of symbolic acceptance of women's culpability for men's behavior and subjugation to men's leadership you enable what to continue to occur at your feet.  

'No protection for unmarried women

For Frank Seidler there are coercive and childhood intercourse. The man with the sparse head hair and the more impressive gray noise beard is a psychotherapist and chairman of the European Missionary Community (EMG). He says, "For many people who come here, we are the last hope."
Often the Muslim women - from Iran, from Afghanistan or the Caucasus - are looking for a way out of their marriage and therefore are rejected by their families. In a culture where people live strictly according to the rules of the Koran, a woman is only honorable if she has a husband, says Seidler. That leaves the men free: they could deal with them as they please.

Sabina Nazarian works as an interpreter for Farsi and Dari at EMG. She fled Afghanistan from Germany many years ago, declaring: "When a woman divorces, she has no value or protection in society." She is then free of birds. This leads to the fact that some women are tortured for years - and bear it in silence. "It's embarrassing," says Nazarian. "They're afraid that they'll be more expelled when they talk."
Debate on childhood In German small towns, helpers fight for children's brides 11.23.2016,·FOCUS-Online Editor Wera Engelhardt (Penkun)

Moroccan TV show giving women tips on hiding domestic violence bruises provokes outrage.

Peta Credlin: It sickens me when you can’t condemn the horror of child brides, PETA CREDLIN, The Sunday Telegraph, September 25, 2016

"The Family Court of Australia has refused a Muslim husband’s effort to divorce his wife under Islamic law under conditions that would have left her with 10 per cent of their million-dollar property pool.

The wife, who cannot be named but is known in court documents as Ms Basra, appealed to the Family Court for help after her husband attempted to get out of the marriage, which produced three children, for $100,000, ­despite having more than $1 million in assets.

The husband, known as Mr Ahmed, wanted the court to recognise an Islamic divorce he says took place on his porch in 2009, with a sheik and several other men as witnesses. But Ms Basra denied she had taken part in such a ceremony and produced an official document from Beirut that recorded her husband as married to two women — herself and a second wife — rather than having been divorced and remarried.

The court heard the couple was married in an Islamic ceremony in Australia, and again in Lebanon in July 1997, when Ms Basra was 18. He was 10 years older. The Lebanese marriage was recognised under Australian law.

Mr Ahmed told the court, with judge Garry Watts presiding, that he divorced his wife in 2009 in front of a sheik and “a number of other men” from the community."
Judge backs wife: Islamic ‘divorce on the porch’ not on, The Australian, CAROLINE OVERINGTON, October 25, 2016

You can justify such significantly 'different symbolic forms than those suffered by men', even the clear lack of cultural necessity for men to symbolise their relative societal power position which invariably resides solely in the public-private persona construct of women, are not achieved by significant cultural socialisation penalty-violence nor the threat of it to achieve acceptance of such stark symbolic disparity. Never reflected upon the necessity of relative levels of cultural violence needed to achieve and maintain such a state of disparity, inequality between two human groups?

"As noted by Ballinger (2007), “the state’s role in women’s oppression is subtle to the point where it appears to be gender-neutral – or even protective towards women – by seemingly regulating the system to prevent further oppression” (p. 474). The state distracts away from its culpability by presenting any inequities and harms caused to women as being a product of individual actors. Instead of examining the culpability of states and their acts and omissions that allow for these harms to occur, such behaviors have been explained away as being representative of heteronormative sexuality that revolves around male dominance and female passivity (O’Toole et al., 2007). The state covers up its complicity, distracting away from the harms it causes, harms that constitute state crime...

Indirect forms of state-perpetrated violence against women are more nuanced, hidden, and institutionalized than direct forms. They stem from state behaviors and acts, or lack thereof, that facilitate and reify violence against women. These include institutionalized inequities that women experience that are built into the social, economic and political systems in a particular society.

..state-organized crime should include behaviors committed by state officials in the course of their employment (Chambliss, 1990), as well as acts that inadequately constrain harmful and criminal behavior (Kramer & Michalowski, 1990)."
State Crime, Women and Gender, Victoria E. Collins, 2016

The rationale of 'State culpability' separates a cultural tool of management-enforcement-reality testing from the cultural codex-ideology development process which creates and sustains the State. The State is a mere cultural management mechanism emerging from and reflecting a cultural-view-value-belief-methodology. Harm is derived from cultural constructs enforced by the State via action or inaction at the behest of culture. Where 'state' appears in the above quoted paragraph 'culture' necessarily merges with it. For as we see in conjunction with the State denying culpability and assigning "inequities and harms caused to women as being a product of individual actors" so does the specific culture from which the "inequities and harms" are derived.

'individual actors' necessarily need therefore to be determined as deviants from the 'true' codex, and importantly when the harm behavior fails to be prevented by the State/Culture, as the State/Culture's continuing legitimacy resides in the promise of security & improved circumstance not diminishing, 'individual actors' no matter how many, inform generic criminal rather than cultural derived behavior, are mentally ill, obsessed, possessing a self-serving grievance derived outside cultural socialisation. The tragedy particularly for women are even the "norms" invariably inform "inequities and harms" and the enforcers and beneficiaries determined as 'protectors'.

My argument is not that State actors should not be held accountable for the decisions they make, by action or inaction, they must be and hopefully they in future will be, but simply, if you want to achieve change, it has to be recognised culture needs to be held culpable for the "inequities and harms" its behavioral variance systematically informs. It is also a warning appealing via written communication with the Emperor-State, as the Roman/Greek pagans attempted to do to achieve 'justice' and cessation of "inequities and harms" being perpetrated by the 'individual Christian actors', 'the few', in the hope of preventing their Roman/Greek pagan culture from being destroyed is a waste of time. The most you can expect is "More Romans/Greeks are killed in chariot accidents than by a few rampaging deviant obsessed christian monks." . Go direct to the cause the cultural codex, remove it or change nothing it will simply continue to be analogised and given the opportunity as with all iniquitous constructs inform in time infamy we cannot even imagine.

ISIS Radicals Chainsaw 9 Iraqi Youths in Half for Belonging to Anti-ISIS Group, By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter, September 1, 2016

You, yes you, really believe an ideological template whose codex can derive the justification and authorisation to analogise such behavior as chainsawing humans in half and the same horror replicated in similar acts across time Genocide against Christians in the Middle East, Armenian genocide, etc should be allowed for even a minute more than humanity can help in public and private spheres along with its symbols of adherence to such infamy as the burqa to continue to inform the same?

What follows is only an infinitesimal fraction of pure infamy of what is attached all the way along the thread of such 'freely' worn cultural fashioned cloth to the Muslim cultural bitter end for which the Muslim culture and the 'good' continue to be culpable for delivering to humanities streets.

'un-Koranic custom' some claim applies to some if not all of the above clothing constructs to the left above and to the genital mutilation to the right 'to eliminate sexual depravity'. The fact such constructs exist means it is 'Koranic-custom', for if it were not the constructs would not exist. Why is this true? Not all cultural constructs of any culture are explicitly detailed in text, yet their existence means they are to be necessarily, as are most beliefs-values-behaviors of any culture, derived from cultural development processes-capable of being analogized from cultural codex -textual and/or exemplar templates posing no contradiction to either, for to do so questions the validity of the creator - the derived justification and authorisation for behavior-methodology.

An adherent in one part of a cultural behavioral variance determining a sacred codex construct is old and no longer applicable and therefore does not reflect the 'true' religion-ideology is a ridiculous view for all codex constructs ever invented may be so determined - the behavior exists and therefore can by its existence be analogised from the 'true' religion-ideology as determined by an adherent in a point within the exact same cultural behavioral variance.

An adherent particularly of a culture with a dense network subsystem have to be capable of deriving justification and authorisation for their beliefs-values-behaviors from their cultural codex otherwise the penalty for deviance could be quite severe. As we can clearly see with cultural penalty being applied to Muslim women and even Other women regarded as deviant.

So what such punishment is not as heinous for deviation within an Other dominated space or in certain circumstances in a cultures dominated space - there has to be a cultural penalty otherwise there would not be conformity regards the behavior. Adherents have to perceive in any cultural action a perceived benefit and penalty for adhering or not adhering to a cultural construct. To determine any action by a human is a 'free' choice without any social consequences is clearly an unsupportable position to take given the mountain of research providing significant evidence to the contrary.

Are we to deny the existence of significant numbers and their suffering because any number delusionally believe themselves to be 'free' whilst around them their support for such a construct forces 'Most women to suffer'?

"des hôtesses refusent" You must 'refusent' for to wear such a cultural symbol of oppression informs evil.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful "mutaween" police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.
One witness said he saw three policemen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya".

