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Theodore Roosevelt: No nation can permanently retain any “social values” worth having unless it develops the warlike strength necessary for its own defence.

Theodore Roosevelt asked by the American Sociological Association to provide a response at the American Sociological Congress, Washington, DC, December 1915 for the following question:

“How war and militarism affect such show social values as the sense of the preciousness of human life; care for child welfare; the conservation of human resources; upper-class concern for the lot of the masses; interest in popular education; appreciation of truth-telling and truth-printing; respect for personality and regards for personal rights.” 
American Sociological Association

Theodore Roosevelt’s response.


In December last I was asked to address the American Sociological Congress on “the effect of war and militarism on social values.” In sending my answer I pointed out that infinitely the most important fact to remember in connection with the subject in question is that if an unscrupulous, warlike, and militaristic nation is not held in check by the warlike ability of a neighbouring non-militaristic and well-behaved nation, then the latter will be spared the necessity of dealing with its own “moral and social values” because it won’t be allowed to deal with anything. Until this fact is thoroughly recognised, and the duty of national preparedness by justice loving nations explicitly acknowledged, there is very little use of solemnly debating such questions as the one which the sociological congress assigned to me – which, in detail, was “How war and militarism affect such social values as the sense of the preciousness of human life; care for child welfare; the conservation of human resources; upper-class concern for the lot of the masses; interest in popular education; appreciation of truth-telling and truth-printing; respect for personality and regards for personal rights.”

It seems to me possibly comic to fail to appreciate, with the example of Belgium before our eyes, that the real question which modern peace-loving nations have to face is not how the militaristic or warlike spirit within their own borders will affect these “values,” but how failure on their part to be able to resist the militarism of an unscrupulous neighbour will affect them. Belgium had a very keen sense of the “preciousness of human life” and of “the need for the care of child welfare and the conservation of human resources,” and there was much “concern” by the Belgian “upper classes for the lot of the masses,” great “interest in popular education and appreciation of truth-telling and truth-printing and a high respect for personality and regard for personal rights.” But all these “social values” existed in Belgium only up to the end of July, 1914. Not a vestige of them remained in 1915. To discuss them as regards present-day Belgium is sheer prattle, simply because on August 4, 1914, Belgium had not prepared her military strength so that she could put on her frontiers at least half a million thoroughly armed and trained men of fighting spirit.

In similar fashion the question of the internal reformation of China at this moment is wholly secondary to the question whether any China will remain to be reformed internally. A Chinese gentleman wrote to me the other day that he had formerly been absorbed in plans for bringing China abreast of the modern movement, but that the events of the past year had shown him that what he really ought to be absorbed in was the question whether or not China would be able by military preparation to save itself from the fate of Korea. Korean “social values” now have to be studied exclusively through a Japanese medium.

At this moment the Armenians, who for some centuries have sedulously avoided militarism and war, and have practically applied advanced pacifist principles, are suffering a fate, if possible, worse than that of the Belgians; and they are so suffering precisely and exactly because they have been pacifist whereas their neighbours, the Turks, have not been pacifist but militarists. They haven’t the vestige of us “social value” left, to be “affected” by militarism or by anything else.

In the 13th century Persia had become a highly civilised nation, with a cultivated class of literary men and philosophers, with universities and with great mercantile interests. These literary men and merchants took toward the realities of war much the same attitude that is taken in our own country by gentleman of the stamp of Messrs.. David Starr Jordan and Henry Ford. Unfortunately for these predecessors of the modern pacifists, they were within striking distance of Genghis Khan and his Mongols; and, as of course invariably happens in such a case, when the onrush came, the pacifist theories were worth just about what a tissue paper barrier would amount to against a tidal wave.

Russia at the time was slowly struggling upward toward civilisation. She had become Christian. She was developing industry, and she was struggling toward individual freedom. In other words, she was in halting fashion developing the “social values” of which the foregoing extract speaks. But she had not develop military efficiency; she had not developed efficiency and war. The Mongols overwhelmed her as fire overwhelms stubble. The two centuries the Russians were trodden underfoot by an alien dominion so ruthless, so brutal, that when they finally shook it off, all popular freedom had been lost in the soul of the nation seared by torment and degradation; and to this day the scars remain on the national life and character. The chief difficulties against which Russia has had to struggle in modern times are due ultimately to the one all-essential fact that in the early part of the 13th century she had not developed the warlike strength to enable her to hold her own against the militaristic neighbour. The Russian Jew of today is oppressed by the Russian Christian because that Christians ancestor in the 13th century had not learned efficiency and war.

There are well-meaning people, utterly incapable of learning any lesson taught by history, utterly incapable even of understanding aright what has gone on before their very eyes during the past year or two, who nevertheless wish to turn this country into an occidental China – the kind of China which every intelligent Chinaman of the present-day is seeking to abolish. There are plenty of politicians, by no means as well is well-meaning, who find it to their profit to pander to the desire common to most men to live softly and easily and avoid risk and effort. Timid and lazy men, men absorbed in money-getting, men absorbed in ease and luxury, and all soft and slothful people naturally hail with delight anybody who will give them high sounding names behind which to cloak their unwillingness to run risks or to toil and endure.

 philanthropists to whom thinking is a distasteful form of mental exercise enthusiastically champion this attitude. The faults of all these men and women are of highly non-militaristic and un-warlike type; and naturally they feel great satisfaction in condemning misdeeds which are incident to lives that they would themselves be wholly unable to lead without an amount of toil and effort that they are wholly unwilling to undergo. These men and women are delighted to pass resolutions in favour of anything with a lofty name, provided always that no demand is ever made upon them to pay with their bodies to even the smallest degree in order to give effect to these lofty sentiments. It is questionable whether in the long run they do not form a less desirable national type that is formed by the men who were guilty of the downright inequities of life; for the latter at least have in them elements of strength which, if guided right could be used to good purpose. 

Now, it is probably hopeless ever to convince the majority of these men except by actual disaster that the course they follow is not merely wicked, because of its subordination of duty to ease, but from their own standpoint utterly short-sighted – as the fate of the Armenians and the Chinese of the present-day shows. But I believe that the bulk of our people are willing to follow duty, even though it be rather unpleasant and rather hard, if it can be made clearly evident to them; and, moreover, I believe that they are capable of looking ahead, and of considering the ultimate interests of themselves and their children, if only they had can be waked up to vital national needs. The members of the sociological societies and kindred organisations, and philanthropists, and clergyman, and educators, and all other leading men, should pride themselves on furnishing leadership in the right direction to these men and women who wish to do what is right.

