"they had a duty to do more to fight extremism" Why is this demand extremely important and could be the policy tipping point those of us who know the Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm was doomed to failure

"Islam can be "part of British identity", arguing they had a duty to do more to fight extremism and root out anyone preaching hatred. Muslim groups said the letter unfairly singled them out."
UK plea to imams to fight extremism draws charge of Islamophobia DNA Monday, 19 January 2015

"they had a duty to do more to fight extremism" Why is this demand extremely important and could be the policy tipping point those of us who know the Only the 'Few'/'Moderate'/'Not Islam' policy paradigm was doomed to failure because no cultural behavioral variance is the same, some consistently constantly from generation to generation include terror against Other and should not therefore be allowed into any Public Square.

It would appear there is a realisation by a Western Government, the UK Government:

firstly a public recognition the Islamic/Muslim cultural institution the Mosque within which the Imams are supposedly the cultural altruistic enforcers and as such should have a prominent role to play in setting Islamic benchmark beliefs, ethics, values and,

secondly importantly "do more" clearly indicates the Government is starting to realise either these 'moderate' Imams are not 'moderates' at all or worse have just realised a truth 'moderates' be they Imams or anyone else within the Muslim community reflecting back Others ethics have not been given the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex authority to be cultural altruistic enforcers as if they were the terror would not exist because the 'real' Islam ethical mean would be at the moderate end not at the radical.

This is really in cross-cultural terms 'We are not satisfied with your behavior to date expect further communication if things do not improve.'. 'Things' are not going to improve this is a cultural war regards diametrically opposed values in the same space. It appears some needed Charlie Hebdo to reflect they may have been mistaken in their view.

Those wanting to prevent Mosques going ahead in their space can utilise this as proof Mosques are problematic and once established cannot be counted on to stop terror in fact can either be seen to encourage it or at the very least not move against those advancing radical ideas the reason being the radical is the Islamic/Muslim justified and authorised cultural enforcer the radicals are the ones with the power in the endgame to direct the direction of Muslim ethics.

Proof of this can be found on UK's own soil given what happened in the schools in Birmingham UK in how radical Islamists took over the schools and the so called 'moderates' had no power or cultural codex leg to stand on to stop what these so called 'moderates' were shown in the subsequent report to be clearly aware of.

The policy paradigm of Only the 'Few'/'moderate'/'Not Islam' has to be turned on its head before the journey on the long road to a Western Islamic terror free Public Square can commence. It will not be a journey without its perils and tragic days but at least there is a real justified hope peace and harmony will be restored and we can once again sit in our cafes safe in the knowledge we will not be murdered because we are Other.

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