This is not a conspiracy theory it is simply how the world as it stands works

Sam Harris: Atheists have no ‘blood on their hands’ for Chapel Hill murders Richard Dawkins Foundation Feb 24, 2015

Arabs: Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism? by Khaled Abu Toameh February 26, 2015 at 5:00 am

"In the first place, ideologies provide a perspective, or 'lens', through which the world is understood and explained. People do not see the world as it is, but only as they expect it to be: in other words, they see it through a veil of ingrained beliefs, opinions and assumptions. Whether consciously or subconsciously everyone subscribes to a set of political beliefs and values that guide their behaviour and influence their conduct. Political ideas and ideologies thus set goals that inspire political activism. .... a, unifying set of political ideas and values can develop naturally within society, or it can be enforced from above in an attempt to manufacture obedience and exercise control. The clearest examples of such 'official' ideas have been found in fascist, communist and religious fundamentalist regimes."

Source: Political Ideologies Andrew Heywood 2012

States based upon a multiculturalism paradigm having values diametrically opposed to liberty and equality being "enforced from above in an attempt to manufacture obedience and exercise control" can now be added to those ideological entities of oppression yet the perpetrators of such a value construct as multiculturalism as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and those following the WHO script of cultural derived terror and ideological political schism being a 'health' issue see themselves as anything other than 'evil' which is not surprising given neither did or do their colleagues "in fascist, communist and religious fundamentalist regimes." .

"Political ideas and ideologies thus set goals that inspire political activism." - the nature of the "political activism" is defined by the cultural codex and such cultural codex can and clearly does in some cultures justify and authorise terror, the culture is therefore responsible for the 'few' they will always in time and space produce and the methods utilised to realise their own cultural "goals" which is a political space which reflects their "political beliefs and values" not Others. 

ISIS, Boko Haram, Iran, Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir ... are reflecting the actual Islamic codex desired cultural political space which are able to be analogised into reality, each have exactly the same core beliefs and values which they must for they are variants made possible only because such political constructs exist within the Islamic/Muslim codex and in fact have to exist there for these political variant constructs to exist.

"About a month after Sisi said "We must revolutionize our religion," Ibrahim Eissa, an Egyptian journalist and another hero of the Middle East backed him up, saying, "when the people of ISIS perpetrate slaughter, murder, rape, immolation, and all those barbaric crimes, they say that they are relying on the sharia. They say that this is based on a certain hadith, on a certain Quranic chapter, on a certain saying of Ibn Taymiyyah, or on some historical event. To tell the truth, everything that ISIS says is correct.""
Heroes in Egypt Confront Islamist Ideology by Michael Armanious March 7, 2015 at 5:00 am

To then label those opposed to such Islamic/Muslim beliefs and values 
to be analogised, even partially, being allowed into a space of Liberty and Equality as having a mental illness, unreasonable bigots against a culture of peace and harmony when it is clear "political activism" terror in fact 'fear' is the only way Other could in anyway be forced to accept such an Islamic/Muslim construct is from a Liberty and Equality rational model simply madness. Unless the definition of Liberty and Equality along with Feminism are altered which in fact they have been under multiculturalism to allow those who impose such a construct to determine they have not changed their belief system at all to include tyranny.

Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism? Why are atheist and non-atheists being accused of 'provoking' not only Muslim terror but counter-terror rising to meet it? This is Why.

It is irrational under a cultural 'rational' model which you would expect to contain codex to protect your own culture but the Western Democracies are not operating under such a model the political elite have decided (note there is no master plan there is only ever belief, ethics values and these become analogised within the world.) to for political pragmatic reasons as they perceive them to operate under a belief system which they call Multiculturalism. In fact they are hiding behind the label of what appears on the surface to be a noble aim for all cultures to be able to be in the same space. The trouble is the 
Multiculturalism definition as defined by the elite enables diametrically opposed beliefs, ethics, values into the same space.

Lincoln was clear why this could not work as is history as well as mere human psychology yet the elite persist in enabling terror and major inter-cultural schism and blame everyone else for their failure as they must.

This is not a conspiracy theory it is simply how the world as it stands works – you are being sacrificed to political pragmatism so the political elite can wash their hands and be ‘seen’ to be doing something and can blame anyone for their failure to stem the major schism with the Islamic/Muslim culture. 

What does such hand washing enabling the elite to publicly deny culpability of terrorists being increasingly derived from their own political space and the terror they inform within and without that space require under a Western Construct – it requires ‘experts’ to provide the bowl and the appropriate amount of water.

Anyone who has worked in a Western Government Public Service or simply observed behavior thereof within whatever nation will understand the political imperative of the ‘expert’-‘expert body’ to provide the necessary justification, authority and blame shifting methodology inherent in any public policy decision.

I want you to understand why you are being regarded and determined as racists, bigots, suffering from a mental illness/ irrational fear Islamophobia and worse are being accused of actually ‘provoking’ not only Islam/Muslim terror but the counter-terror rising to match it.

Why you are not and never have been as described above for coming out and determining Islam is a genocide and misogynistic construct and for humanities sake the Islamic cultural codex must be removed from the Public Square.

Why it is important for the elite to have you not them defined as having a mental illness so they can reduce the severe cognitive dissonance they must necessarily suffer derived from continuing to follow a clearly failing policy paradigm.

And importantly what you have to do to at least to start to force the elite to change their current policy paradigm driven by their pathological altruism (yes it is the elite not you suffering from a mental illness).

Let us begin by reflecting:

It could have been the killer of the three Muslims crossed the line by justifying, in part a reaction against Muslims as a culture because of the terror and challenge to Western values the Muslim culture informs, it may not have been the main reason but given the potential complexity of human ‘reason’ for human behavior and the statements at the time by the murderer of the Muslims it clearly cannot be ruled out as a contributory factor altogether.

It is from my perspective an action which based upon the value schism between the West and Muslim culture and the failure of current Western policy paradigm to confront the real cause of terror the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) template) which from generation to generation creates the ‘Few’ from the ranks of the ‘Many’ will increasingly inform counter-terror against Muslims and the State. The State will be subject to counter-terror because the State is the reason the terror exists, the State has not only clearly failed in its duty to protect its citizenry it is actually enabling terror and major schism to intensify.

Twiddling with matrices of data, weighting with the numerous variables from across different correlations, investing in increased institutions physical security systems, diminishing relative independence in a vain attempt to avoid 'provoking', changing food types preparation, increasing secret service and terror tactical units in the military and police 2 ,3 10, 100 fold will not stop what is going to happen only possibly slow it possibly because in fact it will more than likely have the reverse effect as it fits directly into the Islamic victim paradigm - it does not therefore matter what you do unless the Islamic codex which is the cause not a correlation, a cause is removed from the Public Square.
As we ‘possibly’ saw in this murder of three Muslims as action against the Muslim culture, the actions of arson against Mosques, abuse of Muslims in the streets and importantly action as in Norway against the political constructs within the West supporting Muslims access to the Public Square, which are enabling terror and pressure on the Western politic to align to Islamic norms so as to avoid ‘provoking’ Islamic/Muslim cultural violence. 

