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Multiculturalism VS "Age of Enlightenment" - Reflection on Labor Party Greens alliance Attorney-General Dreyfus response to Senator Brandis.

Dreyfus says Brandis stands for hate speech BY:CHRISTIAN KERR From: The Australian May 08, 2013 12:00AM

I perceive multiculturalism holds great dangers to the modernity notion of Freedom and will tend to push the definition of Freedom back to the medieval and pre-medieval. Why and how will this happen?

Cultures are not benign as with individuals cultures seek to survive replicating themselves in new generations of adherents and in doing so strive to enhance their chance of survival by whatever means available to them.
Cultural survival depends on the relative availability of resources and the nature of the cultural foundation codex which defines the ethics, ideas, motivations, actions within a consistent behavioural variance set by the codex which underlie how adherents control the procreation and education of new adherents, enforce adherence internally and interaction with external Other. Particularly important to ensure survival and enhanced circumstance the cultural foundation codex r…