The Saudi Gazette quoted witnesses as saying that the police - known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice - had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned "it is a sinful to approach them".

The father of one of the dead girls said that the school watchman even refused to open the gates to let the girls out."
Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue BBC, Friday, 15 March, 2002 

Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman, New York Times, by Pulitzer Prize winner ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 26, 2015

Pakistani woman dies after being set on fire for rejecting marriage proposal By Azadeh Ansari and Sophia Saifi, CNN,  June 1, 2016

No cultural pressure to conform? Free choice to be subjugated/subjugate?

Islamic State tightens grip on captives held as sex slaves AP, By LORI HINNANT, MAYA ALLERUZZO and BALINT SZLANKO, JUL, 5,2016

"Rachid Rezouali, a former police chief, said private funders want "to appear like God's servants in the eyes of the people." He called the changing social landscape "a sign that an Algeria of tolerance and modernity is disappearing."

The U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report for 2015 says volunteer imams at 55 mosques in Algiers were replaced for "spreading Salafism." But the report also noted a social media campaign ahead of last year's Ramadan urging men to avoid retribution by forcing their wives, daughters and sisters to dress according to conservative Islamic values.

No dress-related reprisals happened, perhaps because fashion already has become so prevalent.

For sociologist Nacer Djabi, the growing number of women in traditional Muslim garb is a sign that Algeria is reclaiming an identity subverted by more than a century of French rule. But, he added, "Most women suffer it because of pressure from society.""

"Javaria Saeed, a practicing Muslim, resigned from the SO15 counter-terrorism division of the Metropolitan Police, which was tasked with outreach to the Muslim community. She cited a culture of “political correctness” and two specific cases, in which she alleged a senior Muslim constable had called female genital mutilation (FGM) a “clean, an honorable practice” that “shouldn’t be criminalized.” FGM is illegal in the UK.

On another occasion, the same officer reportedly said Muslim women who face domestic abuse should seek to resolve the situation via sharia tribunals rather than going through the courts.

Despite reporting the incidents to her superiors, no action was taken against the offending officer.

Other officers called her a “bad Muslim” for not wearing a hijab (head covering) and said she would be “better off at home looking after your husband.”

“My experiences were that it was Muslim officers being racist towards my individual views; also in private, holding racist views against white officers, and sexist views against females,” she told the Sunday Times. “If such views were held and expressed by white officers, they would be fired.”

"Qandeel Baloch has been killed, she was strangled to death by her brother. Apparently it was an incident of honour killing," Sultan Azam, senior police officer in Multan, told AFP.

"My daughter was innocent, we are innocent, we want justice, why was my daughter killed?" Baloch's father Azeem Ahmad told reporters there."

"My daughter was innocent, we are innocent" - No, the daughter was not determined innocent by the very 'rational' system of which the father is an adherent and the son, who the father determined was to be subject to the cultural codex, development process, and dense network system which inevitably led to this fathers daughters murder as hundreds of thousands since the seventh century and millions to come if this fathers, sons, mothers and even the daughter's cultural codex categorisation engine of women, development process and dense network systems are not removed from humanities public and private spheres. Both the daughter and the family of the daughter are guilty and the culture they adhere to culpable for another murder of Other.

The only 'hole being dug' are for women who have to suffer the consequences of such behavior, of such obscenity promoted as 'modesty' underwriting an ideology, acceptance and promotion of the view women are responsible men's behaviour towards them and as a sign of subservience to an ideology of social confinement and control by men as a good. France simply understands liberty and equality regards women are not simply definitions to be subject to whims of cultural tyranny.

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected the idea of emancipation of women through greater financial independence by saying that women who trade the role of a mother and a housewife for a career, are “half-persons.”

A woman who refuses maternity and gives up housekeeping faces the threats of losing her freedom. She is lacking and is a half [a person] no matter how successful she is in the business world.”

"I would recommend having at least three children," Erdogan said.

Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) based its political platform on conservative Islamic traditions and uses religious justifications to advocate values and policies. Last week, the Turkish president spoke against birth control, saying that devout Muslims would never use contraception. In March during the celebration of the International Women’s Day, he said that a woman is “above all else a mother,” in a speech full of quotes from Koran on the virtues of motherhood."

'“The Almighty created woman to bear and raise children,” he added. “[Circumcision] would not affect that. Women would not stop giving birth. But there would be less promiscuity.” said Ismail Berdiyev, a senior Muslim cleric from Dagestan “all women” should be subjected to the practice to eliminate sexual depravity.'
Outrage in Russia after religious leaders back female genital mutilation, Roland Oliphant, The Telegraph,18 AUGUST 2016

You support a cultural codex which enables a man to determine women are the core source of depravity and women not men should be subject to the removal of parts of their sexual organs to achieve docility? Is the Islamic/Muslims definition of 'modesty' 'digging a hole' for France or for women, and not only Muslim women?

With the Russian political elite again unleashing the Christian Orthodox to once more join the hands of Church and Emperor it is another example of how hard fought rights for women requires eternal vigilance and alas continuing sacrifice due to the fact religious constructs of women are allowed to remain without severe censure and removal from humanities private and public spheres.

"Women are at the mercy of this heinous and un-Koranic custom. Every day we get cases of women's lives destroyed on a whim like this. Some women are not even aware they have been divorced. They learn much later," said the BMMA's convener, Noorjehan Safia Niaz.

But the group faces opposition not just from the predictably outraged conservative Muslim male establishment, who say the custom is sanctioned scripture. It also gets a chilly reception from Indian politicians who fear that, if they back the demand, powerful Muslim leaders will order their brethren not to vote for them on the grounds that their faith is under attack.

This despite a government committee recommending last year that the practice should be banned because it "makes wives extremely vulnerable and insecure regarding their marital status". India does not have a uniform civil code. Instead, each religious community is allowed to have its own laws governing marriage and divorce."

Not religion when it comes to informing oppression? You seriously claim to be representing 'freedom' the good side of morality for women by supporting such a cultural codex which enables the above Islamic/Muslim codex analogised Islamic/Muslim cultural version of 'freedom' for women to be increasingly manifest before you? Is the Islamic/Muslim culture aligning to the hard fought Modernity construct of women as its Western defenders and internal Muslim 'moderates' promised it would - can it even do so given its codex necessarily "mutually non-contradictory" constructs?

"Culture is not only what people think, it is also what they do. Ideally, cultural explanations would also strive to be mutually non-contradictory ...

Culture, although it cannot ‘do’ anything on its own, provides a framework through which people are motivated to act. Subsequently, incidents of violence are individually and socially understood through narrative, that is, through the stories which are developed by participants, observers and the institutions which deal with them (such as the courts and media). These narratives, in turn, can express motivations or justifications for further violence or, alternatively, for its avoidance or suppression.”
Wood, J. Carter (2007). Conceptualizing cultures of violence and cultural change. In: Carroll, Stuart ed. Cultures of Violence: Interpersonal Violence in Historical Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan.

This is what the Islamic/Muslim cultural construct of women enables own it, all of it from the scarf to female genital mutilation to being burnt alive for not wearing the abaya to having your head cut off for not wearing the veil properly to being shot in the head for......... are you that callous towards your own gender to allow such a cultural codex to remain in place to continue to analogise the same and worse for do we not see regards Muslim behavior as time passes depths that would have been impossible to conjure unless you were a Muslim violent, radical, fanatical, psychotic nihilist?

"It is very clear what I mean, which is that there is a violent, radical, fanatical, nihilistic interpretation of Islam by a faction … within the Muslim community that is our enemy, and that has to be defeated."

The Islamic/Muslim culture continues to set these creatures into humanities streets for without violence the Islamic/Muslim culture would simply fade away. No culture generates such altruistic aligners/enforcers/punishers with such a cultural defined nature for no purpose.

Women under the Islamic/Muslim culture are 'free to choose' we are told. It is a lie, as we can clearly see for even Other women are subject to such evil imposition against their will which is why France itself legislated against the draconian Muslim dress code for women, because of its symbolism of women's submission to Man untenable in the streets of any society which determines liberty and equality for women a right not an option. Even Other cultures women are to deny their sexuality and 'cover up' this is free choose?

"When people argue that Wonder Woman should ‘cover up,’ I don’t quite get it," Gadot says. "They say, ‘If she’s smart and strong, she can’t also be sexy.’ That’s not fair. Why can’t she be all of the above?"

