2013: Egyptian artists rally against 'Islamisation' of culture - 1937: The Munich "Degenerate Art" Exhibit 'Nazisation' of culture

"During the one year of Egypt’s nascent democracy, we (Muslim Brotherhood) were dedicated to reforming state institutions to harbor further democratic rule. We were unaware of the amount of pushback we would receive from hard-liners in these institutions."
I Am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Not a Terrorist, NTY Opinion, By GEHAD EL-HADDAD, FEB. 22, 2017

The Islamic-Muslim fascist definition of hard-liners and 'Islamisation' of democratic rule clearly do not align to Western hard fought for definitions of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. 'Liberals' supporting Gehad El-Haddads vision of freedom have blood on their hands.

The Mad Square Germany 1931 (Felix Nussbaum)  "Painted during a period of intense political and intellectual polarisation, The Mad Square by Felix Nussbaum can be seen as a satirisation of the collapse of society during the years of the Weimar Republic as a forewarning of the cataclysm that was to ensure." Jacqueline Streker, THE MAD SQUARE Modernity in German art 1910-1937
The Mad Square Egypt 2013: Artists gathered in front of the Ministry of Culture. Photo posted on the blog Egyptian Chronicles. "For days now, dozens of Egyptian artists and intellectuals have been occupying the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in Cairo to demand the resignation of the new culture minister, whom the protesters accuse of “Islamising” the sector. Alaa Abdel Aziz taught film editing at the Cairo Higher Institute of Cinema. President Morsi nominated him to become the culture minister in early May in order to “fight against corruption” . Egyptian artists rally against 'Islamisation' of culture 13/06/2013 / EGYPT FRANCE24


Can someone explain why a rational explanation of Muslims actions against art culture is that the Muhammad's Quran construct of Other is exactly the same as Hitler's Mein Kampf is not valid?

Given they are the same as are the outcomes on the ground why is it a mental illness to fear Muslims as anyone would rationally fear the Nazi? Why is it we take the word of adherents despite their words and sentences clearly informing terror?

Tanzpalast Eden Trial: On November 22, 1930, an SA Rollkommando attacked a popular dance hall frequented predominantly by left-wing workers. The victims were members of a migrant workers' association that was holding a meeting at the Tanzpalast Eden ("Eden Dance Palace") in Berlin. Three people were killed and 20 injured in an attack that was planned in advance.)” Hans Litten: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hans Achim Litten in cross-examined Hitler 1931 in a court case involving two workers stabbed by four Brownshirts (paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party). Litten understood clearly in his interrogation words and sentences are not written in foundation codex for no reason they are to inform ethics driving actions of adherents.

Excerpts from the trial[edit]
Litten: (...) Did you know that in the circles of the SA there is talk of a special rollkommando?

Hitler: I haven't heard anything about a rollkommando. (...)

Litten: You said that there will be no violent acts on the part of the National Socialist Party. Didn't Goebbels create the slogan, "one must pound the adversary to a pulp?"

Hitler: This is to be understood as "one must dispatch and destroy opposing organizations". (...)

(The presiding judge read a question formulated by Litten): Did Hitler, as he named Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda, know of the passage from his book, where Goebbels declares that fear of the coup d'état cannot be permitted, that parliament should be blown up and the government hunted to hell and where the call to revolution was made again, letter-spaced?

Hitler: I can no longer testify under oath, if I knew Goebbels' book at the time. The theme (...) is absolutely of no account to the Party, as the booklet doesn't bear the Party emblem and is also not officially sanctioned by the Party. (...)

" February 28, 1933, the night of the Reichstag fire, he ( Litten) was rousted from his bed, arrested and taken into protective custody. Litten spent the rest of his life in one Nazi concentration camp or another, enduring torture and many interrogations. After five years and a move to Dachau, where his treatment worsened and he was cut off from all outside communication, he committed suicide."

The Munich "Degenerate Art" Exhibit of 1937

"..the Nazis staged a Munich exhibit in 1937 of what they called "Degenerate Art." The paintings had been taken from public and private collections and then displayed with derogatory commentary scribbled all around them on the walls. The day before, Hitler had stated that German art must be for the people and that artists must represent the world realistically — "not blue meadows, green skies, sulphur-yellow clouds, and so on." In art, as in politics, Hitler vowed to "rid the German Reich of those influences which are fatal and ruinous to its existence" and to "wage an unrelenting war of purification against the last elements of putrefaction in our culture," and that "all these cliques of babblers, dilettantes, and art crooks will be eliminated."

