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How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bernard Gaynor x Army intelligence officer Australian Defence Force letter detailing his views on the security-political-social Diligence and Efficiency & Response

To Whom it May Concern

I (Bernard Gaynor x Army intelligence officer Australian Defence Force) don't normally email out the articles that I write. However, given events in recent days with the arrest of two teenagers in Sydney for planning yet another terrorist attack and revelations that Australia is the third-most targeted nation by the Islamic State, it is clear that we are facing an embryonic but growing Islamic insurgency.

Before I began working in the public sphere, I was an intelligence officer in the Australian Army. I was good at my job and I understand our intelligence community well. It completely fails to understand the threat that we face. 

My article today explains clearly the nature of this insurgency...

The threat we face
There is no doubt that Australia is facing an embryonic insurgency, driven by Islamic beliefs. This unfortunate and disturbing truth was highlighted once again with the recent arrest of two teenagers who police allege were planning an imminent beheading in Sydney.
In addition to this latest incident, we’ve seen in just the last few months:
  • Ihsas Khan attack and almost kill a Minto man in broad daylight in September. Khan was known by police and the attack occurred on the 15th anniversary of September 11.
  • Two backpackers were slain by Smail Ayad in August while he yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ in Home Hill.
  • The US Congress released a report in August showing that Australia was the third-top target for Islamic State terrorist attacks in the world, with eight planned or executed attacks since 2014. However, Australian media report that the number of attacks (planned or carried out) is even higher at fifteen.
  • Again in August, a Lakemba-based childcare network was raided amid concerns that it had siphoned off more than $27 million of taxpayer funds and sent them to the Islamic State.
The Australian government will rely heavily on advice from intelligence analysts as it develops strategies to counter this insurgency. And this advice will be based on an assessment of the threat, looking at its capability and intent.

