I am confused (not really)? To be crucified, or not to be burned alive, that is the question— Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind of Islamic religion to have Other suffer nail and sword of outrageous crucifixion, Or

'To be crucified, or not to be burned alive, that is the question—
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind of Islamic religion to have Other suffer nail and sword of outrageous crucifixion,
Or have Other to take up the cage against a Sea of burning petrol,
And by opposing Islam, end. To die,
A wretched death whatever choice the 'noble' Islamic religion determines as your fate.'

- William Shakespeare (2015) after seeing what is writ by the Sunni High Priest and a Sunni High King and observing a human being burned alive in a cage by fellow Sunni adherents.

Here we are again "contradicts the tolerance of our noble religion" and "Sunni call to crucify Islamic State killers for burning pilot alive". When are Humanity going to realise cultures 'rational' models are not the same. Some cultures simply cannot exist in the same space as Other if Other requires peace and security.

"The use of force and violence is more commonplace and prevalent in some families, communities, religions, cultural/ethnic groups and societies based on the views and values about adult prerogatives with children. They may also be based upon the sociopathy of the perpetrators." Treatment of Complex Trauma Courtois/Ford @2016

Sociopathy groups of people who adopt belief systems which cause them to behave in a similar fashion.

"SHE was beaten to death, burned and thrown in a river by an angry mob for burning a copy of Islam’s holiest book.

But the woman from Afghanistan known was Farkhunda was actually innocent all along and never committed any such offence."

Farkhunda ‘didn’t burn Koran’: Afghanistan mob killed innocent woman news.com.au MARCH 25, 2015

The Islamic/Muslim cultural codex can and does enable 'The use of force and violence to become more commonplace and prevalent' within whatever society the Islamic/Muslim culture are allowed to exist, this cultural/religious behavior and politic becomes in time manifest wherever he Islamic/Muslim culture is allowed to flourish not only in so called 'tribal' streets but Western Democratic streets as well.

The 'few' inevitably turning into the 'many. How 'many' Muslims openly professed to holding Islamic/Muslim codex constructs of Other as represented in the Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir statements and actions twenty years ago in Australian streets, in 2012 when the imam of Sydney Australia's biggest Mosque at Lakemba declared a fatwa against Christmas?

The Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir posted their draft Islamic Constitution of Australia 

1 – The articles of this constitution are characterised by the fact that they are exclusively and purely Islamic opinions and thoughts. They contain nothing whatsoever that is non Islamic, nor are they influenced by anything that is non-Islamic. They are rather Islamic in every sense and nothing else, and they are based upon nothing but the foundations and texts of Islam.

Draft Islamic Constitution of Australia

"The group (Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir), which reportedly described last week the slaying of the magazine staff by Parisian terrorists as a "cure".."
Hizb ut-Tahrir holding public meeting in Lakemba over Charlie Hebdo January 18, 2015 by Natalie O'brien smh

"Hizb-ut-Tahrir officials yesterday refused to condemn ­Friday’s killing.."
Terror shooting: Teen killer ‘turned’ at Parramatta mosque by Dan Box & Jennine Khalik THE AUSTRALIAN, OCTOBER 5, 2015

In 2012 some astute psychologists espoused an obvious truth not all human populations/cultures inform the same behavioral variance relative to Other populations/cultures. Although humans may bleed the same type of blood - "We are all the same under our skin." despite this similarity population/cultural groups and the members thereof in fact may and do inform lethal outcomes for Other populations/cultures. 

These rather wise psychologists therefore determined it was important to find out why this was the case and rather than such investigations/research being racist or bigoted or phobic was simply wise and in fact critical to resolving and stopping violence against Other. An approach worth taking to establish scientifically actual threat human populations/cultures posed and why and therefore inform the political will for removal of violence against Other from human societies.

