National Security: What Travellers Need to Know

National Security: What Travellers Need to Know

"Humans are social animals in that they are dependent on one another for connectedness, self-esteem, and knowledge/understanding of the world (which exists only in the context of one’s culture that establishes norms, expectations, attitudes, and values/morality)."
Nelson, Todd D. Getting Grounded in Social Psychology. Psychology Press, 2017-07-06.

"AN AL-QAEDA recruiter, described as the No. 1 terrorist threat to America, was engaged by a Sydney youth group to address hundreds of young people - a decision that has caused deep divisions at one of Australia's largest mosques - Lakemba Mosque."
Al-Qaeda at city mosque, smh, Erik Jensen, APRIL 15 2010

"THE Lakemba Mosque has issued a fatwa against Christmas, warning followers it is a ''sin'' to even wish people a Merry Christmas
The fatwa, which has sparked widespread community debate and condemnation, warns that the "disbelievers are trying to draw Muslims away from the straight path".

No merriness here: mosque puts fatwa on Christmas, smh, Natalie O'Brien, DECEMBER 23 2012

"The group (Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir), which reportedly described last week the slaying of the magazine staff by Parisian terrorists as a "cure".."
Hizb ut-Tahrir holding public meeting in Lakemba over Charlie Hebdo by Natalie O’Brien smh, January 18, 2015

"The Weekend Australian has been told that a senior staff member was known to refer to police as “pigs” and had ­encouraged students to film police on their phones if they were ever ­approached.

There have been several allegations of non-Muslim staff being subjected to verbal attacks, ­including threats of beheading, from Muslim students claiming to be Islamic State sympathisers. It is understood these allegations were not reported to the police.

Disunity on campus is understood to have come to a head in December when female staff were excluded from the school’s annual presentation day.

..state Labor member for Lakemba, Mr Dib said it was his “sincere hope” that the issue was resolved quickly."
Punchbowl Boys Principal removed for refusing de-radicalisation programs, Government Intervention in the Muslim Community, Mar 4, 2017

"For months, Mr Bhakti and his team have sat in mosques and Koran reading groups under the cover of being like-minded worshippers and documented the discussions and sermons.
Mosque accused of preaching the IS (Sunni) ideology denies claims.

"The local police chief came and checked out this place, we're just a regular boarding school."

But according to Mr Bhakti, the school is training future terrorists.

And he is concerned that as the larger mosques are exposed, the groups are splintering using smaller less obvious prayer groups to spread the dangerous IS message.

At the Al Jihad mosque in the town of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra, the ABC had been told preaching has moved to a nearby home after the caretaker was arrested for sending people to Syria.

"They moved to smaller mosques or smaller Koran reading groups, which we call satellite mosques or satellite places," Mr Bhakti said.

"So the number [of mosques] could be bigger.""

Islamic State: Indonesian mosques accused of supporting radical group's ideology, ABC, By Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley and Ake Prihantari, 31-7-2017

The best weapon therefore against Muslim terrorism, a cultural initially dissimulated (concealed or disguised (thoughts, feelings, or character)) derived act until Other cultures are sucked irrevocably into a war of annihilation, is not to target the 'cleanskin' or otherwise, the 'serene' adherent with a beard or a clean shaven face, short back and sides wearing an Armani suit or a trans-gendered miniskirt, the best weapon is a strategy based on a fact, the 'ordinary' 'normal' Muslim culture have to be held accountable for the terror-genocide they will always deliver to humanities streets anything else is 'window dressing' a house of horror.

Otherwise we allow the Muslim culture, as any culture must in a war where it does not have social/political dominance, to Dissimulate, Adapt, Discover, Improvise and Overcome enabling continuance of what has already commenced in Australian, and other Western streets, Damascus fortressing, enclaving with increasing numbers of broken bodies and lives. 

The true measure of the National Security threat of the 'ordinary' 'normal' Muslim cultural whole is when Muslims do have social/political dominance what always happens? And as we are seeing in our Australian streets right now how is it they always get to gain such dominance.

“The lessons here are:
(c) That peace cannot be brought by appeasement; that it is far better in the long run to challenge at an early stage rather than allow an aggressor to go on from strength to strength until the inevitable war begins with the defender at a dangerous disadvantage.

If you make the deductions from your intelligence reports fit your preconceived notions about what the enemy is or ought to be doing, you are almost bound to be surprised.”
MIDDLE EAST 1939-43, DIRECTORATE OF MILITARY TRAINING, Military Board Army Headquarters, Melbourne, 31/8/1959

The success of tactics are not and never have been an indication a strategy is working nor that the strategy chosen is the right course.

Step back challenge the strategy assumptions their invalid, or you condemn fellow citizens to bloodied 'surprises' until what is left socially, politically?

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