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2013: Egyptian artists rally against 'Islamisation' of culture - 1937: The Munich "Degenerate Art" Exhibit 'Nazisation' of culture

"During the one year of Egypt’s nascent democracy, we (Muslim Brotherhood) were dedicated to reforming state institutions to harbor further democratic rule. We were unaware of the amount of pushback we would receive from hard-liners in these institutions."
I Am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Not a Terrorist, NTY Opinion, By GEHAD EL-HADDAD, FEB. 22, 2017

The Islamic-Muslim fascist definition of hard-liners and 'Islamisation' of democratic rule clearly do not align to Western hard fought for definitions of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. 'Liberals' supporting Gehad El-Haddads vision of freedom have blood on their hands.
The Mad Square Germany 1931 (Felix Nussbaum) "Painted during a period of intense political and intellectual polarisation, The Mad Square by Felix Nussbaum can be seen as a satirisation of the collapse of society during the years of the Weimar Republic as a forewarning of the cataclysm that was to ensure." Jacqueline Streker, THE M…

Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Honest that a Cultures "slovenliness of .. language" (Sacred Faith Text) Informs a Muslim Behavioral Variance Inclusive of Terror?

"..but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts". I doubt that he was referring to writing on religion, though this might warrant his strictures today."
Thought-Stoppers for Policy-Makers | Tony Blair Faith Foundation

And Tony your use of 'spectrum' would indicate you now know why the Islamic terror exists as it has if history is faced 'honestly' even by the hands of Muhammad himself. He was also a little jolly when those mocking him were dispatched - let’s say Muhammad was not mortified at such a gross crime. Amazing what we can accept if the sacred text secular or religious determines it is OK.

So humanity have two things we invariably base our actions upon an exemplar in the case Muhammad and what you kindly refer to as 'slovenliness of ... language' which provides the authorisation and justification.

Common exemplar, common construction of Other - I agree words and sentences are not …

The Good News is God is Dead(Inclusive of Socialism) -The Public Square Still Exists. Life Continues As It Did Before God.

“Socialism means different things to different people. Ed Miliband, Ken Loach and Stalin have all said they’re socialists. Two of them are lying. Which one depends on your personal definition of Socialism.”
Let’s explain what socialism is before we call ourselves socialist May 21, 2013  Left Unity.
I contend they were all socialists the only thing which differentiated them is the degree of certainty.

Marx gave us some very good insights into culture how it evolved in time and space given the relative resources, technology and knowledge in situ.

Trouble is completely juxtaposed to his Darwinian approach Marx determined there was such a thing as a Holy Grail toward which culture was inexorably heading, a utopian balance where everyone would have their ‘fair’ share. Marx had just created another ‘opium’ for the masses – another vehicle for priesthood to maximise their and the cultural institutions of socialism/communism access to scarce resources to support and justify their continued existe…