'Most Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers ‘believe Islam promotes violence and terrorism’ and the ADF majority are correct in this view.

"The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believes the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism,"

Most Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers ‘believe Islam promotes violence and terrorism’ THE AUSTRALIAN, Ean Higgins, JUNE 9, 

Any public servant be it a soldier or otherwise before agreeing to embark on a mission to save Muslim societies anywhere on earth, being as they must ravaged by their own Islamic/Muslim codex and template from birth to death development process, as they simultaneously commit terror-genocide against Other cultures in their midst, should be compelled before agreeing to be so foolishly wasteful of their lives, and so uncaring as to the unfathomable grief their potential demise may cause, to read regards Afghanistan FORTY-ONE YEARS IN INDIA, by Field-Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar, 1901.

Maybe even the policy makers and Military leaders may by such a reading realise a truth the enemy is the Muslim religion everything else are simply symptoms. Does one see even in this text the friendly, the innocent, the peaceful, the law abiding, the moderate Muslim ready to even possibly lay down their lives for Other what is the significance of their sacrifice in the end? Do they stop the terror-genocide and subjugation of Other even now within not only social/political spaces they hold majority but also are the minority? And does one also see always the professed friendly, the innocent, the peaceful, the law abiding, the moderate Muslim ‘many’ remain so?

It is a continuing lesson, what the whole entity informs must determine the strategy Other cultures adopt if they want to continue to survive not what individuals of however many in an attacking culture profess or even show by their actions non-hostile intent for it is not they in aggregate who determine the cultural outcomes be they good or ill. For the terror-genocide and subjugation continues, intensifies, or at the most one can hope for a lull before cultural thresholds are reached once again.

We live in a time where strategy informing our own cultural destruction is carried out by our very own social, political, security, military leaders where it is believed a cultural entity can be a friend and an enemy at the same time a FEnemy: A friend entity who greets you with an empathetic heartfelt smile and handshake whilst stabbing you in the back with heartfelt enmity 
= pathological altruism = wasted lives of your citizens, soldier citizens and a massive waste of resources.

It is leading to something much worse than a President Dwight Eisenhower military-industrial complex, Eisenhower's quote needs modification for at least a military-complex by its very nature is overt in its machinations and therefore to a degree able to be challenged a security-FEnemy-complex is covert in nature and with the tools currently available and protection from scrutiny with a plethora of numbers psychologists, sociologists, security experts and academia increasingly dependent on the carcass for their livelihood, policy encouraging terror-genocide in both directions as well as national governments failing to hold errant countries bringing to bare a nuclear and/or economic strike over their heads to account for their perfidy determines this security-FEnemy-complex protecting at times the very FEnemy cultures delivering overt terrorist behavior against citizens they are supposedly to protect will expand and in doing so as its power grows determine any view it must be reduced in power or the policies by which it continues to draw resources and power be changed will one must expect be determined as blasphemous with the usual outcomes associated with such
 a paradigm. 

'In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the security-FEnemy-complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.' President Dwight Eisenhower military-industrial complex amended to reflect our time.

 are the "vast majority of Australian Defence personnel" correct in their belief "the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism,"? For the exact same reason John Snow was correct in determining the 'authorities' view "cholera was caused by Miasma" was dangerous delusion, commonsense and the data clearly proved John Snow was right.

"The story of John Snow provides a classic example of using a deductive, logical approach to battle a public disease. John Snow was one of the first to take an epidemic, in this case, cholera, and to work backwards to uncover its origins. The time was 1854, and there was a massive outbreak of cholera in the SoHo district of London. In 1854, germ theory did not yet exist, so the health officials assumed that cholera was caused by Miasma. Miasma is some sort of substance that is in the air, kind of like pollution. I’m sure that London had plenty of pollution in the mid 19th century, but that wasn’t the cause of cholera, and Snow was sceptical. He began collecting data on who fell ill, what they had been doing, how different patients were related to one another, or what they had in common. He was able to eventually work backwards and to discover that all of them had consumed well water from the same pump on Broad Street. They shut off the pump, and they ended new cases of cholera."
Mind-Body Medicine: The New Science of Optimal Health, Professor Jason M. Satterfield, 2013

“Although religious hostilities affect countries throughout the world experience, Muslim-majority countries consistently have higher levels of a range of religious hostilities than other countries and by wide margins. For instance, Muslim-majority countries are more than three times more likely than other countries to have religion-related war, terror or sectarian violence, ...”
Pew Research 2012

