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'Why Parsons Green?' A proof the Islam Islamist Dichotomy Paradigm Underwriting the legitimacy of National Security Policy is a dangerous lie-is it not time to be honest, Lakemba Muslims are as much a threat to humanity as Muslims have been everywhere else in time and space

"Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change." Confucius
"The existence of the Jewish colony in China was discovered by the Jesuit Fathers in the seventeenth century, if not earlier; Kaifung, some four hundred and fifty-miles south-west of Peking, being the headquarters of the colony. When Martin visited the place in 1866, he found the synagogue, supposed to be built in 1164, in ruins; the Jews had dispersed, some having become Mohammedans, and not one being able to speak a word of Hebrew. In 1850 certain Hebraic rolls were recovered from the few remaining descendants of former Jews,.."
China in Transformation, A. R. Colquhoun, 1898
No culture has a right to systemically deliver terror-gencode to humanities streets protected by "the wisest and stupidest of men" fabricated lies such as the Islam Islamist Dichotomy, Culture Not-culture where mere observation historic and current determines it dangerous delusion.

"Culture is an abstraction, yet the …