Lack of understanding as to who the real enemy are...can have a cultural elite intent on preserving “old-established ways” collaborate with an enemy culture to assist in enabling terror against their own citizens.

“The Cetniks had never possessed the qualities to which the Partisans owed their triumph: strong leadership, iron discipline, unity, a relentless determination to attain at all costs certain clearly define aims. ‘In war ‘, Napoleon once said, ‘it is not men, but the man that counts. ‘Though a brave man and a well-trained, experienced soldier, Mihajlovic lacked the ruthless determination, the unwavering singleness of purpose of his rival.”(Maclean 1957, p. 268)

“BELGRADE, Serbia -- A Belgrade court on Thursday quashed the treason conviction of Gen. Draza Mihailovic for his collaboration with Nazis during World War II, politically rehabilitating the controversial Serbian guerrilla commander almost 70 years after he was sentenced and shot to death by communists.”
(DJURICA 2015)

“Nothing could shake his own faith in the rightness of his cause or his certainty that in the end that course must triumph. And in those around him he could inspire the same faith in the same certainty…… In true Communist fashion he purged all dissident elements. He changed the method of recruiting, organising and indoctrinating Party members, bringing to this task a lighter touch and a greater understanding of human nature. His aim was not only to expand the membership of the party but to recruit key men of outstanding character and ability in a wide range of trades and professions. In other words he sought to form cadres of active revolutionaries whose influence would be out of all proportion to their numbers… (Maclean 1957, p. 101)

..more important than any purely numerical increase, carefully picked cadres were built up of hardened revolutionaries, completely reliable men who could be counted on to act promptly and correctly in any emergency and whose influence on their fellows was out of all proportion to their numbers. It was the practical application of Lenin’s old theory of the revolutionary elite. At the same time, particular attention was paid to the infiltration of the Armed Forces, and a section of the Party machine devoted specially to this work. Propaganda, too, of all kinds, was intensified and the Proleter, the Party newspaper, which hitherto had appeared abroad, was now clandestinely printed and distributed in Jugoslavia.
(Maclean 1957, p. 103)

"Once the Jugoslav army had finally surrendered and the King and Government have fled abroad,The Soviet Government, with their usual realism and adaptability, appear once again to have reconsidered their position.....  Now there could clearly be no advantage in gratuitously offending Hitler out of regard for an exiled King and a Government. Recognition was promptly withdrawn from the Jugoslav Government in exile, and the Jugoslav Ambassador in Moscow, with whom Molotov had a few weeks earlier signed the Pact of Friendship and Non-Aggression, was invited to leave the Soviet Union without delay. In the Soviet press a discreet silence descended on the whole unwelcome subject of Jugoslavia.
Where did Tito stand now? The available documentary evidence, for what it is worth, suggest that, as far as propaganda was concerned, he prudently concentrated on blaming the Serb ruling class for what had happened."(Maclean 1957, p. 126-127)

Lack of understanding as to who the real enemy are, allowing the enemy to infiltrate security apparatus, lacking an understanding the ‘few’ are created for a cultural political purpose, hardened by indoctrinated certainty of a moral cause, “counted on to act promptly and correctly” and not lacking “relentless determination” thereby having an effect “out of all proportion to their numbers” can have a cultural elite intent on preserving “old-established ways” collaborate with an enemy culture to assist in enabling terror against their own citizens.

"When the Jugoslavs, ideological correct as ever, protested that, with no industry, there would be no foundation on which to build socialism, he retorted with brutal directness: 'What do you want with a heavy industry? We have everything you need in the Urals."  Yatrov,The chief Soviet negotiator (Maclean 1957, p. 346-347)

A similar claim was made to Julie Bishop by China regards Australia's manufacturing industry the nature of intended control and subjugation does not change.

I do not suggest I demand the Western intellectual elite within human science psychology, anthropology, sociology cease utilising Marx as a basis for determining right and wrong as Marx was simply another dangerous nihilist blaming the universe for his own condition and intent on destroying his own culture via another invented “unscrupulous” dualistic deviance paradigm which inevitably leads to terror-genocide as does any other ideology religious or secular based upon dualistic certainty of what constitutes justice.

DJURICA, M 2015, '69 years after execution, WWII general gets Nazi treason conviction tossed', CBS NEWS, May 14, 2015, viewed September 10, 2017, <>.

Maclean, F 1957, Disputed barricade: the life and times of Josip Broz-Tito, Marshal of Jugoslavia, J. Cape.


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