Populism where the citizen becomes the enemy of the political elite’s dangerous sociological imagined abstractions

Paul Klee (1879-1940) -Dancing Under the Empire of Fear (1938)
The citizen becomes sick of highfalutin words when citizen lives are being turned upside down with a political/social/economic elites determination the elite's worldview and elite's self-interest will ride roughshod over citizens aspirations for personal, cultural and economic security."
Joe Biden: ‘I Wish to Hell I’d Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing’ The vice president looks back — and forward., NTY, By JONATHAN ALTER,JAN. 17,

Psychologists-Sociologists involved in the promotion of the notions of populism had better start reflecting why it is they have invented-participated in creation of a deviance categorisation - for what inevitably follows?

How some advertisers are secretly working to make us less prejudiced, World Economic Forum, Lisa Sherman, President and CEO, Ad Council, 01 Mar 2017

1984? Who decides what we believe to be truth, fact checked and cleansed on our screens the self-determined 'good' with their own prejudice determined as truth?

 where the citizen becomes the enemy of the pedant social/political elite’s dangerous sociological imagined abstractions which work wonderfully in an imagined space but fail miserably, violently in reality. And what is a pedant? "A man who has got rid of his brains to make room for his learning."*

* Miss J.D. Potter, in "Journal of Education" London, June, 1879

Stop Telling Students Free Speech Is Traumatizing ThemBy Jesse Singal, July 18, 2017

Ai Weiwei: How Censorship Works,
NTY, Ai Weiwei,THE STONE MAY 6, 2017

Take the plank out of your own eye.

The Marxist devotees embedded-endemic in our 'higher' learning institutions across Western nations, obvious if one simply takes any humanities course, had to come up with a different duality and quickly, continuing with the proletariat (working class-the masses) – bourgeoisie (middle-class- conventional attitudes /capitalist class who own most of society's wealth and means of production) in an industrialised space worked a treat but in the new knowledge space the Marxist devotees found they were the middle-class and worse capitalists with a ‘conscience’, whiz kids more than willing to control knowledge-truth fact checked and moralised-sanitised for all humanities benefit.

The new economy required brains not brawn, dexterity of the mind not of the hand, wealth lay in being an expert, working in services sectors, IT, finance, communications, health, burgeoning new magic pudding 
security apparatus, supplying insightful comments from University-Think-tank belfries, as well as being employed shoring up the rickety scaffolding of neoliberalism with a flurry of absurdities- under the clear assumption the more indecipherable combination of constructs are strung together the stronger the argument. Experts and their erstwhile assistants pouring out through Western universities, the enemy had to change for under the old Marxist paradigm they were the enemy the inevitable controllers of power.

So Neoliberalism was created, rationalism the idea, there was no magic pudding, many demands had to be balanced against scarce resources the invented enemy, capitalism buried, old definitions of individual liberty, equality, fraternity, culture, race, feminism a threat to a sociological imagined world-view, autonomy-maximised relative independence and responsibility a neoliberal derived evil of course had to be relabelled with wording in no way linked to the state of maximised individual freedom became "self-technology", one had to become a 'new' socialist, anti-neoliberalist, anti-fascist as the discredited Socialist-Marxist label was socially/politically unviable, the marginalised from whatever elaborated cause, not the unwashed masses, necessarily the new victims, the easily led masses the bigoted exploiters, oppressors. The reality anti-social, anti-liberty fascist enforcers of a sociological nightmare where blindly believing any culture other than 'White Mans' culture was good and oppressed, therefore needing to be accommodated so as to avoid social conflict, achieve social harmony and avoid war has irrevocably-inevitably led humanity to the very opposite.

 institutionalized as a form of therapeutic education, therefore, mindfulness meditation is not ideologically neutral but rather morphs into a neoliberal self-technology."
Neoliberal meditations: How mindfulness training medicalizes education and responsibilizes young people, James Reveley, University of Wollongong, 2016

Marxist devotees are now the middle class-capitalists, the well healed government employees, politicians, policy writers, lawgivers the only threat to their power of course as it has always been for whoever has the levers of power, the rabble, the mob, the proletariat (working class-the masses), to continue to be labelled as such would have been much too obvious. So rather than the workers rising up against their oppressors we now have the uneducated, easily led, bigoted, racist masses ‘populists’ attracted to any idea with glass beads, faulty labelling and flashing lights rising up against the ‘good’, who as with the most recent relabelled bourgeoisie knew best and they still do.