What do our social/political/security elite do, remove the pump handle, no they create more pumps in exactly the same space, in fact they pay to enhance the process and commend those responsible for doing so.

 and research determines the "vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel  are correct. Individuals do not make up their own ethics-values-beliefs-motivation nor methodology, culture does. The 'few' as social psychologists know are altruistic enforcers/aligners/punishers, not unexpected nor the nature of their numbers relative to the many, justified and authorised by their cultural codex and whose behavioral variance inclusive of cultural imbued reactive tendencies for violence are created by the development process run by the 'many' for a cultural purpose otherwise the 'few' would never come into existence nor utilize the methods they do. Also despite what we inclusive of the Australian Defence Force are told some religions can and do inform terror-genocide for with Divine Grace comes Divine Vengeance underwritten by cultural circumscribed categorizations of innocent and neighbor.

The culture in which one is immersed influences how one behaves towards others on all levels: and individual to another individual, as members of a group towards members of another group, as an individual or group member to the institutionalised social will. Implicit default assumptions about others influence individual cultural worldviews and habit which in turn shape the culture of child rearing that adults provide influencing the next generation and so on."
Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality, Darcia Navais, 2014

“..terrorists typically are no more religiously devout than are non-terrorists (Atran, 2003), using religion to sanctify terrorism should be useful for generating additional motivational force to impel individual acts of terrorism as well as to sustain collective will for long campaigns of terrorism (Atran, 2003; Juergensmeyer, 2003).

Indeed, means end analysis of terrorism (Kruglanski & Fishman, 2006) implies a role for cultural (including religious) factors that influence many facets of self-regulation, including (a) the goals people select, (b) the motivational force that becomes attached to those goals, (c) error monitoring, (d) self-regulatory strength, and (e) the outputs at people’s disposal for modifying their behavior to maintain progress toward goal attainment. In other words, a self-regulation analysis of religion suggests that religion is well suited to motivate any behavior that is predicated on self-control and self-regulation, whether that behavior is studying hard for final exams or donning an explosives belt and then detonating it on a crowded city bus.”

Religion, self-regulation, and self-control: Associations, explanations, and implications.
Michael E. McCullough and Brian L. B. Willoughby - Psychological bulletin, 

"We are learning that social morality begins in the brain, for without the brain, there would be no concept of morality; the brain allows for interaction among individuals within the community, and this interaction leads to the construction of the framework for moral order."
HARDWIRED BEHAVIOR, What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality, Laurence Tancredi, 2005

"In the Qur’an, Allah is described as ‘merciful’ and ‘compassionate’. Why do we find no reflection of that among jihadis who claim to struggle in his name? Jihadis only possess a pseudo sense of empathy. They may appear to be empathic but it is a narcissistic empathy, for they are only empathic within their own group; it does not extend anywhere into their external world as evidenced by their murderous destructive behaviors.[1] Their stoic, dissociated affect shows neither compassion nor remorse as their fellow brethren engage in wanton beheadings and executions. In shame honor societies where children are humiliated and laughed at for having feelings and emotionality, it is no wonder that the capacity for empathy did not develop during their early years. Research by neuroscientists and mental health experts has shown strong links between violence and early childhood.
Nobody Born a Terrorist, but Early Childhood Matters: Explaining the Jihadis’ Lack of Empathy, by Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, 2016

"Kochanska and Akasan (2006) conscience is a personality system that gets coherently organised early in life and is relatively stable over time. Individual differences in conscience emerge as a complex interplay between children's temperamental individuality and socialisation in the family.

Kochanska and Knaack (2003) also looked at a negative influence of maternal power-assertive child-rearing style on the development of conscience. This relation was indeed found, and it is interesting that it was found to be mediated by the child's effort control (EC). In other words, this study suggested that maternal power-assertive discipline may impair the child's development of EC, which in turn may impair his or her development of conscience.


"Religious thought does not exist in a vacuum; it both shapes politics and is shaped by politics."
Understanding Japan: A Cultural History, Professor Mark J. Ravina, Emory University, 2015

"Religions, especially, historically as well as currently, are recognized to be chronically implicated in this discord and violence, directed at those beyond their artificially defined boundaries of theological doctrine, and, as often, towards those claiming common religious identities but who have fragmented into sectarian factions and conflict (Mlodinow 2012, 164). Those of us with an eye towards history—or even towards current events—know that any simple congruence of religion and prosociality has never been the case."
Pro-and assortative-sociality in the formation and maintenance of religious groups, LH Martin, D Wiebe, 2016

Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why it is One Is and One Is-Not. Yet both = "I don't mean participated, I mean observed."