"Modernist artists had their work destroyed and banned from exhibitions," Chisholm says. "They were fired from teaching jobs. Many confiscated works were sold."
The Nazis and Modern Art in Pre-War Germany By Dennis Gaffney POSTED: 5.3.2010

Humanity currently lives in a world where multiculturalism determines 'grievous harm' and 'severest penalty'  as 'will be eliminated' in Germany in 1937 does not really hold the actual meaning but something like a 'good' talking to despite the bodies we see each day and the subjugation of Other in Egypt as elsewhere as in Turkeys Mad Squares.

“The fact is that no-one, right, left or centre, got the true measure of Hitler’s National Socialism, a movement of a kind that had not been seen before and whose aims were rationally unimaginable. Not even his intended victims fully recognised the danger. After the summer election of 1932 which left the Nazi as much the largest party, but short of a majority, the (Jewish) editor of the Tagebuch, a left-liberal weekly we took home, published an article whose headline struck me even then as suicidal. I still see it before me. ‘Lasst ihn heran!’ (‘Why not let him in!’). Source: Diary: Memories of Weimar, Eric Hobsbawn

"rationally unimaginable" not by some such as Litten who had to pay dearly for revealing the true nature of the culture of hate and connection directly to it's sacred texts regards Other. Yet the Left has again deserted the rational defending the very construct it claims it abhors, dogmas of hate and subjugation - the Right of all things are at the barricades claiming to defend freedom. Yet they are. But what follows is just as bad.

Tony Blair’s insightful observation Muslim behavioural variance (‘spectrum’ ) is inclusive of terror needs to be seriously taken on board by public policy makers and unless policy makers start to be honest about the source of continuing Muslim terror and subjugation of women Western Democracies, as well as we can see countries where Islam take political control, will be with certainty rent with major schism, as in the streets of Germany 1937 and Egypt 2013 until Other are diminished and subjugated.

Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Honest that a Cultures "slovenliness of .. language" (Sacred Faith Text) Informs a Muslim Behavioral Variance Inclusive of Terror?

Why? Why? Why is humanity continuing with a fallacious view religions are not as, or more dangerous than secular equivalents which have exactly the same cultural foundation codex construct of Other despite the result for Other being exactly the same?

The Psychology Fraternity need to be asked why they are not standing and informing humanity of the obvious, words and sentences are not strung together in sacred dogmas for no reason; words and sentences are there to inform ethics and subsequent action for and against Other so as to advance the culture.

Cultures should not be respected, cultures should be treated with caution as their interest is their own survival and maximised access to resources to do so.

In economic terms cultures are the ultimate rent seekers. Whatever may be gained from holding hands and multicultural harmony cupcake mornings are blown away in terror conversion messages in subways, streets, schools, buses,... – unless the cultural foundation codex genetic and textual authority is changed if necessary by force. 

At what cost to the dignity, independence and a flourishing life of Other and Woman this FREEDOM AND JUSTICE PARTY Islamic Freedom. Liberty, and Justice.

Tony Blair is correct in determining Islam has an inherent 'problem' within its behavioral variance and not a 'problem' distinct and separate from it. Each Muslim derived broken body and life proves this from Islams very inception in the seventh century to this very day. Yet Muslims cannot confront the inconvenient and ugly truth, seeking to blame Other for their own Muslim cultural codex derived terror and major schism. 

Muslims refuse despite the continual carnage they are all, inclusive of the so called moderate, responsible for the outcomes Islam informs consistently constantly from Muslim generation to Muslim generation.“At the extreme end of the spectrum are terrorists, but the world view goes deeper and wider than it is comfortable for us to admit (particularly Muslims themselves). So by and large we don’t admit it.” Tony Blair 2013
Tony Blair: Let’s be honest about Islam problem Express By: Macer HallPublished: Mon, June 3, 2013Humanity wants relative peace and security it is as Tony Blair said it is not going to be easy but it must be done for the sake of the coming generations. If we are 'honest' we know why and how.

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