Even the working class understand not all experts deserve admonishment-removal from doing any more harm, only those who throw them into the streets, introduce policy which determines innocents must die-be murdered because the ledger determines it so, reduce their livelihood, tell them they have to ‘grow in confidence’ with another cultures terror-genocide in their streets, those publically determining citizens deviants and those making it obvious the working class even with the ascent of their previous Marxist sympathisers now persecutors have little or no control over their own destiny and if they dare express what they feel they will find themselves determined deviants, criminalised or at the very least put through a process achieving the same punishment result. Silence as to public display of belief-thought as the surveys run by the 'new' bourgeoisie in the US and elsewhere so clearly demonstrated, appears the only refuge in our great Western Democracies.

 as with neoliberalism are sociological imagined delusions based upon absurd extremes - unprovable assumptions-fantasies created to protect the egos of those who believe a socialist - multiculturalist model - a 'transcendent open' search in a non-earthly plane will deliver the absolute forms of "truth, beauty, goodness and unity", where we all simply hold hands stare deeply into each others eyes, and share out the magic pudding equally will solve the world's problems - where at the same time we all hold our cultural world views as sacrosanct and utilise as we must earthly human derived codex and exemplar behaviors non-open preset systems political-economic-social to create inference, metaphor and analogies which bound our action/in-action and exclude or even terrorise Other. There is nothing new about this.

Populism in essence has been created to assuage the conscience of the creators and adherents of such a sickening categorisation of fellow citizens, determining such described as possessing an inability to think for themselves, blindly following only what pleases them in the instant, incapable of rational thought, part of the crowd, sheep-unthinking animals, slaves to base instincts, unable to be persuaded of the error of their ways, instead of what they are fellow human beings with a different point of view, a worldview developed from cultural experience of which the accusers are also subject the creators and advocators of populism themselves under such a paradigm populists in worldview in opposition nothing more nothing less. Fascist always conjure these categories to enable the blood that flows in their streets to not leave a mark in fact they accuse the very victims of bringing it on themselves.

Targeting of Muslims risks the exact terror threat we claim to oppose, Cricky, Bernard Keane, Sep 25, 2014

There is no middle ground which can come of this divisive invention, conjured by a so called moral intelligentsia, enforced by the very same blind observance they accuse others of, despite the growing schism enveloping Western Societies. Populism the tawdry cloak of secular-religious self-righteous certainty in the face of clear evidence to the contrary. It is said we war amongst ourselves before we turn our righteousness upon Other. The war has started.

The measures give the police extra powers to carry out searches and to place people under house arrest.

However an official inquiry found that the state of emergency was only having a "limited impact" on improving security."
Paris attacks: France state of emergency to be extended - PM Valls, BBC, 13/11/2016

I do wish the world was different but it is not, not every culture can be your friend or even wants to be. Believing surely the other culture will as a cultural whole, which in the end is really what drives outcomes not simply the 'good'-moderate at one end of the cultural behavioral variance will accept the merits of your culture in the same space when their cultural codex clearly determines and history they will not should be your guide to policy decision making not some sociological imagined transcendent form which works in a novel but not in reality.

 Francis has had to admit such an "open" vision has its limitations.
"..price to pay when imprudent calculations are made and a country takes in more than it can integrate."