But Gadot doesn’t see it that way, intimating that Wonder Woman’s sexuality and style of dress is part of her agency. She also suggests that efforts to modify the current iteration of Wonder Woman are a reflection of our culture’s inability to see women as three-dimensional beings, in control of their mind, body, and sexuality."
Gal Gadot on the Wonder Woman U.N. backlash: 'This is what you’re protesting?', Jaleesa M. Jones , USA TODAY 3:13 p.m. EST December 20, 2016

Liberty is not the freedom of a culture to seek submission of women and/or Other cultures via their cultural indoctrination process and altruistic enforcement mechanisms utilising violence or the threat of it to maintain and advance their cultural codex tyranny.

You support the left image above you support the image on the right and in between because the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of women as subject, as less, as responsible for Man's own heinous behavior against women analogises into both.

"Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.
every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities"
SURFACES AND ESSENCES, ANALOGY AS THE FUEL AND FIRE OF THINKING, Douglas Hofstadter (American professor of cognitive science), Emmanuel Sander (French Psychologist-Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology), 2013

A cultural 'rational' model 'categorisation engines' necessarily create interlinking cultural symbols with ethics-values-beliefs-motivation-behaviors which are able to be authoritatively and justifiably inferred, analogised as existing within the 'true' meaning of the cultural codex informing non-contradictory discourse, for if a cultural codex enabled contradictory discourse such discourse would tend to enable challenge to the veracity of the whole cultural codex for if clear contradiction exists in one part are the creator(s) infallibility in the rest of the codex to be taken for granted?

Such contradiction would immediately pose a threat to the authority and justification foundation for the actual beneficiary of the cultural codex categorisation engines, there has to be a cultural derived beneficiary otherwise the categorisation engine would have never been created in the first place - the beneficiary may be the cultural whole but invariably as humanity and women to their cost find the beneficiary are a select group within the culture.

To determine the left image above does not inform the image on the right and vice versa is therefore an error for in examining the cause of one leads you inexorably to the cause of the other. The beneficiary of the cultural categorisation engine which determines as 'good'/'proper'/'modest' the wearing of the Abaya, Chador, Burqa, Purdah, Kerundung, .. as well as genital mutilation, subjugation of women to mans 'leadership, condoned violence against women, women's culpability for mans heinous actions against women, control of women's sexuality .... is?

"This law makes a man insecure," he told journalists."

The little 'man' is the beneficiary of women's subjugation for who creates the cultural rules in the first place utilising whatever device be it determining women the 'weaker' sex requiring 'protection', of hysterical disposition, responsible for men's feelings and actions, or even the invention of a fictitious all powerful being to justify and authorise infamy, for would such imposition and maintenance of such obvious brutal inequity against women, let alone against Other cultures, ever be able to be authorised and justified on mere mortal scientific derived rationale and logic?

“A husband should be allowed to lightly beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires; turns down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods,” the draft bill, which has not been finalised, says.

In the proposal, the council advises men to beat their wives if they refuse to dress as he wishes her to, talk to strangers or speak loudly. Wives may also be reprimanded if they give anyone money without the husband giving her permission first."
Men should ‘lightly beat’ their wives if they refuse sex, according to Islamic council leader, Fionn Hargreaves, staff writers and AFP News Corp Australia Network, MAY 30, 2016

Islamic/Muslims codex (textual words and exemplar (messianic) behavioral templates) strung together, as with any other cultural codex be it secular or religious, are not created for no cultural reason/purpose they are there to inform action. Such cultural codex may not specifically lay down in one form, for instance in text the, exact behavior to be followed yet the authenticity and justification for specific form will be found in historical and existing cultural norms and importantly can be inferred, analogised from the codex itself as being representative of the 'true' belief-value.

If a repeatedly observed cultural behavior across generations exists it will be non-contradictory specific, inferred or analogised within the authority and justification of the cultural codex. Claiming a behavior is not specifically defined within codex and therefore not of the cultural codex ignores the existence of a cultural rationale and logic which inevitably leads to the behavior for the proof it does is right in front of you. Islamic/Muslims codex (textual words and exemplar (messianic) behavioral templates) are strung together to inform complete control of women's sexuality and as the evidence before humanity proves daily are not benign nor beneficial for women.

You cannot pick and choose which outcome you favor or support under such a construct without then approving the exact same construct of women which informs the rest. Each provides validation for the other. One cultural codex constructed outcome cannot exist without the other.

In supporting the wearing of the Abaya, Chador, Burqa, Purdah, Kerundung etc determines you an advocate of what cultural 'rational' model categorisation of women which informs not only the wearing of such symbols of tyranny but the very enabling of tyranny against women. Will any amount of colour or cut of material cover the tragedy you are enabling?

"The practice of female genital mutilation is more widespread, and affects many more women and girls, than previously thought, according to a new report from Unicef.  As the Guardian notes, the initiation rite is often performed on girls as young as five, even if their parents don’t consent.

The total number of women living with the consequences of genital mutilation or cutting is 200 million worldwide—70 million more than reported in 2014. The massive hike is due in part to population growth, and in part to new data collected in Indonesia, one of three countries—along with Egypt and Ethiopia—that account for half of all female genital mutilation victims globally."

"The disasters brought upon women in the name of religion but more so by the religion of Islam is a disgrace to humanity. There has been plenty of derision handed out to women from Christianity in the past but we as women never had to endure genital mutilation; being fully clothed in black clothing, which would be horrendous in summer, to stop men from being sexually aroused by our faces and bodies and never had to have 4 male witnesses before reporting a rape. The list goes on. I met countless educated women in the ME (Middle East) who vowed they would never marry because it would be impossible to find a decent man who would be kind to her. Very sad." an Australian woman's perspective 2016.

To determine it is only a 'few' and the infamy the 'few' inform does not impact negatively upon the 'many' even within their own cultural space and the 'many' are satisfied with their cultural social derived condition given the knowledge of ideological alternatives to understand what 'decent' 'kind' actually means under an Islamic/muslim cultural categorisation engine is simply dangerous delusion. For this delusion informs political outcomes which continue to deliver subjugation of 'many' women and with it diminished and brutalised lives.

UNICEF Finding: 'THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN COUNTRIES WITH DATA THINK THE PRACTICE SHOULD END' the reason it does not end is because 'majorities', the so called non radicalised, 'moderate' law abiding adherents of any cultural codex particularly one informing infamy against Other and women which necessarily have strong network systems do not determine the boundaries of their own cultural behavioral variance as they do not have cultural codex justification and authorisation for doing so and as social psychology research informs us the 'few' altruists aligners/enforcers/punishers coming from the very ranks of the 'majority' do along with the so called 'minority' who support heinous cultural behavior, cause such cultural practices to continue they are not 'tribal', not medieval, not from another age and therefore you can excuse your own complicity they are ethical-moral-values your culture enables now in the twenty-first century.

"Two women convicted over a genital mutilation procedure on two girls have shown no remorse and only offered "qualified, ambiguous and self-serving" apologies, a NSW (Australian) court has heard."

"even if their parents don’t consent" -There is no such thing as Free Choice, Self-Determination, Freedom, unrestricted agency only what your culture determines in space (context) and/or what Other cultures if dominant in your space suppress or enable. You are an adherent of a cultural codex containing heinous constructs you cannot therefore determine yourself not culpable for the infamy it informs as for any cultural 'rational' system each conduct/governance construct are non contradictory and cross supporting - “To make one exception means to make them all.”.

"The whole law is wrong," Muhammad Khan Sherani, the head of the Council of Islamic Ideology said at a news conference, citing verses from the Koran to point out that the law was "un-Islamic."

The council's decision this January to block a bill to impose harsher penalties for marrying off girls as young as eight or nine has angered human rights activists.

The Women's Protection Act, passed by Pakistan's largest province of Punjab last week, gives unprecedented legal protection to women from domestic, psychological and sexual violence. It also calls for the creation of a toll-free abuse reporting hot line and the establishment of women's shelters.

But since its passage in the Punjab assembly, many conservative clerics and religious leaders have denounced the new law as being in conflict with the Muslim holy book, the Koran, as well as Pakistan's constitution (Islamic knowledge, cultural norms and law)."

"he (Imam Maulana Habib Ur Rehman of Glasgow Central Mosque)  says: "I cannot hide my pain today. A true Muslim was punished for doing which [sic] the collective will of the nation failed to carry out."
Glasgow mosque leader praises extremist killer By Calum McKay BBC Scotland 25 March 2016

"• Parents do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community."
Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair Patrick Wintour, Political editor The Guardian, Wednesday 23 July 2014

Muslim parents who would wish to oppose altruists aligners/enforcers/punishers knowledge therefore have 'no confidence to argue against' the so called Islamic/Muslim extremists because the extremists are 'articulate and forceful', not because of their innate rhetoric skills nor their propensity for violence or the threat thereof but because of the simple fact the so called extremists hold the Islamic/Muslim ethic-belief center/mean ground are not extremists in a Islamic/Muslim rational system sense and therefore have the appropriate and sufficient Islamic/Muslim knowledge justification and authorisation to support their conduct and world-view as to the 'true' Islamic/Muslim governing principles and methodology and enough Muslim parents have 'confidence' the so called Islamic/Muslim extremists are the 'true believers' as they are that humanity continually to this very day ends up with infamy blamed on the 'few' who continually are derived from the ranks of the blameless 'many'.

