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Trump Takes Florida, Closing In on a Stunning Upset

It appears bias is so endemic in the Sociological Imagination of the Elizabethan-Panopticon elite against the citizen-populist, as with Britex, the elites citizen-phobia creates a delusion their view is so obviously beneficial even the uneducated-populist-citizen will honestly espouse their actual views in survey’s the elite create to prove themselves right, not for once understanding the deviance paradigm for speaking ones true feelings as to the state of the world the Elizabethan-Panopticon elite have created means very few are really game to express their true position.

Tranquility of Silence so favoured by tyranny becomes resident even in our so called democracies where of course we can all ‘freely’ speak of our hopes for the future and the ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and social/political methodology which are the foundation of those hopes without being deemed deviant, uneducated, white, racist, right-wing, bigot and threatened by public criminal and/or societal public …

Common Sense: Political-Ideological Aggression-Contagion is NOT a Medical Condition it is a Cultural Method deemed by significant world view differences necessary to survive and grow. Anyone advising otherwise must in the end be held accountable for the broken bodies and lives they have caused.