Multiculturalism VS "Age of Enlightenment" - Reflection on Labor Party Greens alliance Attorney-General Dreyfus response to Senator Brandis.

Dreyfus says Brandis stands for hate speech BY:CHRISTIAN KERR From: The Australian May 08, 2013 12:00AM

I perceive multiculturalism holds great dangers to the modernity notion of Freedom and will tend to push the definition of Freedom back to the medieval and pre-medieval. Why and how will this happen?

Cultures are not benign as with individuals cultures seek to survive replicating themselves in new generations of adherents and in doing so strive to enhance their chance of survival by whatever means available to them.

Cultural survival depends on the relative availability of resources and the nature of the cultural foundation codex which defines the ethics, ideas, motivations, actions within a consistent behavioural variance set by the codex which underlie how adherents control the procreation and education of new adherents, enforce adherence internally and interaction with external Other. Particularly important to ensure survival and enhanced circumstance the cultural foundation codex relative inherent adaptability in time and space.

Multiculturalism demands not only acceptance of all the core tenets of each culture be respected be they superstition, taboos, traditions but also demand no impediment of the advancement of their beliefs and practices or any questioning of the relative benefit or negative outcomes arising from these beliefs for not only their own adherents but Other as well. In fact cultures expect the State to finance their various educative processes to maintain their cultures beliefs across generations. Any such questioning of the value of a cultures beliefs are determined a phobia and hate speech.

The ‘Age of Enlightenment’ as mentioned above, reason based on a scientific approach of uncertainty rather than cultural certainty resulted in the burning of witches being ended in one generation. I propose this could not have happened under a construct of multiculturalism where cultural relativist ethical nihilism forbids challenge of in situ superstitions, taboos and traditions which determines as acceptable woman subject to Man and the challenge of superstitions as western imperialism.

Laws which control relative Freedom under a multicultural paradigm tends therefore towards the protection of the lowest common denominator of belief no matter how detrimental to adherents and Other this may be. Cultures must be respected.

Even cultural enforcement mechanisms are accepted as ‘normal’ in space and time as the political space is taken by resident cultures. It becomes acceptable to have in situ cultures whose behavioural variance increasingly informs terror on fellow Other citizens and subjugation of women to mans will as they take up more political space. To demand justifiably such a condition of existence is unacceptable under the multicultural paradigm you are declared as having a mental illness phobia and simply the condition of terror is a societal norm – your society has come of age. Sanity under multiculturalism becomes insanity and one would expect sanity will be restored only when one culture has gained complete control.

Even worse a culture whose ethics may inform a notion questioning of superstition, taboos, and tradition is a very good thing to do, because via scientific and philosophical discourse such things were found rarely seek to enhance the relative independence or Freedom of adherents, particularly for women, but inform a completely opposite condition are open to the foulest of labeling – going unpunished by the existing political apologist multiculturalism elite. Which if applied to other cultures they would rightly determine such views as racist?

A perfect example of this is as follows.

“The book encourages an examination of the culture and meaning of whiteness and what the consequences of being white in an Australian context entail, including the bestowal of unearned privilege and other unquestioned preferential treatment.” “Indigenous Identity in Contemporary Psychology” Darren C. Garvey, page 9)

Now if one was to as is done below to change ‘whiteness’ to indigenousness and ‘white’ to indigenous clearly to any reasonable intellect such a statement is racist yet to include ‘white’ is not?

“The book encourages an examination of the culture and meaning of indigenousness and what the consequences of being indigenous in an Australian context entail, including the bestowal of unearned privilege and other unquestioned preferential treatment.”

This is taught in our Australian universities as a given. For me it is an indication of not only how far we have sunk but are to sink if one considers the two graphs below. For if I am correct the lowest point in time and space are yet to be reached where Freedom becomes a medieval and pre-medieval construct due to the multicultural rather than the scientific rational, particularly regards woman’s rights, and freedom of speech, moving ethics, ideas, motivation action for and against Other to a multicultural center where societal schism inevitably occurs, as it is now in Australia with foiled terror attacks, satisfactory to no one because core agreed enforced ethics based on rational precepts of a Freedom which seek to break the chains of magical thinking ignorance are determined as hate speech.

The World Value Survey Cultural Map 2005-2008

Source: Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel, "Changing Mass Priorities: The Link Between Modernization and Democracy." Perspectives on Politics June 2010 (vol 8, No. 2) page 554. 
The World Value Survey Cultural Map 1999-2004
Source: Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel, Modernization, Cultural Change and Democracy New York: Cambridg University Press, 2005: page 63.

The above clearly show cultures are not benign and seek to assert political control to align the world to their view. The positions countries find themselves moving to on these maps are due to cultural influence.

This is why the struggle to throw off any ‘cultures’ views by continually seeking to advance human rights based on the degree the social construct enables maximising the relative independence and flourishing of the individual inclusive of woman, based on continual scientific reflection on the human condition via the various streams of a psychology which are not based on the current cultural relativism ethical nihilism paradigm is so very important.

Rather than multiculturalism being a 'good' when one allows their mind to peer below the surface, as Plato suggested was a very good idea some years ago, of street parades, food tasting days, dances, multicultural tea parties, joint pray meetings, friendly workplace chats, Freedom takes on a very ugly form for Other particularly for women. Unless the political elite (I feign in this case from utilising the Noam Chomsky 'Intellectual elite') deign to take account of this in public policy as they are not doing at the moment schism which clearly exists now will build not diminish.

Psychologists are the twenty-first century watchers who refuse to stand when their standing will make all the difference. Cultural relativist ethical nihilism paradigm is the province of anthropologists not psychologists and psychiatrists. Anthropologists attempt to take what is as it is, psychologists and psychiatrists attempt to change what is to something better based on science, not a personal derived position of cultural relativism which 'validates' rather than simply acknowledges cultural norms.

