United for our security? German mole a self 'radicalised' Islamist - So self-invented ethics-values-beliefs-motivation?

United for our security?
2016-Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz-
"'We are evidently dealing with a case in which a person radicalised himself undetected within his personal surroundings,' Hans-Georg Maassen told dpa of the 51-year-old."
German mole a self 'radicalised' Islamist, Skynews, 1 December 2016

The 'undetected' not in anyway culturally primed by infant-child-adolescent-adult normative cultural codex-development process, aggregately applicable to all adherents across the entire cultural behavioural variance, of prior exposure to clearly identifiable textual-exemplar categorisation of the opponent-Other you & fellow Other 

What is missing from the following argument? "Ohio State stabber 'inspired' by ISIS and Al-Qaeda-FBI" NYT, By MITCH SMITH and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA, 30-11-2016

Missouri man accused of plotting ISIS attack in Kansas City, By Samuel Chamberlain, February 21, 

'The DBB (Dutch) security service, responsible for the safety of the royal family, diplomats and high-profile politicians, said the officer, of Moroccan origin.. leaked information to a Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang.'

'Prime minister Mark Rutte has met Wilders to discuss the situation together with justice minister Stef Blok. He told reporters that the cabinet was doing all it could to ensure politicians could carry out their duties.'
Geert Wilders suspends election campaign over alleged security leak, The guardian, Jon Henley, 24 February 2017
Wilders’ security not compromised by leaks, police chief says, DutchNews.Nl, February 22, 2017

Logic of 'not compromised' 2017 "Wilders’ security not compromised by leaks to a Muslim criminal gang), police chief says" = 1942 'Churchill's’ security not compromised by leaks (to a Nazi criminal gang), police chief says'

Reality of 'doing all it could to ensure politicians could carry out their duties.' does not include the insanity of employing enemy cultures to determine the threat level of leaders of your own culture.

it be there are many 'inspirational' cultural altruistic swords from the seventh century to now left off the list and secondly who-what continues to 'inspire' the 'inspired' or are they all "self 'radicalised' Islamists" who have ethic-morals-values-beliefs-motivation social/political methodology completely severed from ethic-morals-values-beliefs-motivation social/political methodology of the very families/communities/institutions from which they continually walk to be able to be determined not integrally-necessarily-systemically of the culture which actually primed them to do what they do so well?

Berlin’s New Secretary of State is Pro-Sharia Law Conservative Muslim, by OLIVER JJ LANE, 11 Dec 2016

Undetected? So a known adherent to a cultural codex which clearly informs terror-genocide and tragic misogynistic consequences for women within its behavioural variance wherever it sets foot, where it is understood through research cultures-ideologies comprise clusters of interlinked ethics-values-beliefs method which cannot exist contradictory of each other can now under the Elizabethan-Panopticon elite’s ‘not culture’ paradigm be determined as undetected.

United for our security? To claim such a thing whilst lying about cause, the actual Islamic/Muslim normative codex-exemplar template & development process, is informing what increasingly in our streets – security?

Culture-ideology creates terrorists and Culture is therefore culpable. Terrorists are a cultural altruistic enforcement-conversion tool systemically created by the ‘good’ many as their social/political world vision is significantly different than Other, dealing with the terrorist symptoms of culture as the ‘sick’ or generic criminals simply enables the culture to adapt as each new policy ‘cure’ is applied.

If you can establish the ethics-values- etc held by the ‘self-radicalised’ are in no way underwritten by the Islamic/Muslim codex/development process i.e. even aggregate cultural parenting style then of course I am wrong and this ‘undetected’ of course ‘self-radicalised’ without any external cultural normative codex-exemplar schema/priming and you Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz are indeed United for our security

How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought? Wrong Question. First realise the 'Thought' is not their own it is their cultures.

Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why is it One Is and One Is-Not When both = "I don't mean participated, I mean observed."?

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