"A New South Wales supreme court judge says he has not seen any evidence that three people convicted of female genital mutilation charges will work to stamp out the practice in their community."
- ‎6-2-2016

You want to be no longer culpable change architect and builder but there are two problems your culture has to enable or Other cultures in the same space knowledge and a secure cultural transition environment to even consider being a cultural defector. A rational measure of the nature of your culture. whether or not it is worthy of continuing adhering to, will be determined in major part by the relative level and type of cultural punishment for attempting cultural transition. For if your culture has a severe blasphemy and transition paradigm you can be assured Other and even fellow adherents are dying as a direct result of your codex constructs and almost certainly adherent women will be constructed as less and subject to Man.

By showing tacit support for such a culture and attacking those entities and persons seeking to hold such a culture to account for the infamy such a culture systemically informs because of its inherent cultural codex categorisation engine of Other and women what are you as part of an aggregate political force culpable for?

"The Prime Minister, David Cameron, is to announce the moves today in a blistering attack on the “passive tolerance” of discriminatory practices inflicted on female members of the country’s Muslim communities.
In a move to confront men who exert “damaging control over their wives, sisters and daughters”, he will announce a review of the role of Britain’s religious councils, including Sharia courts."
British PM David Cameron lashes Muslim practices acting against women FRANCIS ELLIOTT, THE TIMES, JANUARY 18, 2016

"THEY were kidnapped and then subjected to months of brutal sexual assaults.

And is if being the sex slave of an Islamic State fighter isn’t horrific enough, countless women and girls were then subjected to further humiliation — barbaric and appalling virginity tests.

Those who escaped and survived to reveal the horrors that they endured at the hands of Islamic State militants were forced to undergo the tests conducted by Kurdistan officials, according to Human Rights Watch.


As barbaric as it sounds for rape victims, virginity testing has also come under fire in Indonesia where female police recruits have been reportedly subjected to the practice.

In a 2014 report, HRW said many young women described the procedure as painful and traumatic.

In an interview with The Jakarta Globe last year, General Moeldoko defended the procedure reportedly saying “so what’s the problem? It’s a good thing, so why criticise it?”.

This comes despite Gen Moeldoko (Indonesia) admitting there was no direct link between a woman being a virgin and her abilities as a member of the armed forces."

Cultural codex constructs political and social, cultural attractors, driven by cultural prescribed non contradictory categorisation engines, dependent upon the relative independence Other cultures (dominant or in minority) and nature in a specific time and space allow will be, not may be, analogised within the ethical-moral-values-beliefs-motivation and methodological behavioral bounds set by the cultures historical conventions and normative settings justified and authorised by the cultural codex itself and the development process infant-child-adolescent-adult controlled by the so called non-radicalised, law abiding (normative) families, communities and institutions, responsible for the creation and sustaining of the 'few' altruistic aligners/enforcers/punishers-cultural managers (imams-religious leaders-advocates and perpetrators) of the cultural prescribed methodology.

Self-determinism as with freedom simply does not exist there is only ever relative independence within cultural set boundaries, ameliorated or diminished by Other cultures and nature in the same time and space. Humans may have the same blood group but culture determines the meaning you give to the context within which you move and your reaction/behavior within that context. Research has found cultural prejudice is set infant-child and nigh impossible to change thereafter. Determining a Muslim woman in a Other cultural dominated and protected space can be taken seriously when they proclaim they are ‘free’ and the Islamic construct of women enables this to occur tragically ignores the relative diminishment of ‘free’ even existing in her own streets let alone where the Islamic/Muslim culture is dominant.

Therefore relative systemic risk is not derived from an individual human self-determined behavioral variance but a cultural imposed behavioral variance directly informed by how significantly the ‘rational’ system of one culture differs from another and the cultural prescribed methodology of resolving those significant differences. It should be noted when regarding political/social elites as indisputably intelligent beings having achieved perceived rigorous intellectual heights religious or secular, attend Oxford, and a Rhodes Scholar, and therefore a reliable witness as to truth research has found the higher the measurable intelligence the greater the determination one is the holder of ‘truth’ despite contrary evidence.

A culture, particularly cultures with an inherent terror genocide construct of Other such as the Nazi and Islamic/Muslim cultures, will invariably have along the cultures behavioral variance, the non-radicalised reflecting back Others ethics-values-behaviors diminishingly (dependent upon the degree of Other cultural domination and protection-cultures like any organism tend to the pragmatic (adapt to context) despite its true desired equilibrium state which it seeks in time to realize), giving false hope of possible ‘reform’ or a false belief of the existence of a ‘true’ moderate safe ‘good’ version of ideology unlinked (which is logically and rationally impossible), to conservative-moderate-‘radicalised’ extremist ‘true believer’ versions derived from the exact same cultural codex of which all within the cultures behavioral variance determine as their ‘true’ and only source of the justification and authorization for their ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology.

The 'few' altruistic aligners/enforcers/punishers-cultural managers (imams-religious leaders-advocates and perpetrators) of the cultural prescribed methodology maintain internal adherence, defend, and impose across the whole cultures behavioral spectrum utilising cultural codex justified and authorised enforcement conversion methodology to align adherents to the culture's own attractors not Others. The existence of any number of so called ‘moderates’ determined as supporting Other cultures values systems makes no difference within coercive strong network cultural systems as the Nazi and Islamic/Muslim for the authority is in the hands of the altruistic enforcers as they always are. Islamic/Muslim cultural divine vengeance and the blasphemous paradigms threat and utilization of violence internal and external to the culture seeks to and clearly achieves the ‘tranquility of silence‘ so prized by the Iranian political/religious elite.

To determine as some have this is 'old' cultural codex and this is the twenty-first century and such attractors are a pre-medieval, medieval and of a barbaric tribal form and are therefore not the current belief system of adherents ignores the fact if this logic were indeed the case each 'new' event for instance the view equal rights for women is a 'good', a right without Man's 'leadership would have cultures immediately changing precepts and beliefs underpinning them to change their whole cultures normative value position, this clearly is not the case reality informs us Fernand Braudel is right "old attitudes of thought and action, resistant frameworks dying hard, at times against all logic." which in turn "limits the possible" which are in essence the limits of a cultures behavioral variance.

The 'limits of the possible' can change for certain cultures ('rational' systems) but cannot for others the reason being the degree to which the internal cultural codex enable the relative independence of their adherents to challenge the certainty of the cultural codex attractors being "authoritative for the present" (does cultural codex exist to determine this is the case - which altruistic punishers can utilise to justify and authorise their actions to align and enforce) - and the degree with which a culture's methodology of control and the development process imbues adherents with support of a blasphemy paradigm enforcing protection of insidious codex constructs and the political elite of the culture itself and even Other cultures failed cultural gatekeepers such as the ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull managing another cultures terror-genocide and insidious values systems into humanities streets and calling it 'good'.

Even within Others dominant cultural ethos and protection still as we see we have subjugation of women to Man's leadership and historical barbaric tribal constructs which even include the murder of Other, and women subject to cultural codex authorised sex slavery because these are the actual codex attractors applying today as they still exist within the cultural codex and to determine them as all medieval even pre-medieval etc and deny cultural culpability would mean the underpinnings of philosophical thought for women's rights today for instance pertaining to Plato's ( 424/423 – 348/347 BC) view of enabling equal access to political power for women was pre-medieval clearly from a tribal greek polis and not applicable today. You cannot therefore utilise such an argument 'it is a value older than...' then say it does not truly represent Muslim beliefs when clearly such cultural attractors are analogised before us as they have alas historically before others.

This I repeat is the truth which underwrites the view “To make one exception means to make them all.” the reason being as Francois Hartog points out some regimes ('rational' systems) determined codex "was authoritative for the present"  not a medieval past, it is happening right now in this time therefore these are cultural values of the culture - own it.

"Dua had only been working for two months with the Khansaa Brigade, the all-female morality police....

Dua sat back down and watched as the other officers took the women into a back room to be whipped. When they removed their face-concealing niqabs, her friends were also found to be wearing makeup. It was 20 lashes for the abaya offense, five for the makeup, and another five for not being meek enough when detained.