Pope Francis asked, "What is the danger when a refugee or migrant is not integrated? He is ghettoized, that is, he enters a ghetto. And a culture that does not develop in relation with another culture, that is dangerous."
POPE: LIMIT NUMBER OF MIGRANTS, by Aaron Maxwell, Church Militant,  November 3, 2016

Damascus is a prime example of "a culture that does not develop in relation with another culture, that is dangerous." and this same culture is being imported by the millions into a Western Democratic space where research tells us the two world views are diametrically opposed - IS did not simply appear from nowhere in the Iraq-Syrian desert - it is a culture, the Muslim-Islamic culture, in the process of dealing with a cultural problem how to achieve its world view not yours. You really think defeat of IS will not increasingly inform schism in Western streets, and IS are not a red flag to tell you this is a certainty - revolutions go through heroic defeats ask Lenin, but as Lenin said this is nowhere near the end, the Islamic/Muslim cultural revolution against Western constructs will intensify.

What was the sociological imagined delusional view of Damascus before the conflagration:

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be. …. a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony"
British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, First aired on BBC Two in April 2008

The fact is, as it has always been, cultures with significant ethical-value-belief-motivation and methodology differences will in time tend to inform social schism in the same space, and with cultures who develop terror-genocide mind-sets within their adherents as the Islamic/Muslim culture does as we repeatedly see currently and across history for goodness sake it is inevitable.

"Germany will investigate all military recruits from July 2017 after its military counter-espionage service (MAD) identified 20 Islamists in the country's armed forces"

Germany investigates Islamists in army, news.com.au, NOVEMBER 6, 2016
Islamists Penetrate Western Security Servicesby Daniel Pipes, Jan 24, 2005, updated Oct 29, 2016

When two cultures merge in the same space the nature of one and its system strengths and methods of citizen alignment-punishment become increasingly analogised until they become the same. In the case of Western Modernity-Islamic/Muslim culture ‘blasphemy’ against the elites and attacking cultures ethos becomes method.

'our democratic scheme is at stake' Duncan Lewis - Imagine for Yourself the Images a Society Has Informed or Will Inform when a Society Accepts Blasphemy as a Normative Paradigm Within its Midst.

There is something much worse than ‘populism’, the citizens desire to hold onto their cultures ethics-values-beliefs-motivations and methodology, it’s the elites Elizabethan-Panopticon rising to define-categorise a plague emanating from citizens aspirations and to lock them in their cells with the very cause the elite itself unleashes the plague-cause upon citizens to suffer in the tranquility of silence or be punished-labelled-deviant and reap the reward for being so.

It is a state where Left wing becomes Right wing where definition of feminism, liberty, equality become simply subjective views from a kaleidoscope of cultural views where the unimaginable gradually, then with increasing momentum becomes the ‘norm’ we are to ‘grow confidently’ with terror-genocide as it is the ‘nature’ endemic in other ideological spaces which we must now share in our cells consoled by our ‘mint tea and Turkish pita’ or be determined deviant. Accept blame for our own fate via the sociological imagined marginalisation, neo-colonialism, uneducated-easily led,… where evidence to the contrary does not count for method and theory have become as per Chomsky superfluous – inconvenient-distractions from 

Or we are to become imbued with Professor Nola Heidlebaugh’s ”..method of “active, artistic judgement” as a response to contemporary anxieties about uncertainty and incommensurability in practical and moral argument.” In a fallacious attempt to determine uncertainty of, and no common measure of universal agreed ethics exists therefore as there is no such thing we should take a ‘Greek’ spectators view that both therefore exist as valid therefore acceptable whatever they inform. It is pure unadulterated madness of the first order for its logic determines any cultural derived ethical framework derived ignominy valid, it is simply a matter of detached perspective which determines a freight trains hurtling towards you simply as much danger as one hurtling in the other direction the behavior of both simply a personal subjective view. 

If one is simply a rock or suffering from pathological indifference this may be possible yet for any culture to imbue its adherents with such pathology leads to what outcome given the reality certain ethical constructs cannot exist in the same space because their very existence contradicts-challenges the very authenticity-value of cultural value clusters in the same space?