All the available evidence shows that the Islamic insurgency in Australia has a low capability. The events of the past few days demonstrate this.In regards to the current capability of the threat, Australians can be confident that this advice will be sound. Australia’s intelligence agencies are very good at understanding capability and they have the means to monitor it closely, even if they cannot stop every attack.
The two teenagers were arrested after purchasing bayonets at a gun shop. One of them is the stepson of a convicted terrorist. They were arrested outside a mosque after conducting pre-attack rituals. And both of them were known to police for attempts to join Islamic terrorist groups overseas, refusing to stand during the national anthem at a school assembly and for carrying signs in public calling for beheadings.
In terms of a terrorist attack, the best description that can be given to this one is that it was a complete cluster. In fact, it is difficult to conceive how a planned attack could be any easier to detect and thwart.
There was no attempt at secrecy. There was no attempt to source weapons covertly. And the attack was to be launched from the most obvious place possible: a mosque. If this is the best effort that those involved in this embryonic insurgency can muster, then it will not go far.
However, even with this low level of capability, deadly terrorist attacks have occurred in Australia. Most of them have been conducted by those already on the radar of policing and security agencies. That they slipped through should be of great concern, demonstrating weaknesses on the security side rather than the strength of this insurgency.
However, those involved in this insurgency do not need a great capability to cause a fatal impact: all that is needed is a knife and a mobile phone.
So even with this low level of capability, the safety of Australians is largely dependent on the numbers game. Police and security agencies have already admitted that they do not have the resources to monitor all known threats. Safety cannot be guaranteed and the victims will be those unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
That is going to be our future, even if threat capability does not increase. Most Australians would agree that this is not good enough, even if they will accept increasingly disruptive controls over ordinary aspects of life to counter a threat that is easily recognisable and allowed to continue operating largely unhindered in our midst. But if the government is not going to address this insurgency by targeting it at its source, then the consequence will be that the rest of us face ever more intrusive and disruptive security measures in an attempt to maintain public safety.
Unfortunately, one thing is almost certain: the capability of the threat will increase. Practice makes perfect and every failed attack will drive a learning cycle within the individuals and networks that form this insurgency. Furthermore, it is well-known that criminal organisations like outlaw motorcycle groups have seen a surge in Islamic membership. These organisations will develop threat capability, as will the return of hardened Islamic State veterans from Iraq and Syria. There is also an increasing risk that our own agencies will ‘grow’ capability through politically-correct recruitment programs.
Both Defence and the Australian Federal Police have made public commitments to recruit from the Islamic community. This is fraught with danger, posing a risk to morale and a reduction in our national capacity to monitor and counter threats, while providing opportunities for those involved in the insurgency to develop capability. And with a politically-driven imperative to increase Islamic recruitment, there can only be a corresponding drop in vetting standards.
Additionally, the capability of those involved in this insurgency in relation to supporting functions like recruitment and funding has already proven sophisticated and effective. One should plan for the ‘sharp end’ of the insurgency to develop in capability to match the skill shown on its logistical side.
As such, it would be entirely complacent for Australians and our government to assume that the botched attack in Sydney this week represents the future. It does not. It represents everything that is likely to change as this insurgency continues: its capability will only increase, supported by a growing network of mosques across Australia that represent ‘bar’ in this deadly but politically-correct game of ‘tiggy’.
A key indicator that capability has increased – especially planning, coordination and strategy – will be when the targeting of attacks changes. At the moment, violence is focused against random individuals and crude attacks on law enforcement officers. Over time, a growing insurgency will look to undertake large scale mass attacks, insider attacks on police and Defence facilities and targeted assassinations of public figures, especially those who are prepared to speak against the growth of Islam in Australia.
Fortunately, our policing, security and intelligence agencies will likely have the means to monitor, understand and assess this capability as it grows and Australians will be informed if it does.
However, this does not mean that all attacks will be stopped.
The second limb of the threat assessment is intent: an understanding of the motivation to carry out attacks and the strategy behind them.
Unfortunately, when it comes to an assessment of intent, Australia is not so well placed. Our policing, security and intelligence agencies are wholly unprepared to assess intent. In fact, there is not one single officer in any Australian agency tasked with the job of understanding why two teenagers were motivated by Islamic teaching to behead an Australian this week.
Not one.
And that is why everyone in senior positions, from the Prime Minister to the head of ASIO, has in recent years rejected the suggestion that there is an inherent problem of violence with Islam and instead asserted that it is a peaceful religion which terrorists fail to understand. Unlike the ‘professionals’ with their heads in the sand, Australians are not so convinced. Half the nation now supports policies to restrict all Islamic immigration.
To demonstrate why blind faith in our security agencies’ assessment of Islam is hopelessly misguided, one only needs to understand the strange situation we find ourselves in.
The assessment we have been given is that violence occurs firstly as a result of a misunderstanding of the peaceful tenets of Islam. A secondary issue inflaming the situation is said to be factors of our own making, such as a national failure to integrate the Islamic community due to our own prejudice against it.
In relation to the second point, we are also supposed to be a nation that has rejected others as well. However, other migrant groups have not resorted to violence and Australia is much more open and ‘multicultural’ now than it ever has been. So, on any objective assessment, it must be acknowledged that the violence we now face is not actually due to any secondary factor of our own making at all. And that leaves only a misunderstanding of Islam as a cause of violence.
However, to believe the claim that Islam has been misunderstood, one must accept two things:
  1. Australia’s security agencies have assessed Islam and concluded on the evidence that it is peaceful. This would require dedication of analytical resources which has simply not been provided.
  2. Australia’s security agencies have then taken the evidence for that assessment and sat on it, failing to produce any coherent information operations plan that would undermine the violent but misguided beliefs of those who are strongly motivated to follow Islamic teachings as perfectly as they can.
In other words, if you truly believe that our government understands Islam and that it is peaceful, then you must also believe that Australia’s policing, security and intelligence agencies are guilty of gross incompetence by failing to outline in any rational way the peaceful tenets of Islam to those motivated to be good Muslims and who believe that to do so involves the occasional beheading of random strangers.
You can say ditto to that in regards to the entire political leadership of this nation, as well as the imams, muftis and sheikhs who have somehow managed to watch on in silence as a violent heresy has taken hold of Australia’s Islamic community.
However, the good news is that our national security agencies have not incompetently failed to use the peaceful teachings of Islam to prevent violence. Instead, they have incompetently assumed that Islam is peaceful. The failure to use peaceful Islamic teachings is a mere side effect of the fact that they don’t exist at all.
So let’s look at this insurgency’s intent and understand it properly.Islamic violence is based on the example of Mohammad himself (who was one of history’s most successful warlords). It is aided and abetted in Australia by politically-correct thinking that results in counter-productive deradicalisation programs and a paralysis of thought, language and action that is rendering it impossible for our government to meet its first duty: safety of Australians.
Firstly, one thing is clear: while capability may be low, it certainly cannot be assessed that intent is. There is a deadly intent to attack. It is so strong that it even seems to hinder capability, supressing any rational thought as to how the attack may be carried out successfully.
In the short term, that is good for us. However, we cannot assume that this intent will continue to be effected in such an irrational manner.
Another aspect of this intent is that it results in a desire to attack without any regards for personal safety. Indeed, part of the intent is that the perpetrator even die in the attack.
This makes no sense except when viewed in the light of Islamic teaching. From the days of Mohammad, those who died while fighting in jihad are believed to be given exalted places in heaven. If sex sells, it is certainly selling in Islamic eternity as well: 72 virgins and all that jazz.
As such, it is also important to understand that while this deadly intent is resulting in irrational decisions about how attacks are carried out, the intent to carry out attacks is not irrational at all. It is based on an understanding of Islamic teaching, history and Mohammad’s example and is entirely consistent with all three.
There is no way to counter this intent except by destroying faith in Mohammad and Islam. That’s because this intent is driven precisely by a faith in Mohammad and Islam. And it is this fact that our police, security and intelligence agencies completely fail to understand, as well as the politicians who direct them.
It also means that a key indicator of intent is Islamic fervour. When it grows quickly, warning bells should ring. And where it is present in any group, there will be a tendency to violence.
Another aspect of intent relates to the strategy for violence. These attacks do not occur simply as an end in themselves. They are a means to something greater: the imposition of Islamic rule in Australia.
And it is also on this point that we have a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the threat’s intent and its scale.
The entire Islamic community believes that it is Allah’s will that Australia should become Islamic and that they have a duty to participate in this process. This belief exists regardless of whether one is labelled moderate or extreme and it is a common unifying belief across all the varied (and often conflicting) Islamic sects. Further, every school of Islamic thought also accepts that in certain circumstances there is a righteous place for violence in order to achieve Islamic rule.
Thus it is wrong to view the Islamic community as split between those who support violence and those who do not. Rather, this community should be viewed as split into camps differing over whether the conditions justifying violence have been met.
When one understands this, one also gains a true understanding of the threat we face. It is not simply a threat from the violent. There is a political wing to this threat as well that uses non-violent means to advance the cause of Islamic rule. Of great concern, there is also a huge potential for violent intent to grow in scale as more of the Islamic community accept that conditions justifying violence have been met.
For the uneducated, Islamic violence is justified if the Islamic community is seen to be subjugated or Mohammad’s teachings are rejected. Violence and subjugation are also justified against non-Islamic minorities living under Islamic rule.
Importantly, as an Islamic community grows so does the expectation that its demands will be met. As such, any rejection of those demands will be deemed more serious. Additionally, every time the demands are placated it will only fuel further calls for Islamic rule and Sharia law.
The unfortunate reality is that while ever there is an Islamic population in Australia there will be conflict. When the Islamic population is very low (as it was until recently), this conflict will primarily be political, in line with Mohammad’s example while he was in the minority during his early years in Mecca. However, as the population grows so too will violence and in an exponential rather than linear fashion. This will also be in line with Mohammad’s example as he grew in power in his later years in Medina.
A true assessment of the Islamic insurgency we face would therefore conclude that its current capabilities are low but likely to increase and that there is scope for its deadly intent to grow significantly in scale.
And that means one thing: if we are having trouble keeping people alive on our streets now, we don’t want to let this insurgency fester any longer. Now is the best time to face it and defeat it. The best way to start would be to restrict all further Islamic immigration.
For those who claim that such measures are only likely to inflame the situation, I leave you with a crude but brutally truthful analogy.
Australia’s relationship with the Islamic community is like a woman caught up with a deadbeat boyfriend. She knows he is violent and in order to protect herself gives in to his every demand.
We all know that such a relationship cannot last and that concessions given today are unlikely to stop atrocities tomorrow.
Given that is the case, why on earth would Australia want to get into bed with Islam when it could end the relationship today and avoid a future of pain and misery…
Bernard GaynorPO Box 766Park Ridge, Qld 4125Australia
Thank you (Bernard Gaynor x Army intelligence officer Australian Defence Force) for your evaluation of the situation yes the security-political-social elite are suffering from a severe dangerous delusional state combined clearly with a policy driven mental illness pathological altruism.  Where we are to accept the “drink mint tea or eat Turkish pita” along with terror-genocide with equal equanimity based upon a western socialistic construct based upon a false dangerous assumption inherent in our Western security-political-social policy, as we are all the same physically-nature we can surely all get on – where the reality is culture-nurture determines such a view a very dangerous fallacy.
Some cultures such as the Chinese elite even the Islamic/Muslim culture itself in its core text and exemplar behaviors and final political/social manifestations know rightly this is a load of BS as the bloody bodies in their Chinese streets let alone the rest of humanity attest. Still the security services culpably continue despite the evidence to go along with ‘orders’.