‘Fear works’ as social psychological studies have found and a Danish newspaper stated as a reason for refusing to publish Charlie Hebdo after the Muslim terrorist attack in Paris, although they had previously done so.

The blaming of Other be they atheists, or anyone along the counter-Islamic/Muslim culture codex behavioral variance is if you have not noticed a part of the ‘Official program’ ‘they’ have even determined you have a mental illness – a phobia irrational fear – Islamophobia – along with being determined ‘Hate preachers’ and vile bigots. You are determined the actual cause of not only ‘provoking’ the Muslim terror itself but the counter-terror as well.

How could such an insane paradigm exist which determines the very persons opposed to genocide misogynistic constructs and what they inform as well as opposed to the counter-terror rising in an attempt to fill the void of State inaction against such constructs, are now to be regarded as the ‘cause’ of all of it?

Simple but insane yes even Kafka may have difficulty with this one.

An ‘expert body’ had to be found and a policy paradigm able to shift political blame for continuing failed outcomes. Such a political construct was required because confronting the actual cause of major schism between the West and the Islamic/Muslim culture diametrically opposed values personal, family, gender, construct of Other, differing desired political constructs was/is seen as simply not a politically wise thing to do, something to do with energy, Muslims states with possible nuclear capability or the means to quickly develop it, in situ large populations of Muslims within Western nations if justifiably held to account would, initially at least, cause a destructive uprising.

All worthy issues to considered the trouble is avoiding the ‘truth’ of diametrically opposed values existing in the same space as Lincoln rightly observed one or the other would in time take the space you would either have slaves in every State of the Union or there would be none.

So humanity in this case Western political elite needed to have firstly an ideological basis for justifying and authorizing diametrically opposed values in the same space and be able to define it as a ‘good’.

One of the excuses needed to be realised in a supporting 'truth'-'not religion'-'not Islam' this is what they hobbled together the doctrine upon which the whole response to Islamic religious cultural war sits, prove it false to enough policy keys in the Western security network, totally false as the doctrine is, the real work to stop terror and insurgency begins. Of course it had to be an excuse underwritten by 'experts' in the field of terrorism/insurgency so the powers that be could wash their hands of the inevitable bloody failure that was to follow.

"I use the term "takfiri terrorist" to describe those who use terrorism to further that ideology. The doctrine of takfiri disobeys the Qur'anic injunction against compulsion in religion (Surah al-Baqarah:256) and instead holds that Muslims whose beliefs differ from the takfiri's are infidels who must be killed. Takfirism is a heresy within Islam: it was outlawed in the 2005 Amman Message, an initiative of King Abdullah II of Jordan, which brought together more than 500 'ulema (Islamic scholars)  and Muslim political leaders from the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League in an unprecedented consensus agreement, a "unanimous agreement by all Muslims everywhere as represented by their acknowledged most senior religious authorities and political leaders." The Accidental Guerrilla David Kilcullen Oxford Press 2009

This the 'distinct' Islamic ideology devoid of a genocide construct of Other was created by "unanimous agreement by all Muslims everywhere". Unanimous? If this were true there would be no Islamic State but this does not matter as long as you have an 'expert' saying it the washing bowl has been created. Given the nature of the Islamic codex and the clear text contained within that ALL text in essence however contradictory remains valid.

All text is to remain valid not just bits any number of religious leaders decide at a point of time will be in or out for in the Islamic context anyone in essence can become a religious leader just a matter of developing enough political power. There is no authority to rule any part of the Islamic codex out it is only open to interpretation not deletion. As well simply saying something is true does not mean it will or can be. What had not changed was the codex itself, enforceable across the globe.

David Kilcullen is a liar and by his act has done humanity no favors there was no "unanimous agreement by all Muslims everywhere". There can be no Is-Islam-Not-Islam which enables humanity to excuse the liberal-moderate end of the Muslim behavioral variance of their culpability in informing terror particularly as invariably these exact same terrorists are derived from families claiming to be Liberal-Moderates. There has to be shared categories across derived mental schemas regards Other common to the whole Muslim behavioral variance otherwise it would be impossible.for terrorists to be derived from the so called liberal-moderate end.

"The young Melbourne man at the centre of the latest case of Islamic State recruitment, was not on the radar of authorities before he turned up in the Middle East.

Rather he was what authorities call a "cleanskin",...

"Too many Australians, it seems, are being brainwashed online by this death cult," Mr Abbott said."
Islamic State recruit 'wasn't on radar of authorities' smh David Wroe Date March 9, 2015

"Too many" is the operative phrase. The so called "death cult" along with the "Hate Preachers" require a cultural codex foundation if the participants within the "death cult" and those taking on the roll of "Hate Preachers" can be proven to come from the liberal-moderate end of the Muslim behavioural variance and the following is true:

1. An individual's behavior is derived from the individual's genetic propensity, psychological experience and culture with culture in the main the determinant of cultural experience

2. Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our "categorization engine", we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action."

3. "every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities" which provides the "basis on which to take any action.".

4. "Culture uses artifacts, rituals and text to develop and reinforce a shared sense of identity among members. It is the filter through which we see and understand our current reality (Edgar, 1980). These are the structures of identity that help people organise and make sense of everyday life (Wark, 1997). They also establish boundaries between groups (Oyserman & Lee, 2007)"
Psychology Burton, Western, Kowalski, 2012

5. Cultural codex - a cultures "artifacts, rituals and text" form the basis for a cultures a categorization which seeks to form "precise and sharp boundaries" for adherent action.

6. Clearly something must exist in the so called Is-Islam liberal-moderate Islamic Muslim cultural codex which enables these "precise and sharp boundaries" enabling adherent "action" for good or evil. Otherwise the Muslim terrorist 'would understand nothing around them, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.'.

The Liberal-moderate far from being capable of being excused culpability are the actual generators of terror, "death cults" and the "hate preachers" and unless they are held to account nothing will change terror will simply increase as the Muslim culture adapts to each method of control rather than the elimination of the cause the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex construct of Other common as it must be to the whole Muslim behavioral variance. Otherwise liberal-moderate family members could not be 'brainwashed' as there would be no categories of Other to link into the "Hate Preachers" terrorist construct but there is.

Why is it critical to the multiculturalist paradigm of enabling two diametrically opposed beliefs, ethics values to exist in the same space, the acceptance of much more than the 'pluralisation of life worlds'-differentiated cultural sub-systems exist within society, the working, middle and upper class, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, ethnic, religious, secular sub-systems in essence differentiated ideological constructs? 

It is critical because postmodernist theory determines modernism's reliance on facts and figures (scientific method of cause and affect) is not the whole story. Facts and figures according to postmodernists have to be examined and interpreted in relation to the sub-system context from which the facts and figures are derived and the context of the sub-system albeit the same sub-system which initiated-managed the collection.