Their cries began ringing out, and Dua stared hard at the ceiling, a lump building in her throat."
New York Times, By AZADEH MOAVENINOV. 21, 2015

"only been working for two months" & "stared hard at the ceiling" so when are you to be culpable and justice served against you for the terror you inform after three months and the terror you enable by that silence?  Importantly has your regret changed the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of women which informs the same from generation to generation? You are a participant in atrocities against women and still an adherent to the exact same cultural construct which informs infamy.

Explain to yourself how the following is not linked ethically to the behavior against the female gender above via the Muslim codex construct of women and why such a codex must remain to inform such outcomes in our Public Square.

“The procedure has been practiced for a long time. We need to check the quality [of the candidates] by checking their virginity,” Inspector General Moechgiyarto, head of the National Police law division"

"The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine," the general said ...

The general said the virginity checks were done so that the women wouldn't later claim they had been raped by Egyptian authorities.

"We didn't want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren't virgins in the first place," the general said. "None of them were (virgins)."

Amazing logic is enabled by such constructs you can check virginity against women's will which is raping women, because "we (you) wanted to prove that they weren't virgins in the first place," then determine surprise "None of them were (virgins).". Which makes the rapes by soldiers which did occur in the Tahrir Square square along with other civilian men OK as well as the rapes in the prison medical centres and why should we care because none of the women were virgins so clearly possibly 'prostitutes'.

What are you supporting? This behavior, this latitude of such proportion against women not only perpetrated by Men but women as well against fellow women has to be analogised from a cultural codex construct of women otherwise it would not occur. Who controls women's sexuality under this cultural construct of Muslim veils and hijabs women? What are you really wearing.

Do you really understand how dangerous the following culturally derived statement is, not only for women but humanity at large, that a cultural 'rational' model actually exists to enable it to be said - "The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine," the general said ... Can't you see where 'girls' 'daughter' can under such rational be replaced with 'neighbor', 'boys', 'son', 'mother', 'father', 'wife', 'Jews', 'Muslims', 'Christians', ....." just as easily? And it ....

What are you supporting?

"Wan Zulaikha Mohd Zakaria, 24, who recently attended a pre-marital course at a local mosque in Kuala Lumpur, said she had been taught that sex was part a of wife’s obligation to her husband.

“There is no such term as ‘rape’ in marriage because it is wife’s duty and responsibility,” she told The Malaysian Insider.

“A wife’s role is to serve her husband in bed. But the husband must, of course, be understanding,” said Wan Zulaikha.
She said it was considered a “sin” for a wife to reject her husband’s advances, but there was no outright condemnation by ulama for men who forced themselves on their wives"

"A Pakistani man and his father have been arrested in the country's latest so-called "honour killing" after they set the son's wife alight for leaving the house without asking his permission.

Siddique and his father then beat Ms Bibi before dousing her with petrol and setting her on fire in central Pakistan's Muzaffargarh district on Friday, Mr Azam said.

Ms Bibi had been married to Siddique for three years, during which time she had suffered repeated domestic abuse for the couple's inability to have children, Mr Azam said.

Suffering burns to 80 per cent of her body, Ms Bibi died of her injuries in hospital on Saturday."

"A Muslim teenage girl murdered in an "honour killing" was the victim of a clash of cultures, police said today.

Strict Kurdish Muslim Abdalla Yones cut the throat of his 16-year-old daughter Heshu because he believed she had become too westernised.

Yones, 48, a political refugee who had fled the brutality of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq 10 years ago.."
'Westernised' girl killed by Muslim father Daily Mail Australia Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015

"Kuala Lumpur (AFP) - Malaysia's government faced calls on Tuesday to take action against Muslim protesters who pressured a church to remove its cross, the latest example of rising Islamic intolerance that is fuelling religious tensions in the multi-faith country."

"The suspects were allegedly planning an attack that included targeting police at a ceremony marking ANZAC Day, April 25"
5 arrested for Australia plot amid fear of homegrown ISIL terrorists by Lauren Williams, Special for USA TODAY April 18, 2015

"“Should this be the word?” he (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan) asked his minister rhetorically. He repeated the question to his audience as he opened the new wing and then answered it declaring the word kampus would no longer be used and instead be replaced with “kulliye”, derived from Arabic and during the Ottoman times meaning a collection of buildings about a mosque.

“It would be a first in this new period,” the president concluded."

Published April 23, 2015 FoxNews.com

“I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam to help the Muslim ummah (community) in the area that I could, which was the medical field,” he says with a distinctive Australian accent.

“When I got here, I was very happy that I made the decision, and I was a little bit saddened at how long I’d delayed it. I wish I had come a lot sooner.”‘Australian’ Islamist video deplored AAP APRIL 25, 2015

"The girl, whose name is being withheld for her safety outside her village, sat about six feet away and covered her face entirely with her veil so she would not have to see Mullah Amin, who did not once look at her.........

Prominent mullahs and some officials in Kunduz had earlier claimed the girl was actually as old as 17, above the age of consent; .... But her mother says she is 10, and a forensic medical examiner estimated her age at 10 to 11 years.

Mullah Amin’s two defense lawyers pleaded on Islamic grounds that he should be given the Shariah law punishment for a single person accused of adultery, 100 lashes, and then released. Judge Rasuli responded that such logic would require him to order the girl to be given 100 lashes as well. “She cannot commit adultery; she is a child,” he said. “This is rape.” ......

After the girl was raped and activists heard her family plotting to kill her, she was put in a shelter run by Women for Afghan Women.."
Afghan Mullah Who Raped Girl in His Mosque Receives 20-Year Prison Sentence By ROD NORDLAND OCT. 25, 2014 The New York Times

This for a girl is what the Islamic/Muslim construct of women can and is analogised to, this girl was fortunate a vestige of Western legal process and justice had been incorporated into Afghanistan justice system in 2009 and one wonders without pressure of the West upon which the elite of Afghanistan is dependent whether or not such a law would have been passed and with the Wests diminishing role in Afghanistan how long it will remain.

"Legislation will allow men to attack their wives, children and sisters without the fear of punishment

It will ban relatives of the accused from bringing evidence against them

Law passed by parliament but is waiting to be officially signed off by the president Hamid Karzai

Those who carry out honour killings would be impossible to prosecute

Domestic abuse is still rife and forced marriages are the norm"

You really believe surely the Western construct of women is so obvious that in time the reality of women's condition will improve even if you allow the cultural codex misogynistic construct to remain in a Public Square?

"This is another clear indication that the human rights situation in Afghanistan is getting worse not better," Pillay said. "Respect for women's rights – and human rights in general – is of paramount importance to Afghanistan's future security and development. This law is a huge step in the wrong direction."

The new law denies Afghan Shi'a women the right to leave their homes except for "legimitate" purposes; forbids women from working or receiving education without their husbands' express permission; explicitly permits marital rape; diminishes the right of mothers to be their children's guardians in the event of a divorce; and makes it impossible for wives to inherit houses and land from their husbands – even though husbands may inherit immoveable property from their wives.

"For a new law in 2009 to target women in this way is extraordinary, reprehensible and reminiscent of the decrees made by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in the 1990s," Pillay said."
UN human rights chief says Afghan law restricting women's rights is reminiscent of Taliban era. United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Saudi Arabia: 'Western women who drive don't care if they're raped' claims Dr Saleh Al-Saadoon By Dominic Gover, International Business Times, February 11, 2015

By Other wearing Muslim symbols of subjugation what are you moving inexorably to normalise as acceptable as being derived from a culture which informs the above and below? Each single step leads to where, Liberty and Equality particularly for women?

"By the time we went for our second hajj, a year later, my mind was ready to surrender and my body was desperate for invisibility. It felt as if everything was haram (prohibited) in Saudi Arabia. I was descending into the first of several episodes of depression; I felt I was losing my mind. I didn’t talk to anyone about how I felt or get any help. I struck a deal with God: I’ll cover my hair if you save my mind. I decided to wear the veil, and this time my parents accepted my decision. I hid my body the way teenage girls, newly aware of male attention, sometimes take refuge in baggy clothing. Still, the garments I wore did not protect my body from wandering hands."
Journalist Mona Eltahawy on misogyny in the Arab world MONA ELTAHAWY THE AUSTRALIAN MAY 09, 2015

"The Melbourne (Australia) school allegedly threatened to send home children who missed morning prayer and Koran recital, while the Perth (Australian) school allegedly forced Year 1 girls to wear a headscarf."
Probe of hardline Muslim schools by Leo Shanahan THE AUSTRALIAN JUNE 02

It "is about more than cloths." Oh how very true.
Julie Bishop on why Fashion Week is about more than just clothes. The Hon Julie Bishop MP (Australian Foreign Minister) MAMAMIA

"Julie Bishop laughs off criticism about her decision to wear a headscarf in Iran."