Western Political/Social Elites → any enemy can be your friend="profound and paralyzing risk-confusion."=WWI, WWII, Belgium, Orlando, Kenya, ..... 

Clearly as the following quote from the 
"Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone" report reveals the reality which has led inexorably to WWI. WWII, "profound and paralyzing risk-confusion" regards enemy cultures internal and external utilising "combinations of influence, intimidation, coercion, and aggression. At the same time,.. exploiting, free-riding on, or are propelled by the generalized erosion or outright failure of traditional political authority." the same elite philosophy driven policy of appeasement of enemy cultures, determining well constructed argument under a Western rationale model will surely convince internal cultures tearing societies apart and external cultures battering Western democratic walls to accept the obvious benefits of the Western Worldview, wake up to yourselves you twats you take the few 'good' words of so called liberals/moderates of attacking cultures, even paying them significant sums to hear their comforting reflection back of your own cultural values-beliefs that this attacking culture can 'reform', without any indication at all of how this can be achieved in reality, and/or want to live in peace and harmony when elsewhere in their behavioral variance the increasing 'few' coming possibly from their very families continue to commit terror-genocide and/or cross Others borders or disputed territory without immediate overwhelming response for which the massive military might of the US and its allies was actually intended to be utilised for.

"The authors argue that gray zone challenges are unique defense-relevant issues sharing three common characteristics—hybridity, menace to defense and military convention, and profound and paralyzing risk-confusion.

This report and its authors offer an important opening venture into a vexing strategic question for senior defense and military leadership on the subject of gray zone threats. Namely, how can the American defense enterprise adjust to an era of relentless revisionist and rejectionist opposition to U.S. power? On the one hand, purposeful U.S. competitors pursue meaningful revision of the U.S.-led status quo through campaign-quality combinations of influence, intimidation, coercion, and aggression. At the same time, rejectionist forces exploit, free-ride on, or are propelled by the generalized erosion or outright failure of traditional political authority. Both manifest as wicked direct and indirect threats to core U.S. interests. In virtually every case, they also occur in the uncomfortable “gray” conceptual no man’s land between classical conceptions of war and peace.
"Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone, A Report Sponsored by the Army Capabilities Integration Center in Coordination with Joint Staff J-39/Strategic Multi-Layer Assessment BranchJune 07, 2016, Authored by Mr. Nathan P. Freier, Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Burnett, Colonel William J. Cain Jr., Lieutenant Colonel Christopher D. Compton, Lieutenant Colonel Sean M. Hankard, Professor Robert S. Hume, Lieutenant Colonel Gary R. Kramlich II, Colonel J. Matthew Lissner, Lieutenant Colonel Tobin A. Magsig, Colonel Daniel E. Mouton, Mr. Michael S. Muztafago, Colonel James M. Schultze, Professor John F. Troxell, Lieutenant Colonel Dennis G. Wille.

Again the political/social elite are throwing a die and each time there are many more sides to the die as the other cultures adapt, discover, improvise, overcome - new names new victims more boundaries crossed, you will be told as in the past whatever you want to hear and you will make your fellow citizens pay for it in more ways than one - as you have already. If a culture is murdering citizens in humanities streets and you ask the select 'good' few to celebrate their sacred day with you what continues to happen outside and what have you inadvertently by mere chance of numbers reflecting reality allowed to sit beside you?

".massacre in Orlando are perpetrated to divide us along lines of race, religion, sect and sexuality - but that kind of hatred and division must not prevail," Mr Malcolm Turnbull (Australian Prime Minister)
PM Malcolm Turnbull hosts evening feast for Muslim leaders as they break daily Ramadan fast 9 News.com.au

"It was an inexplicable own goal for Malcolm Turnbull, two weeks before the election, to invite a Muslim hate preacher to a Ramadan dinner at Kirribilli House.."
For Turnbull, ‘multi-faith’ only means Islam, The Telegraph, by Miranda Devine, June 19, 2016

It is
 a strange world we now inhabit where we can sit around a table with adherents of a cultural codex whose cultural behavioral variance, as it has for centuries, systemically informs 'hatred division along lines of culture, religion, sect and sexuality', utilises terror-genocide, manifests tragic misogynistic outcomes for women in our own social space and across the globe with increasingly oppressive political paradigms resulting in Other cultures being suppressed and excluded from the political process and at the same time denounce such values-beliefs methodology as heinous and unacceptable and call it the 'right' thing to do to sit with them in humorous banter, even paying some of these 'good' folk at the table enormous sums of money to tell us how really nice they are.