No facts and figures can therefore be relied upon to give a 'true' representation of 'reality' because in the end the collection of any facts and figures are based upon subjectivity particularly in sociological/psychological fields of the provider, collector and reviewer dependent from within each sub-system each exist and the possible reflective variance enabled within these sub-systems.

There can no longer be a 'truth' and therefore all that I have written above to prove Muslims inclusive of the so called liberal-moderate are indeed culpable is my 'truth' only under a postmodernist paradigm a personal subjective view under a multiculturalist paradigm, which is postmodernism on steroids, a prejudiced, bigoted, even irrational view a phobia against other cultures 'truth' however dangerous they may be.

Postmodernism has enabled a rewriting of the Western cultural codex which abandons the ideal utopian vision of achieving a better society by confronting the cause of division and instead seeks to 'manage' the differentiation (particularly diametrically opposed beliefs, ethics, values differences) of cultural sub-systems of society by 'Harm minimisation programs' across all aspects of society.

"Historically, the survival imperative was based on power conflict and politics. Now it
is down to the management of complexity."
Identity as a Cybernetic Process, Construct and Project, by Paul A.Stokes, 2004

No longer are there societal problems to be resolved they are issues to be managed. Muslim diametrically opposed beliefs, ethics and values and inevitable derived terror therefore becomes a 'manageable' issue, not a problem at all to be resolved by confronting cause, for cause is simply another sub-systems 'truth' which has just as much validity as any other sub-systems codex.

Surely in utilising such a postmodernist construct multiculturalists believe in the end this will all be resolved somehow, yes it appears some may do via sociocultural evolution. It appears the Western elite are so enamoured with their own 'truth' they believe a secularization process will in time, before it completely eradicates liberty and equality transform religious 'magic' societal tyranny sub-systems or at least integrate them in a non-lethal form by sacrificing the current definitions of liberty and equality to an interculturally agreed equilibrium.

Multiculturalists clearly appear to have forgotten in fact deny evolution is about survival of the entity concerned via any means possible which will result in the survival of the entity into the next generation and the next,... Some entities are capable of establishing mutually beneficial arrangements of living some clearly have not and cannot by the mere nature of their being.

Western intellectual elite have arrived at a dangerous false conclusion, the mere recognition of a fact differing 'rational' models exist means that they can rationally in time be 'made' to fit together. Such a view ignores the existence of terror as a derivative of cultural derived codex blockers justifying and authorising the existence of 'gatekeepers-hate preachers' and their cultural altruistic enforcers terrorists the prime indicator the cultures cannot ever be joined without significant lose of one or the others beliefs, ethics and values in the sociocultural evolution multiculturalists believe will be managed into peace and harmony.

The trouble is what will be the resultant definition of peace and harmony - at the moment it is one where the Head of the Australian Intelligence Service Organisation (ASIO) can without a pause tell us the killing of two Australians in a cafe as a result of a Muslim terrorist attack was not a failure, where 'clean skins' (which given the nature of psychology 'clean' of the necessary cultural derived mental schema to transition to terror is a complete lie) are brainwashed by 'gatekeepers-hate preachers' derived from the exact same cultural codex of which the whole culture are adherent to.

It is a societal mental schema space where an undefined sub-system is-culture is determined to exist without proof so as to enable the 'issue' to be managed by determining those of an undefined sub-system not-culture are found to be not abiding by the is-culture rational therefore are irrational and even insane. It is now a health issue to be managed not a inter-cultural problem to be resolved by targeting the cause the actual cultural codex constructs.

Let us view the political process of development of the logic utilizing two diametrically opposed values in the US in the past of Slave and Free - of arriving at Half-Slave-Half-Free being a ‘good’ in the Public Square and by necessity having to create a cultural concept IS-Slave-Not-Slave to explain the terrible iniquitous outcomes derived from allowing the whole of the culture of ‘Slave’ within the Public Square. 

The culture of Slave therefore no longer informs terrible outcomes these outcomes are slavery adherents taking the codex of slavery out of context informing Not-Slave behaviors, and as we saw in the US as well at the time opponents of slavery Abolitionists were ‘provocateur extremists’ in fact terrorists with a mental illness. Is-Slave was simply unfairly targeted by vile bigots. And any way those exhibiting Not-Slave behavior were the ‘Few’ – the ‘Few’ utilizing terrorism to promote slavery in new and existing US States. And what happened counter-terror arose to match it.

What was the ideology the Western political elite sought to utilize – it was Multiculturalism. Who can argue against such a decent construct a space where all cultures are accepted for who and what they are, each according to their codex. It is the same from the Western perspective of going against Liberty and Equality (in some areas) the sting is in the definition.

The definition of what Multiculturalism means in reality for those who support such a construct and their view of those who do not is as follows, a definition kindly donated by DrPhil.

"It is possible to have values diametrically and philosophically against yours and still not be your enemy. The point about multiculturalism is the concept of acceptance and tolerance. Most people from all cultural backgrounds want a happy and prosperous society. That is a fundamental that unites us. The difference is how to get there. We don't need a society of people who think just like you to be a happy society." DrPhil

The above is the multicultural construct we must accept or be regarded as out-group ‘not needed’ to achieve the ‘happy society’ such a construct promises.

This Multiculturalism definition statement above was stated after the two Australians died in a café Sydney Australia, after Charlie Hebdo, after Denmark, after setting persons alight (not the first time since the seventh century, crucifixions, beheading, increasing calls for an Islamic politic to replace democracies from Muslim adherents residing in Democratic space, after we are told all matrix's on the Muslim terror situation are informing a worsening situation.

In fact all data is pointing to the failure of the current Western policy paradigm to deal with Islamic diametrically opposed values to those of the West within the same space. Yet those opposing such a policy which is clearly failing are determined as getting in the way of ‘Societal happiness’ are bigots 'not needed.

The only way for multiculturalism as defined above to work (to prevent the physical being and physical property from being subject to violence) is for tyranny greater than the tyranny informed by any culture within to pervade the space. 'work' in a multicultural sense only enables survival not a flourishing life.

Multiculturalism is where liberty is redefined to the align to the highest restrictive cultural definition, as not to do so informs terror as the 'restrictive' culture seeks to survive in a space were its relatively iniquitous constructs of women in particular and of Other come face to face with a diametrically opposed 'rational' model which offers relatively greater liberty and opportunity for a flourishing life.

The point about multiculturalism is not the concept of "acceptance and tolerance" it is an acceptance of cultural intolerance the complete opposite. The rules of such a society accepting multiculturalism as a value will as we see become more restrictive to align in time with the 'restrictive' culture so as not to 'provoke' cultural violence to force acceptance of iniquity as a norm.

The fundamental which unites a society having multiculturalism as a value is not the pursuit of 'happiness' for each culture has a different 'rational' 'happiness' model which inform differing constructs political, family, community, institutions which if Other cultures were subject to would make them extremely unhappy.