"A great deal of foreign policy analysis relies on social and environmental factors, or anecdotal evidence. In seeking to address this problem in a more systematic manner, we move from an investigation centered around state actors to one focused on variation in individual behavior account for the combination of social, cultural, environmental, psychological, and biological differences. Our proposed approach to the study of political violence requires the integration of methods and skills from geneticists and neuroscientists with those in the behavioral and social sciences. Specifically, we seek to introduce an approach to study political violence which : (i) quantifies the effects of genes, environments, and their interaction on behavior; (ii) identifies specific genetic and environmental contexts that lead to such behavior; (iii) develops a comprehensive model of the biological and social pathways to political violence; (iv) identifies populations under specific circumstances which pose a higher or lower prevalence for any specific genes, neurobiological or environmental mechanisms which pose an increased liability for political violence; (v) develops mechanisms to identify individuals within given populations who are most at risk for committing violence, as well as those most resistant to such action; and (vi) creates environmental responses which can mitigate risk among those individuals."
A neurobiological approach to foreign policy analysis: identifying individual differences in political violence PK Hatemi, R McDermott - Foreign Policy Analysis, 2012

Given the necessity of v above and vi above and i-iv informs a systemic cultural propensity to deliver aggression, violence and subjugation of women which is/are deemed intractable my view is vi stands only with the addition of the phrase "..and between the source culture and the Other cultures affected internal and external to the source culture of the individuals and groups informing aggressive behaviors.". With the addition of (vii) where intractable systemic aggression is emanating from a culture creates evidence based proof of such intractability of systemic behavior to frame the political will to remove the cultures capacity to inform aggression from the Public Square. If this means total removal of a cultural codex from the Public Square so be it - is one brutalized life a codex so clearly enables worth such a cultural codex remaining?

Other will not stand still and take this escalating-continuing aggression without responding to nullify the force being used with an opposing force of higher magnitude in an attempt to achieve and maintain Maslow's level 2 - Safety and security needs - personal security, health and well-being, also Other will push back because of the financial (resource) security jeopardised by having to waste scarce resources simply to defend itself from a culture systemically informing violence against them.

Those supporting the attacking culture to believe individuals from Others culture will not to seek such security really is delusional, those following such a course as enabling a culture with a genocide construct against Other can be expected to be perceived as enabling the attacking cultures behavior, which they in fact are, and will be dealt with according to established cultural defined response relative to the perceived threat being enabled.

One would expect as atrocities occur and nothing is done to remove the offending cultural codex the methods will I believe tragically reflect the terror being utilised against Other. Why? Because terror/fear is seen to work if it works for the attacking culture, Other may very well determine wrongly as far as I am concerned to respond in kind. Terror in both directions as we clearly see develops elsewhere in time and space wherever the Islamic/Muslim culture exists. To say terror in both directions should not happen really given the evidence is not going to stop it happening. To enable violence in fact possible destruction of your own culture and expect no ratcheting of cultural reactive punishment really defies the reality of inherent organism behavior let alone human group behavior.

It is totally absurd politicians in Australia supporting the establishment of Mosques in their space given even the British Mi5 in England realizes the real potential threat such institutions pose to Other cultures to complain when fellow citizens loudly object to such cultural institutional ethic-moral setters-enforcers of a cultural codex clearly containing a genocide construct of Other and evidence internal and external as to what these ethics-moral constructs of Other inform to have any justification of complaining for being culturally censured for doing so.

Parramatta shooting: Police search mosque in shooting investigation ABC 4-10-2015

MI5 pay British Muslims up to £2,000 a time to spy on mosques in bid to avert new terror attacks
Daily Mail Australia 20 September 2015

The Islamic/Muslim culture has the exact same construct of Other as the Nazi and the same results of actual violence against Other emanating not unsurprisingly from such a construct with subjugation of women to Mans leadership and control of sexuality thrown in and you expect to be praised?

"Sunni call to crucify ISIS killers"
"The highest authority in Sunni Islam last night called for the execution and crucifixion of Islamic State militants after their burning alive of a Jordanian pilot."

"The highest authority in Sunni Islam you say. I am confused (not really)?

"Saudi King (a Sunni) calls pilot's killing 'heinous' violation of 'noble' Islam"
"Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud (a Muslim from the Sunni sect) on Wednesday condemned the killing of a Jordanian pilot by Islamic State militants, calling it a "heinous crime which contradicts the tolerance of our 'noble' religion"

So the 'heinous" Islamic/Muslim cultural action of crucifying a person alive on a cross is not or is as noble as burning them alive in a cage?