It does appear to me citizens are not going to accept such a state for long as the bloody bodies keep rolling in determining such actions as they are quite obscene given the victims outside and counting.

Turnbull's claim is absurd and is the exact same logic as determining terror attacks by Nazis are to "divide" no they are meant to eliminate cultural opposition, the usual cohort of the 'good' aligned to Western rational paradigm determined as the representative of the Muslim culture whilst those of the exact same culture exist outside and as it turned out even inside to inform the true-perfect Islamic/Muslim believer behavior. The Islamic/Muslim development process grinds on as Turnbull speaks to inform more horror. 

There will always be the smirking 'good' even within a culture which has a terror-genocide construct inherent in their codex particularly in an Other dominated space as their fellow adherents derived from the exact same cultural codex continue to commit atrocities. The real test and it continues to determine Turnbull and those who support such an attitude dangerous to their own culture is will this display of support of a terror-genocide culture stop the altruistic 'few' from emanating from these very same Islamic/Muslim attendees families, communities, and institutions? Have such displays of affection for a culture of infamy ever made any difference for the inevitable victims during or after these sickening appeasement actions?

The absolute deception in determining the ethics-values-beliefs and methodology of the Islamic/Muslim terrorists are not reflective of the 'true' Islamic/Muslim culture is revealed when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dines with hate preacher, at the very same venue the comments regards Muslim terrorists alone not Muslims as a culture were engendering hate and division, a 'divide' which already has been set by the Islamic/Muslim culture itself.

The purpose of Malcolm Turnbull in holding a meeting with Muslim leaders was to give a public display of Muslim leaders in complete unison with Other in opposing the Muslim terrorist supposed attempt 'to divide us along lines of race, religion, sect and sexuality". That is to show the unified voice of Muslims within the room against division political/social represented in essence the whole Muslim cultural 'many', and therefore there was nothing to fear from and nor should Other react against Muslims because these Muslim terrorists were not really Muslims.

Clearly as is reality one of the Muslim dinner guests and one could imagine on further investigation many other Muslim leaders within the room let alone many outside it uninvited, particularly regards women being segregated and subject to mans leadership, had previously stated ethics-values beliefs and methodology to prove the claim of Malcolm Turnbull the views of the Muslim terrorists did not at all reflect what he determined as the 'real' Muslim ethics-values-beliefs methodology a lie.

The fact is the Muslim behavioral variance inherently contains Muslim leaders who openly support terror-genocide to trot out the 'good' and say all is right with the world is obscene for even Muslim families, communities and institutions claiming to be against division have Muslim terrorists walking from their very spaces such claims therefore of Malcolm Turnbull and the 'good' Muslim leaders simply have no basis in fact - wanting it to be the case or even believing it is, does not make it so the bloody bodies keep coming and the inconvenient political embarrassment of facing the truth will continue.

"..who once called AIDS a divine punishment for gays, ... Online videos also show Sheik Shady (Malcolm Turnbull's contradictory dinner guest determining his claims obviously false) saying women would be “hung by their breasts in hell” and women should not even look at men.
The Australian-born Sheik has also previously called on God to help “destroy the enemies of Islam” and for adulterers to be stoned to death." 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dines with hate preacher, June 16,2016

“We must not tag all Muslims or their religion with responsibility for the crimes of a tiny terrorist minority — which is precisely what the extremists want us to do,’’ the Prime Minister said.

Malcolm Turnbull blames ‘radical Islamist ideology’ for terrorismTHE AUSTRALIAN, By Paul Maley & David Crowe, JUNE 17, 2016

The question of if the Muslim leadership view of "hatred and division" being a "nihilist" interpretation of the Islamic/Muslim core sacred sources of ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology from the Quran and Hadith being either extreme or progressive based upon the Islamic/Muslim cultural rational' model was answered by the composition of the invitees to Malcolm Turnbull's dinner party.

Malcolm Turnbull's dinner party underlines a truth you cannot have the 'good' at one 'end' without having the 'evil' at the other end of the Muslim table. The reality of the whole Muslim culture affect therefore is not peace and harmony but to divide us along lines of culture-religion/secular, sect and sexuality. We face this and act or face more of the same as Malcolm Turnbull struggles to make sure his dinner guests represent the 'real' world. 

We must and we are justified in 'tagging all Muslims and their religion with responsibility for the crimes of a tiny terrorist minority - altruistic 'few' enforcers/aligners/punishers.' as all Muslims via their religious codex construct of Other systemically create terror-genocide as and integral part of their cultures behavioral variance without one the other would never come into existence. 