The first thing to do is to make these citizens understand that war and militarism are terms whose values depend wholly upon the sense in which they are used. The second thing is to make them understand that there is a real analogy between the use of force in international and the use of force in intra-national or civil matters; although of course this analogy must not be pushed too far.

In the first place, we are dealing with matter of definition. A war can be defined as violence between nations, as a use of force between nations. It is analogous to violence between individuals within a nation – using violence in a large sense is equivalent to the use of force. When this fact is clearly grasped, the average citizen will be spared the mental confusion he now suffers because he thinks of war as in itself wrong. War, like peace, is properly a means to an end – righteousness. Neither war nor peace is in itself righteous, and neither should be treated as of itself the end to be aimed at. Righteousness is the end.

 when triumphant brings peace; but peace may not be righteous. Whether war is right or wrong depends purely on the purpose for which, and the spirit in which, it is waged. Here the analogy with what takes place in civil life is perfect. The exertion of force or violence by which one man masters another may be illustrated by the case of a black-hander who kidnaps a child, knocking down the nurse or guardian; and it may also be illustrated by the case of the guardian who by violence withstands and thwarts the black-hander in his efforts to kidnap the child, or by the case of the policeman who by force arrests the black-hander or white-slaver or whoever it is and takes his victim away from him. 

There are, of course, persons who believe that all force is immoral, that is always immoral to resist wrongdoing by force. I have never taken much interest in the individuals who profess this kind of twisted morality; and I do not know the extent to which they practically apply it. But if they are right in their theory, then it is wrong for a man to endeavour by force to save his wife or sister or daughter from rape or other abuse, or to save his children from abduction and torture. It is a waste of time to discuss with any man a position of such folly, wickedness, and poltroonery. But unless a man is willing to take this position, he cannot honestly condemn the use of force or violence in war – for the policeman who risks and perhaps loses or takes life in dealing with an anarchist or a white-slaver or black-hander or burglar or highwayman must be justified or condemned on precisely the same principles which require us to do differentiate among wars and to condemn unstintingly certain nations in certain wars and equally without stint to praise other nations in certain other wars.

If the man who objects to war also objects to the use of force in civil life as above outlined, his position is logical, although both absurd and wicked. If the college presidents, politicians, automobile manufacturers, and the like, who during the past year or two have preached pacifism in its most ignoble and degrading form are willing to think out the subject and are both sincere and fairly intelligent, they must necessarily condemn a police force or a posse comitatus just as much as they condemn armies; and they must regard the activities of the sheriff and the constable as being essentially militaristic and therefore to be abolished.

There are small communities with which I’m personally acquainted where general progress has been such as really to permit of this abolition of policeman. In these communities – and I have in mind specifically one in New England and one in the Province of Québec – the constable and sheriff have no duties whatever to perform, so far as crimes or deeds of violence are a concern. The “social values” in these communities are not in any way affected by either the international militarism of the soldier or by the civilian militarism of the policeman, and on the whole good results; although I regret to say that in each of the two communities I have in mind there have been some social developments that are not pleasant.

We ought all of us to endeavour to shape our action with a view to extending so far as possible the area in which such conditions can be made to obtain. But at present the area cannot as a matter of plain fact, be extended to most populous communities, or even to ordinary scantily peopled communities; and to make believe that it can be thus extended is a proof, not of goodness of heart, but of softness of head.

As a matter of practical common sense it is not worthwhile spending much time at this moment on discussing whether we ought to take steps to abolish the police force in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Montréal, because no police force is needed in a certain Vermont town or a certain Québec village. Such a discussion would not help us in the least toward an appreciation and development of the “social values” of any one of the big cities in question.

Exactly the same principle, only a fortiori, applies as regards war. On the whole, there is a much greater equality of intellectual and moral status among the individuals in a great civilised community than there is between the various nations and peoples on earth. The task of getting all the policemen, all the college professors, all the businessmen and mechanics, and also all the professional crooks, in New York to abandon the reign of force and to live together in harmony without any police force would be undoubtedly very much easier than to secure a similar working agreement among the various peoples of Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

 of the commonest failings of mankind is to try to make amends for failure to perform the duty at hand by grandiloquent talk about something that is afar off. Most of our worthy pacifists friends adopt in this matter the attitude Mrs. Jellyby took towards foreign missions when compared with her own domestic and neighbourhood duties. Instead of meeting together and passing resolutions to affect the whole world, let them deal with a much easier task of regulating their own localities. When we have discovered a method by which right living may be spread so universally in Chicago and New York that the two cities can with safety abolish their police force, then, and not till then, it will be worthwhile to talk about “the abolition of war.” Until that time the discussion will not possess even academic value.

The really essential things for men to remember, therefore, in connection with war are, first, that neither war nor peace is immoral in itself, and, secondly, that in order to preserve the “social values” which were enumerated in the quotation with which I began this chapter it is absolutely essential to prevent the dominance in our country of one form of militarism which is surely and completely fatal – that is, the military dominion of an alien enemy.

It is utterly impossible to appreciate social values at all or to discriminate between what is socially good and socially bad unless we appreciate the utterly different social values of different wars. The Greeks who triumphed at Marathon on in Salamis did a work without which the world would have been deprived of the social value of Plato and Aristotle, of Aeschylus, Herodotus, and Thucydides. The civilisation of Europe, America, and Australia exists today at all only because of the victories of civilised man over the enemies of civilisation, because of victory stretching through centuries from the days of Miltiades and Themistocles to those of Charles Martel in the eighth century and those of John Sobieski in the 17th century. During the thousand years that included the careers of the Frankish soldier and the Polish king, the Christians of Asia and Africa proved unable to wage successful war with the Moslem conquerors; and in consequence Christianity practically vanished from the two continents; and today nobody can find in them any “social values” whatever, in the sense in which we use the words, so far as the sphere of Mohammedan influence and the decaying native Christian churches are concerned.

There are such “social values” today in Europe, America, and Australia only because during those thousand years the Christians of Europe possessed the warlike power to do what the Christians of Asia and Africa had failed to do – that is, to beat back the Muslim invader. It is of course worthwhile to sociologists to discuss the effect of this European militarism on “social values,” but only if they first clearly realise and formulate the fact that if the European militarism had not been able to defend itself against and to overcome the militarism of Asian and Africa, there would have been no “social values” of any kind in our world today, and no sociologists to discuss them.

The Sociological Society meets at Washington this year only because the man after whom the city was name was willing to go to war. If he and his associates had not gone to war, there would have been no possibility of discussing “social values” in the United States, for the excellent reason that there would have been no United States. If Lincoln had not been willing to go to war, to appeal to the sword, to introduce militarism on a tremendous scale throughout the United States, the sociologist to listen to this chapter, when it was read to them, if they existed at all, would not be considering the “social values” enumerated above, but this “social values” of slavery and of such governmental and industrial problems as can now be studied in the Central American republics.