Cultures as are individuals within those cultures are psychologists clients, basing a professional opinion on what the client determines as the 'right' opinion, despite all the evidence and the psychologist then proceeds to misuse their position to 'validate', to give the stamp of official societal approval of the 'norm' contrary to the science of psychology helps who. Someone has to pay the piper - and I would proffer it is Other and women who inevitably have to pay the price. The science of psychology has been given for better or worse authority to, when push comes to shove, the political power to determine the 'norm' so it is extremely important psychologist in doing so as a part of the political elite understand who has to pay for these determinations more than who is to benefit.

Psychology simply becomes an apologists for culture, trapping Other in a cycle of violence and stamping as the 'norm' the subjugation of women. No longer a science, a pseudoscience to be chained once again within the stricture of cultural magical thinking deduction rather than empirical induction.

The reflection of what you would like the world to be like, holding hands, simply does not exist below in time and space - a simple gauge I propose are statistics on cross cultural marriage and the degree a woman's virginity is determined as sacrosanct(control of sexual access/rights). Also the degree of woman being subject to the training wheels of subservience/ownership via external marks of such as the veil.

The French intellectual elite clearly understood the significance of how true the 'training wheels' analogy is in practice. This is why determining the veil and the buka are anathemas to the word 'Freedom' is such a rational position to take and to be considered racist for determining it so is absolutely absurd. Wishing something to be true does not make it true - count the bodies, count the political derived constructs from the foundation codex which inform Other and woman as less. Language simple does not exist without purpose it constructs real life process. And real life process connects directly back to the codex purpose of control. Who gains who loses? Men? Who invariably creates these codexs? What is high in the minds of these creators? Peace and love for Other? Simply take the words and sentences and construct Other, women, men and construct the relationship process within the punishments dictated.

Codex which states no compulsion, no terror are surrounded by contrary text which negate their very existence and limit preservation of life and limb of only those determined as adherents. Cause of the demise of Other ratified so often and with such venom elsewhere token notations for Other are meaningless with such qualification. Even to the extent logic itself given the construct elsewhere determines 'no compulsion' as a mere statement that 'compulsion' is a useless exercise. Half belief is not an option and more importantly even believing is not a choice self can make. 

The following links underline so clearly the notion society should ‘validate’ cultural notions whatever they are or be determined as imperialists as devoid of rational reason if one in the medium to long term wants to avoid the terrible cultural schisms we see historically and today involving exactly the same cultures we have in Australia’s midst.

UN Women: culture must not block progress on stopping gender violence Liz Ford in New York, Monday 4 March 2013 12.01 GMT

Culture exceptions 'threaten women's rights' Source: Al Jazeera 08 Mar 2013 13:23

Medieval and pre-medieval Cultural foundation codex’s inevitable under a multicultural paradigm which enforces cultural relativist ethical nihilism must not be allowed to determine the lowest common denominator level regards defining Freedom in societies which seek to maximise the relative independence of the individual particularly woman and enable a truly flourishing life.

Humanity has struggled to be released from the chains of ignorance only to be thrown back into the cave with only shadows as reality once again due to the ignorant Dreyfus Left/Labor Green alliance is to say the least a very poor outcome for this and subsequent generations.

When one reflects on the graphs and the inevitability of moving within that space and considers the cultural view points and political imperatives what do you think happens to self-expression and secular-rational values under a multicultural paradigm?

Both The WVS Cultural Map of the World and the links below show clearly the truth of the notion firstly dogmas inherently exist in a consistent ethical variance which necessarily inform adherents behavior and in particular Islam constantly informs and approves terror and subjugation of Other within the Islamic cultural foundation codex. Liberal Moderate existing consistently along side the acceptance of terror and subjugation. Therefore terror is a derivative of the Islamic culture itself and not individual Muslim adherents perversion of the Islamic codex.

The Global Religious Landscape ANALYSIS December 18, 2012 Pew Research Centre.
The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society POLL April 30, 2013 Pew Research Centre.

The links above also underline what is happening particularly the cultural maps 'Left'/Labor and Greens alliance are shifting the notion of self-expression values to the left towards survival values as terror increases with its acceptance by the political elite. Acceptance of attempts of and successful imposition of superstition, taboos, and traditions supported by legislative means underscored by increasing inter communal violence. Supported by judicial persecution secular-rational values are forced downwards towards tradition by the cultural relativist ethical nihilists educating each new generation citizens accepting restricted individual expression challenging superstition, taboos, and traditions and diminished status of women and public display of a diminished state as a 'good'.

Under such a 'Left'/Labor and Greens alliance paradigm it becomes increasingly dangerous as we see in such societies to speak out.

Arsonists target federal MP's office in Perth By Alisha O'Flaherty Updated Mon May 6, 2013 7:13pm AEST.
‘Safe to Speak’ For Journalists in the Middle East? Not Yet. By Mich Cafe Mid East Posts Vers 10/5/2013.
'GOD-ONLY' MAN JAILED OVER SYDNEY RIOT By Vincent Morello, AAP Updated May 9, 2013, 7:08 pm

I am not sure the 'Left'/Labor and Greens alliance actually understand what they are doing. At least I hope not.

There is an answer but requires understanding 'dogma' inclusive consistently of terror and extremism within its behavioral variance despite the existence of liberal moderates be it secular or religious is not acceptable as a fellow traveler in any society. You want increasing terror and schism then do nothing, yes it will be hard, any confrontation is. I believe the security and increased capacity of citizens to flourish will be worth the sacrifice.

Personal Reflection on Terror Theory- The Mortality Salience - Regards Self or Culture?

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