"Cairo attack: Muslims are often first victims of Muslim terrorists"-"not surprising nor unexpected, altruists main function is to make sure adherents stick to the message"

"Muslims are often first victims of Muslim terrorists"

If one does research on prosocial behavior and the creation of a culture's altruists this statement is not surprising nor unexpected, altruists main function is to make sure adherents stick to the message as well as the other function to patrol the border with Other cultures. Each culture defines and imbues their altruists, the 'few', with the motivation and belief the method the culture defines as justified to enforce alignment to the cultures ethics social/political model is necessary and appropriate.

Have you actually picked up the Quran the template for Muslim behavior and checked the relative vitriol assigned to those who are determined as skewing the Prophets message? And you claim somehow Muslims can be exonerated from the inevitable result of their own social behavioural constructs which we can all see in the Quran and the Prophets espoused view of traitors and even those who had a joke at his expense.

If a family, community, culture can do this to each other of what value not only to the members themselves but those surrounding who inevitably have to pay the price is the continuing value of having such families, communities and cultures in your midst?

It has escaped your attention the ‘good’ of a culture create the altruists and provide the method by which the ‘few’ will, not may, carry out their ‘true believer’ cultural assigned work otherwise the ‘few’ would never exist along with their particular cultural method.

Proof, as clearly it is required, never after this point can you claim “I was not provided with the means to see my error.”

I am not simply determining based upon any prejudice of my own that the method of killing by Muslim altruists of those determined as not following the True dictates of the Prophet, that killing-terror is justified and authorised by the Islam-Muslim culture codex. For as the Quran states the message has to be so clear, so outrageous not  for those present but more importantly for those who are not. Keep to the message.

“If they left apostasy (rida) alone, there wouldn’t have been any Islam. Islam would have been finished right after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), therefore by confronting apostasy Islam was preserved. 

The Quranic ayat in Sura Maeda, ‘The reward of those who make war against God and His Apostle, and strive after violence on earth, is only that they shall be slaughtered or crucified” had been explained by Abu Qulaba and others in that these ayats are about those who live Islam, and there are not just one, two or three, hadiths; there are many hadiths from a number of companions. I mean that an apostate is to be killed. 

Hadith from Ibn Abas: he who changes his religion – kill him. Hadith from Ibn Masud: it is permissible to take the life of the Muslim only in one of the three cases: the married adulterer, a life for life, and the deserter of his Din (Islam), abandoning the community. And there is a hadith of Abu Musa al Ash’ari and Mu’Dh ibn Jabal and Abu Huraira and a number of the companions on the subject...” Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

The argument is not that Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is an extremist from whatever perspective it is that the Islam-Muslim culture systemically enables Yusuf Al-Qaradawi to exist as normative within the Islam-Muslim cultural behavoral variance-spectrum all the way from Mohammad stepping out of his cave in the 7th century into the future. 

It is my view the relative level of violence a culture prescribes for its altruists to keep its adherents to message is directly proportional to the combined reticence of Other to accept the 'Truth' and propensity of adherents to renege on the cultural ethic-belief social/political cultural model. 

As with most social systems there is some underlying resource-psychological access-benefit which makes such an investment in violence worthwhile, despite the horror for the culture concerned and against those unfortunate enough to have such a culture in their midst or on their borders. 

Existent have to be identifiable combined cultural child-adult development processes and sacred codex schemas which will engender the required cultural prejudice, bigotry, culture of victimhood, heightened violent reactivity, and psychological return to create just enough altruists walking from the 'good' cultures floors to do what the altruists are culturally designed for. 

Envariably a culture only create 'the few', as being an altruists in most cases is an expensive hobby, particularly if losing one life in the process albeit for a place in a promised paradise resides within the schema and more importantly only 'the few' in most cases are required as the method the culture justifies and authorises the altruists to utilise is fit for purpose.

Not all cultures inherently prescribe violence as a method to resolve significant ethic-value-belief social/political method differences, some cultures due to combined sacred codex constructs and exemplar behavior have been able to move away from violence as a primary method of conflict resolution, some are not able to due to the fact there exist no powerful enough combined sacred codex constructs and exemplar behavior to enable them to do so-you therefore have to remove the cultures sacred codex constructs and exemplar behavior templates from societal space or continue to bear the brunt of the cultures violent altruists and watch as they continue to harm themselves as well.    