Or we are to remain silent due to the existence of universal definitions of desirable and undesirable human ethical traits within human derived abstracts such as the UN Human Rights charter and possibly in cultural ethical constructs which clearly does not mean a universal moral-ethical-value rational exists as the 'golden rule(s)' identifiable within each culture are circumscribed in some if not most cultures, particularly those informing terror-genocide. To base policy and interaction with Other cultures without understanding the qualification of a culture bounded definition of neighbor, innocent is dangerously ignorant. One simply has to understand the UN Human Rights convention itself has been subsequently circumscribed by the acceptance of the UN of Islamic ethical constructs to know with certainty how absurd such a view informs in reality.

“..all spoken languages contain synonyms for desirable ethical traits such as being kind, open-minded, impartial, truthful, honest, compassionate, considerate, and honorable. They also contain hundreds of negative ethical traits such as being selfish, greedy, egotistical, callous, deceitful, hypocritical, disingenuous, prejudiced, bigoted, spiteful, vindictive, cruel, brutal, and oppressive. The essential meanings of these terms are not dependent on either theology or social convention.”
Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2009). Critical thinking: Ethical reasoning and fair-minded thinking, part I. Journal of Developmental Education, 33(1), 36.

 have to grow with the threat, and we have to do it in a confident manner,” Professor Siracusa said. (Human Security and International Diplomacy)Two Sydney schools in lockdown as police unions call for support against extremists SBS 20 OCT 2015 

"We have to stop with this debate of neutrality and secularity in Belgium and recognise and accept our multicultural society in all its manifestations. Not just when we want to drink mint tea or eat Turkish pita." sociologist Corinne Torrekens, a specialist in Muslim communities at the Free University of Brussels."
Terror sparks integration debate in France, Belgium, DW, Elizabeth Bryant, Molenbeek/Sevran, 05.04.2016

"It's not a question of Muslims being integrated, it's that society isn't integrating Muslims," says Alexandre Piettre, a sociologist at the Societies, Religions and Secularism Group, a Paris-based think-tank.
Terror sparks integration debate in France, Belgium, DW, Elizabeth Bryant, Molenbeek/Sevran, 05.04.2016

Even those we previously determined as giving fair warning now joining the bigots the irrational attackers of ‘Freedoms’. 

“Instead of responding to attacks against freedom of expression, voices were raised to decry blasphemy and to propose compromise with terrorism. There is no blasphemy in a democracy,” Mr. Rushdie said. ..

..the writer decried the reluctance of Western governments to use the words “Muslim” or “Islam,” preferring instead to attribute terrorist attacks to “unbalanced” people or to a generic thing like “radicalism” or “extremism,” even when the attackers themselves say Islam is their motive."

‘Satanic Verses’ author Salman Rushdie: ‘Today, I would be accused of Islamophobia, racism’ By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 6, 

'Moral deficiency' and its antonym 'moral virtue' simply disappear into subjective "uncertainty and incommensurability morality" where each holder of cultural value clusters does not react aggressively to diametrically opposed social/political rationale value systems in the same space - the bloody piles in our streets, building of hard/soft targeted military capability with war already commenced in the so called 'grey zones', (e.g. Russian support for the Taliban, Syria,...Chinese support for North Korea,...) informs a reality which determines such 'good intentions', views based upon an 'artists' imagined hope, dangerous and those driving policy based upon them deserving of swift removal before they realise even worse damage than they have already caused and will certainly cause. Those who fail to punish must be punished for not doing so.

Indeed Lincoln’s view of a Democracy turned into mere dangerous populism and Burkes valid view elites ignore their own citizens value system at their peril forgotten–fascism is what the creators of the deviance category of populism are proposing-enforcing via their Truth-Fact checked against their own prejudice with their 'truth' only deemed more important than ever given the power to enforce such madness has been in some political spaces challenged or removed, yet they do it with such ‘good’ intentions it is redefined in such an imaginative way it is almost palatable even to those destined to be the first in line.

