"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price" We are already- fortressing of Western institutions continue

Australian Parliament to be Fenced Off - Another Muslim Stain on the Landscape
"Everyone connected with the abomination in Aleppo will pay a heavy price" Washington Post, By Frederic C. Hof, December 16, 2016

Safety barriers and more police patrols to protect Anzac Day marchers from vehicle terrorism, Andrew Dowdell, Exclusive, The Advertiser, pril 23, 2017

 are already paying a heavy price for having Muslims in our human space even before IS - fortressing of Western institutions continue with the fencing off the Parliamentary hill in Australia another stain of Muslims being reflected in the landscape.

"At a time when terrorist attacks have become all too familiar, public spaces are no longer presumed to be safe, and that includes holiday markets."

Christmas Markets Are Beloved Tradition, but a Challenge to Protect, NYT, By ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 19, 2016

Berlin markets shut, security beefed upReuters, Caroline Copley, Joseph Nasr and Victoria Bryan, DECEMBER 21, 2016

"Twenty-three incidents in public schools related to threatening phone calls and resulted in lockdown, evacuation or temporary closure ...

At independent schools there were five cases of lockdown, evacuation or temporary closure between January 1st and June 30, 2016.

The annual report described this increase as "abnormal". ...

The annual report highlighted an investigation of the telephone threat incidents in ACT schools identified a link to similar incidents experienced by education systems elsewhere.

"These phone calls are a national issue and international issue, with many schools across the country and the world impacted – including non-government schools," the spokesman said."

Spike in threats to schools and staff safety reports at ACT Schools in 2016, CT, Georgina Connery , DECEMBER 30 2016

Not only are our Western Democratic landscape and internal space being changed due to the insidious Muslim construct of Other but also of what constitutes a 'harmonious, peaceful society' where increasing attacks and thwarted attacks of terror by a culture in this case the Muslim culture are determined as part a '
harmonious, peaceful society' now defined as a 'multicultural society'. Multicultural, the adjective-the description of a society inclusive of systemic cultural terror is now determined as 'harmonious, peaceful'. To accept such a definition of 'harmonious, peaceful' is a sickening indictment of the political-social elite and they must be held account for the murder they are enabling by insisting such a state exists thereby causing terror against fellow citizens to continue. 

"Mr Turnbull said conflict around the world should make all Australians grateful and proud of its harmonious, peaceful and multicultural society."
Malcolm Turnbull denounces terrorism in New Year message, SMH, AAP, JANUARY 1 2017

Why do we have to pay such a heavy price for such an abomination of a cultural codex.

Why do we or more importantly should we accept human carnage in our streets as normative.

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels committing war crimes, torture, abductions; imposing harsh Sharia law: Report , Salon, BEN NORTON, JUL 12, 2016

Amnesty International report: Syrian rebel groups "committed serious violations of international humanitarian law" Salon, BEN NORTON, JUL 12, 2016

Fake images about Aleppo circulate on social media France 24: SYRIA 12/15/2016

 - Stigmatization of Aleppo rebels and necessarily connected the citizens supporting rebels in my view are the reasons for the lack of intervention by Other, intervention some expected under the human abstract of natural justice. The reality is as time has passed this Stereotyping – Stigmatization of the rebel faction has been justified and the false news emanating from Aleppo reinforcing apathy to their circumstance. 

It has meant because both sides justify and authorize their actions based upon the exact same cultural codex and Other can see the extreme form naturally manifesting itself in the Syrian and surrounding space, even in Turkey, there is no rationale which has enough moral weight to save persons who are the definers-creators of their own fate via their very destructive Islamic construct of Other. And pertinently when the so called innocent such as those in Aleppo are allowed or force themselves across into other people’s countries these so called innocents first, second, third generation carry out atrocities against Other.

The abomination is the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex development process which systemically enables burning building broken bodies and lives to be strewn across time and space and unless this abomination is removed from humanities public and private spheres such an abomination will continue to deliver the 

"The complexity of modern societies poses a novel challenge to us for which we have no suitable evolved solution. The mechanisms that worked well in smaller groups are not so great at dealing with the demands brought about by the new scale and complexity. This is why new solutions have to be found on the intersection of nature and culture."
COMPROMISES – THE LIMITS OF DEMOCRACY, Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Editor in Chief, Human Ethology Bulletin 31 (2016)4: 1- 4

Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why is it One Is and One Is-Not When both = "I don't mean participated, I mean observed."?

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