"We have to stop with this debate of neutrality and secularity in Belgium and recognise and accept our multicultural society in all its manifestations. Not just when we want to drink mint tea or eat Turkish pita." sociologist Corinne Torrekens, a specialist in Muslim communities at the Free University of Brussels."
Terror sparks integration debate in France, Belgium, DW, Elizabeth Bryant, Molenbeek/Sevran, 05.04.2016

True in the main. Though it has been found in certain research to stage an effective insurgency a cultural population in revolt tends to be about 10% of the societal population globalisation, -communication, means altruistic enforcers able to come to the fore in other cultural dominated spaces operate across boundaries to elicit as you intimate increasingly violent outcomes for Other cultures.

"Support for ISIS in Mindanao has meant more than a repackaging of old kidnapping-for-ransom groups. It has facilitated cooperation across clan and ethnic lines, widened the extremist recruitment pool to include computer-savvy university students and opened new international communication and possibly funding channels. It means that more deadly violence in the Philippines involving alliances of pro-ISIS groups is a matter of when, not if. It may also increase the possibility of cross-border extremist operations."

There is no and a can be no 'split' of cultural thought only variations along a behavioural-cognitive behavioural variance otherwise the 'good' many would not be able to create and sustain the 'angels' they send into humanities streets.

If the good did not have evil as a basis for ethics-values-beliefs-motivation methodology in their families, communities, institutions there would be no terror-genocide the 'good' many are therefore culpable and always have been. As you intimate they the 'good' are very aware of the justification and authorisation of terror-genocide in their cultural codex they have to be otherwise it would never be so manifest in their own space.

The security services are quite efficient, and successful as they measure it for they are working under a Western-socialist-developed multiculturalism paradigm of acceptance of cultural cuisine along with a cultures terror-genocide under the framework any violence is caused by Others actions –marginalisation,-poverty-exclusion or lack of understanding of the ‘true’ Islam (so many?) from opportunity not by the cultures inherent construct of Other & own explicit exclusionary constructs see verse 5:51 of the Quran and are under World Health Organisation  dictates (as you are aware public servants even security forces need some justification-authorisation even for signing dangerous stupidity passing for successful policy) simply perpetrated by ‘mentally ill’ deviants where any deviance from an elites paradigm –violence be it terror-or generic  are now a ‘health’ issue not an escalating war as it is and always has been between  Muslims and Other historically and currently against Other.

What you have failed to explain is that such dangerous delusion on the part of Western Modernity policy makers security-political-social is inevitably violence will arise to counter violence Other are not going to allow another force within a space to visit violence increasingly against them whilst the state refuses as you rightly determine to remove the actual cause the Islamic construct of Other contained in Muslim codex and the exemplar behaviour of Mohammad. 

There will be violence, reactionary forces as we see in for instance Lebanon, Syria, …., Norway, … defensive enclaves will develop as they have elsewhere in time and space and the shattered buildings broken bodies and lives will in time as the Muslim population takes increasing political-social space be reflected in Australian streets – why would anyone believe it happens everywhere else in time and space where the Islamic/Muslim construct is allowed to develop and cannot happen here?

These security services so diligently, efficiently following orders and their political-social masters will be the focus of counter violence. You unleash a culture of terror-genocide against your own citizens, excuse your complicity which is plain for all to see what do you expect to happen – what has always happened?

I am opposed to such a future for my children’s, children … where violence becomes the final arbitrator as it has always in the past to resolve intercultural war. There is another way but it requires as you intimate the elite accepts the reality the Muslim cultural codex-and their infant-child-adolescent-adult development process =terror-genocide-as it always has and will.

If the security-political-social elite do not change course obviously as they continue to fail their citizens and put them and their culture in mortal danger a credible security-political-social elite needs to and will, if history is any measure, develop to replace them. I do hope very much this does not occur for my view is the method will be necessarily in the end the same as in the past.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

We have a choice 'DOZENS of attacks, thousands of arrests and a seemingly endless cycle of death and destruction', Redefinition of Liberty and Equality, acceptance of blasphemy as a driver of deviance or accept not all cultural templates inform benefit for any society even of one of their own creation.