“When I went for an audience with the Pope, they told me I had to wear a scarf,” the Foreign Minister said. “So I wore a scarf.

“You respect the culture wherever you are.”
"When in Rome … Julie Bishop heads off scarf stir" BRENDAN NICHOLSON, TEHRAN THE AUSTRALIAN APRIL 20, 2015

"When two lifeguards tried to help the drowning 20-year-old, her father "started pulling and preventing the rescue men and got violent with them", it reported.

"He told them that he prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man," said Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Burqibah, deputy director of Dubai police's search and rescue department."

NYT Written by RUKMINI CALLIMACHI; Photographs by MAURICIO LIMA AUG. 13, 2015

The claim if you care to check in the Quran can be verified given you pick it up and read it otherwise you can persist in determining not such Islamic/Muslim construct exists for you have never seen it yourself - ethics what are they?

You are therefore by your support of such a cultural codex which contains such constructs as an inherent part of it construct of women, this time Other women, enable what to occur?

The Islamic/Muslim construct of women enables what to occur - the veil a symbolic cultural artifact proclaiming adherence to a ethical construct which enables the "drowning 20-year-old" to be left to die. What are you supporting?"..stalking the streets of Isfahan, throwing acid into women's faces ...

The attacks - there have been at least four in the busy city in central Iran in recent weeks - appear aimed at terrorising women who dare to test the boundaries of the Islamic dress code.

The crimes coincided with the passage of a new parliamentary bill that allows private citizens to enforce "morality" laws."
Acid attacks in Iran sharpen row over Islamic dress and vigilantism Reuters BY BABAK DEHGHANPISHEH BEIRUT Wed Nov 5, 2014 10:24am

Julie Bishop, being generous you appear to have forgotten “To make one exception means to make them all.” Blaming the Victim: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech By Nicole Gelinas, January 18, 2015 New York Post

"He beat the girls and took them to Egypt to find husbands when Amina was 15 and picked one man who was almost 50."

Clothing such as the Muslim headscarf, hijab, burqa... is a political cultural statement and informs adherence and respect for the ideological constructs attached to it which hold analogised tragic consequences for women.

The same cloth/garment scarf worn under different cultural 'rational' models may not link to the same tragic political outcomes. Just because it is just a fashion statement under your 'rational' model does not mean you can utilise this as an excuse to display support for what in fact is a construct of the most heinous crime against women that of being determined subject to Mans 'Leadership' and control of women's sexuality.

In the case of "Rome" such a demand to wear a headscarf is not attached to Man and therefore is a misogynistic construct to inform women being subject to Man as no God wrote these religious texts. A headscarf under the cultural 'rational' models of 'Rome' and the Islamic/Muslim culture is a symbol of women's oppression not freedom, not fashion sense nor choice. You in fact had a cultural given right hard fought for to choose and you threw it away to support exactly the opposite construct for your own gender - congratulations.

For what it's worth @JulieBishopMP I thought your headscarf v. appropriate and attractive. ( Nice touch with the sparkles too.)

There is no cultural norm Julie Bishop and other women like her such as Wendy Harmer would not stoop to to show respect for and in doing so support continuing constructs of oppression against women and Other such symbols represent? 'Sparkles'? Those subject to the acid attacks must be reflecting "If only I wore 'sparkles' and had my veil only half way on my head I would have been safe from Islamic/Muslim cultural derived acid attacks."

When a culture insists upon an iniquitous construct to be observed what do you believe will be the required nature of the method utilised to enforce such an arrangement?

You both have shown what 'respect' what support for these Muslim women, not only in Iran but elsewhere, subject to such cultural attacks and restrictions? Both your actions are "appropriate"?

What the article detailing the 'Acid attacks in Iran' against woman underlines is the reason why I am writing this blog it is that you cannot show 'respect' which is in fact cultural support for a political cultural symbol such as the veil, hijab, burqa, etc without showing 'respect' support for what such political constructs are directly linked to - such as the capacity of the Islamic/Muslim cultural politic to inform the following: "..a new (Iranian) parliamentary bill that allows private citizens to enforce "morality" laws.".

Julie Bishop and Wendy Harmer who I ask are going to be the victims of such "morality" laws? This is what you are supporting for the veil ties in directly to the Islamic/Muslim cultural view women sexuality is problematic and demands control and suppression the veil is an integral symbol as well as method of 'hiding' controlling Muslim women's sexuality.

Julie Bishop I am not glad you can laugh about reinforcing women as subject be it under a Christian or Islamic construct. Particularly wearing a headscarf in an Islamic context where in the same space women are being harassed for not doing so and worse not only in Iran but elsewhere where even in Australia it is demanded of non-Muslim/Muslim women in teaching roles in Western Australia to wear the hijab or be sacked.

"TWO female teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based, in part, on their attire being considered inappropriate.

The teachers were sacked last year by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to all female teachers - Muslim and non-Muslim - to wear a hijab head scarf or face the sack."
Furious debate as teachers at Islamic College of SA's West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR BRYAN LITTLELY ADELAIDENOW FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Free to choose really? You had a choice in 'Rome' and in Iran not available to most via cultural conditioning and what did you do with it?

What are you supporting for you cannot pick from a cultural construct what you determine as the less benign and not understand it is linked inexorably to the rest. By supporting such a construct how much longer do you think you are contributing to womens continuing subjugation? 1 minute, 10 hours years whatever it is it is a good laugh don't you think?

"Girls at Al-Taqwa College (Space-Victoria, Australia Time-2015) have been banned from running at sporting events because the principal believes it may cause them to lose their virginity, former teachers claim."
Girls at Islamic school banned from running, teachers claim by Henrietta Cook, The Age, April 23, 2015

Iran: Deteriorating Conditions for Religious Freedom March 18, 2015 | U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom USCIRF

Such a small thing a scarf. What is all the fuss?

The girl above in the image on the right is wearing a headscarf/hijab, under the same construct which informs the headscarfs/hijabs existence in context what else is occurring in the same space and can and is analogised from the exact same Islamic construct of women as it has to for both to exist in the same space?

Tell us Ms Bishop how the 'rational' regards Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of womens sexuality cannot be analogised for both behaviors and why they therefore cannot be linked?

By your actions Ms Bishop you have shown yourself to be supporting what construct of women?

I perceive you Ms Bishop are in dubious company for what else does such a construct enable to be analogised into reality:

What else other than the Muslim headscarf, hajib, burqa, ... does such an Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of women enable to be analogised into reality:

"Turkey. Last year, The New York Times reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared contraception advocates as treasonous and blamed them for stifling the country’s growth. Erdogan had previously compared abortion to murder, according to BBC."

"Under Sharia, a woman’s guardian – who could be her father, uncle or brother – and two witnesses must approve her marriage. When they refuse, women are increasingly turning to legal action....

Once the court approved of the suitor, the President of the country becomes the woman’s official guardian, and the judge would act on his behalf and allow her to marry."
Thwarted brides turn to the courts in UAE Ayesha Al Khoori and Haneen Dajani March 16, 2015

British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale" by Soeren Kern March 17, 2015 at 5:00 am

"For 42 years, Sisa Abu Daooh has been dressing as a man to escape restrictions on women’s employment and earn enough to support her daughter. "

"Others echoed good examples of madrasas (religious school or college for the study of the Islamic religion) in their areas, but there was widespread awareness of others that promoted a narrow and intolerant understanding of Islam. Some women wished for more “self-regulation”, but were pessimistic about this happening, believing instead that state regulation may be necessary. ....

..a void in strong credible Muslim leadership – among both civil leaders and theologians. In recent years we have become too familiar with preachers who promote extremist views while pretending to be speaking on behalf of “normative” Islam. ...

Another key barrier, identified by women in particular and not often appreciated, is fear. Fear of challenging extremists and the possible repercussions. Having witnessed the insults other Muslim women have been subjected to in challenging extremism, many feared mudslinging, intimidation and abuse.

This is often instigated by men in an attempt to silence women’s voices. I saw this first hand when attempts were made to scupper the workshops we were organising by publicly smearing me and other women who simply wanted to safeguard their children. These women know that challenging extremism also means standing up to patriarchy and traditional gender roles that have stifled the contribution of women in both home and public life."

The following are facts they are not made up to simply cast inappropriate aspersions as to the propensity of one culture over another to commit rape but simply as the British Serious Crimes Report states the connection between Muslim organised groups is so obviously manifest it requires investigation and states "It cannot be parked as too potentially sensitive or inflammatory to pursue openly at that level (at a national level).".