It is a curious fact that during the thirty years prior to the Civil War the men who in the Northern and especially Northeastern States gradually grew to take most interest in the anti-slavery agitation were almost equally interesting in anti-militaristic and peace movements. Even a causal glance at the poems of Longfellow and Whittier will show this. They were strong against slavery and they were strong against war. They did not take the trouble to think out the truth, which was that in actual fact slavery could be abolished only by war; and when the time came they had to choose between, on the one hand, the “social values” of freedom and of union and, on the other hand, the “social value” of peace, for peace proved incompatible with freedom and union. Being men fit to live in a free country, they of course chose freedom and union rather than peace. I say men; of course I mean women also. I am speaking of Julia Ward Howe and Harriet Beecher Stowe just exactly as I am speaking of Longfellow and Lowell and Whittier.

Now, during the thirty years preceding the Civil War these men and women often debated and occasionally in verse of prose wrote about the effect of war on what we now call “social values.” I think that academically they were a unit in saying that this effect was bad; but when the real crisis came, when they were faced by the actual event, they realised that this academic discussion as to the effect of war on “social values” was of no consequence whatever. They did not want war. Nobody wants war who has any sense. But when they moved out of a world of dreams into a world of reality they realised that now, as always in the past has been the case, and as undoubtedly will be the case for a long time in the future, war may be the only alternative to losing, not merely certain “social values,” but the national life which means the sum of all “social values.” They realised that as the world is now it is a wicked thing to use might against right, and an unspeakably silly, and therefore in the long run also a wicked thing, to chatter about right without preparing to put might back of right. They abhorred a wanton or an unjust war and condemned those responsible for it as they ought always to be condemned; and, on the other hand, they realised that righteous war for a lofty ideal may and often does offer the only path by which it is possible to move upward and onward.

There are unquestionably real national dangers connected even with a successful war for righteousness; but equally without question there are real national dangers connected even with times of righteous peace. There are dangers attendant on every course, dangers to be fought against in every kind of life, whether of an individual or of a nation. But it is not merely danger, it is death, the death of the soul even more than the death of the body, which surely awaits the nation that does not both cultivate the lofty morality which will forbid it to do wrong to others, and at the same time spiritually, intellectually, and physically prepare itself, by the development of stern and high qualities of the soul and the will no less than in the things material, to defend by its own strength its own existence; and, as I at least hope some time will be the case, also to fit itself to defend other nations that are weak and wronged, when in helpless misery they are ground beneath the feet of the successful militarism which serves evil. At present, in this world and for the immediate future, it is certain that the only way successfully to oppose the might which is the servant of wrong is by means of the might which is the servant of right.

Nothing is gained by debate on non-debatable subjects. No intelligent man desires war. But neither can any intelligent man who was willing to think fail to realise that we live in a great and free country only because our forefathers were willing to wage rule war rather than accept peace that spells destruction. No nation can permanently retain any “social values” worth having unless it develops the warlike strength necessary for its own 

 Sociological Imagination of sociologists have allowed what through the gates to normalise misogyny and terror-genocide within once peaceful societies? Your failure to listen is the cause of the bloody piles in our streets and broken women subject to Mans tyranny - The 'good' as Theodore Roosevelt rightly determined doing evil. 

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"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price" We are already- fortressing of Western institutions continue

Australian Parliament to be Fenced Off - Another Muslim Stain on the Landscape
"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price"

We are already paying a heavy price for having Muslims in our human space - fortressing of Western institutions continue with the fencing off the Parliamentary hill in Australia another stain of Muslims being reflected in the landscape.

"At a time when terrorist attacks have become all too familiar, public spaces are no longer presumed to be safe, and that includes holiday markets."

Christmas Markets Are Beloved Tradition, but a Challenge to Protect, NYT, By ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 19, 2016

Berlin markets shut, security beefed upReuters, Caroline Copley, Joseph Nasr and Victoria Bryan, DECEMBER 21, 2016

"Twenty-three incidents in public schools related to threatening phone calls and resulted in lockdown, evacuation or temporary closure ...

At independent schools there were five cases of lockdown, evacuation or temporary closure between January 1st and June 30, 2016.

The annual report described this increase as "abnormal". ...

The annual report highlighted an investigation of the telephone threat incidents in ACT schools identified a link to similar incidents experienced by education systems elsewhere.

"These phone calls are a national issue and international issue, with many schools across the country and the world impacted – including non-government schools," the spokesman said."

Spike in threats to schools and staff safety reports at ACT Schools in 2016, CT, Georgina Connery , DECEMBER 30 2016

Not only are our Western Democratic landscape and internal space being changed due to the insidious Muslim construct of Other but also of what constitutes a 'harmonious, peaceful society' where increasing attacks and thwarted attacks of terror by a culture in this case the Muslim culture are determined as part a '
harmonious, peaceful society' now defined as a 'multicultural society'. Multicultural, the adjective-the description of a society inclusive of systemic cultural terror is now determined as 'harmonious, peaceful'. To accept such a definition of 'harmonious, peaceful' is a sickening indictment of the political-social elite and they must be held account for the murder they are enabling by insisting such a state exists thereby causing terror against fellow citizens to continue. 

"Mr Turnbull said conflict around the world should make all Australians grateful and proud of its harmonious, peaceful and multicultural society."
Malcolm Turnbull denounces terrorism in New Year message, SMH, AAP, JANUARY 1 2017

 do we have to pay such a heavy price for such an abomination of a cultural codex. Why do we or more importantly should we accept human carnage in our streets as normative.

-backed Syrian rebels committing war crimes, torture, abductions; imposing harsh Sharia law: Report 
Amnesty International report: Syrian rebel groups "committed serious violations of international humanitarian law"

France 24: SYRIA 12/15/2016 Fake images about Aleppo circulate on social media

Stereotyping - Stigmatization of Aleppo rebels and necessarily connected the citizens supporting rebels in my view are the reasons for the lack of intervention by Other, intervention some expected under the human abstract of natural justice. The reality is as time has passed this Stereotyping – Stigmatization of the rebel faction has been justified and the false news emanating from Aleppo reinforcing apathy to their circumstance.

It has meant because both sides justify and authorize their actions based upon the exact same cultural codex and Other can see the extreme form naturally manifesting itself in the Syrian and surrounding space, even in Turkey, there is no rationale which has enough moral weight to save persons who are the definers-creators of their own fate via their very destructive Islamic construct of Other. And pertinently when the so called innocent such as those in Aleppo are allowed or force themselves across into other people’s countries these so called innocents first, second, third generation carry out atrocities against Other.