Gen Asim Bajwa's Prevailing Truth. You and your fellow Pakistan citizens adhere to a cultural codex terror-genocide construct of Other this is the tragic 'Truth' you and your fellow citizens by continuing adhereance will inform.

+ .... until Gen Asim Bajwa realises 'Truth' is, he along with the 'many' good are responsible-culpable for the evil in front of them, as they swept it from in front of them it seeps inexhorably into the foreground once more from their very own political-social Muslim-Islamic space as it always has and will.

Do anymore words really need to be said on this subject?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Should the concern not be the reverse-The Islamic/Muslim categorisation engine of Other is so obvious even idiots understand what is expected?

'Islam for Dummies': IS recruits have poor grasp of faith, By AYA BATRAWY, PAISLEY DODDS and LORI HINNANT, Aug. 15, 2016

The d
angerous assumption of the article 'Islam for Dummies': IS recruits have poor grasp of faith, despite the evidence, determines a 'poor grasp' of an inherent cultural terror-genocide excuses a culture of its terror against Other when a 'sufficient grasp' be it 'poor' or 'complete' enables the exact same outcome.

Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why it is One Is and One Is-Not. Yet both = "I don't mean participated, I mean observed."

If the religious leaders compete with the extremists (religious leaders) on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute...."

"Imam Bengharsa appears to have long held very conservative views. In his 2011 lectures at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, for example, he said Muslims must strictly follow the shariah, or Islamic law, no matter where they live.

“It doesn’t help if you say ‘I’m now living in America’ or ‘I’m now living in England,’ or ‘My culture says such and such.’ ” he said.

But Imam Bengharsa’s harsh recent pronouncements set him much farther from mainstream American Islam. On the Islamic Jurisprudence Center site in April, he condemned by name the leading Muslim organizations in the United States, 12 prominent clerics he called “evil scholars/imams,” and a list of 22 mosques — including the two where he previously worked."

Muhammad Jameel, the president of the Islamic Society of Baltimore, said that the imam’s marriage lectures five years ago were his only connection to the mosque and that his recent statements were “against all the tenets of Islam.

“He’s a nut,” Mr. Jameel said. “He has freedom of speech. But if he’s a criminal, I want to see him in jail.””

In Maryland Imam’s Case, an F.B.I. Dilemma By SCOTT SHANE and ADAM GOLDMAN, SEPT. 30, 2016

On reviewing the lectures (if you can find them as they have since been taken down or shifted) is Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa a deviant from the 'true' Islamic/Muslim teachings or on checking Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa's quotations from the Quran is it Muhammad Jameel, the president of the Islamic Society of Baltimore who is in fact the Islamic/Muslim deviant? How far therefore are the American Muslim ethically-morally methodologically from the ‘true Muslim path’ as determined by Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa?

Culture, of course, is related to violence in general and not only to structural violence. For example, culture influences the determination of "thresholds" which pressure on a person must overcome in order to move that person from being controllable, or even positive, to being negative (that is, into violence)." The Culture of Violence, Chp 3. On the relationship between violence and culture - Galtung's concept

Should the concern not be the reverse-The Islamic/Muslim categorisation engine of Other is so obvious even idiots understand what is expected?

This is the real concern for Other the existence of a cultural codex whose simplistic interpretation imbues the adherent with as much motivation and supporting codex justification for murdering Other as would the ability of memorising and reciting the whole Qur'an from cover to cover and cognitively explicitly understanding the inherent meaning.

So the danger is not that any adherent lacks an in depth understanding of a cultural codex but that such a codex enables such cultural derived infamy to be able to be systemically informed in the first place via an adherent idiot-partially-fully across content or a genius partially-fully across content. For clearly the simplistic nature of the content of the Quran enables both an idiot and genius to understand with relative ease without pictures what is required ethically-morally-behaviorally utilising codex constructs of dealing with Other a methodology which must inform terror-genocide not 

 such organisational prowess as exhibited by IS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah,...... tells humanity clearly those running the show are not lacking in intelligence-cultural justification and authority otherwise they would not exist. Why is it this excusing of a culture because they utilise the ignorant-expendable-not so bright-youth in a culture (is this unusual) to be sacrificed in the cultural front line taken seriously - Nazi-Russian-Chinese-etc revolutions did not utilise the same-did it excuse the cultural 'many' these 'few' were derived from?

It is the fact both the intellectual elite and those they utilise to carry out their tactics have to be integrally culturally connected via cultural drived understanding and purpose initially to be able to exist harmoniously in the same space, which determines it is not the paucity or otherwise of the understanding of a cultural ideology-doctrine, it is the reality such connected relationships are enabled by the culture, in this case the Islamic/Muslim culture, to systemically inform across time and space such aggression against Other.

How long is a piece of string? The fact is, one only has to read the first pages of the Quran to get the idea of what is demanded of a Muslim regards Other. 

Muslims, the droll to the severely educated know enough via cultural codex, development process and dense network systems to swing the sword in ‘defence’ of Islam is not condemned but a source of increased status in this world and the next - is this not the point - the message regards Other in the Muslim codex and development process is so obvious it does not take a genius to get the message.

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Where does the threat come from? A small number of people in Australia adhere to an interpretation of Islam that is selective, violent and extreme.

small number its a lie and you know it.

The complaints allege that in some cases key elements of intelligence reports were removed, resulting in a document that didn’t accurately capture the analysts’ conclusions, sources familiar with the protest said. But the complaint also goes beyond alleged altering of reports and accuses some senior leaders at CENTCOM of creating an unprofessional work environment. One person who knows the contents of the written complaint sent to the inspector general said it used the word “Stalinist” to describe the tone set by officials overseeing CENTCOM’s analysis.