Clearly Muslims are going to have to face the fact such a finding indicates a cultural propensity, this has to be derived from a Islamic cultural construct which enables such atrocious behavior to be analogised into reality, for if this was not the case such abuse would be committed by non-Muslim cultures in the same proportion to the Muslim culture.

This is clearly not happening as the Serious Crime Report clearly states and by making such a finding determines the Muslim culture needs to be investigated as to why despite any possible 'provocation; resulting from such research. This is how serious the British Serious Crimes Report view is there is a more than likely link.

"..as has been found wherever this type of organised group abuse has been uncovered, the perpetrators have been mainly from an Asian heritage, with some from Africa or south east European countries, and with a mainly Muslim culture. This has continued with the Thames Valley cases post-Bullfinch, and in the very recent convictions in Bristol.

This Serious Case Review, in one county, is not the place to attempt a definitive analysis of why this is, and this needs to be researched and understood at a national level given both its importance and the sensitivities of any conclusions. It cannot be parked as too potentially sensitive or inflammatory to pursue openly at that level."

Why has such abuse of young girls occurred, by in the main by organised groups of Muslim men, below is my opinion why combined with the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of Other.

The Muslim Mans derived notion of the construct of women's 'purity' based upon Muslim Mans derived notion woman's sexuality is 'problematic' so that Muslim Man can and does control a Muslim women’s sexuality for satisfying the Muslim Man the Islamic codex therefore enables the analogized behavior of Female Genital Mutilation to achieve this state of 'purity'.

Why because under the Islamic codex female sexuality does not matter, female sexuality under an Islamic construct needs to be controlled, whereas under the Islamic construct Male sexuality needs to be satisfied.

Cultural codex words and exemplar (messianic) behavior create reality via the analogies which can be derived from a cultural classification of women. Have you read the Islamic words have you studied the exemplar behavior towards women? Yourself?

Muslim female genital mutilation exists it therefore has to have a cultural codex connection otherwise the behavior would not exist. You are a cultural adherent to a codex containing a genocide and misogynistic construct you are a member of the cultural behavioral variance such a construct informs, you are culpable for what your culture informs within your cultural behavioral variance as you adhere to the same construct of women which informs ‘purity’ which in turn informs female genital mutilation. Which is only one of the terrible outcomes these Islamic constructs of women inform as we know only too well.

I am bigoted, prejudiced hateful of and against the Islamic codex which not only enables such oppression of women by allowing it to fester in our Public Squares but the method of Islamic cultural enforcement of 'provoked' violence and the construct of Other which enables Other to be burned alive in cages.

Islamic words and exemplar behavior enable the analogies based upon the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex to inform reality, the Muslim behavioral variance, this is why this aborent codex must be removed from the Public Square. No victim should be the price of a cultures entrance to the Public Square not that 'most' do not participate therefore it is OK, for it requires the 'most' to exist for the 'few' to exist to cause such tragedy you cannot have one without the other for the 'few' are derived directly from the 'most' because they adhere to the same source codex. The fact that the 'most' of any culture do not participate is not unusual and is absolutely no excuse for allowing terror and oppression of women in our societies.

The perceived “obsessive preoccupation with the hijab” by Western Other by pretend Muslim feminists which prevents pretend Muslim feminists realising they cannot be feminists under a Western derived definition and the fact the ‘hijab’ is determined as an oppressive construct as it is not disconnected to the exact same Islamic/Muslim value construct of women which enable genital mutilation and that Muslim women should be satisfied with “four walls”.

“The conversation took a turn for the worse when they told me that my ideas were un-Islamic and that Islam grants women full dignity ‘within the four walls of her home’.” Women’s MidEasts Posts 2013

"In a clash between Western ideals and Afghan realities, an effort to elevate the status of women by recruiting them to the police force has often backfired."
Afghan Policewomen Struggle Against Culture By ALISSA J. RUBIN  NTY MARCH 1, 2015

What are you defending, what are you promoting by allowing into your space without restriction to be able to frame behavior via cultural institutions family, community, Mosque a cultural codex which can be clearly proven to be able to be analogised to inform such reality? Is just one victim worth the price, just because it is not you.

Feminist Discourse Analysis in Islamic Feminism - Islamic Feminism=Free Slave
Muhammad Salman, Dr. Arab Naz, Waseem Khan, Umar Daraz, Qaiser Khan - Utilising the ‘few’ to prove the many can also be applied in reverse. As researchers your task under a Western research paradigm is to prove the negative so as not to arrive at the inevitable you are ‘right’. Your utilisation of the Islamic/Religious ‘Duty to Certainty’ rather than ‘Duty to Doubt’ is manifest.

By Muhammad Salman, Dr. Arab Naz, Waseem Khan, Umar Daraz, Qaiser Khan & Muhammad Hussain - University of Malakand, Pakistan

Western Feminist definition: "Those who dare to break the conspiracy of silence about the oppressive, unequal relationship between men and women, and who want to change it (Turtle 1987: 107- 8)."

Islamic Feminist definition: Those who dare not break the conspiracy of silence about the oppressive, unequal relationship between men and women, and who do not want to change it and determine any criticism of the Islamic/Muslim construct of women is an Other plot.(Muhammad Salman, Dr. Arab Naz, Waseem Khan, Umar Daraz, Qaiser Khan 2013)

Muslims and others utilise women who participated in ‘business’, ‘war’, ‘experts’ in Islamic codex as proof Islam enables women to realise their full potential, contemporary examples would be Muslim female leaders are "former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto (served 1988-1990 and 1993-1996), Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri (elected 2001), former Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Ciller (served 1993-1995) and the Bangladeshi Prime Ministers Begum Khaleda Zia (first elected in 1991) and Sheikh Hasina Wajed (first elected in 1996)."

“If we examine the history of Islam we will find the strong position of women in social life for example Khadija (the first wife of the holy Profit PBUH) was a business women. His wife Ayesha was well known and respected as an expert in Hadeeth (in the top ranking interpreters of Hadeeth) and participated in wars also (Saadawi, 1980).”

There is no doubt certain ‘strong’ Muslim women achieved/achieve positions of leadership but does this enable given the Islamic construct of women and what we see as reality for the majority from a modern Western feminist definition of maximised relative independence, the view expressed “we will find the strong position in social life” (in Islamic/Muslim culture) exists” for the majority of Muslim women. Even if the majority may be found to enjoy such privilege of agency what of just one Muslim women that does not because of the Islamic/Muslin construct of women?

There will, because of the nature of context (elite family connection/ specific opportunity) and/or ability the propensity for ‘even’ women to rise within a misogynistic paradigm. There is no lack of proof of this from various cultural constructs. But does this evidence of the ‘few’ then enable the many to have in reality such agency and also importantly does this also mean the ‘few’ were/are not themselves bound by the very real Islamic cultural construct of women which would apply to their social circumstance? Were all allowed to carry out their roles without any prejudice, the threat of elimination or actual elimination, prejudice known to be justified and authorised by Islamic/Muslim cultural “artifacts, rituals and text to develop and reinforce a shared sense of identity among members. It is the filter through which we see and understand our current reality (Edgar, 1980)”.

None? For the mere existence of just one Muslim women whose circumstance is opposed to your view of the liberal (Western definition) nature of Muslims women's existence would determine your conclusions false or at the very least suspect. For such circumstance has to be informed by a cultural codex construct, individuals simply do not define their own context, unless you can clearly show this other non-liberal Muslim women circumstance as being completely disconnected from the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex you cannot exclude this women from the Islamic/Muslim cultural behavioral variance. Believing the non-liberal condition is not connected is not enough under a 'Duty to Doubt' research paradigm you have to actually provide reliable valid evidence.

The Islamic 'Freedom to Choose" for Muslim women - "remain silent and wait to be killed" or "speak up and then be killed".

"I had two options. One was to remain silent and wait to be killed. And the second was to speak up and then be killed. I chose the second one. I decided to speak up," Malala said.
Malala's Moment: Nobel Winner Speaks Out OSLO, Norway — Dec 10, 2014, 5:03 PM ET By DANICA KIRKA Associated Press

"Editors of the religious information website Shiaonline.com have had enough... and they're making sure people know. The object of their anger: Iranian women who nonchalantly let their hijabs hang loosely from the back of their heads. Or worse still, those who don't even make an effort to cover up tight-fitting clothes."

“It is always preferable for a woman to remain hidden and veiled, to maintain society from behind this veil,” the manifesto says.
ISIS’ all-female militia publishes strict manifesto for girls By Yaron Steinbuch February 5, 2015 | 1:17pm

"QUEBEC CITY - There will be no bail for a Quebec City man who is accused of threatening to burn his wife’s face and genitals with acid, forcing her to have sex and citing the Koran to justify beating their children."

