Cute. Truth becoming less important by the minute. 'Make Christmas great again': Hobart's Anglican Dean parodies Trump in anti-pokies message

Cute. Truth becoming less important by the minute.

Trumps delivery leaves a lot to be desired but the 'Truth' is in terms of the threat facing Western civilisation as we argue as to who owns the better moral rationale system Western Civilisation is being systematically taken apart and as with the Roman/Greek Platonists convinced of their rightness and clear civilising moral framework which surely must prevail are left in the dust of history.

I suggest the Hobart's Anglican Dean actually climbs down from his pulpit into the real world and confronts the precarious nature of his present capacity to make fun, which ironically is why Trump was able to be elected in the first place to preserve the opportunity to do so. The fact is if your ideological labyrinth fails to determine other cultures could care less for your worldview despite the many ‘moderates’ claiming that they pose no threat to you and your cultures existence, despite the bloody broken bodies and lives appearing in your streets and the crossing red lines with or under the threat of military or other violence, it is a cultural set heuristic you will live, if you’re lucky, to regret.

If Hobart's Anglican Dean wants a laugh at his own expense then he needs to confront the real world then he should read the following Christmas list, Winston Churchill was once regarded as a blustering warmonger, and is still regarded by some as such, but the alternative was and still is?

Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone, A Report Sponsored by the Army Capabilities Integration Center in Coordination with Joint Staff J-39/Strategic Multi-Layer Assessment Branch, 2016

Which rationally, logically confronted an eternal truth all cultural golden rules however similar are circumscribed with some cultures particularly so, which means a strategy of appeasement, pacifism in the hope an enemy, competitor culture will see the light, your worldview light as valid, is a very dangerous thing to do. Why? What did we learn just regards the last occasion let alone from the rest of history?

The lessons here are:

(a) That once Service strengths have been allowed to run down they cannot be restored quickly.

(b) That the restoration of Service strengths requires much more than giving them the necessary manpower; it requires an immense and sustained effort involving every aspect of national life.

(c) That peace cannot be brought by appeasement; that it is far better in the long run to challenge at an early stage rather than allow an aggressor to go on from strength to strength until the inevitable war begins with the defender at a dangerous disadvantage.
If you make the deductions from your intelligence reports fit your preconceived notions about what the enemy is or ought to be doing, you are almost bound to be surprised.”
MIDDLE EAST 1939-43, DIRECTORATE OF MILITARY TRAINING, Military Board Army Headquarters, Melbourne, 31/8/1959

I would add a lesson, wars-revolutions-civil wars conflict are not between States but culture-ideology non-state actors with significant value-belief social/political method than culture-ideology either representing the controlling elite of States or not. Wars are not fought between States but between culture-ideologies which recognise no State boundary. There is no such thing as a revisionist State or culture-ideology there are only rejectionist culture-ideology. As Lincoln rightly informed us inter culture-ideology wars never cease as long as significant value-belief social/political method exist in the same space. There are only lulls in proceedings.

 National Security Strategy of the United States of America, December 2017 accepts the fact as we have been tearing the ideological shreds off each other in the West the very capacity to do so is being quickly eroded from within and without. Yes it is the ‘good’ who are being manipulated to destroy their culture not the dreaded populists.

“In December last I was asked to address the American Sociological Congress on “the effect of war and militarism on social values.” In sending my answer I pointed out that infinitely the most important fact to remember in connection with the subject in question is that if an unscrupulous, warlike, and militaristic nation is not held in check by the warlike ability of a neighbouring non-militaristic and well-behaved nation, then the latter will be spared the necessity of dealing with its own “moral and social values” because it won’t be allowed to deal with anything. Until this fact is thoroughly recognised, and the duty of national preparedness by justice loving nations explicitly acknowledged, there is very little use of solemnly debating such questions as the one which the sociological congress assigned to me – which, in detail, was “How war and militarism affect such social values as the sense of the preciousness of human life; care for child welfare; the conservation of human resources; upper-class concern for the lot of the masses; interest in popular education; appreciation of truth-telling and truth-printing; respect for personality and regards for personal rights.”

