What one finds in the Web Attic. This is No Accident - 21st Century NeoLiberal Derived Populist The 20th Century Marxist-Socialist Derived Russian Kulak Class Enemy. The 'Good' Diligently Perfecting the Mould of Another Deviance Paradigm.

This is No Accident - 21st Century NeoLiberal Derived Populist The 20th Century Marxist-Socialist Derived Russian Kulak Class Enemy. The 'Good' Diligently Perfecting the Mould of Another Deviance Paradigm.  
"Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) support Kanazawa's hypothesis. Young adults who subjectively identify themselves as "very liberal" have an average IQ of 106 during adolescence while those who identify themselves as "very conservative" have an average IQ of 95 during adolescence.

Similarly, religion is a by-product of humans' tendency to perceive agency and intention as causes of events, to see "the hands of God" at work behind otherwise natural phenomena. "Humans are evolutionarily designed to be paranoid, and they believe in God because they are paranoid," says Kanazawa. This innate bias toward paranoia served humans well when self-preservation and protection of their families and clans depended on extreme vigilance to all potential dangers. "So, more intelligent children are more likely to grow up to go against their natural evolutionary tendency to believe in God, and they become atheists."

Young adults who identify themselves as "not at all religious" have an average IQ of 103 during adolescence, while those who identify themselves as "very religious" have an average IQ of 97 during adolescence.

In addition, humans have always been mildly polygynous in evolutionary history. Men in polygynous marriages were not expected to be sexually exclusive to one mate, whereas men in monogamous marriages were. In sharp contrast, whether they are in a monogamous or polygynous marriage, women were always expected to be sexually exclusive to one mate. So being sexually exclusive is evolutionarily novel for men, but not for women. And the theory predicts that more intelligent men are more likely to value sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men, but general intelligence makes no difference for women's value on sexual exclusivity. Kanazawa's analysis of Add Health data supports these sex-specific predictions as well.”
Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution, Provided by: American Sociological Association, February 24, 2010

This has not been posted as something which necessarily reflects my point of view because clearly each of us would know an exception. Correlation is a method which must be used with care. The trouble is with these types of claims whether we realise it explicitly, they may be implicit or become so in our judgements and therefore our subsequent behaviours, maybe worth reflecting if it is so.

Intelligence defined as being in possession of a high IQ, research reveals does not necessarily translate into wisdom, nor actual success in chosen fields, focused practice has been shown to trump high IQ, though of course it has been shown to help to some degree.

It has also been found high (whatever that is) intelligence tends to lead to what the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce 1839-1914 called tenacity-'If you have a belief, stick with it' - though he may possibly have thought intelligent people would tend to be scientists given his strong belief 'Only science.. offers a way of constantly testing and criticizing current beliefs in order to work toward better ones.'

Trouble is as Thomas Kuhn, 1922-1996, American physicist, historian and philosopher of science determined the reality of science is one of ordinary working scientists trapped in their 'not to be asked question' space awaiting giants such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein,. the giants or minnows on shoulders of a leaning tower of minnows, with their necessarily giant anomaly hockey stick having to thwack the self-serving ‘intelligent’ tenure-expert fixated paradigm can down the road to be run over by the new 'not to be asked question' paradigm.

As it turns out high intelligent persons tend to be simply much more adept than their fellow humans at convincing themselves they are not only correct in their view of the world despite evidence to the contrary, they are even more convinced they are after being presented with such evidence because you see it turns out they are very clever at convincing themselves.

High IQ and?

I do not claim nor want to infer ‘Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values’ which determine them any less or more than fellow creatures be they human or otherwise, we all have our eccentricities. This is why the research in the attached link and partially detailed below, though possibly valid in its assertion concerns me for like physical measurements to determine the efficacy of a fellow human this research, the way it is presented has achieved, I could be mistaken in this and I hope I am, and was intended to achieve the same outcome in the psychological-cognitive space.

My view nor the attached research is meant to provide anyone with a smug superiority nor meant to put anyone down it is merely an attempt to show for instance how the 'virtuous minorities' justification and authority for deviance paradigms may come into being, such as the deviance populist paradigm and as well the physical measurement paradigm regards the Jewish population and why its users may believe they hold some type of intellectual high ground and in doing so inevitably caused a division in the societies and inevitably in a broader context for ideas do not recognise lines in the sand, which frankly like the development of any deviance paradigm have at least one if not more burning at the blasphemy stake, in the ovens whilst the ‘good’ warm their hands or loose knitting stitch fronting the guillotine. The guilty are most deserving.

