If anyone is in any doubt of Marxist-Socialists determination to follow Marx's dictum of unscrupulous actions even terror to achieve and hold power-look no further than the Marxist-Socialists in Venezuela.

"But with one contentious vote on Sunday, President Nicolás Maduro effectively liquidated any political challenge that the opposition might present for him for years to come. Around midnight, officials certified the creation of a new political body, known as the constituent assembly, with the power to rewrite the Constitution to favor Mr. Maduro and empowered in the meantime to dismiss any branch of government viewed as disloyal."
Venezuela’s Opposition, Battling Nicolás Maduro, Suffers a Crippling BlowLeer en español, By NICHOLAS CASEY, JULY 31, 2017

If anyone is in any doubt of Marxist-Socialists determination to follow Marx's dictum of unscrupulous actions even terror to achieve and hold power, despite their dissimulation rhetoric of commitment to Democratic inclusiveness, to Freedom as all 'virtuous minority' secular/religious completely convinced of their own infallibility profoundly espouse before taking power, look no further than  the Marxist-Socialists in Venezuela.

There is no difference between the tyranny of the Marxist-Socialist and that of the Fascist except for the fact the later does not pretend to care whilst they apply the jackboot. 

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