Many described a climate in which analysts felt they could not give a candid assessment of the situation in Iraq and Syria. Some felt it was a product of commanders protecting their career advancement by putting the best spin on the war.
Some reports crafted by the analysts that were too negative in their assessment of the war were sent back down the chain of the command or not shared up the chain, several analysts said. Still others, feeling the climate around them, self-censored so their reports affirmed already-held beliefs.
Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked ‘CANCER WITHIN’ 09.10.15

Sunday, July 31, 2016

9 out of 10 people hold a delusional belief: Your kidding surely the other 10% were deluded regards their delusion.

Your kidding surely the other 10% were deluded regards their delusion. The very nature of not knowing why we are here automatically creates an underlying delusional assumption which enables us to put one foot after the other for we have to delude ourselves what we see surely will not morph into something beyond our comprehension. That's why religions exist to give us certainty, so comforting, except for those who are not so certain who have to put up with the behaviors of those who feel forced to convince us their delusion is an oh so fine place to be.

It depends it appears upon your cultures definition of delusion to excuse a number of sins and to be able to stick to comforting assumptions.

"The case of Anders Breivik, who committed mass murder in Norway in 2011, stirred controversy among forensic mental health experts. His bizarrely composed compendium and references to himself as the “Knights Templar” raised concerns that he had a psychotic mental illness. Beliefs such as Mr. Breivik's that precede odd, unusual, or extremely violent behavior present a unique challenge to the forensic evaluator, who sometimes struggles to understand those beliefs. Psychotic disorder frequently is invoked to characterize odd, unusual, or extreme beliefs, with a classification that has evolved over time. However, the important concept of overvalued idea, largely ignored in American psychiatry, may better characterize these beliefs in some cases. We discuss the definitions of delusion and overvalued ideas in the context of Anders Breivik's rigidly held extreme beliefs. We also review the British definition of overvalued idea and discuss McHugh's construct, to introduce the term “extreme overvalued belief” as an aid in sharpening the forensic evaluator's conceptualization of these and similar beliefs."

Anders Breivik: Extreme Beliefs Mistaken for Psychosis, 2016, Tahir Rahman, MD, Phillip J. Resnick, MD and Bruce Harry, MD

The trouble is delusion is driving our current inter-cultural policy where the reactionary actions of citizens such as Anders Breivik are the inevitable consequence of unleashing the same against your own citizens. You put one cultural force of 'evil' in your political/social space in time what will always, always rise to meet it?

Pagans utilising religious classical demonising to control political/social opposition simply is not going to work in fact determining those opposed to terror-genocide and tragic misogynistic outcomes of a culture in their streets as evil deviants, shaming and even criminalizing them leaving them no room to argue politically/socially against the infamy before them will and does lead to what? Damascus an example of religious classical demonising to control political/social space working, "a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony."?

"The existence of the Jewish colony in China was discovered by the Jesuit Fathers in the seventeenth century, if not earlier; Kaifung, some four hundred and fifty-miles south-west of Peking, being the headquarters of the colony. When Martin visited the place in 1866, he found the synagogue, supposed to be built in 1164, in ruins; the Jews had dispersed, some having become Mohammedans, and not one being able to speak a word of Hebrew. In 1850 certain Hebraic rolls were recovered from the few remaining descendants of former Jews, .." 
China in Transformation, A. R. Colquhoun, 1898 

"Experience has taught me that all argument is useless with fanatical young Nazi of this kind, and so I say nothing….
..the Germans (inclusive of the Nazi) that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else..
In fact, if the extremist’s elements had prevailed. I have not the least doubt that disruption would have been more drastic and that we should have real reason by now to fear German aggression from both a military as well as political point of view.”
Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be. …. a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony"
British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, First aired on BBC Two in April 2008

Afghanistan's dwindling Sikh, Hindu communities flee new abuses, Reuters, KABUL | BY HAMID SHALIZI, Jun 22, 2016 

"Obama described how he has watched Indonesia gradually move from a relaxed, syncretistic Islam to a more fundamentalist, unforgiving interpretation; large numbers of Indonesian women, he observed, have now adopted the hijab, the Muslim head covering...... 
"Early on, Obama saw Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the president of Turkey, as the sort of moderate Muslim leader who would bridge the divide between East and West—but Obama now considers him a failure and an authoritarian, one who refuses to use his enormous army to bring stability to Syria." 
The Obama Doctrine: The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world. By JEFFREY GOLDBERG, The Atlantic, APRIL 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016


The pace and scope of the killing are dizzying. Some 300 members of families blown apart by bombs as they celebrated the end of Ramadan in Baghdad. Forty-nine dead at the Istanbul airport, 40 more in Afghanistan. Nine Italians, seven Japanese, three students at American universities and one local woman brutalized in the diplomatic quarter of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The bodies piled up on a bus in Somalia, at a mosque and video club in Cameroon, at a shrine in Saudi Arabia.
All that carnage was in a single week — a single week of summer in what feels like an endless stream of terror attacks. Orlando and Beirut. Paris and Nice and St. Etienne-du-Rouvray, France. Germany and Japan and Egypt. Each bomb or bullet tearing holes in homes and communities.
THE HUMAN TOLL OF TERROR New York Times, JULY 26, 2016

2016 AD France, Belgium, Sydney, London, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kenya……….
" the strategy of Islamic State is to ask Muslims to perpetrate terrorist attacks so that French people think that all Muslims are potential terrorists, then Muslims feel discriminated against, making them more susceptible to Islamic State ideology."
391 AD: Egypt Alexandria……..
".the strategy of Christian monks is to ask Christians to perpetrate terrorist attacks so that Roman people think that all Christians are potential terrorists, then Christians feel discriminated against, making them more susceptible to Christian monk ideology."

These are both cultural wars taking bits in time and space and determining there is no inherent imminent and present threat to your culture or your citizens despite the increasing number of bloody bodies in your streets is a very dangerous error. The Romans/Greeks thought their reason could overcome why is it Western elites are just as conceitful and believe as cultural elites in the past, time, the all so obvious benefits of their culture will resolve irreconcilable political/social notions of what passes for good and evil-deviance?