This is 2015 not the seventh century, what I ask would have been the recourse for this women and her children if she did not exist in Others ethical space? If this women and her children existed in an Islamic dominated political space would there be 'justice' or have they already under an Islamic rational model already received it?

No Pressure? No compulsion? No Islamic cultural codex able to be utilised to justify and authorise such behavior? You take the ‘few’ to prove a point I take the ‘few’ to prove a point –which construct translates to affecting the many, even possibly to your own ‘few’ - Assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

The law of large numbers would indicate anything is possible, but is it not what the median, average, at least from the first quartile to the end of the liberal-moderate-radical-extremist behavioural variance really the true measure of a cultures capacity to inform the maximum relative independence of women to men, under a feminist measure of equality in power (equal access to resources, self-determination and inherent cultural hierarchical position across all institutions, family, community, political)? Are the ‘few represented as proof actually indicative of the whole and even their own existence devoid of the effect of the Islamic/Muslim cultural construct of women being subject to Muslim mans ‘leadership’? No evidence whatsoever to the contrary?

This does not only apply to the Islamic context but also exists within the Christian Western derived context as well. Everything is relative and that relativity is defined by definitions which define the boundaries.

Given the above can the following really be true? Changing definitions of feminism to an Islamic version may certainly save your conscience but it will not save the Muslim women many.

“This suggests that Islam is not oppressive in the sense it is projected rather Islam presented a very liberal view and provide a new direction. The oppression of women in Islam is conspiracy and the oppression of women is a one sided view based upon false notions. Even, some of the critics of Islam with their westerners’ counterparts regard Islam as a hurdle in feminist efforts. There may be two reasons for criticizing Islam. The first is they do not know the real Islamic essence, ideology and teaching of Islam, about women rights and duties while secondly they are criticizing Islam in order to cover their deficiencies and inner enmity. This is not the case with the white feminists only as most of the ignorant Muslims believed that Islam and feminism are mutually exclusive.”
This is the reality:

Just one of the diametrically opposed values causing Muslim terror against Other is the construct of woman's place in society, i.e. being subject to mans 'leadership' and women's sexuality perceived as problematic and subject to Muslim mans sexual demand.

What is clearly not appreciated is the Islamic categorisation of women as subject particularly determining sexuality of women being problematic under an Islamic construct and being mere vessels of Muslim mans sexual satisfaction, I believe through Dyadic Data Analysis, the connection and force of the Islamic words-idea of women, if someone cares to take the time, would clearly show leads irrevocably to analogous interpretation in reality from genital mutilation, confinement to space, enforcement via violence, restrictions on control and means of movement inclusive of driving cars, to the burka, hijab (game to try this Mr. Umar Daraz - your relative willingness to even mention you may be testing such an hypothesis is a measure of what Mr. Umar Daraz).

All these I believe will be shown to be connected to the oppressive Islamic construct of women so accepting one construct as a 'good' such as the burka, hijab you are accepting the same Islamic values which drive the other outcomes for women not just Muslim women. One should take particular note of Nicole Gelinas comment below.

“To make one exception means to make them all.”
Blaming the Victim: Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech By Nicole Gelinas, January 18, 2015 New York Post

Such social constructs will be applied to Other when political space is controlled by the Islamic/Muslim construct. Why? It is the same reason Islamic/Muslim terror exists because in my view the cognitive dissonance generated from the underlying values between the Western and Islamic construct of women are reflected in space, one informs relative freedom agency the other relative subjugation absence of agency equilibrium will be sought where attention cannot be overtly drawn to the iniquitous nature of the construct - it is anything other than 'free' as the underlying construct which informs each outcome are based on oppressive constructs.

It therefore should be no surprise the following occurs and the insidious construct of women are to blame regards attacks upon their person remains.

"TWO female teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based, in part, on their attire being considered inappropriate.

The teachers were sacked last year by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to all female teachers - Muslim and non-Muslim - to wear a hijab head scarf or face the sack."

And we thought Peters biblical codex construct of women which is in essence almost exactly the same as the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct was behind us in this 'modern' world. The codex remains the behavior remains.

"Kevin Mack sparked outrage when he said that when women walk alone, "that in itself is an invitation for someone to take advantage of you"."Albury Mayor Kevin Mack sorry for 'victim blaming' rape comments on women walking alone ABC 1-5-2015

Responses from women to Albury Mayor Kevin Mack are worth noting for they put the onus and codex method which should be followed by Man because of Mans failings not women.

Man needs to be chaperoned by 'responsible' Men minders not the other way round. Any codex claimed to be written by an all knowing God surely would reflect the reality of Mans duplicity and violence against women and therefore included protection for women rather than blame. It should therefore be of no surprise such codex constructs of women are written by Man for Man.

"Please stop telling women that they are not free to walk in public unmolested. Instead, please tell men to not rape," one woman wrote to Cr Mack on his Facebook page.

"Why don't you ask rapists and attackers to walk with other men who aren't violent to get them not to attack women? Start with the men who do this, not blame women for men's disgusting actions," another woman wrote."
Albury rape investigation finalised after police halt search for three men by Rachel Browne SMH May 1, 2015

Sounds like a good policy option for the security of women from x violent husbands/partners or otherwise only to be allowed out with a male chaperone.

What a good idea why didn't God think of that?

It is not that Islamic/Muslim culture is alone in the subjugation of women to the 'cupidity of man' but does this give you the right to have continue practices and therefore the codex and connected development-education creating generation after generation perpetrators and victims to inform the same when you can stand and say ‘No more!’.

“‘The persistence of such an inhuman practice for more than 2000 years only demonstrates how religious superstitions can deaden absolutely all rational instincts and human feelings even among a highly civilised people. The idea behind the practice of Sati would be clear from the following passage in Colerbook’s Digest of the Hindu Law, an authoritative manual of Hindu law prepared by the government with the help of learned Brahmins. ‘No other effectual duty is known for virtuous women at any time after the deaths of the Lord’s, except casting themselves into the same fire’. The failure of the widow to do this duty might lead to her rebirth as animals, while its faithful observance, would not only enable her to enjoy delight with her husband for eternity but also expiate the sins of her husband’s maternal and paternal ancestors up to three generations.

The cupidity of man was given sanction of religion even after death and for his satisfaction his wife should follow him to the next world.”
The Move For The Abolition Of Sati, Raja Ram Mohun Roy And Indian Awakening, M. C. Kotnala, 1975, p. 49

The question should be, if you have comprehended sufficient of the argument above, 'What are the Hindu constructs of women which have meant the question needed to be asked at all?'.

“When Caesar shakes hands with Peter, human blood oozes from the grasp.” February 24, 1530 reflection of an observer of Pope Clement VIII and Charles V King of France passing down the aisle hand in hand after the Pope anointed and crowned Charles V Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

So it is with the joining of the hands of Putin (Caesar) and the Russian Orthodox Church (Peter).

The ethics of the God (unchallengeable) given right of Imperial domination resumes on Russian soil with actions we have seen inevitably follow, along with the return of the religious right of man to provide 'Leadership' to women. What do you think is going to happen?

I for one have come to the conclusion Freedom of Religion is not delivering on its promise of transcendent peace and harmony, there appears to be an uncanny connection of clearly identifiable religious codex constructs, in reality, in the earthly domain informing completely the opposite. Time for a rethink.

""This bill would establish violence as a norm of conduct," Communist lawmaker Yuri Sinelshchikov said during the debate.

Women's rights lawyer Mari Davtyan told The Moscow Times the legislative moves are dangerous and "send a message that the state doesn't consider familial battery fundamentally wrong anymore."

A survey this month by state-run pollster VTsIOM found 19 per cent of Russians said "it can be acceptable" to hit one's wife, husband or child "in certain circumstances," the Associated Press reported.

In many ways, this reflects the thrust of an old Russian proverb: "If he beats you it means he loves you."

According to Russian government statistics from the Interior Ministry, 40 per cent of all violent crimes are committed within the family. The figures correlate to 36,000 women being beaten by their partners every day and 26,000 children being assaulted by their parents every year."
Russian parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalise domestic violence, SMH, Doug Stanglin, JANUARY 29 2017 - 10:26AM

As the secular State and supporting elites Left or Right joins, for political self-interest or sociological imagined delusions with the Religious and defends the religious right to practice their faith-ideology without impediment, blood will flow, terror and tragic misogyny and their inevitable fellow traveler blasphemy will be established "as a norm of conduct".

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