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China believes the following: (Armageddon written 2013) - Mosquitoes ignored and a cruise missile in every bowl.

Armageddon China believes the following:
Avoid a zero-sum game in South China Sea Xinhua | 2013-12-17 17:02:25 By Agencies
Chinese Defense Ministry Issues Statement Playing Down Near Collision at Sea By BREE FENG December 18, 2013

1. "The Chinese economy is so intertwined with the rest of the world that a peaceful path of development is both necessary and inevitable."

There is a limit to what most cultures will endure regards tyranny before they determine it is not worth the shiny new toy and they have it built elsewhere. China has to realize they are not indispensable as they have clearly led themselves to believe what is 'intertwined' can be unwound or simply thrown away to start again elsewhere. Chine by its continuing actions are making that cost benefit analysis look very favorable in regards moving elsewhere.

2. "As China grows richer, everyone benefits." Therefore back off.

Money is not everything - if you live in a loving family fluctuating fortune ma…

‘Not Islam’. It is just not going to stand up to any reasonable evaluation as increasingly the broken bodies and lives keep rolling in.

At what point regards the above and the ethical network connections these individuals make outside those listed above which sustains their existence and social support constitutes the exact point, the British Task Force claims exists, between the ethical divide of Islam and 'Not Islam'='a distinct ideology'?  It is not possible is it? Therefore? 
The British Task Force report defines Islamist extremism as "a distinct ideology which should not be confused with traditional religious practice (and)... is based on a distorted interpretation of Islam, which betrays Islam's peaceful principles" Terror Asbos For Extremists Under PM Plans Sky News UK, Wednesday 04 December 2013
How is it possible statistically for so many Islamic adherents from the seventh century to this point in time to come to exactly the same interpretation of the Islamic cultural foundation codex construct of Other that such a claim 'distorted interpretation of Islam' is rationally poss…