“The men of 1789 had believed passionately that their principles were not only life-giving but true, and as such must command the assent first of France and then of civilisation. They found with dismay that even France refused to be converted and fell apart into factions and Civil War. In face of these facts the more academic and less fanatic of the ideologues evolved the Girondin creed, which, by claiming its due share of power for all France with all its shades of recalcitrant opinion, tacitly admitted that the principles of seventeen eighty-nine were not infallible. Whereas, faced by the same facts, the more fanatic refused to confess that the principles were false and concluded instead that those who oppose the principles were not only obtuse but wicked. “The people,” as we shall see in a moment, came to mean those who agreed with the Jacobins, for “virtue is always in a minority.”
THE REVOLUTIONARY IDEA IN FRANCE, 1789 to 1871, Lord Elton, 1923

The most pernicious aspect is, there tends with the creations of such deviance paradigms an element of truth exists in the evidence for its justification and authorisation correlations which are in the main indisputable and scientifically verified. For instance measurements applying to Jews and other races one would expect due to aligned racial physical-genetic commonalty, would tend in most cases to match, and if they did not other simple data of known genetic-social connection to a particular set of linages or possibly even to whose company you kept. The purpose of this Nazi deviance paradigm ‘racial purity’ to subjugate, silence and remove Other from the Nazi social/political space.

“Believing that "racial purity" requires state regulation of human reproduction, Adolf Hitler issues the Law to Prevent Hereditarily Diseased Offspring. Among other provisions, the measure prohibits "undesirables" from having children and mandates forced sterilization of certain physically or mentally impaired individuals.”

NAZI RACISM, The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students

For the populists of course they are determined intellectually challenged, therefore easily led, and of course tend to be religious believers necessarily of the conservative kind, subject to paranoia-irrational fear-phobia, less controlled, more evolution constrained than liberal-modern this is skating on very thin ice, for it authorises terror-violence of the ‘good’ against the populists as we see starting to be played out in our streets. The purpose of this Western Democratic deviance paradigm ‘political purity’, to subjugate, silence and remove Other from the Western Democratic social/political space. The result of any elite building a deviance paradigm regards a significant population will be building violence in both directions.

The following quote is not indicating I excuse Right Wing violence but as we are seeing in our own streets so called Left-Wing ‘anti-fascist’ are exhibiting fascist tendencies. For "Antifa” a so called anti-fascist group attacks a “peaceful political protest” because surely the protestors would “attack minorities or leftists, given the chance” when clearly these protestors are in the community and these political protesters have not, determines "Antifa”, authoritarian, dictatorial, draconian, autocratic, undemocratic, anti-democratic, illiberal – the Left have become the Right militarist pro- fascist. It is the same logic as taking a baseball bat and crippling an opposing soccer fan and then excusing your behaviour because ‘Hey if given half a chance he would do it to me.’ The choice we make is this are we to continue to utilise deviance paradigms such as populism which have to by their nature inform terror violence within our streets to resolve social/political differences rather than peaceful protest and frank open discussion?

“Who did you vote for?” No fear? The altruistic enforcers unleashed by the ‘good’ as they inevitably would be, once this populist deviance paradigm was created by the social/political elite justifying and authorising the ‘fews’ behaviour. To claim there is only a ‘few’ as social psychologists are very aware there are invariably only a ‘few’ but the method of violence and terror they utilise creates a cost which far outweighs their numbers.

"That night we went to downtown Portland to see what everything was like, and we got stuck on the bridge because [the "Antifa" — short for "anti-fascists." were] stopping all traffic, hitting cars, jumping on cars, asking people, 'Who did you vote for?' "

A heavy presence of police in riot gear kept the confrontation at Evergreen State from escalating. The leader of the conservative protesters and the "Patriot Prayer" movement, Joey Gibson, was slightly injured — he said someone threw a can at his head. He later found his tires slashed. Witnesses say masked counter protesters did it.

Antifa rarely talk to reporters and rarely give their names, at least not while wearing masks. But in online discussions they say the far-right activists are being disingenuous. They point to what they regard as the racism and white supremacist ideology of the other side. They say groups such as Gibson's only pretend to be interested in peaceful political protest and would attack minorities or leftists, given the chance.

. "But I am concerned that, in this highly polarized and divided society, more people who have stances that fall within the mainstream, on the left and right alike, may consider political violence an attractive option."

Domestic terrorism experts say that concern is only heightened by the fact that the line between what's considered mainstream and what's considered fringe is becoming increasingly blurred.”

FACT CHECK: Is Left-Wing Violence Rising? June 16, 2017

So this type of answered ‘unasked question’ research, which are in essence the only questions within the paradigm which will allowed to be asked, has an effect, it is made within a specific scientific-sociological paradigm to support the resident ethics-belief social/political method and are therefore, as we see events unfold, not benign.

Note: it appears to me what may have been liberal-revolutionary, in even the last fifty or so years may now be determined as reactionary-conservative, liberal relative to what?

For me Left turned Right years ago and is now showing its fascist colours knitted so fastidiously by the ‘good’ Western ‘intellectual’ elite and the American Sociological Association can feel satisfied its contribution will be remembered by humanity - whats left of it.  . 

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