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Populism where the citizen becomes the enemy of the political elite’s dangerous sociological imagined abstractions

The citizen becomes sick of highfalutin words when citizen lives are being turned upside down with a political/social/economic elites determination the elite's worldview and elite's self-interest will ride roughshod over citizens aspirations for personal, cultural and economic security."
Joe Biden: ‘I Wish to Hell I’d Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing’ The vice president looks back — and forward., NTY, By JONATHAN ALTER,JAN. 17, 2017

Psychologists-Sociologists involved in the promotion of the notions of populism had better start reflecting why it is they have invented-participated in creation of a deviance categorisation - for what inevitably follows?

How some advertisers are secretly working to make us less prejudiced, World Economic Forum, Lisa Sherman, President and CEO, Ad Council, 01 Mar 2017

1984? Who decides what we believe to be truth, fact checked and cleansed on our screens the self-determined 'good' with their own prejudice determined as truth?


Bernard Gaynor x Army intelligence officer Australian Defence Force letter detailing his views on the security-political-social Diligence and Efficiency & Response

To Whom it May Concern

I (Bernard Gaynor x Army intelligence officer Australian Defence Force) don't normally email out the articles that I write. However, given events in recent days with the arrest of two teenagers in Sydney for planning yet another terrorist attack and revelations that Australia is the third-most targeted nation by the Islamic State, it is clear that we are facing an embryonic but growing Islamic insurgency.

Before I began working in the public sphere, I was an intelligence officer in the Australian Army. I was good at my job and I understand our intelligence community well. It completely fails to understand the threat that we face. 

My article today explains clearly the nature of this insurgency...

The threat we face
There is no doubt that Australia is facing an embryonic insurgency, driven by Islamic beliefs. This unfortunate and disturbing truth was highlighted once again with the recent arrest of two teenagers who police allege were planning an imminent beheadi…