Pagans have heard this all before from apologists-defenders of terror-genocide constructs. These 'few' Christian monks and Islamist radicals come from the families, communities, institutions cultural codex driven development process and dense network systems they are not innocent. This is a cultural war because of significant value-belief differences and as Lincoln said either one or the other will in time take the space for they both cannot exist for long together without social hostility escalating.

There are only three factors which ever underpin cultural systemic terror-genocide against Other cultures which are not related to bounded space factors alone (i.e. the British in Ireland, India, France in Algeria etc.), the existence of cultural codex containing political/social ethic-value-belief-motivation and methodology significantly different than Other cultures, cultural development process informing as we see heightened reactionary behavior to perceived transgressions by adherents and Other in the same space (Globalization means we are all in the same space in a cultural war), and dense network systems - 'more mobile phones than guns', monitoring/alignment/indoctrination, and invariably with religious ideologies cultural separation of men and women's ratcheting up men's aggression as they compete for status. So called lone wolves are therefore not alone and inevitable from such a paradigm. You will see many more if inter-cultural policy proceeds as it is now.

Cultural codex - development process - dense network system of the non-radicalized, continually stunned law abiding 'moderate’ each time an altruistic punisher/enforcer/aligner inevitably appears in the 'many' ‘innocent’ ranks creates the terror not ISIS not the monks as they do not make up their own ethics-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology the ‘many’ via their above three factors do.

Delete the cultural codex from public and private spheres the terror-genocide stops, fiddle with the other two possibly reduce impact but the culture will adapt and keep delivering the 'few' and persist in ideas of marginalization and mental illness it will simply get worse.

What happens in the end-game - we can see it now in Turkey, as we have seen it throughout history.

"Not surprisingly, religions tend to increase intolerance only when they are dominant."

People’s opium? Religion and economic attitudes, Luigi Guisoa, Paola Sapienzad, Luigi Zingalese, 2002

So you have seen nothing yet compared to what's to come.

I believe we should try something different than the usual endgame resolution of be exiled or exterminated or convert on the spot through pure fear of the previous two options, for those insisting upon holding to a significantly destructive belief 'rational' systems. Exile has been used in the past simply moves the ideology problem from one space to another in a globalised world this type of cultural derived behavior is simply not going away utilising such a method, as for extermination you simply become as a society, and reflected within subsequent institutions what you wanted to remove from the public and private sphere in the first place .

I believe we should utilise our institutions/methods/intellect to analyse why such cultural constructs are so destructive and thereby provide the political/social will to develop inter-cultural policy which forces adherents to such destructive cultures to in time move to another less damaging 'rational' construct. i.e. remove the cultural codex, development process and cultural network systems informing such infamy from our public and private spheres - obviously this will not be easy nor without reactive violence from an already violent culture - but the alternative is throwing a dice as to whether or not Modernity survives and I for one am not willing to sacrifice another child not one simply for the privilege of having this culture flourish to inform even more tragedy for humanity.

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

I find I have left out Orlando there are so many names of names they no longer matter as something as tragic or even, as we are no longer surprised, something much more gruesome is derived from the Islamic/Muslim culture and still we do not act which means more names of names of names... to be forgotten so the policy continues to inform the same and worse beyond our current imagining as for those coming across Auschwitz concentration camp another culture derived artifact created for the same reason as the Islamic/Muslim Other victims-and still we do not act against the 'many' of the culture responsible so the 'few' keep coming as they must.

Friday, July 15, 2016

#Nice #France History=It will only get worse→Culture=Terror ∴ hold to account the culture creating and sustaining the altruistic 'few' enforcers/punishers or change nothing.

#Nice #France Thursday, July 14 Bastille Day 2016


The 'few' are created and sustained via the cultures 'many' non-radicalised. 'moderate', law abiding families, communities and institutions development process infant-child-adolescent-adult imbued with cultural ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology individuals do not make up their own the culture is therefore culpable - the few will be replaced as we tragically see each and every day.

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

Pagans have seen this before and it will not stop until either the pagans culture is destroyed or the pagans remove the insidious cultural codex informing terror-genocide as the evidence clearly shows historic and current, from humanities midst

Monday, July 4, 2016


The mantra of the uncertain when believing intuitively something may be an 'answer' but not able to defend the 'answer' logically with any existent authority.

"I cannot however, base this conviction on logical reasons, but can only produce my little finger as witness, that is I offer no authority which would be able to command any kind of respect outside of my own hand.” (Einstein to Born, 2 Mar. 1947.)

Inventing an unimpeachable God-authority be it a particular human or spiritual entity resolves this dilemma for the certain but invariably even the 'good' of such a faith cannot stop what happens as a result of utilising such a human construct when logic fails in the first instance.

"'We will be killed one by one': Berkeley student hacked to death in Dhaka massacre made haunting call to her father as she cowered from terrorists."

"The pagans occupied the Serupium and the museion to protect them and the monks and a large Christian crowds, really a rabble, it would be equivalent to the old mob in the early Roman Empire. They stormed into these buildings smashing the statues, destroying the papyrus scrolls then the fighting spread across the city of Alexandria. Of course the Imperial army did nothing the population was maddened over the issue. They broke in carted off the cult statues to be melted down, they were turned into cookery, they were turned them into liturgical objects, for the use by Christians. .the pagans that witnessed it, witnessed this destruction were absolutely intimidated and there are reports of conversions on the spot. .. The result of this attack on the Serupium and museion was that classical Alexandria was essentially destroyed and Christian Alexandria emerged. .. The Christians finally destroyed the pagan sanctuaries, where essentially between 391-414 wiped out that elite class that provided the neo-platonic philosophers.”