“The fact is that no-one, right, left or centre, got the true measure of Hitler’s National Socialism, a movement of a kind that had not been seen before and whose aims were rationally unimaginable. Not even his intended victims fully recognised the danger. After the summer election of 1932 which left the Nazi as much the largest party, but short of a majority, the (Jewish) editor of the Tagebuch, a left-liberal weekly we took home, published an article whose headline struck me even then as suicidal. I still see it before me. ‘Lasst ihn heran!’ (‘Why not let him in!’).
 Source: Diary: Memories of Weimar, Eric Hobsbawn

"ISTANBUL — With his triumphant tour of the countries of the Arab Spring this month, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has managed to set up Turkey on the international stage as a role model for a secular democracy in a Muslim country — as, in his words, “a secular state where all religions are equal.”"
Turkey's Elephant in the Room: Religious Freedom, SUSANNE GUSTEN, SEPT. 28, 2011

Tunisia will be a model for Turkey  ABDÜLHAMİT BİLİCİ, a.bilici@todayszaman.com 09 March 2012, Friday

Islamic State the Muslim Finishing School: Turkey's Muslim President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ''Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off. .. The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the believers our soldiers.”

"Already there are signs that some of the 5,500 Tunisians who have gone abroad, according to United Nations estimates, are seeking new targets at home and in Europe, where Tunisians have been implicated in several recent terrorist cases in France and Germany."
Tunisia Fears the Return of Thousands of Young Jihadists, NYT, CARLOTTA GALL, FEB. 25, 2017

was one of Lincoln’s ways of working out his chief value to the country, and that value was his clear sense from the start it was our democratic scheme that was at stake, and that if it was to be saved, every citizen who could aid must help to give all that was in them. 

Lincoln seems to have put it something like this to himself:

“Everybody in the country has had a part in bringing this thing about; everybody feels they have a right to say how things shall be handled; everybody that is worth their salt is going to exercise that right, and they are going to do it according to the kind of person they are – according to their temperament, their training, their self-control, their meanness, and their goodness. If we are going to put this thing through and prove that citizens can govern themselves, we must get from them what they can give, and we must let them give it in their own way.”
Source: The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Tarbell, 1917

Of course I could be wrong these citizen Right wingers ‘populists’ have simply come into existence for no good reason i.e. there is not something just as ugly if not much worse being unleashed so nicely in their space.

"Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty.” ― Abraham Lincoln

So where have these modernity developed sociological imaginings fashioned by the well intentioned unchallengeable ‘good’ left us – in a very precarious dangerous place on many fronts.

"Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone" report sponsored by the Army Capabilities Integration Center in Coordination with Joint Staff J-39/Strategic Multi-Layer Assessment Branch reveals the reality which has led inexorably to WWI. WWII, "profound and paralyzing risk-confusion" regards enemy cultures utilising "combinations of influence, intimidation, coercion, and aggression. At the same time,.. exploiting, free-riding on, or are propelled by the generalized erosion or outright failure of traditional political authority." the same elite philosophy driven policy of appeasement of enemy cultures, determining well-constructed argument under a Western rationale model will surely convince internal cultures tearing societies apart and external cultures battering Western democratic walls to accept the obvious benefits of the Western Worldview.

 Elizabethan-Panopticon rationally starts by seeking to keep the Islamic-Muslim plague in check utilising strong network systems reflective of the attacking cultures own strong network system of keeping their adherents in line utilising-relying upon the very attacking culture itself to protect the attacked culture - how many times does history teach us such a strategy is doomed in time to failure:

"It was the authority he granted after Sept. 11, along with help from the Central Intelligence Agency, that allowed the city to turn its eyes on Muslim neighborhoods. Plainclothes officers lingered in coffee shops and halal delis, eavesdropping on conversations and noting the political opinions of owners and customers. They used informers to tape sermons and collected attendance lists at Muslim student groups. Detectives kept files on Muslims who changed their names and conducted long investigations into mosques, cases that put whole congregations under scrutiny for years but never led to charges against a mosque."

