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YES EQUALITY FOR ALL - But understand Ireland why you have had to vote at all and the reason you have still remains in the Public Square - Slovenia revokes gay marriage law

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"Conflict theory suggests that men, as the dominant gender, subordinate women in order to maintain power and privilege in society. Conflict theory asserts that social problems occur when dominant groups mistreat subordinate ones, and thus advocates for a balance of power between genders."
Source: Boundless. “The Conflict Perspective.” Boundless Sociology. Boundless, 28 May. 2015. Retrieved 30 May. 2015

A view: Why homosexuality is determined as ‘evil’ in religious codex and able despite the prevalence of a view held even possibly within culture as to the unjustifiable nature of such a cultural view informs iniquity and harm against homosexuals. 

Firstly the reason homosexuality is determined as ‘evil’ in religious texts is contradictions are not allowed in cultural codex (a). Secondly despite even a supposed majority claiming a 'good' view, culture set the boundaries and nature of our behavioral variance, despite a view to the contrary as indi…