The fundamental which unites a society having multiculturalism as a value is a delusion 'happiness' is possible when diametrically opposed values, behaviors, political desired constructs exist in the same space. Humans are united by what they have in common - not by diametrically opposed ethics and politic.

Multiculturalism therefore leads to the enabling or diminishing of liberty relative to the level of cultural inequity allowed into its space. You have not noticed the cultural terror and laws diminishing liberty which rise to ameliorate the terror as well as behavioral change to diminish ‘criticism’ as a method of holding each other to account in democracies? Is multiculturalism informing liberty or tyranny?

Please note:

My view is it really adds to a society when cultures meld together and clearly this is possible because most cultures have ethics, values beliefs that are compatible and more importantly do not contain a genocide construct of Other and misogyny as the Islamic codex does.

My view is any culture be it secular or religious have the propensity if gaining sufficient power to do quite nasty things so I believe we have to actually re-look at our constitution to make sure to the best we can, we set definitions of Liberty and Equality which become the benchmark by which we determine if a culture can enter the Public Square or can remain in it. Because currently we have a constitutions which has allowed a culture in which enables our fellow citizens to be shot in the back of the head something needs to be changed, in my view.

Well the political elite now have the ideology and the creation of the Is-Islam Not-Islam to deflect criticism but now they needed one last political ingredient an ‘expert body’ which could attempt to justify the Not-Islam and the logic of adherents to Not-Islam being inextricably delinked from Is-Islam even though these adherents determined as radical-extremists have been and continue to be consistently since the seventh century derived from the Is-Islam space (which is really a subjective individual undefined segment of the Muslim behavioral variance reflecting back diminishingly Others own ethics and beliefs). This ‘expert body’ is the World Health Organistation WHO.

WHO are responsible for enabling terror to remain and worsen in Western streets as a direct result of their ill-conceived ‘’Harm Minimisation Violence Program.” The very citizen body claiming to be the protector of our physical and mental health.

It is another ‘Gold Standard’ WHO product that never solves a problem simply perpetuates it and has the State become the sponsor to provide the ‘necessary’ funding, drugs and programs which are never enough as the situation worsens. It is run on correlation being falsely represented as cause and the perpetrator of violence simply took too much alcohol, drug addicts and their pushers marginalized victims not responsible really for their own actions, terrorists or the radicalize extremists of cultures simply have too much time on their hands isolated individuals due to Others prejudice and understandably lash out after having been subject to ‘Hate Preacher derived from the exact same cultural codex they have whispering in their ear ‘Society/Other is to blame’ go off and justifiably murder them.

WHO along with supplying the bowls and sufficient water for the political elite - justifies and authorizes 'management' of the terror allowing even those identified by 'authority' to present a high risk of perpetrating terror to roam the streets because they are 'victims' of radicalisation process by 'hate preachers' and just need a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services to counter the Other prejudice –Isamophobia which has caused them to feel ‘isolated’ and therefore ‘understandably’ lash out against Other by murdering them in cafes, burning them in cages, committing atrocities upon women, ….

The trouble is the WHO definitions of the ‘risky’ individuals has been utilized by security services for their matrix's (not lists so they tell us) of terror risk of individuals ignoring the fact any Muslim becomes a risk once they pick up the Quran as the mental schema for carrying out atrocities against Other is in the Quran apart from the exemplar behavior of previous Muslims inclusive of Mohammed. This is why none of the Muslims involved in Sydney, Boston, Denmark, France made it to the not very nice end of the matrix or were not there at all.

AS each political entity in the hierarchy are required to justify and authorize its behavior in all political constructs. What did WHO base its policy approach upon and utilize as an excuse for its behavior – it is the following.

"There Are Two Causes of Terrorism

All terrorist acts are motivated by two things:

Social and political injustice: People choose terrorism when they are trying to right what they perceive to be a social or political or historical wrong—when they have been stripped of their land or rights, or denied these.

The belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change. Another way of saying this is: the belief that violent means justify the ends. Many terrorists in history said sincerely that they chose violence after long deliberation, because they felt they had no choice."

Source: The Causes of Terrorism Two Causes of Terrorism By Amy Zalman, Ph.D. Global Terrorism Expert

Let us analogize this WHO/Western political elite policy paradigm as at times situated within a social context you do not fully, even at all, realise how totally dangerous and insane such a policy paradigm in fact is.

John Brown and Lincoln need to be subject to therapy and given a job in high finance to ameliorate the cognitive dissonance they were experiencing with the culture of Is-Slavery and even accept its existence as a ‘good’.

US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf and the World Health Organisation (WHO) determine university educated and member of a billionaire family Bin Laden simply needed education, employment opportunities and therapy to lead him away from Islamic/Muslim cultural derived terror against Other.

'To fight extremism, Franklin D. Roosevelt calls on US to embrace its Nazis.'

The Nazi SS returning to Britain, Australia, the US, ... through WWII back from throwing gas canisters into concrete bunkers, or fully intending to participate in such atrocities at home and abroad, and doing so being regarded as only needing 'understanding' and a good therapy session.

“In fact, if the extremist’s elements had prevailed. I have not the least doubt that disruption would have been more drastic and that we should have real reason by now to fear German aggression from both a military as well as political point of view.” Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937

“This programme identifies radicalised and at risk people and delivers a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services, that will help them turn away from ideologies of violence and hate,” King Louis XVI said”. France 1785

Nazi returning to Britain, Australia, the US, ... before WWII and the throwing of canisters into concrete bunkers and only took part in Kristallnacht were really not as much of a problem as those other terrorists.

Father of Sydney terror suspect Omar Al-Kutobi says he was lonely in Australia February 12, 2015 - by SMH Rachel Olding and Paul Bibby

Now WHO/Western Political elite will have loneliness, boredom as a prerequisite correlated cause for terror given clearly education, employment are no longer supportable assumptions and never were.

Correlation does not mean cause. Maybe a game of Monopoly a true Western construct will change their Islamic/Muslim cultural ways and show what a ‘happy life’ they can lead in a Multiculturalist society if only they would agree to abide by Others ethics errr Is-Islam ethics.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? The World Health Organisation thats WHO.

All cultures have a cultural codex of denial, it is matter of relativity of their construct of Other and women as to how dangerous they are to Other:

1. Our ideology is being misinterpreted.

2. The actions of these radicals are simply a power trip.

3. You need many years to study our ideological codex before you can translate it accurately the radicals have not studied the ideological codex for the appropriate number of years and are therefore not interpreting it properly.

4. Other have always attacked us first.

5. This terror against Other only appeared in the last 2 to 3 hundred years it therefore has nothing to do with our ideology, our exemplar and his followers where as pristine as the driven snow.

6. We are all the same under our skin - our physical being determines our innocence/guilt and equality, cultural beliefs, ethics and values are of no import.