It seems to me possibly comic to fail to appreciate, with the example of Belgium before our eyes, that the real question which modern peace-loving nations have to face is not how the militaristic or warlike spirit within their own borders will affect these “values,” but how failure on their part to be able to resist the militarism of an unscrupulous neighbour will affect them. Belgium had a very keen sense of the “preciousness of human life” and of “the need for the care of child welfare and the conservation of human resources,” and there was much “concern” by the Belgian “upper classes for the lot of the masses,” great “interest in popular education and appreciation of truth-telling and truth-printing and a high respect for personality and regard for personal rights.” But all these “social values” existed in Belgium only up to the end of July, 1914. Not a vestige of them remained in 1915. To discuss them as regards present-day Belgium is sheer prattle, simply because on August 4, 1914, Belgium had not prepared her military strength so that she could put on her frontiers at least half a million thoroughly armed and trained men of fighting spirit.”
Theodore Roosevelt asked by the American Sociological Association to provide a response at the American Sociological Congress, Washington, DC, December 1915.

Cultures create the sharp end deliverers of violence or the imminent threat as they cross red lines as in the Crimea, the Ukraine, the South China Sea, in Melbourne streets unless they are confronted and stopped they will continue to send violence, subjugation, annihilation into humanities streets.

We simply have fallen into the same fatal mistake surely we can talk our way to resolution, I once believed so, we have invested significant intellectual effort into conflict resolution, peace studies, etc. we simply have to accommodate the other cultures point of view – as Winston said to those who wanted to make peace, accommodate Nazi Germany only if you believe slavery is acceptable in your space.

"I saw people getting blown to pieces before my own eyes. Not once,
but many times. But you know, what can we do? If there is no fighting for a day or two now, it feels abnormal. We have grown used to the smell of gunpowder here."
Everyday violence during armed conflict: Narratives from Afghanistan., A Ray - Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 2017 -

In Western streets a culture a non-state actor the Muslim culture is delivering what it always delivers annihilation despite the existence of any number of self-described moderate adherents of a terror-genocide codex proclaiming "I Love....".

"In the past Christians were the majority in Iraq, today we are minority but without us Mosul will never be the same."

He expressed hope that Christians who fled persecution in Mosul would be able to return to their homes now Islamic State militants had been driven out.

"They are not going back because their houses are destroyed or burnt and the church is restoring all of the houses," Patriarch Sako said."
Mosul cathedral holds Christmas Eve mass for first time since Islamic State is driven out, ABC, 25-12-2017

"29 Coptic Christians, including children, were killed by masked gunmen in Egypt last week."
Coptic Christians killed by militants in Egypt, ABC, 31 May 2017

Flinders Street car attack: two men still fighting for their lives, The Age, Melissa Cunningham, DECEMBER 26 2017

"The Fifth step: Annihilation Campaign
As the overall strength of the insurgent grows while his opponents decreases, the balance of forces is reached at some point. In the assessment of the insurgent's strength must be included not only his military assets but the solidarity of his political structure, the fact that the population is mobilised in his areas, the subversive activity of his underground agents in the counterinsurgency areas, and finally, the insurgent psychological superiority.
From then on, the scope and scale of the insurgents operations will increase swiftly; a series of offensives aiming at the complete destruction of the enemy will constitute the last and final step.
At any time during the process, the insurgent may make peace offers, provided there is more to gain by negotiating them by fighting."
Counterinsurgency warfare, the insurgency doctrine, David Galula, 1964

Given the Chinese communists have not changed their worldview what do you expect to happen, are not the Confusion institutes China have created and Western higher education institutions have accepted in their midst simply another divisive dissimulation tool seeking to undermine Other cultures rather than to add to their general good? Do you not find it strange the Chinese communists previously determined Confucius as dangerous reactionary encouraging unquestioning loyalty to hierarchy, and here we are now with the Chinese Communists after the cultural revolution and the recent Tiananmen square claiming the moral high ground accusing Other cultures of committing genocide against Chinese peoples yet the Chinese communists killed many millions more with their own hands are now attempting to claim victim status, for whatever reason I have a feeling it is to justify again much worse. 

And the Muslim culture as the Chinese communist culture proven terror-genocide perpetrators are determined as the good and anyone objecting bigots, deviant, this is now normal - no idea where this will lead?

Sometimes the self-described ‘good’ wearing funny caps are at the forefront of enabling the continuance of evil so it becomes normal. Cute.


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