London Bridge will continue to Fall. Strategy to control the internet to stop Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide against Other will fail as the prejudice, motivation = Muslim terror-genocide occurs before the internet is accessed and reinforced by Muslim non-internet development rituals

London Bridge will continue to Fall.

Strategy to control the internet to stop Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide against Other will fail, possibly slow terror in the streets initially but as the Islamic/Muslim culture adapts terror will again increase in intensity. Why?

May’s social psychologist advisors must know the following, and therefore nothing will change, except the Islamic/Muslim culture will adapt. Determining the internet is to blame is a logic which determines the internet existed in the 7th century-19th century. As prejudice has been found to be developed at approx. five years of age (yes five years of age) where it peaks (do not give a five year old a kalashnikoff) and only marginally declines then stays relatively stable neigh impossible to change underwriting behaviour regards Other throughout a lifetime, controlling the internet when all a Muslim has to do is pick up a paper copy of the Quran with its justification and authority to inform terror-genocide against Other and then have its contents validated by family, community and Muslim institutions to inform the motivation to become an altruistic enforcer enforcer/aligner/punisher to deliver violence, terror such a strategy is destined to fail London Bridge will continue to 

 cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are." Theresa May 2017

Sounds familiar.

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president, 2015 

But despite the 'honesty' they did ''continue as they were' and alas 'things will "continue as they are" London Bridge will not stop falling." Why? 

Because too many in the Western Political/social elite do not and never will believe despite the evidence.

Biology Determines Our Human Hands Have the Same Constituent Parts as Other.
Culture Determines Our Human Hands Will Inform Differing Outcomes for Other.

"No strategy, even with more troops, will succeed without reducing Pakistan’s support for the Afghan Taliban and the affiliated Haqqani network that is responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against the United States and its partners in Afghanistan."
For Peace in Afghanistan, Talk to Pakistan, 

Does the fact Pakistan innocent, friendly, moderate peaceful and law abiding exist within a Islamic/Muslim cultural paradigm-rationale system determine these very same 'many' have not, are not, will not have enabled by such an Islamic/Muslim cultural paradigm-rationale system a cognitive ethical-moral-belief motivational mindset which allows their assistance to be provided to such a diabolical entity as the Taliban and similar minded entities sourced created sustained by the exact same ethical-moral-belief motivational mindset source which the Pakistan innocent, friendly, moderate peaceful and law abiding determine as their own? As the Muslim Pakistan innocent, friendly, moderate peaceful and law abiding are assisting the Taliban and similar diabolical organisations surely this is proof the ethics-morals-values-beliefs and social/political methods are derived from pathological constructs which leads to pathological behavior from a Western perspective ie helping the Taliban and therefore it is extremely dangerous to supply Pakistan Muslims with even more resources to destroy Western citizens. Do Pakistan Muslim cultural hands inform the same outcomes as the Taliban cultural hands, for who enables the Taliban's cultural hands to do what they do?

The delightful moderate peaceful and law abiding of a culture informing terror are its architects and builders via their easily identifiable cultural codex construct of Other and development process informing terror-genocide, existent due to the cultures significantly different ethics-morals-values-beliefs and political/social method relative to the Other cultures surrounding them.

The root cause is not the USA nor Britain nor ... for one has to explain why Muslim terror-genocide against Other cultures occurred over time in just one space Alexandria Egypt, let alone all the others where the Islamic/culture has taken up residence where there has been a significant diminution of Other cultures, where subsequent to the Muslim arrival in that great city Alexandria the Jews where informed convert, be exiled or be killed. Did the US exist then? No it did not. A cause of any cultures terror-genocide against Other cultures is their inherent construct of Other which can be found quite easily in their codex otherwise there would be no, I repeat no terror against Other.

London Bridge is Falling Down: 'I'd rather associate with the large number of delightful Muslims'. Even though as with any 'delightful' adherents of a ideology secular or religious the 'delightful' will not may deliver terror-genocide to your societies?

The 'Friendly', 'Trusted', 'Delightful' peaceful and law abiding Muslims creating  those who do or informing directly terror-genocide as they have and 

"Everyone called him “Abs.” He gave out Halloween candy to children and taught them how to play Ping-Pong. He invited his neighbors to a barbecue."
‘I Trusted Him’: London Attacker Was Friendly With Neighbors, By CAMILLA SCHICK and STEPHEN CASTLE, JUNE 5, 2017

 use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children espoused. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." 

Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford @2016

"Culture, of course, is related to violence in general and not only to structural violence. For example, culture influences the determination of "thresholds" which pressure on a person must overcome in order to move that person from being controllable, or even positive, to being negative (that is, into violence)." 

The Culture of Violence, Chp 3. On the relationship between violence and culture - Galtung's concept 

My worldview

No culture has a right to systemically visit terror-genocide against another culture nor to inform a subject state for women - be it perpetrated by the 'few' sourced from the 'many' or the 'few' in time as elsewhere becoming the 'many'.

France Doesn't Know What to Do With the 17000 People It Labels Potential Terrorists, The Intercept, Dorothée Thiénot, May 6 2017 

"The Budget reveals ASIO’s work was set “against a steadily worsening overall security and operational environment”, notably from extremists with Australian passports looking to return home to the country and those that never left but were inspired by events overseas to carry out attacks."
Budget 2017: ASIO can no longer guarantee safety from ‘generation of extremists’ Charles Miranda, News Corp Australia Network, May 9, 2017

"Already there are signs that some of the 5,500 Tunisians who have gone abroad, according to United Nations estimates, are seeking new targets at home and in Europe, where Tunisians have been implicated in several recent terrorist cases in France and Germany."
Tunisia Fears the Return of Thousands of Young Jihadists, NYT, CARLOTTA GALL, FEB. 25, 2017

London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack, BBC, 5-6-2017

", posted on Facebook by Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, showed two women discussing men "disciplining their disobedient wives" by striking them with a short stick, coiled scarf or piece of fabric."
Leaders condemn domestic violence video, DANIEL MCCULLOCH, Australian Associated Press, April 13, 2017

""Female Genital Mutilation has serious implications for the health and well-being of girls and women," Daniel Lemisch, acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, said in a statement. "This brutal practice is conducted on girls for one reason, to control them as women. .."
Detroit-area doctors indicted in 'brutal' mutilation case, Samantha Schmidt The Washington Post, 30/4/2017

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." the construct of Other inherent in the delightful Islamic/Muslim cultures Quran is exactly the same as that contained within the Nazi Mein Kampf and therefore in time the result will always, always be the same. Time for a policy shift based upon reality and not on what we would hope inter-cultural behavior should be.

London Bridge is Falling Down: 'I'd rather associate with the large number of delightful Muslims'. Even though as with any 'delightful' adherents of a ideology secular or religious the 'delightful' will, not may, deliver terror-genocide to your societies?

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