"I don't care if my wife and child go hungry, I don't care if they die of hunger, for me nothing matters more than the honour of my Prophet," Riaz Shah, a labourer from Lahore who has been at the sit-in since it began, told AFP."
Pakistan protests grow as military stays silentAFP News, Gohar ABBAS, David STOUT, 26 November 2017

"Children’s voices are heard “Defend Islam don’t be an infidel”"

.. Hundreds of other men watched, holding their phones aloft to try to get a glimpse of the violence, but never making a move to intervene. Those standing by included several police officers.

..then the enraged men below her picked up poles and planks of wood, and hit at her until she lost her grip and tumbled down.”
Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman, New York Times, by Pulitzer Prize winner ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 26, 2015

 "In AD 627, Muhammad committed an atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza.
He beheaded the men and the pubescent boys and enslaved the women and children. In doing this, he wiped an entire tribe "off the map".."

"It is very clear what I mean, which is that there is a violent, radical, fanatical, nihilistic interpretation of Islam by a faction … within the Muslim community that is our enemy, and that has to be defeated."

As Muhammad the Muslim ethical social/political method exemplar template is "violent, radical, fanatical, nihilistic", whose behavior is exactly the same as the ‘faction’, ‘spectrum’, ‘cluster’, the ‘few’, which Obama determines "has to be defeated" and the ‘faction’, ‘spectrum’, ‘cluster’, the ‘few’, are created by the Muslim cultural whole, who needs to be defeated, what needs to be removed from humanities societal space for victory, peace and harmony, to exist? 

So children will no longer deem it necessary to cut off their hands, people kick women to death in the streets as children shout “Defend Islam don’t be an infidel”, men allow their children to starve for the want of defending the honor of a "violent, radical, fanatical, nihilistic", misogynistic self-serving phedophile and when challenged by his wives claims God told him he could do as he pleases. And lest we forget the social/political subjugation and genocides which are continuing.....

"Why should I feel any pain or trouble in cutting off the hand that was raised against the Holy Prophet?"

Those are the words of 15-year-old Qaiser (not his real name) who chopped off his right hand just a few days ago believing he had committed blasphemy.

Many believe fellow villagers started shaming the boy after the local cleric had made the accusation of blasphemy - and that is why Qaiser felt the need to prove his love for the Prophet Muhammad."
"At least 305 people died in the assault, which was launched during Friday prayers and has not yet been claimed by any group."
Egypt attack: IS flags carried by gunmen, say officials, BBC, 
25 November 2017

"The white banner at the top of the (IS) flag reads: “There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” This phrase is a declaration of faith used across Islam, and is known as the shahada."
Isis flag: What do the words mean and what are its origins?, Independent, Kashmira Gander, Monday 6 July 2015

"KABUL, Afghanistan — The sermon at the mosque in Kabul’s diplomatic quarter on Friday sounded a familiar but disquieting theme.

“You have disrespected the feelings of 1.8 billion Muslims and all that they hold sacred,” the imam, Muhammed Ayaz Niazi, bellowed, addressing the American forces in Afghanistan. “Those who have committed this grave crime are trying to test our people, to see if they are dead or alive. We promise to defend our values, defend our religion, defend our soil.”

This time, the rage was over a leaflet dropped on homes in Parwan Province, north of Kabul, on Tuesday night. The postcard- sized leaflets showed a lion, representing the American-led coalition forces, chasing a dog, an animal seen as dirty in Islamic tradition, wrapped in the Taliban flag.

The problem? The writing on the flag, in large letters, is the text most sacred to Muslims: the shahada, the foundational declaration of faith in God."
Afghan Anger Simmers Over U.S. Leaflets Seen as Insulting Islam, NYT, By MUJIB MASHAL, FAHIM ABED and FATIMA FAIZI, SEPT. 8, 2017

You seriously believe a person has an unreasonable fear if this culture enters their space, they espouse an opinion the members of such a culture must not be allowed to enter their space, or the culture must be prevented from utilising Muhammad and the Quran as templates for their culture's behavior? Ever heard of Pathological Altruism?

If a family, community, culture can do this to each other of what value not only to the members themselves but those surrounding who inevitably have to pay the price is the continuing value of having such families, communities and cultures in your midst?

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