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Surveillance of Muslims by New York Police Department

This is continually thwarted by the multicultural-religion paradigm which determines culture not responsible and therefore individuals with radical thoughts and behaviors are outlier criminals rather than a certain outcome derived from a cultural development-codex process which has always created via generic categories-concepts-definitions-inferences of Other which are understood across the whole breadth of the Islamic-Muslim cultural behavioral variance, terrorists from the described moderate Muslim families, communities and institutions as from the radical.

This has two disastrous effects firstly attacks by Muslims will increase, - against Other citizens and particularly the foot soldiers of the Elizabethan-Panopticon, enclaving will gather pace, physically, psychologically, secondly Other citizens realising the Islamic-Muslim plague instead of being stopped is simply being managed into their streets will begin to turn on the intellectual-political elite and their supporters utilising terror as a 
method. And worse extreme violence once being normalised as a conflict resolution method that works will be increasingly reflected in Other citizen behavior.

"A mass-shooting at a popular shopping centre on the NSW central coast by a white supremacist has reportedly been uncovered."
Neo-Nazi plotted NSW mall shooting: SBS, 29 JAN 2017

Police confirm fatalities, two arrests after Quebec City shooting, Reports indicated the incident happened at Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec on Sainte-Foy St. By ALLAN WOODS, Quebec Bureau, Jan. 29, 

"The driver who ploughed his car into crowds on a Melbourne street killing four and injuring 15 others has been named as Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26.

Gargasoulas, who claims to be ‘Greek Islamic Kurdish’ and a follower of Yazdanism, has been found to have posted multiple rambling messages on social media in the last few days, ranting about the “illuminati”, promising “heaven and hell is real”, and vowing to “have god’s laws reinstated”.

“I declare war on tyranny today, you dogs will have the option to either believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me or serve the one who enslaves you at his feet,” he wrote on Facebook on Monday, the Daily Mail has reported."

'I'll take you out... and you need an army to take me': Chilling Facebook posts of driver with a history of drugs and violence who mowed down dozens in deadly Melbourne rampage, By Nic White For Daily Mail Australia, 20 January 2017

Blast threat: Man mounts footpath outside Adelaide Hilton with 'cylinder-packed car', Hannah Foord - 7News Adelaide on February 6, 

Suspect who drove into crowd of shoppers in Germany had no terror links: police, smh, FEBRUARY 27 2017

 Cultural Gatekeepers, under whatever invented sociological imagined paradigm, allow a cultures 'peaceful & law abiding' to systemically inform terror against their own culture in or outside their own National boundaries without censure =#QuebecCity =#Melbourne

For wherever a terror attack occurs and subjugation political/social within whatever human defined boundaries it is clearly acknowledged as an attack against the same ideological adherents everywhere they exist. There will be a response by individual ideological adherents of the attacked culture if the elite does not act.

 Elizabethan-Panopticon rises further continuing to deal with symptoms from both the Islamic/Muslim culture and citizens rightly angered by being subject to such kafkaesque insanity of the heinous ideological constructs of the Islamic/Muslim culture being unleashed in their space, to in time as it has elsewhere destroy their security and subvert their culture. Until as Lincoln said we either become one or the other as we cannot be both in the same space and by continuing to enable the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex to stay in societal private and public space, even encouraging such a diabolical ethic to do so increases the probability the Islamic/Muslim culture will dominate.

We know what happens then - you have to be completely dangerously deluded to believe what always happens elsewhere will somehow be different in your space, yet this is what sociological imagination has enabled, the Left continuing to impose the very symbols of oppression upon their own citizens whilst determining free choice exists.

 French police have complained of being increasingly under attack -- from jihadists, ordinary criminals and hooded youths who have clashed with police during recent demonstrations over labour reforms." 
French police in life-threatening condition after Molotov cocktail attack, France24, 9-10-2016

"Alexander Van der Bellen, who made the statements while speaking to students on Monday, began by stating that he believes it is "every woman's right to wear whatever she likes."