The abomination is the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex development process which systemically enables burning building broken bodies and lives to be strewn across time and space and unless this abomination is removed from humanities public and private spheres such an abomination will continue to deliver the 

"The complexity of modern societies poses a novel challenge to us for which we have no suitable evolved solution. The mechanisms that worked well in smaller groups are not so great at dealing with the demands brought about by the new scale and complexity. This is why new solutions have to be found on the intersection of nature and culture."
COMPROMISES – THE LIMITS OF DEMOCRACY, Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Editor in Chief, Human Ethology Bulletin 31 (2016)4: 1- 4

Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why is it One Is and One Is-Not When both = "I don't mean participated, I mean observed."?

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Mothers the Creators of Cultural Terror. Education commences at the mother's knee, and every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character. Hosea Ballou

“..organization is going to affect how conflicts are handled. .. The organization by the way it is structured, by its policies, by the way it is managed, by the culture that develops, the relationships it sets up among its members, all of that structuring and context, will have a great influence on how members behave when they’re in a conflict.”
The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond, Professor Michael Dues, 2010

"She was taken into custody by F.B.I. agents at her home outside of San Francisco, where she had been living with her young son."
F.B.I. Arrests Wife of Killer in Orlando Mass Shooting, NTY, By ADAM GOLDMAN and LAN BLINDER, JAN. 16, 2017

 we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight,” German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told the magazine.
‘Zero tolerance’: Merkel’s rival Gabriel calls for shutting down Salafist mosques in Germany RT, 7 Jan2017

"I had been appalled and disillusioned by what I found in my three months there. The war, despite the optimism of the Saigon command, was a stalemate: a total military superiority checked by their total political superiority. In effect this meant we could win any set-piece battle we wanted, but the other side could easily replenish their battlefield losses whenever they wanted.

What was even more depressing with the optimism I found among the top Americans in Saigon, which struck me as essentially self-deception. There was much heady talk implying that we were on the very edge of final victory and that the other side was ready to crack."
The Best and Brightest, David Halberstam,1969.

“BRITAIN’S ILL-ADVISED AND pernicious habit of yielding before the increasing arrogance of the Fascist Powers was known as the “Policy of Appeasement”. Its leading advocates were the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, Sir Horace Wilson, a very senior member of the civil service, and the Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax.

The Labour Party, is weak-kneed and vacillating as their one-time Social Democrat friends in Germany, failed to organise any effective opposition, so that, paradoxically, the champions of Appeasement only met with serious opposition from within the ranks of their own Conservative Party.”
THE PUTLITZ DOSSIER, Wolfgang Zu Putlitz, 1957, p 133

"profound and paralyzing risk-confusion....combinations of influence, intimidation, coercion, and aggression. At the same time,.. exploiting, free-riding on, or are propelled by the generalized erosion or outright failure of traditional political authority." 

This dangerous Western 'Appeasement, self-deception' propensity, however well meant, to seek to achieve a rational discussion with the so called moderates from one end of a cultures codex-exemplar derived fascist behavoral variance and/or believe dealing with symptoms not cause of a cultural war with both hands tied behind your back, believing in time a Western version of reason and/or military-security might-sophistication will prevail over these moderate families, communities and institutions so they cease to send the so called 'few' altruistic enforcers/punishers who walk from these very same moderate families, communities and institutions ="profound and paralyzing risk-confusion". In time as we see in Berlin, Damascus,.. let alone throughout history, proves as we see with the bloody piles already appearing in Western streets such a policy is extremely dangerous for the security, safety of citizens and with it their way of life.

Iran’s Rafsanjani: A legacy of terrorism and repression behind a facade of moderation, WP, By Reuel Gerecht and Ray Takeyh January 9, 2017
The Creators of Muslim Terrorists=Muslim Mothers Parenting Style and Muslim Mothers Heinous Islamic/Muslim Construct of Other=Muslim Children aged 5-7 primed for appetitive aggression=Paris, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, London, Belgium, Orlando, Kenya, Yemen, Tunisia, Boston, Sydney, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, ..
"Since its recapture two days ago, the Sunni city of Tikrit has been the scene of violence and looting. In addition to the killing of the extremist combatant, Reuters correspondents also saw a convoy of Shi'ite paramilitary fighters – the government's partners in liberating the city – drag a corpse through the streets behind their car.

Local officials said the mayhem continues. Two security officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Friday that dozens of homes had been torched in the city. They added that they had witnessed the looting of stores by Shi'ite militiamen."

After Iraqi forces take Tikrit, a wave of looting and lynching, By Ned Parker and colleagues, April 3, 2015

"A total 100,000 bidders from Hamburg and surrounding areas - most of them women .. acquired items from these deliveries of stolen property.

"Ordinary housewives suddenly wore fur coats, traded coffee and jewelry, and had imported antique furniture and rugs from Holland and France..." librarian Gertrud Seydelmann"
Hitler's Beneficiaries, Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State, Gotz Aly, 2005, p.130

How can the mothers or children adherents of any cultural codex which enables the above to consistently occur in their cultural behavioral variance be in anyway determined as innocent, good, moderate when we know for certain what has, is and will exist?

"Police allege the now 16-year-old was taken to a protest at Hyde Park when he was just 12 and given a sign that read: “Behead all those who insult the Prophet

..the mother did not report her radical son to authorities, despite his boast to her he would carry out a terror attack “bigger” than the murder of Parramatta police worker Curtis Cheng."

 arrests: Teen suspect’s mother didn’t report him despite him allegedly warning her of possible attack
, Laura Banks, The Daily Telegraph, October 14, 2016

 will claim some of the suspects self radicalised by accessing Islamic State propaganda in recent weeks."
Melbourne terror raids: Why police moved on Christmas terror suspects,SMH, John Silvester, DECEMBER 23 2016

"A 40-year-old man has been arrested and charged over making threats online targeting Sydney's New Year's Eve festivities. ...
In a statement, Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said initial investigations suggested it was an isolated incident."