Culture, of course, is related to violence in general and not only to structural violence. For example, culture influences the determination of "thresholds" which pressure on a person must overcome in order to move that person from being controllable, or even positive, to being negative (that is, into violence)." The Culture of Violence, Chp 3. On the relationship between violence and culture - Galtung's concept

"The use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children espoused. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford 2016

"..children raised in religious households, who are perceived to be more empathetic and sensitive to justice, are in fact less altruistic to their own class mates .... children from religious households also differ in their ratings of deserved punishment for interpersonal harm (F(2, 847) = 5.80, p < 0.01, h2 = 0.014); this was qualified by significantly harsher ratings of punishment by children from Muslim households than children from non-religious households (p < 0.01). There were no significant differences between children from Christian households and non-religious households.".
The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World, November 05, 2015

"Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.
every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities"

SURFACES AND ESSENCES, ANALOGY AS THE FUEL AND FIRE OF THINKING, Douglas Hofstadter (American professor of cognitive science), Emmanuel Sander (French Psychologist-Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology), 2013

"'Religion and Violence. Paradoxes of Religious Communication' argues that violence in religious systems is present in at least three forms: It is inherent to communication with the ‘‘sacred,’’ it is generated by processes of inclusion and exclusion, shaping religiously interpreted lifeworlds, and it is motivated or moderated by the respective semantics of religious narratives. The paper concludes that violence as a moment of hierophany (manifestation of the sacred ) is constitutive for the living experience in religious systems and cannot be eliminated entirely by moderating semantics."
'Religion and Violence. Paradoxes of Religious Communication', Ilja Srubar, 2016

Not all cultures represent the same risk to Other as individuals do not represent the same risk to others around them and therefore the rational reaction would be to therefore treat cultures as we do individuals relative to the threat they pose – such an action is determined currently as an irrational response, in fact you are told you have a phobia a mental illness if you dare to propose such a thing or hold the view the Islamic/Muslim culture informs terror-genocide against Other cultures despite the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ to describe Muslim actions against Other cultures.

One simply has to reflect upon the following statement by the Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen at a recent conference on terror "the fight against Islamic terrorism was not a fight against Islam." when one compares such a statement to its equivalence "the fight against Nazi terrorism was not a fight against Nazism." the realisation the majority of the ADF just may be right should be apparent.

If you care to research this you will find there exist many psychologists and psychiatrists who know very well that the majority of the ADF are correct but for some strange reason they are afraid to speak out – interesting is it not how the Tranquility of Silence can be achieved so effectively in a ‘Democracy’ as in other forms of politic determined by Modernity as tyranny.

Dr. Millers attempt to call an apple an orange and then to expect the ADF personnel to believe it really does nothing but put further cognitive pressure on ADF personnel to believe what reality informs them is simply not true. If the ADF management wants to create psychological trauma then they proceed in determining after Belgium. Paris, London, Sydney, Afghanistan, Syria, Boston, New York, Kenya, Somalia, Pakistan, Bali, ... really it never ends does it, and the negative politic the Islamic/Muslim culture informs are all a figment of their imagination and really outcomes which reflect a peaceful culture and to believe otherwise is a mental illness.

The majority of the ADF are right this is a cultural war and fighting it with one hand tied behind your back with this exact same culture creating as it has, does and will cultural combatants in your very own space to even kill fellow citizens they are sworn to protect will imbue ADF personnel with an appreciation of the "main ­attributes of the culture" which lie bloody in the streets - this is quite kafkaesque. The majority of the ADF are not suffering from an irrational phobia they are suffering from the dangerous assumptions/delusion of their Military elite and their 'expert' advisers.

"While the government was taking pride in containing militancy by cracking down on Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) over the last several years, two new radical Islamist groups have built up an extensive network that remained relatively unnoticed until late last year."

Militants grow in silence-Two local terror groups spreading fast their tentacles; 47 killings in 18 monthsZayadul Ahsan June 07, 2016

Al-Qaeda Extremists in Mali Maintain Power Despite Peace Talks, Mission network news, BY LYNDSEY KOH, 10 JUNE, 2016

"These pro-ISIS clans behaved like mushrooms in order to survive. Groups would occasionally get shut down by online moderators or hackers. The followers responded with reincarnation, sprouting in a new group, or they moved into another preexisting pack.

breaking up these aggregates inhibits the performance of terrorist networks.

