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Personal Reflection on Terror Theory- The Mortality Salience - Regards Self or Culture?

"We all live in glasshouses some are invariably more obvious as to the nature of their fragility from the outside than from within."

My view is humanity its physiological, psychological, social construct are reflective of what are perceived as lower order constructs which constitute the individual human organism. The notion of specification applies as much to human formation of cultures in all its facets inclusive of genetics and the drive to be "reproductively isolated and are no longer capable of exchanging genes" i.e the control of women with the inherent exclusion and subjugation of Other. Life is the driving force not death, of the organism whole, even in death of the individual, Freud was mistaken there is no "death drive" survival of the organism is paramount, the death sacrifice by the intragroup or individual are a simple by product of cultural survival.

Cultures are reflective of the acknowledgment outsourcing enables organisms to maximize surviva…