Terrorism squad arrests man at Sydney Airport over New Year's Eve 'threat', ABC, 30-12-2016

 individual can 'self-radicalise' and 'isolated incident'.are dangerous lies for such elite claims determines the very culture which sets, via its infant-child-adolescent-adult development-cultural ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation social/political methodology not culpable for, 

1. the level of nigh unchangeable high implicit prejudice at 5-7 years of age underwriting behavior against Other,

2. priming to be prepared for already set cultural scenarios-emotional keys-words to move effortlessly into terror-genocide against Other,

3. schemas of behavior against Other,

4. mental models of categorisation, cultural justification and authorisation of behavior against Other,

5. the very nature of Muslim created infant-child of adherents appetitive aggression, lack of empathy for Other, lack of conscience, violent reactivity to cultural insult as we see when Muslims are rightly challenged as to the efficacy, benefit of such oppressive, misogynistic, violent constructs inherent in their texts-Quran-Sharia law and 

6. Effect of male dominance of space, massed gathering, authorised utilisation of violence or threat of it to align to male authority in families, communities and institutions on supercharging Muslim aggression and enforcement of Muslim mens control of Muslim women's sexuality.

Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman, New York Times, by Pulitzer Prize winner ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 26, 20

"Egyptian prosecutors have thrown out a case brought by an elderly Christian woman against several members of a Muslim mob who stripped off her clothes and paraded her naked through the streets, her lawyer said Sunday.

Last May's assault in the central Minya province began after rumors spread that the son of the 70-year-old woman had an affair with a Muslim woman — a taboo in majority Muslim and conservative Egypt."

Egypt drops case against mob that attacked Christian woman, AP, By HAMZA 
HENDAWI, 16-1-2017.

"Three women nabbed by cops in the hideout of ISIS killer Abdulkadir Masharipov were sent by the death cult as a reward for the terrorist’s Istanbul nightclub slaughter.

ISIS is notorious for its raping and the sexual trading and torture of women.

The three -- an Egyptian, a Somalian and a Senegalese -- were cowering in fear when cops stormed the hideout, about 40 kilometres from the scene of the massacre, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported."

ISIS gifted nightclub killer with three women, POSTMEDIA, JANUARY 19, 2017

. 'isolated incidents' as it immediately determines such cultural derived acts as individual derived actions unconnected to the thousands past, present and future linked by the exact same cultural construct of Other, fallaciously attempting to disconnect a cultural methodology being manifest across time and space from the very culture delivering it.

 "The action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues"

Given the definition of radicalisation, to assume a 'radicalised' perspective one has to already be cognizant-know and be committed to core precepts of the culture, the culture itself must have already in place the justification and authorisation and perceived cultural reward for an individual adherent to assume an altruistic position, be willing to sacrifice themselves for what they clearly believe is for the benefit of the culture and the culture itself must have imbued adherents with this belief adherents cannot 'self-radicalise' into such a belief.

Individual adherents do not make up their own cultural context nor ethics. Also from the perspective of the so called 'radicalised' they are not 'radicalised', as clearly the role they assume with the methodology has been determined by the culture as integral to the actual cultures behavoral variance, existent past and present, it is determined as normative behavior of altruistic enforcers within the culture itself otherwise the behavior of terror-genocide simply would not exist, the Muslim culture itself has defined such behavior acceptable even as we see continually each day the murder of Other.

Numan Haider inquest: Father of Melbourne terror suspect did not know son had been radicalised, ABC, By Emma Younger, 8 Mar 2016

Why do the police, politicians lie about a complete impossibility of the existence of 'self-radicalisation' which demands an adherent having to invent a complete non-contradictory cultural rationale moral-behavoral system all on their own, and from infant-child-adolescent-adult utilise this self-invented cultural rationale to be their own parent, family, peer group, community and institution by which their very nature+moral-belief
 self comes to be formed, an act of complete absurdity police and some politicians claim can be achieved in the privacy of a room connected to the internet within week(s)?

It is because cultural ethics-behavior would be determined culpable, not adherent individual behavior and this would mean multiculturalism rather than delivering "a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony" and individual-non-adherent criminal acts of violence would be determined, as it truly is, delivering 'a fantastic object-lesson in how people cannot live together creatively and in harmony' when one of the cultures in the societal space has significant value differences than Other cultures in the same space and also because of the significance of these significant values differences has developed a social/political methodology of terror-genocide to in time have these oppressive values accepted and enforced upon Other. Examples, including Damascus-Syria, of which are strewn across history since the seventh century as well as in our own lifetimes. Facing the truth would mean the policy creators and implementers of such a kafkaesque imposition of terror-genocide against their own citizens under whatever fallible abstract human social/political construct will be held to account.

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be.."
British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, first aired on BBC Two in
April 2008

Europe may face a grim future with terrorism as a fact of life, WP, By Michael Birnbaum December 24, 2016

The assurance, sense of security the word 'neutralised' should elicit when your political-security elite emphatically claim a symptom of a single event in a cultural war has been supposedly eliminated according to their self-congratulatory script.

"he (Lenin) was among 40 activists arrested in St. Petersburg and charged with sedition." Vladimir Lenin, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'Russian Chief Police Commissioner said the overnight raids had neutralised any terrorist threat.'

"Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for high treason."
Hitler sent to Landsberg jail - Apr 01, 1924

'German Chief Police Commissioner said the overnight raids had neutralised any terrorist threat.'

"Police conducted overnight raids across Melbourne's north-west and have arrested seven people."
Australian Chief Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said the overnight raids had neutralised any terrorist threat to the city on Christmas Day, SBS, By Mosiqi Acharya, 23 DEC 2016

Citizens and members of security services does
 such a strategy of dealing with symptoms of a culture's inherent terror-genocide method during a cultural war in truth 'neutralise' the threat to Other cultures? What has history to teach us of the veracity of such single event self-serving rhetoric. 

 and the other security establishments if you really want to stop Muslim terror-genocide, understand why Muslim mothers implicitly-explicitly systemically create terrorists within the Mother's 'good' families, communities and institutions as Mothers have done since the seventh century for the cultural purpose of sending these altruistic enforcers out to war against Other and even their own.

Education commences at the mother's knee, and every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character. Hosea Ballou

And that education/developing of the child cultural adherent by the Mother+Cultural experience/categories imbues the child with the "long history of disturbed and violent behavior." reactive aggression, even appetitive aggression – a rewarding perception of the perpetration of violence, "God is great! Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. God is great!”. Such behaviors systemically manifest simply do not appear without parental-cultural 

Melbourne terror raids: Seven arrested as police foil planned Christmas Day terror attack in Melbourne, SMH, Nino Bucci, Richard Willingham, Bianca Hall, Rania Spooner, DECEMBER 
23 2016

Social psychology='few' altruist enforcers created by a cultures 'many'=No Cultural Excuse.

 culture which has, does and will deliver ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation social/political methodology of appetitive aggression against Other and even fellow adherents straight from the floors of the many's families, communities and institutions does not deserve to be allowed to continue to exist in any society determining itself as civilised.