“It’s virtually impossible to completely eradicate these guys from social networks,” Berger said. “But it is possible to inhibit the performance of a network. Propaganda doesn’t circulate, and it’s harder for them to recruit.”"
This computer algorithm might be able to predict the next ISIS attack, PBS, BY NSIKAN AKPAN June 16, 2016

"Zabihullah Zmarai, a member of the provincial council, said the Islamic State posed a danger in five districts, despite repeated operations by the Afghan Army.

“Out of the 22 districts, only six are secure,” he said."
Afghan Police Chief Is Killed as He Tries to Turn Tide Against Taliban, NTY, By MUJIB MASHAL, SEPT. 11, 2016

is 'Success' and simply has names move/adjust operations or creates new names of cultural perpetrators and their victims as the culture adapt, discover, improvise overcome, cultures will create as many Hitlers as required, as many of the 'few' altruistic organisers, strategies, tactics for cultural foot/cyber soldiers to follow to achieve the culture's worldview, believing these 'few' are disconnected from the many is dangerous delusion as the many create and sustain them straight from their non-radicalised, 'moderate', law abiding families, communities, institutions via the cultures codex framed infant-child-adolescent-adult development process. We really want to pay the price inhibit 'success' delivers as the algorithms get smarter so does the culture and still the bloody bodies role in. You really think science-statistics-algorithms are going to solve this when the culture can utilise and does the same? The strategy rather reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's meeting with Mussolini in the movie The Great Dictator.

"Terrorists and rogue states are gaining the capability to bring a major city to a standstill with the click of a button, the Director of GCHQ has warned."
Terrorist groups acquiring the cyber capability to bring major cities to a standstill, warns GCHQ chief   
 The Telegraph, Henry Bodkin, 9 JUNE 2016

Due to our continuing political/social elites insistence upon the utilisation and belief in the Christian derived turn the other cheek appeasement-redemption paradigm, based upon three dangerous assumptions good will overcome evil, the benefits of the Western derived good 'rational' model are so obvious surely in the “next 100 years” or an unspecified time-line of a “long, on-going and slow process" enemy cultures (despite the bloody bodies in the streets and tyranny against their own not determined as such) will be converted and the greatest delusion of all difference make us stronger when in fact difference as history clearly shows is what tears societies apart means Modernity has to depend once again on blind luck to escape destruction.

so called hate preachers-'rogue imams' are sourced from exactly the same space as the 'few', so called angels 'brainwashed' in a week (psychologically impossible), otherwise they would have no means of understanding agreeing with each other your rational model is not the same as theirs no matter how many perceived 'moderates' of "conscience and a sense of responsibility" from within such a cultures behavioral variance determine this is the case for the 'moderates' in any culture which necessarily contains a terror-genocide construct of Other have no cultural codex knowledge, justification or authorisation to redefine what constitutes a true-perfect believer status.

“If the religious
leaders compete with the extremists (religious leaders) on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute...."

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert Einstein, 1934)

So what happens
 in reality the Tranquility of Silence is achieved of the so called 'moderate' "individuals of conscience and a sense of responsibility", silent and not so silent acquiescence as the cultural ethics-values they recently professed they opposed are realised in the very same space even in our very own once Western Modernity based space.

"• Parents
do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community."
Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair Patrick Wintour, Political editor The Guardian, Wednesday 23 July 2014

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other."
"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other. The radicalisation that breeds terrorism is not conducted in the bush at night. It occurs in the full glare of day in homes, in madrasas and in mosques with rogue imams. We must ask the question — where are the parents and families (communities, education and religious institutions) of those who are being radicalized?" said Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president "Our task of countering terrorism has been made all the more difficult by the fact that the planners and financiers of this brutality are deeply embedded in our communities."

A Garissa-based official said the government was aware Abdullahi, a former University of Nairobi law student, had joined the militant group al Shabaab after graduating in 2013."
Kenya says son of a government official was among gunmen in Garissa attack by EDITH HONAN GARISSA, Kenya — Reuters Published Sunday, Apr. 05 2015

Obama said the same 'Islam needs to reform' but the point is can the Islamic/Muslim culture change this requires urgent enquiry for if it cannot social hostility will become endemic in both directions as it has in Syria and elsewhere.

Why should any society accept such a state for the sake of retaining any fallible human abstract paradigm inclusive of Freedom of Religion which is clearly failing to deliver what it was created for - cultural harmony - instead it is delivering tragedy to human streets.