7. Religions are not to blame religion is not culture, and therefore does not inform the nature of our behavior nor the terrorists they are therefore not of our religion.

8. Tribal thinking drives most of the terrible behavior which has nothing to do with Religion nor with us the 'modern'.

"In reality, jihadist violence and tensions between communities due to rivalry over access to natural resources and traffic control are closely intertwined. In this context, it becomes difficult to determine the causes and precise nature of many incidents."
US and Nigerian soldiers killed in ambush in Niger, Crises Group, 5 OCTOBER 2017

9 Our text stipulates killing innocents even one person is a heinous act and not condoned by our religion.

10. By saying there is a genocide construct in our ideology means you are saying all adherents to our codex are terrorists - look I am peaceful therefore it cannot be true.

11. All ideologies are the same look at that so called peaceful ideology yet it informs evil why are you attacking us only? They have been or are worse than our culture.

12. You are being selective in choosing pieces of our codex not considering what comes before or after. Here is a selective piece of my codex to prove you wrong.

13. We respect all these other ideologies as well of the very people attacking us albeit they are in error in their beliefs.

14. The radical are insane and therefore not of our ideology.

15. We do not believe in that bit of our codex anymore it is barbaric, although the same codex does stipulate nothing in the codex is ever to be regarded as no longer applicable even if it is contradictory and the codex will remain as is because it is sacrosanct.

16. The radicals simply need counselling, a white picket fence and a grey flannel suit.;

17. We did it for their own good; they were asking for it.

18. "..the problems that we have with terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism all find their roots back to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Coordination Council (GCC)." Or Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or ..... our own citizens are not responsible for the terror they deliver against each other or Other.

19. Our text stipulates forcing Other to convert is not condoned.

20. “The extremists (imams) often start by teaching people about the parts of the Qu’ran — Islam’s holy book — that have never been mentioned by their imams and then inject violent thoughts in people by misinterpreting doctrines,” he (Adudulkrep, head of the state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute) said.

21. Islamic extremism due to a lack of “respected” religious leaders

22. "“If the religious leaders compete with the extremists on Islamic knowledge, I cannot guarantee that they would win. That’s what worries me,” said Adudulkrep, who is also head of the (China) state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute." Which means?

23. Lets be honest if that co-pilot was muslim everyone would be calling it 'terrorism'

Statement 23 seeks to deny the Islamic 'rational' model informs actions which are considered sane behavior under the Islamic cultural codex "Pilots flying planes into buildings and causing mass killings." - "Burning people alive in cages or outside cages" - "Crucifying Other", "Making girls sexual slaves", "Chopping off peoples heads" , Blowing people to bits at transport hubs". "Murdering Other in Museums, cafes, streets corners...". "Political tyranny when Muslims have control of the politic.:"- etc carried out by Muslim sane adherents as opposed to the Western democratic 'rational' model under the liberty and equality codex which determines "Pilots flying planes into mountains and causing mass killings.", etc as insane and carried out by insane adherent outliers.

Yes lets be honest.

24. What I mean't was that every person who commits mass-murder should be deemed mentally ill, no matter what the reason for their actions. If we can stop categorizing such acts, maybe the world, as a whole, can become a much more understanding and peaceful place. It's our own prejudices that fuels mistrust and mistrust creates hatred and fear.

Statement 24 seeks to deny 'culture' is responsible for the atrocities its adherents inform.

Statement 24 is simply an indefensible position, as it ignore the fact cultural 'rational' models are not the same and therefore the behavioral variances cultures inform regards Other and relatively I would claim the nature of womens status are clearly not the same.

Our individual behavioral variance are determined by three factors genetic propensity (where even prejudice has been found via twin studies to be able to be transmitted from one generation to the next), psychological experience, and cultural dictates via cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) templates) which sets the nature of our knowing and what we know to be truth. As psychological experience is dictated in the main by what cultural context informs what is the determinant of your behavioral variance? Individuals do not come up with their own beliefs, ethics, and values there is no common ethical template no matter how much we, you would like to believe there is so as to make your argument valid.

As social psychological research shows if you care to check our prejudice is set infant-child and thereafter is hardwired and very difficult to change as it requires resetting and remapping new neuron connections which are connected in a web of non- contradictory analogical networks - humans do not like cognitive dissonance.

So cultures are culpable for the sane acts they exhibit under their 'rational' models inclusive of mass murder and burning humans in cages. Muslims as a culture are responsible for the 'few; who are always derived and sustained by the many otherwise they would not exist. Now given your prejudice is hardwired are you really despite the evidence I have supplied you going to change? Be aware high intelligence is no protection as it has been found it makes you even more efficient at denying truth. Unless the culture as a whole is held to account for the terror IT informs nothing will change.

25. "He was a very brilliant student (University of Nairobi (Kenyan) law student who had employment involved in killing 147 university students) . But then he got these crazy ideas," the official said."

Ideas come from where? Clearly the numbers having and acting on these 'crazy' ideas -beliefs, ethics, values would indicate they are not 'crazy' from a certain cultural 'rational' model otherwise such actions would never be carried out. And this cultural 'rational' model has a name? You leave this cultural 'rational' model in the Public Square what continues to happen in fact as we see intensifies?

26. Typing error that gave rise to militancy

27. “If he didn’t say by himself, I wouldn’t believe.’’

28. “That’s not my belief. He comfort the people. He’s a very nice man.’’

29. "Abbott: We must stop gullible Australians from joining ISIS"

'gullible' - How absurd.

This excuse of intellectual disability simply is a lie, even some mothers utilising the excuse of autism for their Cambridge university student children who have decided to follow Muslim jihad against Other be it to support ISIS or some other Muslim terrorists organisation.

"An Australian-trained doctor who appears in an Islamic State propaganda video calling for other medical professionals to join him in Syria has been identified as Tareq Kamleh."
Islamic State: Australian-trained doctor Tareq Kamleh appears in IS propaganda video urging jihad in Syria ABC By Ashlynne McGhee 26/4/2015

"A Garissa-based official said the government was aware Abdullahi, a former University of Nairobi law student, had joined the militant group al Shabaab after graduating in 2013."
Kenya says son of a government official was among gunmen in Garissa attack by EDITH HONAN GARISSA, Kenya — Reuters Published Sunday, Apr. 05 2015

Clearly it may be justifiably argued the relative capacity for gullibility for the Doctor and Lawyer adherents to terror above could be determined as less than the general population average gullibility level.

