“To weaken section 18C in any way would be a seriously retrograde step - if anything it should be strengthened,” Gillian Triggs said."

Being publically opposed to such ideological constructs which continue to inform such earthly intentions-actions hidden behind a Liberal veil of opaque Transcendence is to be a Crime.

“To weaken section 18C in any way would be a seriously retrograde step - if anything it should be strengthened,” she said."
'I was very frustrated': Gillian Triggs apologises for calling politicians 'ill-informed', 'uneducated', SMH, Michael Koziol, 12-12-2016

"Knowing what the Creator of the Universe believes about right and wrong inspires religious conservatives to enforce this vision in the public sphere at almost any cost; not knowing what is right - or that anything can ever be truly right - often leads secular liberals to surrender their intellectual standards and political freedoms with both hands."
The Moral Landscape, Sam Harris, 

l psychology research provides evidence culture is the source of ill and good, not only informed against the adherents but also those cultures who surround them, taking away the means to hold cultures to account, only to praise despite the evidence, on pain of being determined a populist, bigot, white man, xenophobe,… is completely opposite to core values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity:

– for what Liberty, if there is no Liberty to challenge terror or malpractice of cultures becoming normative in our space,

– for what Equality, if there is no Equality as we cannot challenge the tragic misogyny increasingly being seen in our streets and

– for what Fraternity, when there is no Fraternity as diminishing commonality of ethics-values-beliefs and even social/political method become manifest, as it clearly has elsewhere to inform increasing social hostility.

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be.."

British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, First aired on BBC Two in April 2008

Secular liberal ‘conservatives’ such as Gillian Triggs are adopting religious methods of blasphemy and classical demonising to protect their failed ideology as the terror in our very own streets let alone others 

Also the existence of universal definitions of desirable and undesirable human ethical traits does not mean a universal moral-ethical-value rational exists as the 'golden rule' identifiable within each culture are circumscribed in some if not most cultures, particularly those informing terror-genocide. To base policy and interaction with Other cultures without understanding the qualification of a culture bounded definition of neighbor, innocent is dangerously ignorant.

“..all spoken languages contain synonyms for desirable ethical traits such as being kind, open-minded, impartial, truthful, honest, compassionate, considerate, and honorable. They also contain hundreds of negative ethical traits such as being selfish, greedy, egotistical, callous, deceitful, hypocritical, disingenuous, prejudiced, bigoted, spiteful, vindictive, cruel, brutal, and oppressive. The essential meanings of these terms are not dependent on either theology or social convention.”

Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2009). Critical thinking: Ethical reasoning and fair-minded thinking, part I. Journal of Developmental Education, 33(1), 36.

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