Shocking video shows soldiers being burned alive by Islamic State militants in Aleppo.
Staff writers, December 23, 2016

"who had a long history of disturbed and violent behavior."

At Least 12 Dead in Berlin After Truck Crashes into Christmas Market, NYT, By MELISSA EDDY and ALISON SMALE, DEC. 19, 2016

no beards, no robes, no proselytizing-a Muslim policeman“
"God is great! Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. God is great!”
Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara, NYT, By TIM ARANGO and RICK GLADSTONE, DEC. 19, 2016

 appears from research women-mothers are integral to the creation of terrorists and excusing women from being culpable for terrorism particularly mothers for the creation of terrorists in the first instance via their nurturing of their children simply because they are determined to exist in a Man constructed rationale under which they are clearly subject does not determine women less dedicated to advancing their cultures world view over the bodies of Other and even their own fellow adherents if they believe they are not measuring up to cultural truth. 

"Muslim women are about as likely as Muslim men to report praying daily as (72% vs. 71%) across 40 countries where data are available."
A religious gender gap for Christians, but not for Muslims, Pew Research, BY CARYLE MURPHY, March 24, 2016

"We were flabbergasted to learn that she had become a fanatic," said Renee Haantjes, a college instructor who recalled her as "a normal Dutch girl."
Terrorists Proving Harder to Profile, By Craig Whitlock, Washington Post Foreign Service, Monday, March 12, 2007

 clearly have, however psychologically derived and sustained, as women's behavior as a cultural whole provides evidence, a vested interest in the advancement of their culture even though from outside looking in, from another cultures rationale perspective women have everything to lose, inclusive of their autonomy relative to men, by doing so as well as causing irreparable harm to humanity surrounding them in the process.

"Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our "categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.
"every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities"


"Despite deeply conservative and gendered regulation, brutal violence, and widespread coverage of the group’s use of rape, more than 600 women have left Western countries to join Daesh. Researchers explain this recruitment primarily through women’s desire for romantic adventure, deception on social media, and anti-Western sentiment spurred by discrimination and violence in their home states. Using an original dataset of social media activity from seventeen Western female recruits between 2011-2015, we evaluate these arguments and offer a new explanation centered on a religious and political ideology that necessitates a physical hijra (migration) to Iraq or Syria. We find consistent evidence that anti-Western sentiment and ideological commitment drive women’s migration. This finding has valuable implications for counterterrorism policy and security studies, which tend to treat women’s mobilization as separate from general extremism. Our findings suggest female recruits should be taken seriously as motivated insurgents intent on establishing an Islamic caliphate."

Explaining Extremism: Western Women in Daesh, Meredith Loken University of Washington Anna Zelenz University of Washington, April 1, 2016

-Mothers are not innocent participants in the creation of cultural terrorists and nor are the children women-mothers create and sustain from 5 years onwards, imbued with prejudice driving such terror-genocide. Determining  young child terrorists are mislead-duped innocents given the evidence they act upon the exact same prejudice base-conscience and schemas as adults perpetrating the exact same violent behavior can no longer be justified. For to determine these culturally derived children mislead-duped innocents you then have to determine adults operating under the exact same cultural justification and authorisation the same. There is a false assumption these children can be reasoned with where in fact their prejudice levels and therefore motivation tend to be if not the same as adults of the same culture even higher.

"..meta-analysis summarizes 113 research reports worldwide (121 cross-sectional and 7 longitudinal studies) on age differences in ethnic, racial, or national prejudice among children and adolescents. Overall, results indicated a peak in prejudice in middle childhood (5–7 years) followed by a slight decrease until late childhood (8–10 years)."
Development of ethnic, racial, and national prejudice in childhood and adolescence: A multinational meta‐analysis of age differences, T Raabe, A Beelmann - Child development,

Clearly the notion males and females of a culture 5 years of age and over are brainwashed and therefore not responsible for their actions simply does not match the evidence as the exhibited behavior of all children-adolescents-adults of a culture are based upon the same justification and authority of cultural codex primed at an early age and given those being converted from an Other culture exhibit the same behavior when professing adherence to the exact same codex utilising the same justification and authorisation surely the codex itself framing the cultural development process needs to be thrown out of humanities public and private spheres if Muslim child-adolescent-adult terror-genocide is to cease.

 Process by which we learn to become members of society by internalizing the norms and values of society and also by learning to perform our social roles.

"Results indicated that low maternal care was significantly associated with greater total callous-unemotional traits (CU) traits and uncaring and callousness dimensions, even after controlling for the effects of various types of childhood abuse and neglect. Furthermore, there was a significant interaction between CU traits and care, such that aggression was highest among youths scoring high on CU traits who were exposed to low levels of maternal care. These findings draw attention to the importance of maternal bonding to CU traits and related aggressive behaviors among antisocial youth."
Maternal care, maltreatment and callous-unemotional traits among urban male juvenile offenders callous-unemotional traits, ER Kimonis, B Cross, A Howard - Journal of Youth Adolescence, 2013

"Analyses provided support for a direct influence of maternal hostile attributions on the development of child hostile attributions and aggressive behaviour."
A Longitudinal Investigation of Maternal Influences on the Development of Child Hostile Attributions and Aggression, Sarah J. Healy , Lynne Murray , Peter J. Cooper , Claire Hughes & Sarah L. Halligan,18 Nov 2013

"Two women convicted over a genital mutilation procedure on two girls have shown no remorse and only offered "qualified, ambiguous and self-serving" apologies, a NSW (Australian) court has heard."
Women convicted over 'repugnant' genital mutilation of two girls 'showed no remorse'Australia ABC 6-2-2016

"The culture in which one is immersed influences how one behaves towards others on all levels: and individual to another individual, as members of a group towards members of another group, as an individual or group member to the institutionalised social will. Implicit default assumptions about others influence individual cultural worldviews and habit which in turn shape the culture of child rearing that adults provide influencing the next generation and so on."
Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality, Darcia Navais, 2014

"We are learning that social morality begins in the brain, for without the brain, there would be no concept of morality; the brain allows for interaction among individuals within the community, and this interaction leads to the construction of the framework for moral order."
HARDWIRED BEHAVIOR, What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality, Laurence Tancredi, 2005

"In the Qur’an, Allah is described as ‘merciful’ and ‘compassionate’. Why do we find no reflection of that among jihadis who claim to struggle in his name? Jihadis only possess a pseudo sense of empathy. They may appear to be empathic but it is a narcissistic empathy, for they are only empathic within their own group; it does not extend anywhere into their external world as evidenced by their murderous destructive behaviors.[1] Their stoic, dissociated affect shows neither compassion nor remorse as their fellow brethren engage in wanton beheadings and executions. In shame honor societies where children are humiliated and laughed at for having feelings and emotionality, it is no wonder that the capacity for empathy did not develop during their early years. Research by neuroscientists and mental health experts has shown strong links between violence and early childhood."
Nobody Born a Terrorist, but Early Childhood Matters: Explaining the Jihadis’ Lack of Empathy, by Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, 2016

"Kochanska and Akasan (2006) conscience is a personality system that gets coherently organised early in life and is relatively stable over time. Individual differences in conscience emerge as a complex interplay between children's temperamental individuality and socialisation in the family.