This is not 'gullibility' it is an Islamic 'rational' model which determines "Muslims are being slaughtered in a genocide." . For example in regards Syria/Iraq "unable to stand by and watch while Assad’s/Shiite/Christian/secular henchmen tortured, raped and slaughtered their way through Syria." or 
"unable to stand by and watch while anti-Assad’s/Sunni /Al Qaeda/ISIS henchmen tortured, raped and slaughtered their way through Syria." or in Kenya, Britain, US, Australia and elsewhere determine "their Islamic/Muslim culture subject to attack." from Other (be it Other are fellow Muslims or not). 
An Ex-Radical's Open Letter to ISIS Fighters: Quit Now While You Can! The Daily Beast, Maajid Nawaz, 09.10.14

The methods of atrocity being inherent from both Muslim sides as analogised terror, as it must straight from the Islamic/Muslim codex construct of Other-even though the Islamic/Muslim codex determines Muslims as Other on both sides. This is what so called 'radicalised' Muslims will not see the nature of the atrocities beliefs, ethics, values which drive them are their own and will inform the same outcomes regards the out-group they intend to vanquish.

Maajid Nawaz fails to detail the non-ISIS atrocities exist in the same parallel and behaviour of Muslim groups from whatever side before ISIS gained momentum in Iraq and Syria. It is a paradigm which determines al qaeda, hezbollah, shiite militias, sunni militias as not so bad even though they inform similar atrocities.

Maajid Nawaz is normalising Islamic/Muslim terror so as to allow Muslim supporters and active participants in genocide and terror back in to our streets as quickly as possible. It is the same as giving Nazi supporters and committers of genocide a get out of Jail card, and get out of societal ostracisation card they thoroughly do not deserve if one believes in justice for victims rather than perpetrators.

Western Governments see this approach of Maajid Nawaz as an answer to stopping Muslim terror a counter-narrative the trouble is as research is showing and the very article itself tells us the reasoning for jihad still stands it is not the method simply the target from Maajid Nawaz's perspective against Muslims is wrong - and importantly for the West as research and the mere understanding of how cultural beliefs, ethics and values are gained and the difficulty in changing them once set these returning jihadist are not de-radicalised simply defer violence for now and provide further radicalised support within the communities they return to - what happens? Also the narrative of the Islamic/Muslim culture is under attack still remains in force for frankly under Liberty and Equality it deserves to be subject to severe political attack for the iniquitous constructs of Other and women the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex analogises into tragic reality everyday.

It is a tragedy the head of our Democracy who you could possibly say is Australia's head cultural gatekeeper reveals a clear ignorance of how a mental schema which creates the bridge to terror, a cultural political action, is enabled in the first place.

If it was 'gullibility' then all cultures would be at this very moment informing the same horror to the same degree as the Islamic/Muslim culture but clearly all cultures are not.

But the Islamic/Muslim culture is, this means there is something specific in the infant-child-adolescence Islamic/Muslim cultural indoctrination derived from their cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) template) which enables terror to occur, it has nothing to do with 'gullibility' it is all to do with the reverse a 'rational' Islamic/Muslim cultural logic, justification and authorisation for terror against Other to occur.

It should be noted adolescents simply do not become prejudiced against Other, over the internet or led astray by hate preachers without the influences of culture infant-child to shape the 'rational' to accept such views as valid as psychological research proves. Otherwise as I have already said all cultures would be doing the same.

Australian citizens inclusive of our failed head cultural gatekeeper are going to have to come to terms with the truth as the Kenyan President has recently.

One simply has to find one of many examples of the absurdity of the 'gullibility' defence of Islamic/Muslim cultural evil to determine such an argument as false.

"Jamshed Javeed, 30, had been a respected science teacher at Sharples High School in Bolton and regarded as a moderate Muslim. But he had become radicalised by the preachings of, among others, Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda spiritual leader, so that in 2013 he had helped to pay for his brother Mohammed, then aged 20, to travel to Syria with two fellow students Khalil Raoufi, 20, and Raphael Hostey, 22. Raoufi was killed fighting for Isil last year and Javeed’s brother is also thought to have died."
Battle-hardened and vengeful, 300 jihadists are back in Britain The Telegraph By Robert Mendick, and Andrew Gilligan, 08 Mar 2015

Here we have two constructs of denial of Islamic/Muslim cultural culpability destroyed in one paragraph firstly the existence of Is-Islam - liberal-moderate and Not-Islam-radicalised not being connected is clearly proven to be false because if Is-Islam and Not-Islam actually existed a 'moderate' Muslim would not ethically be able to cross the bridge to Not-Islam -radical because they would have no mental schema derived from the so called 'good' Is-Islam to cross to the 'evil' Not-Islam but here Jamshed Javeed, 30, a determined 'moderate' who had been "a respected science teacher" has become Not-Islam. Also clearly once again the notion of simply the 'young' a 30 year old "respected science teacher" 
being 'gullible' is the cause of terror really is shown to be a lie.

The fact is the notion "he had become radicalised" determined completely by an external 'preacher' is another lie for what of Jamshed Javeed's own agency, own rational for acting upon beliefs, ethics, values he himself already had whilst modeling 'moderate' behavior? To claim such a transformation is completely the fault of these 'hate preachers denies a truth the Islamic/Muslim culturally defined constructs of Other already in place are able to be acted upon without any direction by so called "spiritual leaders".

30. "So you didn't find any other example of people becoming prejudiced against others? Apartheid, Segregation, Holocaust.....don't ring anything I'd guess." (sam53 - Gladstone)

Such an argument suffers from a false assumption all cultural 'rational' models inform the same outcomes they do not for clearly as explained above in my comment all cultures would be informing the exact same terror against Other as the Islamic/Muslim culture.

Therefore not all cultures present the same threat to Other.

"prejudiced against others" We are all prejudiced against Others, it is a matter of cultural defined degree, this prejudice as psychological research has found is developed infant-child and is neigh impossible to change as those who are involved in the so called de-radicalisation programs have found.

Culture via its cultural codex (textual and exemplar (messianic) templates) determines the degree of prejudice (how evil Other are, the degree to which Other cannot be convinced of the error of their ways, not even human-apes, duplicitous, etc) and the methodology of exclusion and/or extermination, terror, 'grievous harm' or 'severest penalty', political restriction, etc.

I have not excused apartheid, segregation, holocaust ... anywhere in my argument in fact I am arguing against these constructs which if you care to check are reflected in Islamic/Muslim cultural codex analogised outcomes in regards targeted atrocities against Other, holocaust if one reflects just upon the Armenian genocide let alone what is happening in Africa and the Middle East and Islamic political constructs of exclusion which are in fact forms of apartheid and segregation.

31. “My son’s mildly autistic and that made him extra vulnerable. He was quite gullible and went into the situation very quickly without really thinking about what he was doing.

As a teenager he abandoned his studies at Cambridge to become a jihadist in the Afghan civil war.

A mother who travelled to Turkey to bring her son home expresses fear and frustration at a lack of support for radicalised former fighters suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder"

UK terror fears: My jihadist son returned from Syria mentally scarred – now he is being ignored  The Independent WEDNESDAY 22 APRIL 2015

Here is the notion of 'gullibility' again now with 'autism' thrown in this was a person who had the intellectual ability to get into Cambridge University. A Mother demanding help for a son who has participated in atrocities, genocide against Other, if this was a Nazi from WWII as Oskar Groening, the bookkeeper of Auschwitz, he would be up before a Crimes against humanity court yet here we have this former ISIS participant roaming the streets complaining about the treatment he is receiving. This is where under the current security paradigm the perpetrators of terror genocide are victims the actual victims are forgotten under such a view the Jewish holocaust the Armenian genocide cease to exist thgere were no perpetrators how could there be any victims.