The current way societies resolve significant value-belief differences is increasing violence in both directions as we see in Syria as we have seen tragically in the past almost everywhere humanity have existed. If we want to avoid another tragic escalation with the Right and Wrong hammering it out in our streets and taking the rest of us down with them, as we are starting to see, with not only violence but the inevitable damaging political polarization as each side become even more certain they are the Right and not the Wrong, is to try another way.

To do so the process of significant value-belief resolution, which is the prime reason for cultural terror-genocide, cannot be a matter of demonizing, stigmatizing nor erroneous stereotyping it has to be a matter of the evidence. It does not mean there will be no violence resulting from instigating such a process but it at least gives some sense closure is possible whereas at the moment we are repeatedly told the “next 100 years” or as the religious, political leaders meeting on terrorism at Kazakhstan recently stated an unspecified time-line of a “long, on-going and slow process of eliminating the social frustrations that help spawn radicalism and extremism.”. At its core the “social frustration” cannot be marginalization as all Other cultures members subject to marginalization would be informing the exact same behavior therefore something else is causing the Islamic/Muslim cultures rejection of Modernity.

Firstly it needs to be accepted:

The logic of the first statement equals the logic of the second.

"the fight against Islamic terrorism was not a fight against Islam."="the fight against Nazi terrorism was not a fight against Nazism."

And importantly:

'Why is Islamic State group so violent?' Is the wrong question as culture creates and enforces the behavioral variance within which adherents exist, even altruistic adherents violent tendency and methods are culturally derived either directly of capable of being inferred/analogized from cultural codex, the real questions for humanity should be

1.“Why does the Islamic/Muslim culture contain a terror-genocide construct within its cultural behavioral variance?

2.Can the Islamic/Muslim culture reform to align to Modernity constructs to stop informing such violence?

3.If the Islamic/Muslim culture can what will be the process and how long will this take given the Islamic/Muslim culture will still be killing Other?”

4.If it is found the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex will not enable the Islamic/Muslim culture to reform or if the envisaged time frame for reform is simply unacceptable given the great cost in human life as we await the reform to occur how will humanity remove the Islamic cultural codex overtime from societies private and public spheres in a way that can be clearly shown to have a scientific/political/social basis justification and authority for doing so?

The ethical-value belief justification underpinning the demand is as follows:

No culture has a right to visit terror-genocide against another culture nor to inform a subject state for women - be it perpetrated by the 'few' sourced from the 'many' or the 'few' in time as elsewhere becoming the 'many'.

It can no longer be a matter of 'educating' citizens as to their responsibilities and behaviours regards each other as individuals in Democracies which necessarily contain many cultures due to our globalized world, as cultures set the behavioral variance within which their adherents exist it is a matter of reviewing what a cultures responsibilities and behaviours regards each other culture in their same space have to be and abide by for any culture to be accepted to and remain in a Democratic multicultural space.

How to go about it:

The means by which our society investigates significant issues and which would have the relevant powers and resources is a Royal Commission. As a significant starting point to build the political/social will to prevent terror-genocide developing in both directions in our streets. The killing has already started and clearly it can and will develop into something much worse over time unless we do something now.

A Royal Commission is urgently required to determine if it is possible for the Islamic/Muslim culture to ‘reconcile itself with modernity’ and as Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide against Other will continue according to Obama if it cannot what steps must the Australian Government take to remove a cultural codex informing terror-genocide against humanity from our private and public spheres so as to have the Islamic/Muslim culture cease informing terror-genocide against not only Australian citizens but citizens of other nations as well.

My view is no culture is worth the unfathomable grief of just one child as a price of retaining a culture in our presence which systemically informs thousands of deaths by the very hands of even our own fellow citizens. This is not my idea of a society which enables peace and harmony for its citizens and a flourishing life particularly for women.

Words as we are told are not simply formed for no purpose. It is not a matter of simply 'talking' it is a matter of utilising State apparatus if it is found the Islamic/Muslim culture is inherently violent, be it sunni shia or whatever sect, to in steps remove the Islamic/Muslim codex from creating and sustaining more of the 'few'. There will be violence either way. The idea there can be an Islam of peace with the codex remaining intact is the same logic and hope involved in determining there can be Nazi of peace.

What have you changed how are the 'moderates' to achieve peace with Other when their codex construct of Other, their political/social 'rational' model does not enable them to do so?

How do you intend to enable a system to change without changing the internal mechanisms? Where does the knowledge justification authority for the 'peaceful Muslim' come from which does not exist now to override the codex knowledge justification and authority of the not so peaceful?