Kochanska and Knaack (2003) also looked at a negative influence of maternal power-assertive child-rearing style on the development of conscience. This relation was indeed found, and it is interesting that it was found to be mediated by the child's effort control (EC). In other words, this study suggested that maternal power-assertive discipline may impair the child's development of EC, which in turn may impair his or her development of conscience."


"Religious thought does not exist in a vacuum; it both shapes politics and is shaped by politics."
Understanding Japan: A Cultural History, Professor Mark J. Ravina, Emory University, 2015

"Religions, especially, historically as well as currently, are recognized to be chronically implicated in this discord and violence, directed at those beyond their artificially defined boundaries of theological doctrine, and, as often, towards those claiming common religious identities but who have fragmented into sectarian factions and conflict (Mlodinow 2012, 164). Those of us with an eye towards history—or even towards current events—know that any simple congruence of religion and prosociality has never been the case."
Pro-and assortative-sociality in the formation and maintenance of religious groups, LH Martin, D Wiebe, 2016

"POLICE swooped and arrested a doctor’s teenage son in Melbourne before bombs were found at his Greenvale home, foiling an “imminent terror plot”."

A friend of the arrested teen’s family said they were respectable, and did not believe he could have done wrong.

“(He has) no bad preacher. He is a very quiet boy. He cannot drive. His father is a doctor and cannot allow him to do anything wrong,” the friend said.

“He has to look after his son properly."

Police find homemade bombs, arrest teen in Greenvale anti-terror raids

"Behaviour of man arrested in Melbourne counter-terrorism raids improved after attending Islamic centre, father says.

Haidar attended the Al Furqan Islamic study centre and Harun Causevic started going there in July 2014.

Mr Causevic said the changes in his son were all positive.

“Before he started to pray, Harun was in the house aggressive, he broke [things], like a child. But after when he started to pray he really changed behaviour, 100 per cent,” he said.

“Now he was very good, always. Never, never yells, never, never do bad in house."

Father of suspect in counter-terrorism raid speaks EMMA YOUNGER The NewDaily Apr 19, 2015

The reality of 'more' religion creates a parental delusional state regards the altruistic nature of their children regards Other. Taking religious outliers expounding greater positive altruistic motives regards Other on the basis of their perceived religiosity-spirituality is a very dangerous mistake particularly if you are responsible for policy making - responsible in the process of being responsible for fellow citizens lives.

"..children raised in religious households, who are perceived to be more empathetic and sensitive to justice, are in fact less altruistic to their own class mates .... children from religious households also differ in their ratings of deserved punishment for interpersonal harm (F(2, 847) = 5.80, p < 0.01, h2 = 0.014); this was qualified by significantly harsher ratings of punishment by children from Muslim households than children from non-religious households (p < 0.01). There were no significant differences between children from Christian households and non-religious households.".
The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World, November 05, 2015

"..the correlation between marginalization or lack of integration and radicalization are not as robust as is commonly assumed (see Rahimi and Graumans 2015)..
We are hearing and giving more credence to the revolutionary, as opposed to the nihilistic, nature of the claims being made. The revolution in question, moreover, is one which fuses the interests of the person and their personal story with the larger cause and movement. ..
At the core of this difference in interpretational orientation, and hence explanation for what is happening, is our more forthright approach to the intensely religious discourse of the foreign fighters, and the ways they use religious ideas to comprehensively frame their experiences."

Talking to Foreign Fighters: Socio-Economic Push versus Existential Pull Factors, Lorne L. Dawson, Amarnath Amarasingam, and Alexandra Bain, July 2016

The underwriting ethical-moral-belief force for Islamic terror-genocide 'divine vengeance' against Other-out-groups (even fellow Muslims) determines 'Not religion' is a grotesque lie.

"..Killing them all is a holy act."

"Even in integrated theories that account for both personal and situational factors (see Anderson & Bushman, 2002), the bulk of the explanatory power is placed on the individual. In other words, the classic developmental and personality theories of aggression do not necessarily constitute theories of group aggression, yet groups commit and receive more aggression than individuals (Meier & Hinsz, 2004). Groups large and small are synonymous with aggression in society (Baron & Kerr, 2004; Brewer, 2003)"
Aggression between Social Groups, James Densley and Jillian Peterson, 2016

"What I say here might seem to be more political than psychological. However, it is my extensive experience in giving therapy to Muslims that has led me to make this statement: We should not permit the destruction of our cities by lawless parallel societies, with groups of roaming criminal Muslims overloading of our welfare system and the growing justified fear that non-Muslims have of violence. The consequences should be so strict that it would be preferable for any anti-social Muslim to go back to a Muslim country, where they can understand, and can be understood by their own culture."
Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences, by Nicolai Sennels (May 2010)

Police warn of growing role of women in terrorism, Margareth S. Aritonang, The Jakarta Post,

"Women have engaged in terrorism throughout history, but we still struggle to come to terms with the idea of female attackers."
Female terrorists – a surprisingly timeless phenomenon, ResearchGate, by Katherine Lindemann, 21st December 2015

Mothers in concert with a cultures ethical construct of Other it appears have as much if not more culpability for terrorists being delivered to our streets as the father of terrorists, and given the evidence prejudice against out-groups Other peaks at "5–7 years followed by a slight decrease until late childhood 8–10 years" the view that there is inherent innocence and lessened threat from mothers and children from cultures which have terror-genocide hardcoded in their codex derived infant-child-adolescent-adult development process to inform systemic social hostility and terror in Others space is a very dangerous delusional state upon which to base any public policy.