However, referring to discrimination against Muslims in Austria, the leader went on to state that "if this continues... with the widely spreading Islamophobia, the day will come when we have to ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – out of solidarity to those who do it for religious reasons.""

 is what sociological imagination has created for us heaven/hell wrapped in the best of intentions by the 'good' as they shout from each new pile of corpses and demand women be free to be broken, subject to Mans leadership, bigot, racist, right wing, populist, love across at those deviants imbued with irrational fear objecting diminishingly as the 'good' system gains silence as it will unless..... 

“How can someone be capable of that?” she said
.Orlando Gunman’s Wife Breaks Silence: ‘I Was Unaware’, NTY, By ADAM GOLDMAN, NOV. 1, 2016

"How"? This is "How":
Islamic/Muslim cultural development-codex derived process-Islamic/Muslim categories-concepts-heuristics-reasoning-symbols-mental models-motivation - methods.= burning buildings, broken bodies and lives. This is "How" it has come to pass ever since Mohammad walked demented out of his cave and decided to define Other as:

'Deaf, dumb, and blind, fools, in utter darkness, deceive themselves, diseased, hangout with their evil ones, wander like blind ones, bartered Guidance for error, lost true direction, in utter darkness, make mischief therein and shed blood, transgressors, apes-animals, despised and rejected, ignorant, illiterates, do nothing but conjecture, seek gain in evil, God's curse is on them for their blasphemy, sold their souls, insolent, envious, wrong-doers, greedy, idolaters, perverse, buyers of (magic), they conceal, in schism, wrong, wicked, etc - and therefore justifiably destined for grievous harm or severest penalty-.to be smite above their necks and have all their finger tips cut off.'

It is appalling disingenuous of any person who has read the Quran to even infer they have no idea why Muslims continue to murder Other in the tradition of the Muslim exemplar Mohammad, author of such an ethical-belief text of hatred and motivator language of terror-genocide. This is the cause of Muslim terror the Islamic/Muslim codex construct of Other and Mohammad's exemplar behavior necessary because the ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation methodology of the Islamic/Muslim culture are so significantly different and oppressive to Other cultures in the same space, anything else are mere circumstance

"Cultural and social norms are highly influential in shaping individual behaviour, including the use of violence. Norms can protect against violence, but they can also support and encourage the use of it. For instance, cultural acceptance of violence, either as a normal method of resolving conflict or as a usual part of rearing a child, is a risk factor for all types of interpersonal violence. It may also help explain why countries experiencing high levels of one type of violence also experience increased levels of other types. Social tolerance of violent behaviour is likely learned in childhood, through the use of corporal punishment or witnessing violence in the family, in the media or in other settings."
Changing cultural and social norms that support violence, by World Health Organization - ‎2009

Note from the same report:
"Interventions that challenge cultural and social norms supportive of violence can help reduce and prevent violent behaviour. Although widely used, they have rarely been evaluated. Given the current weak evidence base, it is premature to review their effectiveness.

The fact is 'So what' if at the margins a few outliers can be turned if the cultural whole continues to deliver terror as research has determined "Cultures that favour violence breed violence." Clearly this is the case with the Islamic/Muslim culture why should humanity wait for a cure when there is none, simply a hope there may be?

Is just one child’s life worth the wait for such a delusion? For we are proposing a cure can be found  for a cultures world vision this is pure tragedy in the making as we can clearly see from the burning buildings, broken bodies and lives in humanities streets as well as the political/social cleansing of Other as in Turkey, Iran, etc. WHO are not proposing changing 'individuals', to have the policy work WHO are proposing changing a whole culture of 

A different view, you may be right.

Theodore Roosevelt: No nation can permanently retain any “social values” worth having unless it develops the warlike strength necessary for its own defence.


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