"In Vietnam, .. the managing council of the government-recognized Cao Dai religion, a syncretistic religious movement that originated in Vietnam in the 20th century, orchestrated an assault on followers of an unsanctioned Cao Dai group in September 2012, injuring six. The head of the Cao Dai managing council said the reason for the assault was that the followers of the unsanctioned group were not worshipping according to the dictates of the council"

"In Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka, .. monks attacked Muslim and Christian places of worship, including reportedly attacking a mosque in the town of Dambulla in April 2012 and forcibly occupying a Seventh-day Adventist church in the town of Deniyaya and converting it into a Buddhist temple in August 2012"

"Muslim-majority Egypt, attacks on Coptic Orthodox Christian churches and Christian-owned businesses were on the rise well before the acceleration in attacks that took place following the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. In August 2012, in the village of Dahshur, a dispute between a Christian and a Muslim led to one death and more than a dozen injuries. Several Christian homes and businesses were destroyed and nearly all Christian families fled the village"

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert 

Einstein, 1934)

". Not surprisingly, religions tend to increase intolerance only when they are dominant."
People’s opium? Religion and economic attitudes, Luigi Guisoa, Paola Sapienzad, Luigi Zingalese, 2002

Not that the secular ideology is not capable of the same but does this mean we have to sit silent or be accused of duplicity when raising objection and remedy?

My view is there is a fatal assumption inherent in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (‘UDHR”) and it is this.

One wonders why. Does it matter why we are born into this world determining some things
are pleasurable somethings are not. The most pleasurable are our children and their children's children and our concern and delight in their progressing into the future. It could be the scientist searching for 'the answer' are leading us into disappointment and it is understandable the fear of what each new discovery/insight may bring us, closer and closer to the reason for our existence.

So we exist in perpetual wars fought by those who determine they already have the 'answer' and those who to the contrary determine otherwise, quite rightly given an 'answer' is immediately followed by another question which if unable to be answered satisfactorily determines the previous final 'answer' a matter of faith and as we know any 'answer' which cannot be justified rationally/logically from empirical evidence may be a very dangerous faith indeed.

One also has to consider the mere magnitude of the nature of what we confront on our journey from birth to death, which would tend to indicate it is rather conceitful and even possibly delusional to determine humans as a species can or even will hold the last/first in a series of matryoshka dolls and be satisfied they 'know' they 'know' for can you ever be certain understanding the full nature of the barrel within which you are enclosed then to be able to explain the existence of the barrel itself.

But it is clearly the pleasure of exploration and discovery we experience from our very first breath which in my opinion determines such an endeavour of much worth despite having to fight wars all along the way against those who are certain they 'know'.

As the sacred book of the uncertain 'The Restaurant at the End of the Universe'-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' determines, the search, and I would surmise the pleasure, satisfaction, is not for obtaining the 'right 'answer' it is for subsequently being able to formulate the 'right' question.

The Quantum Fabric of Space-Time, QUANTA magazine, By K.C. Cole, 
April 24, 2015

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Iain Dale: "A friend of mine has just told me he and his wife had been disinvited to a BBQ this evening because they have voted LEAVE"

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be. …. a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony"
British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, First aired on BBC Two in April 2008

When the petition for the 2nd EU Vote Hits 16,775,993 wake me up until then better off accepting Democracy decided. There is an alternative it is called civil war-it appears many have forgotten why humans invented Democracy. 

Do we call another election because we are not satisfied with the result - the Democratic act will become meaningless, in fact inform breaking down of society as citizens go into the streets to fight for a recount and opposing citizens go into the streets to protect the result of the vote - further polarising the politic - a refusal to compromise and accept the majority view so necessary for the survival of Democracy. The result will end in violence being an inherent part of the new 'Democratic' politic. Being 'disinvited to a BBQ' is a clear indication the political elite are leading us inexorably to more than hurt feelings, it is a sign of dangerous political enclaving.

For those who clearly have no idea what a Democracy means in practice

‘It was one of Lincoln’s ways of working out his chief value to the country, and that value was his clear sense from the start it was our democratic scheme that was at stake, and that if it was to be saved, every citizen who could aid must help to give all that was in them.

Lincoln seems to have put it something like this to himself:

“Everybody in the country has had a part in bringing this thing about; everybody feels they have a right to say how things shall be handled; everybody that is worth their salt is going to exercise that right, and they are going to do it according to the kind of person they are – according to their temperament, their training, their self-control, their meanness, and their goodness. If we are going to put this thing through and prove that citizens can govern themselves, we must get from them what they can give, and we must let them give it in their own way.”
 Source: The Life of Lincoln, Tachell

A timely reminder of the benchmark for argumentation in a Democracy unless you want blood in the streets.

"I start off believing something I make a claim to you and in the process of that interaction you show that I am wrong. Of course our ideal is a person shown to be wrong immediately acknowledges he or she is wrong picks up and goes right on from there. But we know being shown to be wrong, can be unsettling, can lead to lose of face, to diminish one’s own self-worth, and can diminish ones esteem in the conversation or in the community, the society so when one engages in an argument one is taking on that risk to shown to be wrong, also one is taking on the risk of having to alter ones system of beliefs to take into account something new. To add something to the storehouse of beliefs we have to eliminate some belief to modify some belief, all those things can be psychologically disturbing. It’s cognitively disturbing particular if it suggests we have beliefs that are not fully consistent with one another or not carefully enough worked out.

1. In an argument adversaries do not want to overpower the adversary, to bludgeon or coerce the adversary. That kind of victory is meaningless, what they want is to convince the adversary by the arguments they advance by the claims that they make and the structure of the reasons they offer on behalf of those claims.

2. They value the judgement of their adversaries and want ascent if ascent is freely given.

3. We may intensely disagree but we value that person as a person, so we want a voluntary ascent, the kind of judgment which comes freely without coercion.

