Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Honest that a Cultures "slovenliness of .. language" (Sacred Faith Text) Informs a Muslim Behavioral Variance Inclusive of Terror?

"..but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts". I doubt that he was referring to writing on religion, though this might warrant his strictures today."
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And Tony your use of 'spectrum' would indicate you now know why the Islamic terror exists as it has if history is faced 'honestly' even by the hands of Muhammad himself. He was also a little jolly when those mocking him were dispatched - let’s say Muhammad was not mortified at such a gross crime. Amazing what we can accept if the sacred text secular or religious determines it is OK.

So humanity have two things we invariably base our actions upon an exemplar in the case Muhammad and what you kindly refer to as 'slovenliness of ... language' which provides the authorisation and justification.

Common exemplar, common construction of Other - I agree words and sentences are not strung together in foundation codex textual authority for no reason it is to inform process to advance 'culture' the individual bah humbug.

Goes just as much for Marx's socialism as it does for any other cultural dogma. Socialism defines Other in derogatory ways therefore when push comes to shove what happens what happened?

How do we test this theory of yours? Clearly there is a great outcry. Culture forms an individual’s consistent behavioural variance based on the cultures foundation codex genetic and textual authority - who would have thought?

May I suggest selecting 15 names of Universities who are pushing the boundaries on the influence of cultural social/education/individual psychology given foundation codex genetic and textual authority as they apply to Other and woman and ask the question - Free to choose or not, does the textual construct of Other have any contribution to terror and obvious determination when given the political space to subject Other and women even further?

Simple question remove the construct of Other and construct of woman (I believe both are linked) is there going to be a 'major schism'?

I believe it is inevitable - liberal moderates existing within I repeat within such a construct have made what difference to Other in the past?

'Foolish thoughts' are only part of the equation.

Foundation codex=ethic=ideas=motivation=action for and against Other.

It is therefore impossible for an adherent to pervert their cultural foundation codex - they are their cultural foundation codex.

The Good News is God is Dead(Inclusive of Socialism) -The Public Square Still Exists. Life Continues As It Did Before God.

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