Please note for centuries there have been any number of Muslims either as individuals and groups determining terror-genocide is not good and should stop it happened in Jordan relatively recently what then happened on Jordan's doorstep?

Also note the demand cultures inform peace and harmony is simply not one way.

On the institutional side our society has the coroner's court which can trigger such an investigation and as each atrocity gets through the ever increasing costly security wall there will be I am hoping a developing will to deal with cause not symptoms.

Politically parties such as the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) have an inherent problem for me in that they are trying to control consenting adult sexuality which I believe is possibly a key driver for a cultures development of negative constructs of Other and linked directly to how women are categorised. I could be wrong.

This is in the end a political power question which will not be resolved by our current cultural gatekeepers and requires the development of the like-minded who develop ethics-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology with evidence (which from my perspective already exists), to frame a constitutional-legislative means/process which can be understood as a valid argument by citizens (be it they support it or not) to achieve change. It does not necessarily mean forming an actual political party, in fact very important not to at the beginning to enable as broad a participation/ideas as possible, though it may in the end be required - first get the script right. The important point being in the process you do not become what you are working to replace politically/socially.

'time is of the essence' as the negative momentum appears to be gathering pace. 

To whom it may concern: Time for a Royal Commission to determine if it is possible for the Islamic/Muslim culture to ‘reconcile itself with modernity' so as to prevent terror-genocide against Other cultures

Belgium. Bali, Sydney,.. and the rest of the political and social outcomes the Islamic culture informs regards Other and women and you can say with good conscience.

"I served with a good mate from an amazing Muslim family, he did a tour in *** with *** 
Only close minded people tar everyone with the same brush, it's called discrimination."

Individuals as social psychologists have proved by now are not cultures, having as in Australia the affable neighbor for years suddenly outside their house with a weapon prepared to commit terror. I to have had nice chats with nice Muslims but that does not excuse them for their adherence to a canon (cultural codex text and tradition) which systemically informs terror-genocide against Other. Clearly Norman Hillson had a similar experience to your own, you as he are aware of the 'fanatical young Islamist/Muslim' yet you like him refuse to face a truth without one the "good (Muslim) mate from an amazing Muslim family" the other the "true-perfect (Muslim) terrorist" given the cultural codex they both determine as their ethic-value belief source possibly from the same family would never come into existence.

Kristallnacht and the rest of the political and social outcomes the Nazi culture informs regards Other and you can say with good conscience.

"I served with a good mate from an amazing Nazi family, he did a tour in Poland with *** 
Only close minded people tar everyone with the same brush, it's called discrimination."


There were the German Military high command in Poland and even a German lieutenant in a Nazi panzer unit determining the treatment of the Jews was wrong did thy speak did they/he make any difference to the outcome, what had they and the lieutenant signed up to as adherents holding views which determined them as the supposed 'good' as being as culpable as the 'few' they created and helped unleash by silent or not so silent acquiescence?

"Experience has taught me that all argument is useless with fanatical young Nazi of this kind, and so I say nothing….
..the Germans (inclusive of the Nazi) that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else..
In fact, if the extremist’s elements had prevailed. I have not the least doubt that disruption would have been more drastic and that we should have real reason by now to fear German aggression from both a military as well as political point of view.”
Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937

Cultures inform cultural behavioral variances where the good exist as well as the extremist and not in all cultural cases the few altruistic delivering terror-genocide. It is the fact the latter cannot exist except for the former from whose non radicalised, 'moderate' law abiding families, communities, institutions.

“The Islamic world is disproportionately affected. More than one-in-two (57%) Muslim-majority countries have high religious hostilities, more than double that of other countries (25%)…”
09/22/2014 Source data PEW Research Center - Commentary Weekly Number Brian J.Grim, Ph.D."

"Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness." (Albert Einstein, 1934)

“If the religious leaders compete with the extremists (religious leaders) on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute...."

"• Parents do not have the confidence to argue against the articulate and forceful activists who seek to impose their views, for fear of being branded as disloyal to their faith or their community."
Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair Patrick Wintour, Political editor The Guardian, Wednesday 23 July 2014

"The use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children espoused. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford 2016

“It (Damascus-Syria) has seen empires and tyrants come and go; it offers a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony. It is a wonderful city in which to be. …. a fantastic object-lesson in how people can live together creatively and in harmony"
British Historian Dan Cruickshank BBC series "Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, Episode 5 - Connections, Syria, Damascus 2008, First aired on BBC Two in April 2008

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) & Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) "The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president, 2015

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