32. “an extremist, fringe group that is even more violent towards the in-group (ultra-Orthodox/Muslims) than it is to the greater public.”

How many times do we have to hear this excuse before we face the truth even if the 'radicals' are more violent against in-groups this should not be excused and if they even harm just one in an out-group as well are they worth the risk of having in any Public Square. For these radicals are created by the very cultures whose cultural codex provides them with the justification and authorisation to be cultural altruistic enforcers otherwise they would not exist. The very cultures adherents being attacked are the ones who by their adherence to the exact same cultural codex as the attackers enable the attacker to be created and sustained in their cultural role.

33. ""the reason these attacks happened isn’t because we didn’t have enough surveillance it’s that we had too much,” he (Edward Snowden) said."

Edward Snowden says Australia’s new data retention laws are 'dangerous' The Guardian 9 May 2015

34. Obama denial paradigm - Remarks by the President at National Prayer Breakfast

Washington Hilton Washington, D.C.
1. "faith being twisted and distorted"
2. "those who profess to stand up for faith, their faith, professed to stand up for Islam, but, in fact, are betraying it"

3. "those who seek to hijack religious for their own murderous ends"
4. "during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ"
5. "in past years, religious faiths of all types have, on occasion, been targeted by other peoples of faith, simply due to their heritage and their beliefs"
6. "this is not unique to one group or one religion."
7. "There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith."
8. "even harder to counteract such intolerance. But God compels us to try."
9. "starting point of faith is some doubt -- not being so full of yourself and so confident that you are right and that God speaks only to us, and doesn’t speak to others, that God only cares about us and doesn’t care about others, that somehow we alone are in possession of the truth."
10. "Our job is not to ask that God respond to our notion of truth -- our job is to be true to Him, His word, and His commandments."

11.  "And we should assume humbly that we’re confused and don’t always know what we’re doing and we’re staggering and stumbling towards Him, and have some humility in that process." 
12. And that means we have to speak up against those who would misuse His name to justify oppression, or violence, or hatred with that fierce certainty. 
13. "No God condones terror."
14. "No grievance justifies the taking of innocent lives, or the oppression of those who are weaker or fewer in number."
15. "And so, as people of faith, we are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion -- any religion -- for their own nihilistic ends."
16. "And here at home and around the world, we will constantly reaffirm that fundamental freedom -- freedom of religion -- the right to practice our faith how we choose, to change our faith if we choose, to practice no faith at all if we choose, and to do so free of persecution and fear and discrimination."

Obama has either lied or is in dangerous denial as Man has created God to authorize and justify Man defined behaviors, good and evil against, Other and women. As Man has written text to promote love of a neighbor at the same time the construct of what a neighbor means is severely qualified as to exclude out-groups and there are invariably defined cultural behaviors to deal with Other and women as there are behaviors defined to 'love' in group members. In other words you cannot claim "No God condones terror." where clearly He does via Mans own detailing of Gods direct and unequivocal condemnation of Other and determination such will be subject to 'grievous harm' and 'severest penalty' imbuing the worldly adherent with the duty to carry out this punishment not-neighbor for rejecting a specific cultures construct of a God.

The trouble is the cultural definition of innocents, neighbor sets the definition of Other juxtaposed to both invariably from the very first pages and exemplar actions.

Also as 12, 20, 21, 22 above clearly prove by a Muslim/Islamic religious leader 
Adudulkrep (head of the (China) state-run Xinjiang Islamic Institute) own admittance the 'selected' utilisation of text from the Muslim/Islamic Qu’ran text/Islamic knowledge  by 'respected' imams when utilised to argue against the 'selected' utilisation of  text from the Muslim/Islamic Qu’ran text/Islamic knowledge
 by 'extremist' imams does not 
guarantee that the 'respected' imams 
would win the the Muslim/Islamic Qu’ran text/Islamic knowledge argument.

In other words the so called 'extremist' imam Islamic knowledge has as much if not more justification and authority derived from the Muslim/Islamic Qu’ran text/Islamic knowledge to enable 'extremist' imams to win the argument as to what the 'true' beliefs, ethics, values of the Muslim/Islamic culture are.  Adudulkrep would not have been able to make the the comment in 22. above if this was not the case.

So called 'extremist' imam because logic and system analysis regards cultural 'rational' models tells us the once 'respected' imams can now be rationally accused themselves of misinterpreting the Qu’ran text and be determined 'extremists' with the so called 'extremist' imam now determined as 'respected' imams as the 'true' believers.

We apply the same framework above to what occurred with the Tasmanian Aborigines, let alone the rest of Australia as it was happening, has it stopped - how many liberal-moderates? Surely the proof is what occurs in front of us. No systemic cultural codex informed belief, ethic, value failure?

Each one of the above we know can be taken apart with ease yet it is the web of cultural denial which if it remains unchallenged the cultural codex stays in place the genocide continues.

You do not have to have an explicit cultural codex script of genocide where there is a sentence which exists "Our culture has a right to murder Other, innocents and neighbors, and displace them, disappear them from their space politically and geographically.".

You just have to have ambiguity as to what constitutes an innocent and a neighbor and as that ambiguity in some codex becomes less so as to delineate the innocent from the not-innocent the neighbor from the not-neighbor it becomes analogized into space.


Some individuals may have relatively the same physiology but their culture, ideology (religious or secular) determines our likeness is only 'skin-deep' as some cultures are more self-interested in advancing their own survival than in cooperating for mutual benefit with other cultures.

Also as recent oxford research points out it may be a mistake to develop a view another person or culture is seeking cooperation they may simply be operating under the old maximum adapt discover improvise overcome. They were just learning the game. It has happened so many times through history it beggars belief we have returned once again to the same place.

Simply determining we would like it to be different and therefore it is and/or coming up with a notion as everything is subjective therefore we have to deal with messiness the world throws at us, manage the 'complexity', accept terror as a part of a cultures 'messiness' which you can only ever attempt to minimise not be rid of results in other forces to rise to get rid of an imbalance and not necessarily to obtain justice but perceived right.

Making up Kafkaesque constructs to blame anyone or group other than the cause of the terror, the culture for which it emanates and yourselves for enabling such madness and death within the Public Square really is poor form.

"fascist imams who are not necessarily qualified"
Former chief of Islamic body warns of rise of Islamic fascism THE AUSTRALIAN SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

"fascist imams who are not necessarily qualified". - How long is a piece of string?

Firstly let us understand there is no master plan there are only ever cultural codex constructs of Other and women driving analogised cultural behaviour within the constraints or freedom context allows in time and space, so form changes to adapt to circumstance. A sword becomes a word and/or a word becomes a sword.