Boko Haram Shoot, Burn To Death Dozens Of Civilians In Cameroon by EDWIN KINDZEKA MOKI and MICHELLE FAUL Posted: 02/05/2015

Boko Haram was founded as a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist sect advocating a strict form of Sharia Law and developed into a Salafist-jihadi group in 2009, influenced by the Wahhabi movement.

The majority of the world's Wahhabis are from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Wahhabis.5.7% of Bahrainis are Wahhabis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Wahhabis.

Wahhabis are the "dominant minority" in Saudi Arabia. There are 4 million Saudi Wahhabis (concentrated in Najd) representing 22.9% of the population.

And this is noble?

Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam has second flogging postponed for another week after doctors rule he has still not sufficiently recovered By COREY CHARLTON and MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE PUBLISHED: 22 January 2015

This is noble?

Prisoner Ali Mohammed al-Nimr facing death by crucifixion in Saudi Arabia
SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 news.com.au

This is noble? 
Qatar (46.87% of Qataris Sunni Wahhabis) Published Fatwa In 2006 Permitting Burning People — Removes It After IS Burns Pilot by Raymond Ibrahim on February 7, 2015

This is noble?

Saudi historian: Women drive because they don't mind being raped By Harriet Alexander The Telegraph 11 Feb 2015

This is noble?

"Mr Erdogan, (President of Turkey) a devout Sunni in the patriarchal Muslim majority nation, has in the past been criticised by women's groups for failing to speak out more domestic violence, and for saying he does not believe in equality of the sexes. Human rights monitor Bianet says 281 women were murdered in Turkey in 2014, a 31 per cent increase on the previous year."
Death of Ozgecan Aslan stokes anger over violence against women in Turkey SMH February 17, 2015

“It is the result of the radical Islamic atmosphere created by the government. The men say that women should be conservative. They think if they are not conservative, they deserve this kind of violence,” she said."
Women Defy Imam to Carry Murdered Woman’s Coffin Front Page Mag February 16, 2015

This is noble?

“We’ve put flowers here because we must remember him,” said a young Arab man, who gave his name as Mohamed. “He was a good guy. We don’t believe he did anything wrong. It wasn’t like the police say.” A placard placed with the flowers read: “May Allah be merciful, rest in peace” in both Arabic and Danish."
Copenhagen shootings: Friends pay tribute at shrine for the gunman By David Chazan, Copenhagen 16 Feb 2015

This is noble?

"RAIDA, Yemen — About all that remain of Yemen’s ancient and once vibrant Jewish community are untended cemeteries, dramatic hillside ghetto villages of thousand-year-old stone houses and a few people like Abraham Jacob and his extended family."
Persecution Defines Life for Yemen’s Remaining Jews NYT By ROD NORDLAND FEB. 18, 2015

Not the 'few'.
The Muslim exemplars did what to inform what behavior as justified and authorised by the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex?

Given Islam (from the same Sunni sect) in all cases is being utilised to justify and authorize crucifixion and burning alive what is the Islamic definition of noble?

Is the Islamic noble the same definition as the Western definition 2015 or are we moving in the direction of the of the seventh century version supported by the World Health Organisation? They all just need an 'intervention' you know what 'young' and yes 'old' people are like.

There is clear evidence burning of Other by Muslims has occurred from the very beginning of Islam yet we are to accept without a murmur from our cultural inept dangerous gatekeepers the Saudi Kings view it is unIslamic.

Christians Burned Alive for Refusing Islam: The Story of Sidhom Bishay by Raymond Ibrahim on February 11, 2015

Is this clear enough to you enablers of terror in WHO and your bureaucrat supporters. I pour the blood of those two murdered in the Australian Sydney cafe into your hands and the many to come around the world in both directions. This is not a health issue this is a cultural codex issue.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? The World Health Organisation that's WHO.

We have a problem’ by Zaid Nabulsi  The Jordon Times Feb 10, 2015

The writer  Zaid Nabulsi Jordanian attorney and partner in the law firm of Nabulsi & Associates has a further problem from where was the Wahhabi cultural codex analogy derived from for it is only an analogy from the very 'text' he claims by inference informs good rather than evil - this is impossible for if one informs evil so does the other.


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