Appetitive aggression – a rewarding perception of the perpetration of violence

"..results show that when civil socialization is replaced by socialization within an armed group early in life, self-regulation of appetitive aggression may become deficient, leading to a higher propensity towards cruelty."
Becoming cruel: Appetitive aggression released by detrimental socialisation in former Congolese soldiers, Roland Weierstall, Roos Haer, Lilli Banholzer, Thomas Elbert,University of Konstanz, Germany, September 26, 2013

Terrorism most immediate threat to UK, says MI6, BBC, 9-12-2016

List of massacres in Iraq, From Wikipedia

“These guys had work, they were reasonably paid, their language was not xenophobic, and from one day to the next found, they themselves arrested at three in the morning,” said Eric Lefebvre, a Strasbourg lawyer who defended two brothers who went to Syria, in the 2014 arrests.
“It is extremely disturbing,” Mr. Lefebvre said. “It means there must be others. The state should be worried.”

French Terrorism Suspects Appeared Anything But, NYT, By ADAM NOSSITER, DEC. 14, 2016

Humanity have adolescent-adult Muslim adherents continually through time and space walking from so called 'good' Muslim family, community, institution socialisation to inform 'appetitive aggression' against Other, even against fellow adherents and we fail to act as the results of this socialisation carried on in the exact same way and for the same reasons since the seventh century becomes manifest before us - how many bloody piles does it take?

Pakistani husbands can ‘lightly beat’ their wives, Islamic council says, The Washington Post, Tim Craig May 27, 2015

"Islam does permit reprimanding and beating the child for purposes of correction and, in fact, orders such action. We find that the youth in the Western countries go astray because of excess of freedom given to them."

"Parents aim to educate children through corporal punishment, but instead of learning good social behaviors, the beatings often have the opposite effect," said Tobias Hecker, a psychologist at the University of Konstanz, who led the study.

"Some people still believe, despite an overwhelming body of evidence, that corporal punishment in some cultures won't result in as many negative effects," George Holden told Reuters Health.

(Reuters Health) - Regardless of the culture a child lives in, corporal punishment may do lasting psychological harm, German researchers say.
"Some people still believe, despite an overwhelming body of evidence, that corporal punishment in some cultures won't result in as many negative effects," George Holden told Reuters Health.

"Physical punishment tied to aggression, hyperactivity, Reuters, Kathleen Raven, Dec 1, 2016

"A major public health problem which desperately needs your attention is physical punishment of children and the violence associated with it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just come out formally (2016) with statements that physical punishment is child abuse (p. 8) and that physical punishment should be banned (p. 46). This is a significant public health development."
Physical Punishment and Violence
Paul C Holinger M.D., 2016

Behavior on such a vast scale across time and space emanating from a particular conscience derived from a particular cultural codex and exemplar behavior, such as we see everyday before us, of Muslim adherent appetitive aggression, from as many nations as there exist in situ Muslim communities, to determine such behavior not statistical outliers but inherent of Muslim derived nature, and which must as research is increasingly providing evidence due to Muslim cultural codex and exemplar derived infant-child-adolescent-adult development process, yet still we do not act to protect ourselves nor our children from such a barbaric social construct.

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

"Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain, altering the size and structure of areas involved in perceiving the feelings and perspectives of others, according to a first-of-its-kind study."
Pregnancy Changes the Brain in Ways That May Help Mothering, By PAM BELLUCK, DEC. 19, 2016

I wonder if there is some connection to a child aged 5 having a very good idea, in fact heighted idea, of who Other is and what to do about them? I know this probably a bit off left field the infant-child maybe much more prepared - inherited prejudice-social constructs regards Other via these changes in the mother - research appears to be revealing a significant influence of the mother regards the possible nature of children's, aggression, even possibly IQ and the probability of suicide - are mothers delivering a fit for service cultural product potentiated based upon a mother's theory of mind previous-existent contextual cultural experience, the purpose-survival-advancement for culture-child-her=increased chance for survival to next generation?

Julia Ward Howe - Civil Rights Activist and Suffragist
Did Julia Ward Howe’s children subsequently commit jihad-terror against fellow citizens or seek to have women subjugate themselves to Man’s ‘Leadership’? Why not?

This book is dedicated to the memory of
Julia Ward Howe
because in the vital matters fundamentally affecting the life of the Republic, she was as good a citizen of the Republic as Washington and Lincoln themselves. She was in the highest sense a good wife and a good mother; and therefore she fulfilled the primary law of being. She brought up with devoted care and wisdom her sons and daughters. At the same time she fulfilled her full duty to the Commonwealth from the public standpoint. She preached righteousness and she practised righteousness. She sought the peace that comes as the handmaiden of welldoing. She preached that stern and lofty courage of soul which shrinks neither from war nor from any other form of suffering and hardship and danger if it is only thereby that justice can be served. She embodied that trait more essential than any other in the make-up of the men and women of this Republic – the valour of righteousness.

Julia Ward Howe
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loose the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword,
His truth is marching on.

I have seen Him in the watch-fires of hundred circling camps;
They have builded Him and alter in the evening dews and damps;
I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps,
His day is marching on.

I have read a fiery gospel, writ in burnished rows of steel;
“As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal;
Let the Hero, born of woman, crushed the serpent with His heel,
Since God is marching on.”

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgement seat;
Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer him! be jubilant, my feet,
Our God is marching on.

In the beauty of the lilies, Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me;
As he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
While God is marching on.

Dedication from FEAR OF GOD AND TAKE YOUR OWN PART, by Theodore Roosevelt, 1916

The "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was written by Julia Ward Howe after visiting Washington, D.C. in November 1861, and meeting Abraham Lincoln at the White House. Julia Ward Howe founded the weekly Woman’s Journal, a suffragist magazine in 1870.
"..the parents refused to send their daughters to the lessons, and in 2010, the officials imposed a fine of 1,400 Swiss francs, about $1,380. The parents, Aziz Osmanoglu and Sehabat Kocabas, who have both Swiss and Turkish nationality, decided to sue.

On Tuesday, the European Court of Human Rights upheld the Swiss officials’ decision, rejecting the parents’ argument that the Swiss authorities had violated the “freedom of thought, conscience and religion” guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights, which the court enforces.

“The public interest in following the full school curriculum should prevail over the applicants’ private interest in obtaining an exemption from mixed swimming lessons for their daughters,” the court found.

The case was the latest to pit freedom of religion against the imperative of social integration, and to raise the question of whether — and how much — a government should accommodate the religious views of Muslim citizens and residents, many of them immigrants.

The ruling could set an important precedent in other cases in which religious and secular values or norms come into conflict.

The decision comes as Europe has been struggling to integrate migrants, many from majority-Muslim countries where religious and social mores, particularly around gender and sexuality, can be at odds with liberal and secular norms of the societies where they have sought refuge."
Muslim Girls in Switzerland Must Attend Swim Classes With Boys, Court Says, NTY, By DAN BILEFSKY, JAN. 10, 2017