How often are we to take such claims “not necessarily qualified” seriously when it is a well know part of almost every cultures web of denial of culpability for the ‘Few’ cultural altruistic enforcers a culture always produces to enforce internal adherence and external acceptance.

It is determined by some it takes 12 years of intense study utilising the original language Arabic to be appropriately 'qualified' to interpret the Quran so as to represent its true meaning. Yet it is an undeniable fact there exist Muslim imams who have dedicated more than 12 years of such rigor still express 'fascist' political constructs regards Other and women as the 'true' representation of the Islamic codex.

The same claim of lack of knowing the truth of a 'text' have been applied, and continue to be applied by adherents to other texts such as the Christian bible, works of Marx, Mien Kampf, etc. There comes a point when such claims of ineptitude come face to face with the continual, consistent nature of the analogised reality such ideological codex secular or religious are clearly capable of informing.

These continual, consistent behavioral traits are connected to a cultural codex because as social psychology proves individuals do not on their own determine the nature of their behavioral variance.

Decision analysts inform us it is this continual, consistent nature of analogised reality which proves the connection to a cultural 'rational' model as there has to be a cultural 'rational' model to which these adherent actions are inextricably connected.

"fascist imams who are not necessarily qualified" would not exist if the cultural codex(text and exemplar (messianic) template did not enable them to exist. In fact these described "fascist imams" can, because the same codex enabled Haset Sali to exist, in turn claim "radical Westernized liberal imams are not qualified and are a toxic sub-culture".

Manifestations of the 'true' nature of a cultural codex are context dependent, political power and resource threshold dependent, and such cultural codex can, and does detail how the culture is to operate under varying degrees of Others political power in the same space.

The appearance of “fascist imams” are therefore a natural progression in the cultures cultural development. Haset Sali appears no “fascist imams” exist, Haset Sali and “fascist imams” exist in the same space (which cannot last as Lincoln informs us), either Haset Sali exists or “fascist imams” – the cycle is repeated – until?

There is I repeat no explicit master plan just constructs of Other and women analogised onto reality dependent upon the context, all members of a culture are culpable for the ‘Few’ are derived from the ‘many’ as they must.

We need a frank intercultural discussion on the basis diametrically opposed values cannot in reality, as proposed by multiculturalism, exist within the same space, a society based on lies will come to grief, a flourishing life simply cannot be realized under a construct of ‘managed’ cultural terror where the murder of Other is not considered a failure, and there is such a thing as evil, cultural derived evil - that no amount of counseling, white picket fences and grey flannel suits are going to resolve.

I could be wrong.

"DHAKA, Bangladesh — A man targeted for his comments about Islam on social media was killed in a machete attack by a group of men on Monday, in the second such killing here in Bangladesh’s capital in five weeks, the police said."
Bangladeshi Killed in Machete Attack Over Online Comments About Islam NTY By ELLEN BARRY and JULFIKAR ALI MANIK MARCH 30, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"The gunmen were saying sisi ni al-Shabab (Swaihi for we are al-Shabaab).
If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot."

Al Shabaab attack on Kenya university: live By Harriet Alexander 02 Apr 2015 The Telegraph

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

Egypt Jihadists Kill 15 Soldiers, 2 Civilians in Sinai World | Agence France-Presse | Updated: April 02, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Manila (AFP) - The FBI confirmed Thursday that a senior Malaysian militant believed to have been involved in the 2002 Bali bombings was killed in a January raid in the Philippines that also left 44 police commandos dead."
FBI confirms death of top militant in bloody Philippines raid AFP April 2, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Recently, Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body, the Council of Indonesian Ulema (MUI) issued a fatwa (an Islamic legal edict) condemning homosexuality."
Does the fatwa on homosexuals in Indonesia matter? 2 April 2015, 

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Funds from Australia are helping recruit and send Indonesian fighters to join Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, authorities in Jakarta say."
Australian funds 'help recruit and send Indonesian fighters to join IS' SBS 24 MAR 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Thousands of Indonesian troops backed up by missile launchers, fighter jets and attack helicopters have hit targets in the hills near Poso - the known hideout of an Islamic State-linked terrorist cell."
Indonesian military mount major show of force in terror leader's mountain stronghold"
By Indonesia correspondent George Roberts ABC 1-4-2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"POLICY chiefs struggling to contain the flow of Europeans joining jihadist group Islamic State (IS) have been warned that Central Asia is the new front line in the war against terror."
Spread of terror: As UK struggles to contain jihadis, new militant wave joins IS from Asia
By TOM BATCHELOR PUBLISHED Apr 2, 2015 The Express

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.
"The government late last year said new measures were needed after arresting some 100 Malaysians suspected of supporting the Islamic State militant group. More than 60 Malaysians were believed to have joined the war in Syria and Iraq, as well as another 10 who have been killed."
Malaysia Proposes Anti-Terror Laws to Curb Islamic Militants By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MARCH 30, 2015,

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Aurora cousins Hasan and Jonas Edmonds had been aspiring terrorists for months when they arrived at the Joliet Armory on Tuesday to scout out a brazen attack, federal authorities say."
Aurora cousins charged in terror plot: 'If we can break their spirits we will win' By Jason Meisner, Erika Wurst and Geoff Ziezulewicz Chicago Tribune

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

Home Secretary Theresa May launches Islamic extremism crackdown with new anti-terror measures By Ian Silvera , Video produced by Adam Justice March 23, 2015 International Business Times

Everyday the lie not-Islam creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"Their report states the flow of foreign fighters is 'higher than it has ever been historically.'  The number of fighters leaving home to join Al-Qaida and the Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria and other countries has spiked to more than 25,000 from over 100 nations, according to a new UN report."
More than 25,000 recruits joined jihadi groups like ISIS since 2014 By Edith M. Lederer Apr. 2, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam-the 'Few' creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

Suicide bomber hits group of protesters in Afghanistan, killing 17 by Masoud Popalzai and Jethro Mullen, CNN April 2, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam-the 'Few' creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.

"At least 147 people have been killed and 79 injured by Somalia’s Al-Shabab Islamist group gunmen in a day-long siege at the Garissa University College, in eastern Kenya."
Gunmen attack Kenya university AFP APRIL 03, 2015

Everyday the lie not-Islam-the 'Few' creates even more Islamic codex victims how much more blood and grief will it take.
Change the Architect and Builder or Change Nothing or the 'Few' will continue to be radicalized, recruited and sustained by the 'many' to become terrorists against Other cultures as they always have been from the seventh century.

35. "not "particularly religious" and that he "partied and drank"."
Stockholm suspect, IS sympathiser who 'partied and drank': media, France24, 9 April 2017

36. "poverty and repressive governments that observers suggest make the region's people ripe for Islamic extremist recruiting"

Attacks exemplify allure of extremism in ex-Soviet republicsAssociated Press JIM HEINTZ, 10, 2017

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