4. In valuing the personhood of the opponent our adversary the arguer claims the same values for her or for himself.

We can be too easily be misled by the fact argumentation does have adversarial elements so we think of it as a zero sum game, in which I must lose in order for you to win, or in which I somehow suffer as a result of what you have achieved and it is important for us to realize when we look at a controversy and the participants in it while there are adversarial elements in their behavior they are basically showing respect for each other by taking on these risks, the risk of being wrong and the risk of needing to alter their beliefs.

Five key assumptions:
1. Argumentation is audience dependent.
2. It deals with uncertainty.
3. It involves justification for claims, not proof.
4. It is fundamentally cooperative.
5. And it entails risks."

Argumentation Prof. D.N. Robinson 

And the risk in a democratic vote is you will lose. It is the measure of the character of not only you but the character of the democracy itself and it capacity to survive what happens next.

You start determining your adversary are less intelligent, ill-informed in fact not proper humans what do you think you are starting along the road to the very road you claim your adversaries are on.

  • If
     by some perfidy Britain-you do manage to have a new referendum why not be honest this time, clearly we all know it was not about staying or not staying in the EU because of the EU consensus politics the English sausage was not up to scratch it was fundamentally driven by inter-cultural social hostility and particularly the terror-genocide now coming from both directions.

    “Extremist groups, whatever their orientation, are gaining ground in Germany,” Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister, said.
    “Security forces observed not just a rise in membership but also an increase in violence and brutality.”

    Extremist violence increasing in Germany, warns report,  The Telegraph, Justin Huggler, berlin, 28 JUNE 2016

    questions therefore should be:
    1. Do you believe Multiculturalism needs reviewing?
    2. Do you believe Freedom of Religion needs reviewing?
    3. Do you believe cultures should be held accountable and excluded from public and private spheres if their cultural codex constructs and development processes systemically inform increasing terror-genocide in your streets and tragic misogynistic consequences for women?
    Let’s be honest these are the 'unasked questions' our current Sociology Departments in our Western universities for decades have trained you not to ask. It is amazing how the Tranquility of Silence informing infamy can be achieved so effectively by the so called 'good'. 

    The consequence of this Tranquility of Silence enforced by postmodern sociology ethical nihilist altruist enforcers utilising brand new definitions of:
    • 'freedom' (as 'freedom' is a subjective state one cultures 'freedom' is simply another cultures fascism and vice versa ),
    • 'race' (which has been hijacked so as any challenge to cultural constructs is bigotry, linked inherently to symbols of the holocaust,  'racism' no matter how vile in modernity human rights terms the cultural behavior informs regards Other and women), 
    • 'feminism' (now inclusive of oppressive religious constructs-symbols-behaviors)
      This is the future you want for humanity particularly for women which is developing right in front of you?Feminist Swedish Politicians Defends Migrant Rapists, ‘Worse’ When Western Men Do it.
    endemic terror-genocide now developing in both directions - Damascustisation where the Left and even some conservatives determine despite increasing social hostility, fracturing of citizenry and even bloody bodies in our streets Western Democracies are "a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony" is this really the world you want for you and yours a dangerous lie which will get worse - maybe we all should be checking our sacred assumptions before any next vote.

    Ever wondered why the Right has found it necessary to rise? Review Newton physics. Something just as ugly must be in the same space looking like roses to some yet informing...

    How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

    Chris Madsen Democracy did not decide, Mark. This show of hands is neither democrstic nor decisive. I haven't the background in pseudoscience that I'd probably need to debate your questions. But I do know that a referendum is not a mandate in the UK, and that an Act has to be repealed before anyone can legally begin a Brexit. Let's cross the bridges one at a time.
    LikeReply1 hr
    Mark Smith pseudoscience? We (humans) work from definitions now if the following definition of Democracy is different from your perspective please provide it otherwise we will need mystics.


    A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives: a system of parliamentary democracy.

    Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members

    1. The eligible members of the British citizenry were provided with an opportunity to 'control'/'influence' policy direction of their Government by being given the opportunity to vote (democratic method) regards the degree of autonomy they desired regards a political/social organisation of which they were a member.

    2. In a democratic vote eligible members of the British citizenry (who bothered to turn up for under the rules which applied, rules of which all should have been cognisant - no one was forced to vote) decided in a majority decision to exit the EU the finer details of which all were aware required to be worked out subsequently. 

    The politicians-political/social commentators as in a Democracy on both sides made it clear to the electorate even though this plebiscite was not legally binding the result of the vote would be taken as the will of the people and would be acted upon - indicating their view at the same time of the relative risks and benefits of doing so. 

    Both sides involved themselves in the most absurd accusations and claims regards leaving or remaining as issues of such importance elicit. 

    3. Citizens are not by the very nature of being human across all the issues which may be pertinent to a decision on either side, no side can ever claim with 'rational' certainty they are the holders of the holy chalice of divine truth. 

    Each side has their own worldview from which they justify their decisions and of course therefore they will always be right. It is left therefore to the citizen despite these limitations to utilise whatever relative degrees of agency they may possess to make a decision. 

    Those who invariably are unhappy as you and yours with the outcome will utilise whatever device they can understanding this human fallibility to claim rightfully the other side clearly were lacking in the full picture - how true of both sides - and as expected will use whatever technical excuse to determine the Democratic will of the people is subverted to their self-serving logic (in democratic terms).

    Final result:
    "Final results in Thursday’s historic referendum gave the “Leave” campaign 52 percent, while “Remain” took 48 percent. Voter turnout was reported high across Britain, even with heavy rain falling in many areas."

    You keep ignoring the will of the people what will start appearing in the streets-'rational' argument? France ignored the non-binding will of the people what is happening. The 'good' end up informing what when they force their political/social abstract will based upon dangerous assumptions upon the majority?

    May I advise you to forget 'pseudoscience' and spend some time studying Roman history 64AD to 500AD you will see something disturbingly familiar.